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I'm so tired why won't they speak up, or shut everyone else up. Like if you aren't going to talk about it but show it to other musicians who give interviews tell them, hey you know just don't mention this anytime soon? I haven't said anything, but he obviously doesn't do that let's them talk about it and he remains quiet.

I do think it’s interesting that his team is allegedly allowing multiple people to listen to the music but we have yet to have any of it leak. When are they going to let Julian listen and hit us with 6 second audio clips?

The 3 Scenes from the LEGO Batman Movie that make it Incredible, Amazing, & an Instant Classic *soft spoilers*

These are the three most important scenes from the movie, in my own personal opinion. Though one could argue any scene was great. These are listed in the movie’s chronological order.

1. The Gala Scene: the visual affects in this scene do a remarkable job of creating the atmosphere of a formal, large, and lavish gathering. It’s very Gatsby-like and I’ve never seen it pulled off so well in an animated film. I also love, love, LOVE the character design of Bats’ secret identity, Bruce Wayne. I’d go as far as to say the eccentric billionaire’s personality is even more hysterical than Batman. The scene also establishes two important relationships of the leading LEGO man: the accidental adoption of Dick/Robin as his son, and his attraction to his eventual partner in crime-fighting, Barbara/Batgirl.

2. Superman’s Fortress of Solitude: Again, beautiful visuals that make up the setting of this scene. It has an hilarious sequence with Batman pulling out a bunch of crystals to assist in the mission, and accidentally activates the hologram of Superman’s kryptonian father. This is also a scene that shows a more lighthearted Batman when Robin successfully helps accomplish the mission. He *almost* has a breakthrough with letting his walls down to let his adopted son into his life. Although it’s just for a moment, the scene beautifully reveals the softer side to the Dark Knight.

3. The Arkham Asylum Scene: this was arguably the funniest scene in the movie. Batman walks around in his undies and the top half of his costume, the Joker tries his nerves, and he drops several sick beats. He also makes his name a verb, “Batman-ing”. The scene also includes a touching father/son moment when he attempts to distract Robin from being afraid of staying in the Asylum.

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Hey, so what's the major difference between an INTP and an INFP? I feel very borderline, and I'm trying to decide which one I am.

I’ve actually struggled with a similar situation since I’m only about 60% thinking and 40 % feeling. What I suggest you do is compare the characteristics and strenghts and weaknesses of both types and see what applies to you. One of the main differences in my opinion though is that Infps are generally a lot more comfortable with their feelings, whereas Intps are really uncomfortable with feelings even when they do experience strong emotions.

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UO: bts has a kinda weak vocal line (esp in comparison to rapline, though they're improving!) but their vocal synergy is really good

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

the vocal lie are really talented in my opinion and they practice like crazy but if i had to pick rapper line potential vs voccal line potential, rapper line definitely is superior. they’ve all been underground rappers beforehand and they’ve had a lot more experience and spent more time in studios producing mixtapes and solos and just in general spending more time with their art than the vocal line (again not to say vocal line isn’t good though)

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Regarding that latest ask about the fanart, it might just be me, but instead of asking you not to reblog it, they could have instead asked the artist if they were aware of it? I have contacted fanartists in the past about accidentally making a character to pale in skin-tone (sending them a very polity ask) and they were very understanding and/or fixed it, with an explanation most of the time as well! I also do agree with your opinion though and I have a lot of respect for you for writing it <3

Yes, I think is a much better way to deal with it. If you have issues with a particular piece of art, instead of asking other blogs not to reblog it, the best course is to go to the artist and politely let them know that it bothered you. Constructive criticism should start and end with a compliment, so maybe something like, “Hi! I really loved your recent art of the five paladins hanging out. But it made me uncomfortable that Hunk and Lance’s skin tones were so light. Would you consider making a version where their skin is darker? I would love to reblog that, if you make it. Thanks again for the art!” 

Makes your point without being cruel, gives the artist a chance to do better. And best of all, no hate or death threats, just a sweet little critique with the best of intentions. Fandom would be a better place if we did things like this.

1006. When Albus turned 18, he changed his middle name from Severus to Remus.

I always feel super embarrassed to say I get my clothes from H&M or F21 because I know they’re not ethical and fast fashion is bad, but I feel it’s inherently classist to shame people who can’t afford to shop elsewhere? There is this idea of “ethical consumerism” where if you spend $50 for an American made t-shirt, you’re a better person than someone who maxes out at $10-20 at Target, but there really is no such thing as ethical shopping under capitalism. So yes, if I wasn’t a recently graduated college student living below the poverty line, then I could afford to shop at less problematic stores. And yes, I know I’m SUPER privileged in comparison to folks who can’t afford clothes at all. But god I hate the narrative of upper class white people who act like they’re better than everyone else because they can pay extra for clothes that are slightly more “ethical”.

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Purple Guy: My ex wife still misses me…

Purple Guy: bUT HER aIM is gETTING BETTER!




Purple Guy: Y-You see its funny because marriage is terrible!

I think it’s time to finally debunk of the one most unhelpful advice and myth that has been circulating in the Tumblr language community for quite some time now.

I’ve read dozens of times that knowing the exact translation of a word in your target language is unnecessary. I’ve read that, say, “Hund” shouldn’t be memorised as “dog” but rather as “furry quadrupede creature". This sort of theory wants you to think that you shouldn’t memorise the exact translation of a word, but rather its concept.

This is particularly useful for words that don’t exist in another person’s language. However, you can’t just memorise the mental image that a word gives you. You can’t be a good translator if you don’t know what certain words mean, you can’t be a good translator if you can’t convey exactly what the other person is saying. You can’t be a good and efficient translator if, when you’re presented with a text that requires a translation, you only have concepts memorised in your head and no words to fully render them.

This is the same as having a great idea for a book but not knowing how to put it into words. In order to become a great writer, you need to be able to know exactly what you are saying and what your characters feel.

However, while it’s true that thought represents the foundation of speech, words represent the foundation of language, a code that requires definite “unites of meaning”. “Liberty” isn’t just “freedom”, “assisting” isn’t just “helping” and “being in agony” isn’t just “being in pain”. Know your words! Learn how to convey meanings fully!

Hey guys? Remember how we always complain about Roy’s mustache at the end of Brotherhood?

I figured out how we can be optimistic about it and make some positives out of it~!

For example…..

ZORO (Antonio Banderas) COSPLAY!!

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Have you read that interview with Kodaka (you can find it on the official twitter)? A whole question is dedicated to Ouma!

I did read the interview earlier today! It was a pretty fun read, and Kodaka definitely seems to be enjoying the reactions to ndrv3 overall. If anyone’s worried that criticism of the game has him down, I wouldn’t worry too much, because he definitely expected this kind of reaction and even pretty much says he prefers having people getting angry or upset over the game, since certainly he doesn’t want people to just be enthusiastic and love it 100% all the time.

The Ouma question was very fun! I can give it a rough translation, if anyone’s interested (and I haven’t checked the tags yet so I apologize if anyone already translated it before me!):

Interviewer: So, while I was playing the game myself, I must say that Ouma Kokichi left quite an impression on me.

Kodaka: Throughout the series thus far, I’ve never actually had a character who was genuinely having fun in the class trials. I mean, Komaeda from Super Danganronpa 2 is a little bit like that, but his enjoyment is still different. I decided to think up a character who had fun playing each school trial like a game, and who is a trickster-type character in the truest sense of the word—and that’s Ouma. And since the main theme [of ndrv3] this time around is “lies,” I made sure to make it so that you have to constantly wonder how much of what he says is true and how much are lies.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Kodaka was just smirking through the whole interview. Still, it’s good to have confirmation that trickster/prankster-like imagery with Ouma is a must, and that he definitely made Ouma’s true intentions a mystery to be solved. After all, you don’t propose a mystery without presenting clues, and the clues are all there (there’s a lot in the rest of the interview about presenting mysteries, too).

If anyone else wants to read the interview, it’s here, but fair warning that it’s all in Japanese!


Hello hello! I know there’s already plenty of points made about the controversial kiss or hug between Yuuri and Viktor, but I happened to notice something else that could help provide some evidence it was more likely to be a kiss. However, this does not mean it’s 100% set in stone it was a kiss, and this is just my opinion and something I happened to notice whist analyzing the clip as I tried to decipher what I thought about it myself.

In the first photo when the kiss is initiated you can see that they are almost upright as the scene is slowed down and they haven’t fallen that far.

Then we pan to Minako, and then to Yuuri’s family and friends at home with their shocked reactions.

Now in the second photo (the part that caused most of this controversy) Viktor’s head is to the side of Yuuri’s. But notice how they are now a mere inch or two off the ground compared to the nearly upright stature they had when they began the kiss.

See what I mean? Viktor obviously was not going for a makeout session when he initiated the kiss, he was just going to get a simple ‘smooch’. So from the time the kiss was initiated while they were nearly upright to the time they were only an inch or two from the ground it’s quite likely the kiss was not long and ended, then Viktor moved his head to the side of Yuuri’s. He also would have done this because as Yuuri’s head hit the ground it would have recoiled back to Viktor, and if they were to keep kissing all the way down that wouldn’t have ended well now would it?

EDIT: Another thing to notice, not in these photos but if you watch the clip (which is no doubt everywhere right now including my own blog). When we see them kissing from the side view as they fall, Viktor’s head stays in the same place even though they’re moving down. If he were just hugging Yuuri his head should’ve continued to move past Yuuri’s face and to the side of his head as they continued to fall. But no. It’s suspended in the same spot as they are falling down.