Reasons to be friends with the signs:
  • Aries: They're full of wisdom and will gladly help you out whenever you need them
  • Taurus: They give the best presents that are personalised to what they know you want
  • Gemini: They'll always try their best to make you laugh and cheer you up
  • Cancer: They're good for hugs and giving you attention when you need it
  • Leo: Makes you food... AMAZING food
  • Virgo: Good for gossiping sessions and talking about the bae with
  • Libra: Will talk for hours with you, even about nothing or loads of BS
  • Scorpio: Shows you how NOT to do stuff a lot of the time
  • Sagittarius: Always a fun time and a crack up sense of humour
  • Capricorn: A vault of secrets - THOU SHALL NOT PASS - but also an all round buddy
  • Aquarius: Keen for a good laugh and someone to be extremely silly with
  • Pisces: Always keen to hangout and won't let you down