thou shalt not road trip

Thou Shalt Not Road Trip

Lessons 15: 7–12 
7. For there were two brothers. And yea, one was shorter than the other, and weaker. 8. And though he bestowed upon his big brother gifts of kindness and thoughtfulness and love, yet did the taller boy mock him, lamenting, “Why art thou so short? Art thou a leprechaun?” 9. And the shorter brother was too much afeared to speak. 10. So the stronger boy laughed, and cried, “What art thou good for? What can thou do that cannot be done far better by a boy of true stature, whose mind and body are strong?” 11. And though he was still afeared, yet the smaller boy recalled the events of the previous evening, and so girded his loins and spake thus: “Remember thee, ‘tis easier for a short man to pass through the eye of a cat flap when he misseth curfew, and thereby to avoid parental detection and retribution.” 12. And the taller brother knew that it was true, and shutteth up. 

-Thou Shalt Not Road Trip by Antony John