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October 21, 2017

Beyoncé updates her website - BOSS THOT KNOT

Zimmermann “Maples Collegiate Wrap Skirt” ($595), Christian Louboutin “Demi You” ($675), Illesteva “Jackie” Sunglasses ($279), Ivy Park “Broken Logo” Crop (£31.99)

anonymous asked:

Mlt be really jealous/possessive when you hang out with the other members?

I’m doing this if you’re hanging out too much with the other members but oh god they’ll all be jealous depending on the situation but here’s what i think lol


JACKSON/JUNIOR lol the thots of GOT7, if you see them being possessive about the other members imagine how possessive they would be about you their significant other? They would get in a dramatic fight with you, kinda like a telenovela fight(mexican side showing here lol) and then all aggressive towards the other member. Good luck with that.





JB he aint worried cause I mean have you seen how attractive he is?? He wrecking every bias list ever created.