thoses hardwood floors

so while we’re all on the hype train waiting for breath of the wild to come out, here’s link in a domestic apartment setting. cooking is a lot more exciting when you fist pump and your food makes smoke and sparkles ✨✨

(12″x16″, oil on canvas board)

Poet’s Entmoot: a registration based on *cough*sur*cough* real events

It’s one of those darker cafes with hardwood floors and dark varnished oak in abundance. Kitschy chandeliers, and of course there’s the inevitable head of a boar hanging on the wall as a centerpiece. The bar’s already soaked with beer, which I only discover because I tried to rest my forearms on it. It isn’t that bad though, I already rolled up my sleeves. These places tend to be too muggy for the likes of me. But I’m here. Trying to soak in the surroundings and atmosphere.

There’s three sitting at that small round table which is always located at the corner of these places. Their faces are ominously lit by candlelight, which is in stark contrast with the lighthearted nature of their conversations. Pets and childhood memories, a sip of wine here and there; nothing extreme. They seem nice, but there’s no room for an extra seat.

The action’s at the large rectangular table, where there’s room for ten, but only eight are seated. One side seems to be in the middle of a heated discussion, and I wonder what the subject could be. I suppose it’s about poetry, which would me feel like a nitwit if I’d partake. Not having had the opportunity to take English Literature as a subject during my school years. I feel extraordinary foreign. The other side is laughing and having fun, I might join them later. If I manage to find the courage. Let’s first stay here and drink a beer.

There’s a dance floor but it’s empty, and it strikes me that dance floors are the only footing that can make you feel embarrassed on behalf them. It’s a very awkward emptiness of space. I reckon it will be filled though, eventually.

I see the lounge room, where Mr. Popular is located on the large leather couch. They say that two’s company and three is a crowd, but he’s definitely disproving it. Good for him, I think. He’s a swell dude and I get what they see in him. Of course ‘Mr. Popular’ can have a negative connotation, but I’m hoping by now you know I am prone to state simple facts. That being said, my eyes divert to the couch next to them. Where three are sharing a bottle of champagne, and stories that are haphazardly interrupted by outbursts of laughter. It puts a smile on my face.

Scanning the room, there’s groups being formed; talking about whatever the haps is. Some question marks, some familiar faces. Though familiar might be somewhat of a stretch seeing as we’ve only seen each other in Tumblr avatars and pictures. In any case there’s a lot going on in these split seconds while I’m waiting for my first beer; I, ambivert slowly and hesitantly switching from intro- to extravert. Locked in this inner soliloquy waiting to be interrupted. I think I know the back turned to my left by her posture and hairdo, but I’m not ready to tap on any shoulders yet. Luckily for me, I then feel my own tapped.

It’s always the same type of person, and boy am I grateful they do exist. It’s a special thing to be greeted with a smile and open arms going in for a hug. I highly value that, mostly because it’s not in me. I’m a reactional hugger. Like the cat that always moves away from you, but starts to purr and knead once you pluck it from the floor and put it on your lap to pet it. Sometimes I can be that enthusiastic dog, happy to see you. But when we first meet and I’m in a room full of strangers. No siree! Regrettably so, of course, I wish I was more spontaneous to begin with.

Of course my saviour’s first drink’s on me. Arguably oblivious saviour, I must say. People never seem to guess how much they rescue someone who’s used to be locked inside their own minds like me. Once the socializing button is pushed I’m very social, but it has to be pushed regardless. Then there are some highly energetic cheerful conversations and a beer, and another beer. And we form our own group; people whom I now greet enthusiastically. Elation strikes and, god forbid, I even get charming. Suave me doesn’t resonate well with next-morning-hungover-and-highly-introverted-me. But none of that matters now. Have I ever told you about the awkward embarrassment I feel on behalf of dance floors whenever they’re left empty?

Can we talk about that apartment?

Aside from loads of other wonderful surprises from 3x09, “The Present,” (which I’ll get to) I had to say something about that beautiful place Barry leased for WestAllen. After taking a closer look at it, this must be the new set that Candice mentioned she loves filming in.

The scale of it is magnificent, from the high ceilings to the open floor plan. Judging from the common area, the apartment might be at least 1,300 sf, if you also count the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Yes bathrooms, it looks big enough to have 1 and ½ baths. Another draw: the contemporary look with the whitewashed exposed bricks and the exposed beams, and the simple touch of the two columns at either end of the bank of windows. It’s definitely a place for a couple with modern tastes. I also think those are hardwood floors. 

Light will come in from the windows, which flow almost from floor to ceiling. They don’t have spectacular views of the downtown, but that’s OK, because of those fabulous skylights. They will be spectacular in the day, and flood the living area in natural light. They even have a little terrace. It’s not a fancy balcony like Oliver Queen’s, but they can sit out there with a bistro table and some chairs. Iris sipping her prosecco or whatever, and Barry with his 1,000 proof rocket fuel, because that’s the only way his speedster metabolism can get a buzz. 

That kitchen! That backsplash is the bomb, and all the appliances are new and modern. I love the fact that it features a peninsula, not an island. I know islands are wildly popular, and I see the draw, but I find islands to be a little “too” welcoming. During parties people flock around those spaces and crowd the kitchen, leaving the beautiful den and living rooms practically empty. They will be able to fit a table and some chairs in there, making it an eat-in kitchen if they want. And did you see the mezzanine level, to Iris’ left? That looks like it would be a great space for a home office, maybe with room for a pull-out couch, in case Wally wants to crash there after a late class instead of heading all the way home. (Wait, he’s a speedster now, so he can run home no problem. Nevermind.) 

You did good Barry. You did real good. 

BTW, that’s Barry putting a ring on it in the second picture. Yes, yes, it’s a key ring with keys to their brand-new place, but whatever. But that’s the second ring Barry has given Iris for Christmas. Third time’s a charm, people! 

Like Father, Like Son

I don’t even know what I was thinking. Perhaps it’s the result of watching too many adorable baby videos online. ~1,200 words of Daddies!CC yet again.

“Nicholas!” Darren called his two year old out to the kitchen. “Did you eat Papa’s cookies again?”

Darren knew he’d eaten them, Nicholas had a bit of a sweet tooth like his daddy. But right now Darren wasn’t interested in a confession, it was the upcoming argument that he was going to enjoy. He even had the Chris try and film the entire thing secretly.

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Top 7 Stylish Loungewear for Chilling at Home

Remember: comfortable and fashionable aren’t mutually exclusive. Just because you’re chilling out at home (or, if you’re lucky, tucked away at the cottage or beach house), doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain your stylish ways while doing it. Check out some of these top loungewear picks to help you get your comfy on!

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1. These slippers will help you survive the winter by keeping your toes toasty no matter what the weather! The faux fur lining provides tons of insulation, while the outer sole gives you the grip you need so you don’t go sliding around on those hardwood floors. And they’re pink!

Minnetonka Cally Slipper

2. Combine the best of both worlds - the comfort of sweatpants and the slim fit (perfect for slipping into boots!) of a legging. The marled knit will help keep the heat in, and the heathered grey colour goes with anything and everything.

Gap Marled Leggings

3. There might not be anything more luxurious than a pair of cashmere leggings! Spoil yourself by indulging in these - soft, warm, and so worth it.

Saks Fifth Avenue Cashmere Leggings

4. Are they socks? Are they slippers? Does it matter?! They’re super-cute and they’ll keep your feet nice and warm on the blusteriest winter day. And who doesn’t love those girlish pompom accents?

Free People Pompom Slipper Socks

5. Nothing says warm and cozy like waffle-knit. This wintry take on a baseball tee pairs just as well with jeans and kicks as it does with leggings and boots.

Free People Berkin Waffle Top

6. The details - a wide neckline and a drawstring hem - transform this top from being just a t-shirt into something a little more special. This is a piece that proves that loungewear doesn’t have to be plain and boring.

Eberjey Heather Slouchy Tee

7. Comfy enough for a relaxing evening in, cute enough to be worn to a chalet après-ski gathering. This sweater, with its asymmetrical hem and contrast stitching, will keep you warm wherever you decide to wear it.

Gypsy 05 Lounge Raglan Sweater

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Friendly Competition

My (very late) contribution to OQ week - Robin teaching Regina archery. This also (kind of) fulfills a prompt I got a long, long, long time ago from aregaloutlaw for being my 200th follower! I’m so sorry this has taken so long, Katie! And it’s kinda not really what you asked for, but I hope you like it anyway! XD


It had started the very first day they showed up, Henry and her, to the archery club’s ‘Have a Go’ day, when Henry was still working hard at convincing her, when she hadn’t yet been swayed into saying yes. Oh, the charm had started with her son, of course. Asking Henry if he was there to be the next Legolas or the next Hawkeye, and engaging her eager son in a debate about who was the best Avenger (Regina could barely keep track of which were Avengers and which were X-Men). Effortlessly filling the vacancy for hero-worship that Henry had available while also sealing the deal on the monthly membership fee that would henceforth be coming out of Regina’s pocket. No way would she be convincing Henry that this whole archery thing was just a phase now.

He was handsome enough, she supposed, and, okay, she’d enjoyed the way his eyes caught on her when he was talking to the group and the half-smiles he’d sent her way. His interest in her had been obvious, and she’d been feeling idiotically gratified by his open admiration, sharing flirty looks over the heads of the children he was teaching, including her own son. She still burns with anger and shame now at that thought, at the absurd giddiness with which she enjoyed his attention. Yes, she had smiled when he approached her (and Henry), smiled like a schoolgirl with a crush, and once he was done convincing Henry that Loki couldn’t be counted as one of the Avengers (even though he was the coolest), her belly was all butterflies as he lingered to talk to her, alone. He smirked at her and looked her up and down (and she’d liked it, ugh, had practically preened over it, God, she was pathetic), and then he’d made some smartass comment about how she might find it difficult to shoot in such cumbersome footwear.

She’d worn heels to make her feel powerful, confident and impervious and not at all out of her element. Except all it took was one comment from this good-looking, outdoorsy man to make her feel the exact opposite of all those things. She felt like a fool, like someone who looked as out of place and uncertain as she felt, and no doubt this man and his colleagues had laughed amongst themselves the moment they saw her, knowing immediately how thoroughly she didn’t belong there. And she had spat needles at him, stalked off with her head held high, fumed and seethed in a seat by the wall while Henry showed both enthusiasm and prowess in his newfound hobby, and braced herself with a tightening knot of dread in her stomach for the request she knew would be coming at the end of Henry’s first taste of archery lessons.

The beginners’ course fee wasn’t cheap, and Regina would quite frankly have rather enjoyed never having to see that smug, puffed up, overdeveloped phys-ed coach ever again, but she couldn’t bring herself to deny her son the happiness. So when, sure enough, he bounded up to her at the end of the taster lesson and begged her to sign him up, with a sigh (and a smile, for him), she agreed. Refused to look at the handsome instructor as she clacked her way over to the sign-up sheets, instead giving the large man behind the desk her most charming smile, hello, I’m Regina Mills, and my son would very much like me to sign him up for a beginners’ course.

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S2SL Teaser - Highland Fling by Court81981

Highland Fling (By Court81981)

“Fools look to tomorrow. Wise men use tonight.” ~Scottish proverb

With her personal and professional life in shambles, Katniss Everdeen seeks refuge on holiday in Scotland, where a misunderstanding has her sharing space with—and trying not to fall hard for—the occupant of the flat, Peeta Mellark. Everlark.

Here is a short teaser from my S2SL story. Please visit to donate to the cause and read it in its entirety!

I lose track of time, and eventually the water becomes tepid and I start to get chilled. I tip back the rest of my whisky and pull the plug on the drain as I step onto the bath mat. Shivering, I glance around the bathroom and realize there are no towels.

“Great,” I mutter, chiding myself for not checking for something so simple before I got into the tub. I snag a washcloth from a small basket next to the sink and dab it over my wet skin to dry off enough to be able to walk to the en-suite and grab a full-size towel. I don’t want to drip all over those gorgeous hardwood floors.

On my way out of the bathroom, I catch sight of my reflection. I gaze in the mirror, cocking my head as I study my naked body. I don’t think it’s anything special, but I do keep myself in great shape. I smile, feeling strangely free as I stroll across the hall.

A scream lodges in my throat. Standing in the middle of the master bedroom is the hot blond Scot from the airport. His blue eyes widen in shock and his lips part.

“What are you doing? How did you get in here?” I shriek.

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good morning!

allowing you a peek into our home and my personal little favorite corner. how cute is that closet door? the natural light our large windows give always gets me. those hardwood floors. and plants. plants always remind me of life.

may you be reminded today of the beauty of your Maker. may you find your faith deeply rooted and your joy firmly planted in Him as you go about your day. happy tuesday, dear friends.

ggungabyfish  asked:

Could you write a fic where Laura being her usually dorky self trips, lands on Carmilla, and sends them both crashing to the ground and then they realize they're close enough to kiss and they almost do but Danny and LaPerry walk in (oops was that too long?)

“Hey, Carm!” Laura called before hurriedly rushing into the bedroom  without looking up, “I can’t find my hair brush!  Did you-“

Her question was cut off as her she felt her feet slip out from under her; those damned hardwood floors did not make it easy to run in socks.  Unable to stop herself, she felt gravity begin to pull her downward.  Before her body could make contact with the hard surface, a solid figure wrapped firm arms around Laura’s body and hugged her close. 

With a grunt of pain, two bodies collapsed onto the cold floor and it took Laura but a second to realize that she landed on top of someone.  Dark, curly locks clouded her vision and tickled her cheek.  The arms around her waist pulled her a hare closer and Laura let out a squeak in surprise.  Her body froze, except for her head, which she lifted up to take in the sight of an annoyed vampire. 

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