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He’s {sort of, kind of, not really…} the beginning of the legacy because he isn’t technically related to his parents because I *downloaded him… I don’t really know what he is.  I’m just going to make him the beginning because this family is sort of pre-legacy/story…ish.  I don’t know.  You’ll see.  I’m so confusing.  I hope you understood all of that.

I downloaded him from Sims For Sale/PixelPixies.  His original name was Chase Kingsley and you can download him here.  He’s in YA form when you download him and I changed his eyes (a little bit) and changed his ears.

thoselovelysimsofmine-blog-blog  asked:

Did those paintings come with the game? I know your sims paint them but are those the paintings EA gave you to let your sims paint.... that didn't make sense. Basically, did you have to download something so your sims could paint those paintings or does as;dfklja;skjgdf Please understand my question. hahahaaaah.

Ahahaha. I understand, no worries. It’s a painting replacement mod thing, which you can get just over here.

thoselovelysimsofmine replied to your post: My game is frozen, yet the bar music from the game…

sometimes my game freezes but the plumbobs continue rotating, the ZZZZs continue going up, and the light on the computer (my sim’s computer) keeps flashing. it’s weird..

AGGHH IT’S SO CREEPY WHEN IT DOES THAT. And especially when time freezes but everything else keeps moving, like you said. It’s just like




Sims 3 Makeover

Before -

Random sim I downloaded from the exchange.  She looked prettier there… obviously, they all look prettier at the exchange :p

I actually think she looks WAAAY better.   I love her nose.  I want it.  Is it weird to be jealous of a sim…?  It happens to me a lot T.T

After… the official after-
This is just the official after that includes the make-up and the ending hairstyle, basically what she’ll look like in my game.  Whenever I find out what to use her for…  


Sims 3 Makeover - Kathalonda Vajabort

*Click pictures for better quality and I’m sorry for the amount of words o.o

 An old sim of mine that I thought was GORGEOUS but now that I improved my sim making skills she isn’t as pretty to me.  I was going to make her prettier in human form but then I played around with her eyes making them really far apart and one thing led to another and now she’s an alien.

  • 1st picture shows front view, all natural; no make up, no hair
  • 2nd picture shows side view


  • 1st picture shows her front view, all natural; no make up, no hair
  • 2nd picture shows her with makeup and her hair; what she would look like in my game.
  • 3rd picture shows side view

I like her a lot and I’m actually thinking of a story to use her in.  I might do that challenge where you wipe out a whole town and start the town over from scratch.  I might do that with aliens…  What do you think?  Good?  Bad?  Should I do the town challenge thing?

I’m going to make her a boyfraaand noowoowowow and a pet :3

Adrianna Valentine;

Adrianna Valentine is the founder of this legacy.  Her hair color and eye color are going to be in every generation.  :)

*I downloaded her from Sims For Sale/PixelPixies.  She is originally Odessa Kingsley.  I didn’t really tweak her that much because she is naturally pretty beautiful gorgeous.  I obviously changed her hair and eye color, though, for the legacy.