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SF9 SCENARIO: Them Saving You From A Conversation You Want To Get Out Of


Have no fear, Binnie is here. He would be very in tune to your eye signals because he’s always getting lost in them (oooooo smooth, mik *high fives self*). This literal father would swoop in and attack the person you’re talking to with distractingly bad dad jokes or something while you made your escape. But, since he’s wickedly charming and just plain great to look at (srsly this guy has the most blindingly beautiful smile i’ve ever laid eyes on), he might struggle to them get himself out of the conversation. After some very kind listening and thoughtful nodding, he’d somehow manage to weasel his way away from the person that you so desperately wanted to get away from and get back to you. You’d be worried that he was mad at you for making him sacrifice himself for you but just the opposite would be true. He’d be a complete sweetheart about it and ask you if you were okay (i swear he’s such boyfriend material heart eyes emoji).

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I feel like this meme would front like he knew how to save you but, in reality, he would have no clue (smh what a loser amiright amiright). You’d be signaling to him with widened eyes and he’d be super confused at first like ???? fuck you doing but would then finally understand why you looked like your eyes were bulging out of your head after a bit. He’d try and think up ways that he could help you and would settle on a plan of action that he was very confident in (oh jeez, here we go). He’d stroll on over to you and the person that you were talking to and put his arm around your shoulders. He’d very smoothly apologize for interrupting and calmly say that he had to steal you away for an important matter. You were looking at him with heart eyes like he was your hero. That is, until he crumbled right before your eyes. The person who you were talking to would ask what the “important matter” was and, unfortunately, your genius boyfriend would not have considered the possibility of that question coming up in his master plan (i really do love him i swear). After a moment of panic, Inseong would make some noise like a frustrated child and just sort of drag you away from the person without another word (i’m rolling idk why i made this like this but i thoroughly believe that inseong would be a hot mess).

(ignore the funny ass captions but i feel like he’d be this level of shook/confused)

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This honey would know right away that his baby was in trouble (i feel like he’d have some crazy “my gf is in danger” sense or something). He would zoom at the speed of light to come save you from the conversation. He’d probably use his smarts and come up with a v v v convincing excuse for the other person to have to leave. Jaeyoon would tell them some bullshit like that someone else needed them at that exact moment so they couldn’t initiate their conversation with you and that they better get to steppin. That person would fall for his diversion immediately and you would be free. Jaeyoon would have saved the day like a true angel but this little shit would stick his face out to you and look like he was waiting for something. You’d give the cute headass a kiss on the cheek and he’d consider the favor returned (idk why but i just imagined how unbelievably soft his cheek would be to kiss… i gotta go now).

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No need to worry, Lee “Extra” Sanghyuk will come to your aid. That is, after he embarasses you. I’m almost certain that he wouldn’t even know that your eye signals to him were signals. He would practically scream to you from across the room to ask you wtf was up with your eyes or some shit like that and you would be completely justified to facepalm at this moment. After he noticed that you weren’t just trying out some new eyelid exercises, he’d realize that you wanted out of the conversation that you were trapped in and he’d “skillfully” get you out of it. He’d scream again, “JAGIYA. COME QUICK. I’M NEEDY… FOR… FOR YOU.” (that may or may not have been a dirty reference and no, i’m not the least bit ashamed of it ok maybe i am pls forgive me) Completely mortified from the confused look that you were getting from the person you were talking to and the amused looks that you were getting from the other members, you turned red as tomato. Usually you’d scream back at him to shut up when he did stuff like that (which would be v often) but you were so desperate to get out of the conversation that you were in that you smiled at the person across from you and excused yourself. You walked over to Dawon and gave him a death glare that practically burned right through him. Wising up real quick, this boy would gtfo and fast (rest in peace dawon it was nice knowin ya bud).

(ayyyyy lmao it’s my gif)

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This boy is lowkey the most awkward human to ever exist so he’d be a confused noodle boy trying to help you (a lil off topic but also not, i honestly feel like zuho is also a v shy bun around people he doesn’t know but that could just be me). I feel like he too would not get your eye signals right away and would be a little puzzled, wondering why you were looking at him funny (i can see him being super confused lmaooooo). After he realized that he didn’t have something on his face or a bug in his hair or some shit, he would have a look of pure relief. You’d furrow your eyebrows at him to further hint that you needed his help and he’d try to frantically think of a way to get you away from the person talking to you. Juho would then kind of just noodle his way slowly over to the two of you and smile a little at the person across from you. He’d proceed hesitantly to ask them some random question that was so weird and out of nowhere that they’d stop mid-sentence just to stare at him in confusion. You’d already slipped away and you looked back at Zuho while he just stood there like a statue until the person got fed up and left. Your knight in shining armor would then look at you for approval and to check and see if you were okay like a kind boyfriend (he’s so pure i swear pls protect him from all danger).

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Rowoon’s spidey mom senses would be tingling at rates off the fucking charts and he would instantly know that you needed him (i’m laughing out loud rn bc i just picture the funniest look of worry spreading over his face). But, instead of formulating a plan of action ahead of his rescue mission, he would be next to you before he even knew what was happening. I feel like he’d be shook and not even remeber moving his legs to get over there or some crazy shit like that he’d be so fast at getting to you (it’s the freakishly long legs, man). He’d politely notify the person that you were talking that you were needed elsewhere and that he was very sorry for any inconvenience that your absence would cause. Due to Rowoon’s freakishly beautiful visuals and sparkling charm, the person would not question him, say goodbye to you, and leave. This concerned boyfriend would then make sure that you were unharmed and hold you tight to his chest v protective-like.

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Tae would be smooth af and would have you out of there in no time at all. He’d tune into your eye signals right away and would know just what to do (like it’d be scary how well he’d handle this shit). With a beaming smile, he’d make his way over to you and stand at your side. He would then greet the person that you were talking to and engage them in conversation, utilizing his sunshiney personality and dazzling smile (which is legit crafted from pieces of the sun n pure happiness i s2g) to distract them so that you could sneak away. Once you were safely out of range, he would expertly make up an excuse for him to leave and politely say goodbye to the person. The person that you didn’t want to talk to wouldn’t know what hit them and would be on cloud nine from just having an interaction with the literal angel that is Yoo Taeyang (as anyone would be) and you would be free. The two of you would probably then celebrate with a cute asf bubble tea date or some shit like that.

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This weirdo would have a rather… unconventional way of getting you out of the conversation. Hwi would see the distressed look in your eyes and try to figure out what the hell you were trying to tell him for a good 10 minutes or so and would eventually get it. He’d then think for a second before he executed his master plan. He would walk up behind the person that you were talking to while they were speaking to you. You would widen your eyes at him and he’d just put a finger over his lips to tell you to not alert the enemy of his presence. He’d then scare the living shit out of the person by screaming and touching their back quickly (lmfao i’m geeked). The person would be shocked and Hwiyoung would signal to you to get out of there while they were registering what the actual fuck just happened to them and you’d be able to escape. By the time the shocked victim of Hwiyoung’s attack got their heartbeat back to a normal speed, the two of you would be long gone (*sings* eojjeomyeon urin BONNIE AND CLYDEEEEE ok i’m done).

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Tbh I feel like it’d be more likely for something like this to happen to Chani himself (like I can totally see him accidentally getting himself into conversations that he’d rather die than be stuck in all the time lmfao poor thing). But if it was his boo thing in this situation, he would try his hardest to save you. He’d hesitantly come over to where the two of you were talking and stand calmly by your side. After listening to two or three sentences from the vigorous speaker across from you, he’d suddenly and dramatically point in the direction opposite of the two of you and shout, “WHOA, WHAT IS THAT?” And when the person talking turned around to try and see what the fuck he was pointing at, he’d grab you by the arm and run like hell. Once you guys were in the safety of literally anywhere that wasn’t there, you’d give him a kiss of the cheek and call him your hero while he was still out of breath from hardcore sprinting. The lil bun would blush but then front like he was tough shit and say, “Oh, that? That was nothing.”


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meminerunt omnia amantes

miles covered in a rented car
i retraced them all, walking
back in ballet flats
(do you mind?)
            (do you mind?)
the hard sun perched
on my bare shoulder
i gave the sun the other
(do you mind?)
           (do you mind?)
the great intersection proved
hard to cross, stop lights
counting time elusive
(do you mind?)
           (do you mind?)

perhaps what i am
trying to say is that
this day daunts
my well of joy
and so i think
of all those
i love
as i tread
this winding
metal footbridge
how beautiful the
lattice-like shadows
of old railings at least
fifteen feet above the road

oh, the holy dove
the well of joy
and so i think
of all those
i love

i don’t mind;
            i don’t mind;

i love.

j. p. berame // no. 020717 

Slightly Cloudy With A Chance Of Misery

Remember the conversations we used to have?

How they gave us a reason to wake up each day?

I miss those

I miss us

much like I miss the rain in the winter months

how it feels like it washes away the pain

even if just for a few moments

I wish it was spring

so the rain would fall

to clear this sorrow

I feel every time I think about us

but honestly

I just need to forget

to just move on

because no matter how much I care

we’ll never get to dance in the rain together

Things I want in more books
  • illustrations on the inside pages. you know how you open The Wrath and the Dawn and there’s the beautiful picture of Shahrzad? MORE OF THOSE
    • i want this to be a normal thing in hardcovers
    • go big or go home. have a full page illustration of the opening scene
    • wouldn’t that be awesome
  • for heaven’s sake make sure there’s a blurb on the paperbacks. because sometimes there’s just quotes from reviews and other authors and that’s ridiculous
  • less describing female characters in terms of their attractiveness. if you don’t introduce every male character like that don’t do it for the girls. this pisses me off.
  • more books without romance
  • make it easier to get signed books! not everyone can get to book signings. please i’m jealous
  • more books where the spines do pretty things like make a rainbow or a picture or a face or just somehow go together really nicely
    • in the same vein, more authors whose books match. you know how all rainbow rowell books are like pastel-ish and look hand drawn? like the books themselves don’t match but the author has a general aesthetic
  • i thought i had more of these i’m gonna have to add to this

so @foreverafterall wanted to see lossi in a ducky onesie and i just had to draw sai in one as well XD

lossis favorite animal is a duck and sais are pandas though he loves how small red pandas are~

she said they would cuddle so hard in those

i love how it came out x3

lossi belongs to faa

sai belongs to me!

Me, laughing: I can’t believe you guys want me to make another post about how much i love Ben Affleck omg haha

Y'all: We’re not saying that

Me, still laughing: Like oh my god don’t you feel like I’ve made enough of those

Y'all: Yes you have we’re not asking you to make another

Me, typing up a new Ben Affleck post: oh my god haha FINE I’ll make it you guys are wild

Y'all: literally we are not saying anything

I wanted to love those
I wanted to love, often
I did not want those
who loved me: it was

a disagreement with myself
as if myself was myself,
like trees which are so laden
with night they are night trees,

which they are not. Sometimes
the end is a contradiction
of the tale: the end is simply
not the end, the contradiction

of wanting the end and
not wanting it. I want you.
I no longer want. I wanted
to love those I wanted.

Michael Burkard, “Untitled,” Fictions from the Self (W. W. Norton & Co., 1988)