Things I want in more books
  • illustrations on the inside pages. you know how you open The Wrath and the Dawn and there’s the beautiful picture of Shahrzad? MORE OF THOSE
    • i want this to be a normal thing in hardcovers
    • go big or go home. have a full page illustration of the opening scene
    • wouldn’t that be awesome
  • for heaven’s sake make sure there’s a blurb on the paperbacks. because sometimes there’s just quotes from reviews and other authors and that’s ridiculous
  • less describing female characters in terms of their attractiveness. if you don’t introduce every male character like that don’t do it for the girls. this pisses me off.
  • more books without romance
  • make it easier to get signed books! not everyone can get to book signings. please i’m jealous
  • more books where the spines do pretty things like make a rainbow or a picture or a face or just somehow go together really nicely
    • in the same vein, more authors whose books match. you know how all rainbow rowell books are like pastel-ish and look hand drawn? like the books themselves don’t match but the author has a general aesthetic
  • i thought i had more of these i’m gonna have to add to this

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it’s finally done get it away from me

I'm On It
  • I'm On It
  • Childish Gambino
  • Culdesac

There’s so much I wanna do, like write a script or write a book
Get an hour on HBO, and date a girl who likes to cook
And stop having all of these crushes on all of my friends girlfriends
I think I’m jealous they got someone when the world ends
It looks nice, I gotta get me one of those
I haven’t found Mrs. Right, but I’m On it though


people say
sadness comes
before a
turning point.
i’ve reached
so many of those
i’m beginning to think
i’m going in circles.

maybe i’m not
written in prose
and maybe
my poetry
doesn’t rhyme.
i’m a handful of words
strung together by a line.

maybe that’s why
sadness is all i know.

maybe i’m so tired
of words
that i need a
paragraph break
to sort through
the things
i’ve become.

maybe these curves
to which
i’ve been led
aren’t but the ones
that should be lifting
the corners
of my mouth

maybe that’s why
i never smile anymore.

and fucking maybe
everyone else’s lives
aren’t but a
straight line
because why else
would they be going
so much faster
than i?

maybe they’re
exclamation points
and i’m a
question mark
because they seem
certain of everything
while i keep
asking myself

maybe i’m just
a period - end of line.

maybe this way
i won’t wake up
each morning
to the feeling
of wanting to be
the punctuation
that puts an end
to the sentence
of life.

maybe what i should be
is a comma:
on the verge of
what comes next
knowing that something
is definitely

maybe i am
pending editing.


so @foreverafterall wanted to see lossi in a ducky onesie and i just had to draw sai in one as well XD

lossis favorite animal is a duck and sais are pandas though he loves how small red pandas are~

she said they would cuddle so hard in those

i love how it came out x3

lossi belongs to faa

sai belongs to me!

I wanted to love those
I wanted to love, often
I did not want those
who loved me: it was

a disagreement with myself
as if myself was myself,
like trees which are so laden
with night they are night trees,

which they are not. Sometimes
the end is a contradiction
of the tale: the end is simply
not the end, the contradiction

of wanting the end and
not wanting it. I want you.
I no longer want. I wanted
to love those I wanted.

Michael Burkard, “Untitled,” Fictions from the Self (W. W. Norton & Co., 1988)