Kang Daniel; seven minutes in heaven

Member: Daniel // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff

Request: “hi! could i request a kang daniel seven minutes in heaven scenario (don’t worry nothing smutty, just fluffy)”

A/N: so this was requested as a scenario, but I’m starting headcanons/bullet scenarios and I was supposed to write this one anyway… so why not try it? If you don’t like it, admin Leah will write an actual scenario ^.^ Enjoy!

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  • Kang Daniel is a name you knew all too well throughout your high school years
  • you’d liked him since junior year when you caught him feeding a box of stray kittens behind the school 
  • which wasn’t allowed but it’s not like you were gonna tell on the resident senior golden boy, who also happened to be very handsome
  • it was pretty much over from there,,,
  • you spent most classes staring at him and then pretending you hadn’t been
  • but your friends caught on, of course,, they wanted to throw a ‘welcome to the Kang Daniel fan club’ party, but you adamantly refused
  • they settled for “subtly” teasing you about your crush (hint they weren’t subtle at all,, it’s a miracle he never caught on)
  • Kang Daniel, the icon of obliviousness
  • so 
  • somehow, you two ended up going to the same college
  • how convenient
  • college campuses may be small enough places to run into the perfect people in stories, but in reality not so much
  • so basically you saw him once in the cafeteria at like 1 am with a bad case of bedhead and hipster glasses
  • needless to say
  • he still looked very good
  • anyway
  • you don’t usually go to parties but your university’s soccer team won the championship, and all your friends were going, and it’s not like you had to drink
  • what could go too wrong
  • or in this case what could go right ;)))so you go
  • and a couple of your high school friends went to the same college, and of course, they’re there“Hey, y/n - Daniel’s here,” one of them nudges you, grinning
  • you scoff, trying not to blush “I don’t like him anymore,”
  • in your defense you think it’s true,, you basically haven’t even seen the guy in two years, how could you still like him?
  • spoiler alert you’re wrong
  • it’s the Daniel Effect™
  • somehow, by the work of Satan or God (it’s not quite clear which one) you end up being dragged into playing party games
  • “come on, y/n! we need one more person,, it’ll be fun!”
  • play party games they said
  • it’ll be fun they said
  • so you’re like “FINE” and you settle down in an open spot
  • and you look up
  • surprise! there’s Daniel
  • he’s grinning at someone on the other side of the circle, so he doesn’t notice you go into jpg mode when you spot him
  • “y/n, you’re staring - you look like an owl,” your guy friend laughs, and he gets a punch in the arm that quickly shuts him up
  • and then the games start
  • they start with truth or dare, and then spin the bottle, and then seven minutes in heaven
  • and everything’s going smoothly until -
  • “Y/n~!”
  • and you’re like shit shit shit
  • they spin the bottle and it lands on 
  • the one
  • the only
  • Kang Daniel 
  • inside you’re all SHIT SHIT SHIT and then you two lock eyes for the first time
  • and you’re like where are the fireworks, the only thing exploding is my ovaries I MEAN WHAT
  • even though it’s been like .003 seconds, suddenly there’s like five football-player-strength guys shoving you two into the nearest closet
  • of course they lock the door
  • there’s legitimately 30 straight seconds of the most awkward silence you’ve ever been through
  • and then “…so, um, I’m Daniel.. what’s your name?”
  • you dip your head awkwardly “Y/n,”
  • a solid 5 seconds of silence
  • “I- I really wasn’t - I wasn’t going to ask you that! I’m sorry if I-”
  • “No no - oh God - I’m sorry, I’m just nervous! I know you wouldn’t -”
  • thank god for how dark it is, so he can’t see your fiery red blush
  • “I’m nervous too…” he whispers warmly after a moment, and you melt a little
  • You?”
  • “It doesn’t seem like it maybe, but I hate parties…”
  • “Really? In high school, you were always the #1 attendee,”
  • “Did you go to my high school?” 
  • for no reason that you can think of, your stomach does a flip 
  • “Um… yeah.”
  • “What’s your last name again?”
  • and so you tell him
  • “Wait - wait - Y/l/n Y/n? The girl that covered for me when the school found out I was taking care of those kittens?”
  • well needless to say you’re shook
  • “You know me?”
  • you think you see his face turn a bit red??? but it’s dark so it’s hard to tell, and it’s probably just wishful thinking
  • “Well, actually… I kind of - I kind of liked you,”
  • needless to say you’re even more shook™
  • “… what…?”
  • Ok now you’re sure his face is definitely red
  • “I mean - I used to! I don’t, I don’t anymore!”
  • (You don’t like being cliche, but your heart sinks a bit)
  • “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”
  • “What? Nothing. How much time is left?”
  • “A couple minutes,”
  • and so you sit there in silence again, processing what you just heard
  • until “… I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable,”
  • how many times is it possible to melt in the space of an hour because of one person? you wonder
  • “Don’t worry about it,” you say a bit breathlessly, and you sink into silence again
  • and then, a minute or two later, you get an idea
  • you know those ideas that are like
  • no 
  • don’t
  • bad idea
  • spoiler alert: you get one of those
  • I mean you’re at a party anyway
  • you’re playing seven minutes in heaven for god’s sake
  • and so you abruptly turn and look him right in his beautiful eyes
  • you can almost see the “???” above his head
  • and you lean right in and whisper: “I liked you too, and I still do.”
  • you’re not even drunk,, you have no idea where the hell this bravery is coming from
  • and then suddenly you two are inches away
  • “I lied,” he swallows. “I still like you too,”
  • your chest is pounding so hard it’s practically making the rest of your body move
  • he inches closer, his eyes flicker down to your lips
  • and right before you can make contact–
  • the closet door slams open and you two jump apart at the speed of light
  • “Time’s up!” some asshole screams, and you sullenly stand up
  • you take several steps out of the closet, where everybody can see
  • and suddenly you feel Daniel’s hands take hold of your shoulders and spin you around
  • and then he plants his mouth on yours
  • you’re so distracted by the fact Kang Daniel is kissing you, that the catcalls and cheering of the group fade away 
  • after a moment, he pulls back
  • "I’ve been waiting a while to do that,” he says breathlessly
  • “Honestly,” you say, just as breathlessly. “So have I,”

feel free 2 keep asking me stuff !! some questions will take me some time to write a more in depth answer, but I’ll do my best to get to you all eventually!

I actually have some pretty extensive hands and feet tags ( & including some Very Very Old Posts By Me LMAO dies inside

But anyway, my main piece of advice would be not to worry too much about the anatomy of a hand or a foot cause that tends to make things feel stiff and frustrating to draw.

Fingers can be uneven, hands can be wonky as heck, as long as they’re vaguely hand shaped its fine! heres a few scribbly hands frm my art

the thing i want to emphasise here is how theyre only roughly hand shaped, finger joints are a little long in places or weird ass shapes. Theres one old post in my hands tag where u can see how Really Weird i used to draw hands LOL but they still look hand shaped!

at least for me when you focus super hard on getting every single wrinkle and joint exactly right in a hand like in a diagram from your science textbook, it turns out stiff and lifeless

so instead i would recommend looking at your hands and see what big shapes stand out to you. For me personally, hands are made out of 3 main shapes,

and every hand i draw starts with those

I also like to give hands some personality, greta’s fingers are quite crooked and theres gaps between them bc theyre all wonky but edels hands are round n mitteny

so try have fun playing w the shape of hands!!

with feet i think theyre fuckign ugly and i avoid drawing them wherever possible LMAO

in my great quest to try make them visually appealing though the shapes i tend to emphasise are the like jutty sides and that big bone slope triangle

wrt planting feet on the ground tho what i usually do is i draw a couple circles for the soles of the feet on the ground plane

and build the foot up from there

you can actually still see the circles if u look closely at this one!

Anyway theres sm good stuff in those tags the posts that helped me out the most years ago are these ones: (hands)

hope that helps a little !! I wanted to just give some more general advice here bc theres plenty of posts abt the specifics of How To Draw The H

:’) aw thank you so much i loved making those

i think i know exactly what you’re trying to say, coming right up!

(also i’m really really sorry this took so long i desperately need a new laptop bc mine is trash and keeps not working well when i try to write)


SF9 SCENARIO: Them Saving You From A Conversation You Want To Get Out Of

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hey tumblr dad do u know any good webcomics I should read???

i do not know when i became a dad but i will do my best

fun fact i don’t read that many webcomics so,, this list will be kinda short?

but the big one that got me into webcomics was obviously homestuck
some other good ones are
Hanna is not a boys name
(it’s really short, but god what is there i love)
to follow homestuck Paradox Space is good too
and the property of hate
oh oh and one of my favorites, it’s horror and there is quite a bit of blood and body horror but it’s really good it’s called Rubyquest
i will say a lot of these i am not caught up on, and lots in my “things to read” folder on my laptop, and maybe this list will be updated as i actually read into those

i said i don’t read a lot of webcomics and it comes out i lied


It isn’t indifference,
I do feel pain and fear.
But why would I
want to worry
I hold dear?
I do get excited
and hopeful and passionate.
But I’d never let it control me;
my mind must be clear.

Do Merpeople poo (George x Reader)

[Y/N has invited Fred, George, Harry, Ron and Ginny]

[Y/N has logged on]

[Fred has logged on]

[George has logged on]


Fred: No

Y/N: WHY????? I thought we are FRENSSS


George: No, I said no!

Y/N: Give back the phone to George!

Fred: No. Actually, he left his phone with me, soooooo ;)

[Harry has logged on]

[Ron has logged on]

Y/N: Harry, Ron, SAVE ME

Harry: What happen????

Ron: She is with Hermione, in the library.

Harry: Why?

Y/N: I just asked her one question about DADA









Harry: Ohhhhhhhhhh

Harry: Y/N, I hope I can save you, but you know, I have things to do

Harry: Yea, “the chosen one and save the world mission”

Harry: I’m talking to bugs

Harry: They have information about Voldy-, I mean Voldemort. Yea, Voldemort.

Harry: They are the best spies in the world, you know? Because they are everywhere.

Harry: So, yea, save the world

Harry: I have to go now.

Harry: Save the world, talk to the bugs.

[Harry has logged off]

Ron: What the hell are those

Y/N: Wtf

Y/N: Tell Harry we are not friends anymore

Ron: He said he’s talking to the bugs.

Y/N: Tell him I can swap seat with him so he can sit with Ginny

[Harry has logged on]


Harry: FOR GIN-


[Harry has logged off]

[Ginny has logged on]

Ginny: Why is Harry shouting “I’m the chosen one” in American accent?

Ginny: WTF Y/N


Y/N: I’m sorry! But I could die, you know!

Y/N: btw, do you have the video of Harry shouting “I’m the chosen one” in American accent?

Ginny: Of course I do. I will send to you later.

Y/N: Thanks!


Y/N: He looks like he’s going to fight a Kraken in Colosseum


Y/N: I know Kraken lives under the sea


Y/N: I mean it can’t walk on the ground

Y/N: But you know what

Y/N: Just deal with it

Ron: Merlin beard

Ginny: Omg, you need help

Y/N: Wait

Y/N: Harry shouted to Hermione that he needs to take me away from library so he can swap seat with me


Y/N: And Madam Pince kicked Harry out of the library……

Y/N: Please, guys, for merlin’s sake, please help me

[Hermione has logged on]



Hermione: HOW DARE YOU

Y/N: But you’re talking about Merpeople and you said you want to observe Merpeople to know the way they poo!

Hermione: …..Did I?


Hermione: I was so excited! You know. About all the Merpeople stuff and the way they p- I mean the way they live.

Ron: Did you hit your head too hard? Or is it because of your hair?



Hermione: I don’t care! Y/N, OFF THE CHAT!


[Hermione has logged off]

Y/N: I really need help

Y/N: She is threatening me right now.

Y/N: with her glare

Y/N: and her hair

Fred: Do you want help?


Y/N: But you said you won’t help me :I

Fred: I did

Fred: But

Y/N: Or butts

Y/N: Sorry

Y/N: I just can’t help myself

Fred: But under one condition

Y/N: If it can help me get out of here, YES

Fred: Go out with George

Ginny: I really really didn’t see that coming

Ron: Bloody hell

George: Hi. Finally

George: I was busy just now

George: Wait a minute


Y/N: I will go out with you

George: wut

George: I’m shook




Fred: #BlessMySoul

Y/N: #BlessYou

Y/N: But seriously, please get me away from here

Y/N: Hermione is talking about  werewolves now

Y/N: Should I call Professor Lupin?

Y/N: I haven’t seen him for a while now

Y/N: I miss his chocolate

Y/N: I mean I miss him

Y/N: Seriously, Fred, can you please come rescue me from this dreadful place and this vile being?

Fred: I will be there in 10 minutes


[Fred has logged off]

George: I will go with Freddy

George: Do you want to go to astronomy tower with me later?

George: To see the stars

George: Oh, wait. It’s afternoon now.

George: but still

George: Will you????

Y/N: Yes, of course I will!

George: See you later! <3

[George has logged off]

Ginny: Y/N, keep me updated! *evil grin*

Y/N: Oh my Merlin

[Ginny has logged off]

[Y/N has logged off]

Ron: I don’t want to know anything anymore

[Ron has logged off]

[Neville has logged on]

Neville: Guys, Hermione is talking about werewolves to me now.

Neville: But I really don’t want to know

Neville: Should I tell her werewolves are not fluffy and cuddly?

[Neville has logged off]

[Harry has logged on]


Harry: I know I failed but hey, you are not in the library now

Harry: So?

Harry: Y/N


Harry: OMG



Harry: No, forget about the details, I don’t want to know

Harry: Just tell me what happen

Harry: I really want to know!

Harry: And Y/N, please let me swap seat with you

Harry: Think about my future!

[Harry has logged off]

Zombie Apocalypse!Chenle

Originally posted by randomnctgifs

Hi there may I please have the scenario for Jisung or chenle in the zombie apocalypse please just like the jeno and jaemin Ines you did because they were fantastic -anon

Gif credit as listed

Chenle (NCT) x Reader

-by Admin Mari

A/N: Happy birthday LeLe! I hope you the boys and fans make you happy and laugh all day!

  • So my dumb ass decided to watch msfactualplays (i love you if you know who this is) play TLOU DLC while trying to write this so all my feels hurt
  • Dis dolphin boi
  • Also to the person who requested a fic of all the boys finding each other
  • I haven’t forgotten I’m just going through individuals first
  • So I said department store or mall
  • But I’m definitely saying mall because
  • You know those giant claw machines
  • Not like the medium sized ones
  • But like the giant ass (i shouldn’t be swearing in a child’s fic im sorry) ones they sometimes have in big arcades where you can get stuffed animal the size of a small 5’2 human aka me
  • Yeah he sleeps in one of those
  • I mean where else you gonna sleep in a mall
  • Massage tables
  • Anyway

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meminerunt omnia amantes

miles covered in a rented car
i retraced them all, walking
back in ballet flats
(do you mind?)
            (do you mind?)
the hard sun perched
on my bare shoulder
i gave the sun the other
(do you mind?)
           (do you mind?)
the great intersection proved
hard to cross, stop lights
counting time elusive
(do you mind?)
           (do you mind?)

perhaps what i am
trying to say is that
this day daunts
my well of joy
and so i think
of all those
i love
as i tread
this winding
metal footbridge
how beautiful the
lattice-like shadows
of old railings at least
fifteen feet above the road

oh, the holy dove
the well of joy
and so i think
of all those
i love

i don’t mind;
            i don’t mind;

i love.

j. p. berame // no. 020717 


Will be up as soon as I figure out how to make it mobile friendly.If you know how please help a sister out..thanks.

I might start taking requests soon so hit me up with those

I”ll update as I post new content.


Jay Park

Cha Cha Malone



Simon Dominic



Kim Namjoon

Kim Seokjin

Kim Taehyung

Min Yoongi

Park Jimin

Jung Hoseok

jeon Jungkook


Christian Yu

Hong Dabin (DPR LIVE)






Monster Woo

Slightly Cloudy With A Chance Of Misery

Remember the conversations we used to have?

How they gave us a reason to wake up each day?

I miss those

I miss us

much like I miss the rain in the winter months

how it feels like it washes away the pain

even if just for a few moments

I wish it was spring

so the rain would fall

to clear this sorrow

I feel every time I think about us

but honestly

I just need to forget

to just move on

because no matter how much I care

we’ll never get to dance in the rain together

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I thought discord x fluttershy was a cute couple though

meh, I don’t have a problem with it being an internet ship of course, I never had a problem with those

I just don’t wanna see it become canon

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bunsoph more like BUNSOFT

Well I promised more plot stuff

I’ll be making backstory things for the other characters (and also adding one) real soon so be on the lookout for those

I realize this contradicts a lot of the stuff I’ve established about Bunsoph and Hickory’s relationship but I like this better and I think the blog needs more plot so pretend that never happened and that this is canon now

u know, i just realized i literally never get anon hate

the worst i get is people being overly sexual or just really nosy but i dont ~really~ mind either of those

i dunno how i manage this, when i was in the homestuck fandom i used to get a constant flow of really mean, hateful messages 

thank u, taz/mcelroy fandom, for not being Like That

actually, step up ur game. try me. @ ME I DARE U


bpd is kicking my ass y’all but i painted this an animated it in about 4 hours so im on an upswing, apparently!! i am trying to draw more full bodies cos I love my busts too much and I’m not learning anything with those

i think after I post the gif version, i’m gonna do what bum is doing and curl up in the shower hahah

thanks again to everyone who is looking at my art and enjoying it, i’m so glad! I have almost 1000 followers now so I’m gonna really try to step it up and keep the blog as active as I can! as always if you have any mean ideas of ways i can draw bum suffering send them on in!


אולי במומבאי אולי אורוגאווי
אולי כמה ימים בטוקיו או בשנגחאי
אולי בפריז, קהיר או סיאול
אולי בבוגוטה אבל יותר מהכל

בא לי בית מלון בקופנגן
עם יד אל השמיים ורגל על ערסל כן
בא לי לעשות שם בלאגן
מהבוקר עד הלילה

יש לי דודה של שנתיים, לנסוע לשבועיים
לחופשה אחת או שתיים
לא מימשתי עוד עדיין , זה בתכנון בינתיים
תן משהו נעים עם שקיעה ומים
ואין כמו לנתק את העסק
לקחת פסק לקפל ולהשאיר פתק
ואם יחפשו שיחפשו אני בנתק
תעשו לי רעש אם התוכנית עושה לכם חשק

בא לי בית מלון בקופנגן
עם יד אל השמיים ורגל על ערסל כן
בא לי לעשות שם בלאגן
בא לי בית מלון בקופנגן
עם יד אל השמיים ורגל על ענן
בא לי לעשות שם בלאגן
מהבוקר עד הלילה מהבוקר עד הלילה

כבר רשמתי לי בלוח, עמרי חייב לנוח
גם ארז ודובדב זה בטוח
והתוכנית עוד בפיתוח, ויש לי כבר פיצוח
משהו נעים עם מנגו אננס ורוח
כי אין כמו להתחיל את השבוע
על חוף נטוש רגוע במיקום לא ידוע
ואם רק יעזו להגיד לי אבויה
אומר להם יודעים מה?? יאללה קוסומייי

בא לי בית מלון בקוסומוי
עם יד אל השמיים ורגל על ערסל כן
בא לי לעשות שם תוהו ובוהו
מהבוקר עד הלילה
בא לי בית מלון בקוסומוי
עם יד אל השמיים ורגל על ענן
בא לי לעשות שם תוהו ובוהו
מהבוקר עד הלילה  

אולי באל. איי. אולי בטולום
אולי באוצ׳ו ריוס עם הגנג׳ה והרום
אולי בנפאל ביפו או בעכו
אולי בריביירה אבל יותר מהכל

בא לי בית מלון בקופנגן

Maybe in Mumbai, maybe in Uraguay

Maybe a few days in Tokyo or Shanghai

Maybe in Paris, Cairo or Seoul

Maybe in Bogota, but more than all of those

I want a hotel in Ko Pha Ngan

With a hand to the sky and a leg on a hammock, yes

I want to make a giant mess there

From the morning till the night

I’ve had a want for two years to go for two weeks

For one vacation or two

I still haven’t done it, for now it’s in planning

Give us something nice with a sunset and water

And there’s nothing like cutting off the business

Take a break, to fold everything up and leave a note

And if they look for me, let them look for me, I’m disconnected

Tell me if this plan sounds good to you

I want a hotel in Ko Pha Ngan

With a hand to the sky and a leg on a hammock, yes

I want to make a giant mess there

From the morning till the night

I want a hotel in Ko Pha Ngan

With a hand to the sky and a leg on a hammock, yes

I want to make a giant mess there

From the morning till the night, from the morning till the night

I already wrote it on my calendar, Omri needs to rest

Also Erez and Duvdev, that’s for sure

And the plan is still under construction and I already have a solution

Something nice with mango, pineapple and wind

‘Cause there’s nothing like starting the week

On a calm, empty beach in an unknown location

And if they just dare to tell me nu, nu

I’ll tell them, you know what? Come on, Ko Samui!

I want a hotel in Ko Samui

With a hand to the sky and a leg on a hammock, yes

I want to make a giant mess there

From the morning till the night

I want a hotel in Ko Samui

With a hand to the sky and a leg on a hammock, yes

I want to make a giant mess there

From the morning till the night

Maybe in L.A, maybe in Tulum

Maybe in Ocho Rios with the weed and the rum

Maybe in Nepal, in Jaffa or Acre

Maybe in the Riviera, but most of all I want

A hotel in Ko Pha Ngan!

Thanks for the tag @bearerofthelightmare !

RULES : answer these questions in a new post and tag a few others

A-  Age: 26 (yep)
B- Birthplace: Sao Paulo
C- Current time: 3:10 pm 
D- Drink I had last: coffee (lots and lots)
E- easiest person to talk to: my old friends
F- Favorite song: I’m a gemini person, it’s impossible for me to have ONE favorite.
G - grossest memory - don’t wanna think about it
H - Horror yes/no : love it
I - in  love ? : thank God no!

J - jealous of people : no way, I have my own karma already
K- killed someone : don’t even joke about it
L- love at first sight or should I walk past u again?- nope, I’m very practical.
M- middle name - Pereira (it’s portuguese)
N - no. of siblings : 4!

O- one wish: to write a book (do you wanna be best seller?)
P - person I called last : one of my clients
Q- Question you are always asked: are you mad at me? (cause of my resting bitch face) (I have to copy you on that @bearerofthelightmare because I’m always asked that too HAHAHA
R- Reason to smile: Dreams and cats! (my soul mate? @bearerofthelightmare)

S - song you last sang - Bad Decisions (Ariana Grande) 
T - time you woke up - 5AM
U - underwear color ?: black 
V - vacation : next month hopefully, not traveling at all
W- worst habit : anger
X - X-Rays - hate them, always scared to die in one of those
Y - your favorite food - love mixing pasta, beans, mayonnaise salad and chicken (don’t judge me)
Z - Zodiac  - gemini and Yes! I’m totally crazy

I tag @evazijlstra @allwillburn @ultrathewolfofthenight @queeniriscygnet @tiberiaschooseme @electricons @lightinggirlxredqueen @alittlelightninggirl @calmareyes @redqueenmemes @i-have-some-secrets

#thanks for the tag!

#If you read this whole thing then you’re my friend

#red queen fandom

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transformers is a movie about these robots from space that can turn into cars and stuff that fight against these bad guys! it's a pretty big movie franchise and there's a new movie coming out soon, i'm surprised you've never heard about it

oh yeah i heard about those

i think this is one of them right

Things I learned about the Miraculous in the first Origin Episode:

There have been many theories going around about the Miraculous having their beginning in China and even more about every Miraculous having an Element assigned to them. Now I completely agree and as I looked at this box I noticed that beside the Miraculous there is also a small circle with a symbol below them: Their ‘Spirit Animal’. However I think that there is more to those

I had to cut the elements and turn them a little but they are clearly integrated in the images somehow. You can best see it with the fox necklace/bracelet. With the peacock brooch or pin or whatever it’s supposed to be you see the little wave in the thing itself and when you look at Master Fu’s bracelet you see a the wheel that with its straight lines and such highly reminds one of the sign for metal.

Now for the qualities + faults of these:

FIRE (Volpina): 
dynamism, strength and persistence +
aggression, impatience and impulsive behavior

(much like I imagine an Italian fox girl to be)


patience, thoughtfulness and hard work + stubbornness, selfishness and self-centeredness

(this might be proof of the QueenB alias Chloé theory. While she still shows the negative aspects of earth she will grow into the positive ones with the Miraculous’ help)

METAL (Master Fu):

unyieldingness, persistence and determination + rigidity, controlling and prefer to handle their problems alone

(We see those are fitting considering he kept the Miraculous to himself thinking he could handle it on his own and we also see him not giving up on his chosen ones considering he keeps an eye on them in future episodes)

WATER (???):

innovation, flexibility and softness + weak, problems choosing, problems sticking up to things

(Once more the theory of Nathanael being the Miraculous holder might be justified with these. He definitely portrays the innovation and the softness but he also is physically weak and does not necessarily stick up to things or himself.)

WOOD (Hawkmoth):

idealism, strength and leadership + aggressive, assertive, strong temper

(Does is need any saying? Those fit Hawkmoth/Gabriel perfectly and with that I close the circle)


In the shot above we see that some Miraculous are missing. We know that the butterfly brooch is in Hawkmoth’s possession, the turtle bracelet belongs to Master Fu, the ladybug earrings and the cat rings from that moment on belong to Marinette and Adrien but where is the peacock pin and why are the bee comb and foxtail necklace/bracelet still there?

Now, this could either mean that Master Fu lost the peacock pin - which he apparently did with Hawkmoth’s brooch which bares the question how he got it in the first place - or that it has already been activated. While I find that highly possible, I don’t think that the person is doing much with it. Master Fu has his Miraculous but is barely able to use it due his age. If there was another Superhero running around, the world would know. Whoever has the peacock pin is either dead, old, not using it OR from another country. Who you think that might be I’ll leave to your imagination. 

Even more interesting is that the bee comb and the foxtail necklace are still there. Seeing as Volpina has already been announced - and we saw her as a fox - the necklace will belong to her in the future. However, it also means that she does not have it yet. I ask myself, why not? Possibly because Volpina is supposed to be from Italy so Master Fu couldn’t have given it to her yet, since they didn’t meet. Another possibility is, that it was not necessary.

Maybe Volpina will appear at some point where Ladybug and Chat Noir are no longer able to fight an enemy all by themselves. I would suggest the second part of the origins episode - seeing as the ending of the first looks rather dramatic - but that might be a bit too rushed. I hope they will devote an entire episode to her and her personal big villain.

Now, whom will the comb belong to? Most people say/hope it’s Chloé. While I personally dislike that idea, the chances of it actually happening are high. Let me explain why:

Here you see the Quantic Kids. Yes, it’s true that they were erased from the Universe we are roaming now but hear me out. Look at them. Each and everyone of them. Don’t they look very similar to whom we are dealing with now? Adrien still looks similar to Felix, Marinette didn’t even get another name, the blonde girl is a pink, friendly version of Chloé and I don’t know who the black dude is but he does look like a mix of Nino and Ali if you ask me.

While I don’t think Nino will have a Miraculous - he is the neat sidekick without powers, just as Alya. I like them that way sends a certain message - I can imagine Ali getting a Miraculous: the turtle bracelet. Master Fu is old and he cannot transform anymore. Finding a successor could be on his to do lost and since ML is for kids and their colour scheme like in many other shows very telling the chances of Ali - dressed in green with green eyes - getting the green Miraculous are rather high.

Following that logic: Chloé will get the bee comb. She wears yellow, has been shown around honeycomb like textures, she looks like that Quantic girl and even that little play with words aka QueenB(ee) and the bee comb fit the profile. Maybe it will be her redemption arc after all and she’ll turn into that nice girl at some point. Who knows. All I know is that I think it is a possibility.

Things I want in more books
  • illustrations on the inside pages. you know how you open The Wrath and the Dawn and there’s the beautiful picture of Shahrzad? MORE OF THOSE
    • i want this to be a normal thing in hardcovers
    • go big or go home. have a full page illustration of the opening scene
    • wouldn’t that be awesome
  • for heaven’s sake make sure there’s a blurb on the paperbacks. because sometimes there’s just quotes from reviews and other authors and that’s ridiculous
  • less describing female characters in terms of their attractiveness. if you don’t introduce every male character like that don’t do it for the girls. this pisses me off.
  • more books without romance
  • make it easier to get signed books! not everyone can get to book signings. please i’m jealous
  • more books where the spines do pretty things like make a rainbow or a picture or a face or just somehow go together really nicely
    • in the same vein, more authors whose books match. you know how all rainbow rowell books are like pastel-ish and look hand drawn? like the books themselves don’t match but the author has a general aesthetic
  • i thought i had more of these i’m gonna have to add to this