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How are you so confident?

now confidence.. you can do anything, be anything, wear anything.. with confidence. Those who mind, dont matter and those who matter dont mind. you just gotta do you cause nobody else is gunna fucking do it. set goals, work for em, and do what makes you happy. being confident is hard to start off but keep thinking it and your mind will do whatever you set it to do. how i started was a conversation i had with my best friend, we were at the store being goofy, just trying on random stuff… every time i put on a hat or glasses or even a shirt i’d instantly be negative and say “nah” but when she put them on she would do a little dance or do a funny face, kinda like making light of it and i said “i don’t get it you literally rock everything you put on” and she told me “lex, it just takes confidence… be positive and with confidence you can rock whatever you want” and that was 2012.. so from then to this day, i still think about that every time i wear something or even do something kinda just a reminder… and i make light of it and i think “haha i look good, who even cares” and there ya go!! xoxoxoxox

i never realized how much i don’t mind things. you’re gay? that’s cool. you’re not? that’s cool. you have rainbow hair? that’s cool. you don’t? that’s cool. you’re transgender? that’s cool. you’re not. that’s cool. you believe in god? that’s cool. you don’t? that’s cool. i seriously don’t see how hard it is to have that thought process. this bullying crap is uncalled for and needs to stop. everyone is different. deal with it.

if you can’t be yourself around certian people

then they are not worth the friendship

be true to yourself and don’t let others change you just so you can be accepted by them.

break the standards of societies expectations of how you should act, feel, and be.