i never realized how much i don’t mind things. you’re gay? that’s cool. you’re not? that’s cool. you have rainbow hair? that’s cool. you don’t? that’s cool. you’re transgender? that’s cool. you’re not. that’s cool. you believe in god? that’s cool. you don’t? that’s cool. i seriously don’t see how hard it is to have that thought process. this bullying crap is uncalled for and needs to stop. everyone is different. deal with it.

if you can’t be yourself around certian people

then they are not worth the friendship

be true to yourself and don’t let others change you just so you can be accepted by them.

break the standards of societies expectations of how you should act, feel, and be.

To anyone feeling insecure about themselves, you don’t have to have the perfect, curvy figure. You don’t have to have a flawless face. You don’t have to have the best clothes. You don’t have to be the most gorgeous girl out there. You are beautiful. You are beautifully you. And that’s what matters most, you, being you. Trust me, I know that shitty feeling in your gut, when you look in the mirror and hate what you see. Because you don’t feel, what society calls, beautiful. But they don’t matter, they don’t know you, and you are aMazIng. Maybe not perfect, but perfectly you. You might feel like there’s no one that really loves you, but there is, all around. Even if there’s no one in your life that is really there for you, I’m here, and my inbox is always open to anyone, anytime. Please know, that I mean every word, and this is to everyone. No matter your size, shape, or race. I love you, you’re beautiful.