On the 19th of October Hazy gave to a friend


Since I began drawing again, I did not drew much of other people character. I did not draw much fanart. I’m going to do just that, since I’m getting better at drawing!

Beginning with the one that is dear to me. Without him I would not be here and I would probably not go where I want to go now.

@undertale-cat​ You’re a great person, a great friend. You’re one of my inspiration and you make me smile on a daily basis. I can’t thank you enough for everything that happened, everything that will too. My thanks will never be enough in my eyes. One day I’ll say a thank you like no other, when the time will come. But for now, I just wanted to thank you again with my present skill!

So here we go, have a Fox!Chara

I wanted to draw them with an unusual expression. I’m sorry if this is out of character ;w;

I also wanted to draw them the best I could, so I did study three of the drawing you did of them. So, just for bonuses, here is the great and chaotic study of Gremist trying to understand how to do things correctly :’D