I miss you
But I shouldn’t
Because we’re told,
Not to miss people that have hurt us
We’re told to move on
But that must mean there’s something wrong with me
Because I miss you so much it hurts
I can’t eat or sleep
You consume my thoughts
We’re not supposed to want those people back
But it’s my little secret,
That I wish every night that you’d come back to me
—  Chapters from my life

after the law that the romanian government passed 3 days ago (which as i said in my last post, would effectively make corruption legal (if under 45k euros, good joke) and would pardon everyone who previously got arrested for it) , thousands upon thousands of people went out in the streets to protest, making this the largest protest romania’s had since the 1989 revolution

it hasnt even been 30 years, i really hope we can stop it here and now

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists.

people are pulling up some of that sasaeng fan fansite footage, and if you look at it again, mark looks really scared and jeno looks highly uncomfortable. they’re minors… this actually is making me cry… 

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she’s a handsome woman || panic! at the disco

Just once, just one time, I want Mandy and Mickey to get a break. Mandy was raped by her own father. That same father that had someone rape Mickey. Both have said I love you to people, even though it’s pretty clear those words weren’t spoken enough in their home, just for those people not to say it back. One is escorting and the other is about to be on the run. The direction of their characters breaks my heart. For once, just let them be okay. The Gallagher’s aren’t the only ones worthy of some semblance of happiness.
Tomorrow’s Friday. If the president were to rise at dawn and say, “It’s Saturday,” what would be the meaning of that statement? Would his people – those who back him no matter what – check their calendars and convince themselves the calendar they’ve been using is wrong and the leader they adore is right? … This whole thing about President Obama wiretapping Trump is nothing but trumped up nonsense …  The man in the White House is demonstrably capable of making up claims that have no reality. He’s no better than the weirdo in the basement who calls in the fire alarm just to hear the sirens go past.
—  Chris Matthews, yesterday. (Which was Thursday).

If there’s not a moment in Infinity Wars where the avengers are like “The chitauri and those alien people are coming back! We have to fight this huge great threat Thanos guy we’re so unprepared!” I really want a moment where Tony goes “WooOooOOooAh they’re coming back?? There’s a bigger threat out there??? And they’re coming to atTACK EARTH????? WHO would have FUCKING THOUGHT????? WOW COLOR ME SURPRISED.

jakei95  asked:

What the heck do you think are you doing? You're scaring my people I stopped caring about those comments long time ago. Gimme my Studio back you idiot!

Gimmi mi stidi bick yi idiit blih blih blih

You know what feature should come back to Pokémon?

Pokémon mail.

How awesome would it be to Wonder Trade people and give your Pokémon little letters to hold with nice things to say to people? Just little encouraging letters that people can open and make them smile.

Please bring back mail.


Hi everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting as much CC recently–work has been super busy these days. 

I did start working on a hair a couple of days ago that I thought I could show some WIP shots of! This hair is inspired by a character name Aloy from a game that I’m super excited for, coming out later this month, Horizon: Zero Dawn!

I’ve still got some weights to fix and I’m not sure that I’m completely happy with the UVs yet, but hopefully I can release it in a couple of days. I’ll make a version without the braids in the back for those people who may not be interested in those. I hope you all like it! :)

About avilero, the interpretation of the show where it’s canon and the references pointing at it

I put together a train of thought, a little essay, if you will. 

First warning: Please don’t read it if you’re irked by this ship, you’ll just do yourself damage.

Second warning: Long post. Very long post. Extremely long post; as in 5000+ words.

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Merry Christmas, @mwsouyuu! I hope you like it!

extremely late (and messy) but here’s some of your fave witches at the women’s march!

i’m trying to get back into drawing, so hey here’s a little style practice doodle if you wanna call it that