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How has a bit of jealousy on Aaron's part turned into a massive bloody trust issue? We have no idea how this is going to play out on screen. Both of our boys admitted they aren't easy. They know they both signed up for messed up. They'll work through it. Good grief. Lol

Anon said: Aaron does not deserve better. Robert has proven himself time and time again. But I fear people think Robert should beable to fix Aaron. Aaron has mental health issues that can’t be fixed. They can be helped and managed and I don’t necessarity think he needs therapy for that, if he’s prepared to talk and listen to those around him. And those people are prepared to listen and talk back. Unfortunately both Aaron and Robert are still learning this. Its going to be hard.

Anon said:  Aaron only seemed to accept the kiss because Robert wasn’t truthful about it he said she kissed me and I stopped it right away. At no point did he say I kissed her back only for a few seconds which would have been the truth. So your argument falls flat on that point.

Anon said:  “What else can Robert do?“ For starters, he could’ve not kissed Rebecca. Or told Aaron about it the first time Aaron asked if there was something going on. He could’ve kept Aaron in the loop about him leading Rebecca on and not let Aaron be blindsided in the aftermath. People just really wanna sweep this kiss under the rug as it’s not a part of the long list of Robert’s "lying by omission” and mantra of “what Aaron doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Anon said:  He was repeatedly raped from the age of eight by the person he should have been able to trust the most in the world. Is it any wonder he has trust issues? Robert has been amazing with him but has fallen down where Rebecca is concerned.

Robert is far from perfect. In no way would anyone dispute this. He is trying to change, with trying being the operative word. Aaron was really fucking unfortunate to be caught up in the whole thing with him using Rebecca.

Aaron isn’t perfect. He may be a hell of a lot better than he used to be, but that was through a lot of patience and love on the part of his family and his loved ones, and through them actually feeling able to open up about the worst events in his life.

They are both in love with each other. My sister said a marvellous thing about her marriage today: marriage will never be about not wanting to leave your partner. It’s about wanting to leave them (wanting to kill them at times) but not doing so because you both love each other.

It’s about getting to know where each one falls short and getting past that. Aaron and Robert aren’t married but they have proven that despite everything they are willing to try and get through the things that are thrown at them.

I kind of want this to be my last word on the whole thing, even though a lot of people will think it’s a cop out after I’ve been sent the above asks. But I fear that if I don’t make this the end of my little spiel on it then it will turn into something bigger than I really want it to be. I felt extremely deflated today, opening my inbox and seeing all of these asks, and I know that I should expect them after what I said, but I’m just bloody exhausted. This show is supposed to be about drama and entertainment; it’s supposed to take me away from the drama in my own life, not add to it, so yeah I am letting this be my last word on it and I’ll not post anything else about the negative side of things. So people who wanted a huge in depth argument, sorry I don’t have that in me. And those who called me on my argument, there is literally nothing else I can say to add to what I’ve said before about the whole thing.

Honestly the Left deserves some credit for the vast majority of its members recognizing that Stalinism and Maoism were retarded and the only people who want to bring those ideas back are fringe idiots, like there’s a genuine desire to learn from mistakes and refine the process ensuring ideological evolution and adaptation

The Right is still rife with unironic “Hitler did nothing wrong” types obsessed with repeating the process of 1933 like we all haven’t seen the end result of that, and only a very small intellectual vanguard is remotely interested in moving right-wing ideology “forward” IE to something more workable and closer to right-wing ideals but get so much pushback from their own team because romanticism


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day 16: color pallete

42 people died in Turkey and I really couldn’t give any less of a shit as to what they believed or supported, but what I do give a shit about is the fact that the president came out and told those 42 people that it was a good idea to take to the streets. Now, those 42 people lost their lives, cannot go back to their families, while Erdogan rode out the most of the night in safety before going out to speak about unity and democracy. Who the fuck gave him the right because it sure as hell wasn’t the people.


If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first love, protect each other like siblings, it’s meant to be.

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists.

harry is out there celebrating with all of us for this glorious moment in american history and he’s not even american it’s just another reason why he’s the most precious being in all the land

“Kylo Ren needs a redemption story! Showing that somebody can be working with a group of absolutely horrible people that slaughter innocents all the time but then become a better person and fight back against those horrible people! And then showing that they can also find love with an amazing person, of course!”

lmao awkward morning after sweater swap

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How can he ignore me like this?

I miss you
But I shouldn’t
Because we’re told,
Not to miss people that have hurt us
We’re told to move on
But that must mean there’s something wrong with me
Because I miss you so much it hurts
I can’t eat or sleep
You consume my thoughts
We’re not supposed to want those people back
But it’s my little secret,
That I wish every night that you’d come back to me
—  Chapters from my life

Wizard: “What do you mean you’re out of cure spells?!”
Cleric: “You heard me! I’m out!”
Wizard: “Can’t you spontaneously cast them?”
Cleric: “No, I can only spontaneously cast fire spells.”
Wizard: “What the fuck.”
Cleric: “Will a fire help right now?”
Wizard: “NO.”
Cleric: “Fire can be healing and cleansing!”

The cleric huffs and proceeds to summon fire anyways, much to the wizards distress. She then heats her dagger and sticks it against the wounded party member, cauterizing the wound, doing the same to everyone so no one is bleeding out.

Wizard: “…I can’t believe that worked.”
Fighter: “What about those people you scorched with fireball a little while back?”
Cleric: “…I cleansed and healed the world of their evil presence.”


we just keep our pumpkins inside at night and only let them out during the day.

I’m gonna reeaaaallly need white people to leave whole “looking up the textbook cracker oxford definition of racism to try and strengthen their shitty argument” bullshit in 2k15. 

Seriously, stop doing that shit. If anything, it makes you looks twice as ignorant than you already probably look.

If you really think a static definition completely encompasses what racism is, you need to shut the fuck up. Plain and simple.

girls and women stanning/shipping villains as they always have is vastly less disturbing than the fact that we now feel the need to call ourselves trash and garbage because of it