everybody always has to go. what’s it like knowing good people who can physically be there? all the time? no breaks, in between kind words, that let the bad feelings creep back until those good people return? is that nice? I bet it’s nice feeling ok and not left alone. it’s nice right?to be able to hear their words clearly in your ears and maybe be able to believe the good things they say. surely that must be nice.
Prediction Markets Score the Debate a Rout: Clinton Over Trump
According to the people who put money on the line in the political prediction markets, Hillary Clinton clearly won the first debate.

Here’s why the markets are a useful scorekeeper. When the final bell rings and the pugilists return to their handlers, you turn to the refs to see who won, only to discover there’s no way to score the fight. Post-debate commentary doesn’t work for the same reason Spin Alley isn’t insightful — it’s dominated by partisans cheerleading their favorite candidate. 

But prediction markets have a way of ferreting out people’s real beliefs, because they back those beliefs with their own money.


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day 16: color pallete


If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first love, protect each other like siblings, it’s meant to be.

harry is out there celebrating with all of us for this glorious moment in american history and he’s not even american it’s just another reason why he’s the most precious being in all the land

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists.


“When i do right, nobody remembers.”


How can he ignore me like this?


we just keep our pumpkins inside at night and only let them out during the day.

I’m gonna reeaaaallly need white people to leave whole “looking up the textbook cracker oxford definition of racism to try and strengthen their shitty argument” bullshit in 2k15. 

Seriously, stop doing that shit. If anything, it makes you looks twice as ignorant than you already probably look.

If you really think a static definition completely encompasses what racism is, you need to shut the fuck up. Plain and simple.

girls and women stanning/shipping villains as they always have is vastly less disturbing than the fact that we now feel the need to call ourselves trash and garbage because of it