Just Another Day

“you’re too skinny”

“you should smile more”

“If I was younger, I would say a lot of dirty shit to you”-says the old man in front of his wife

passing out flyers for a job “Oh Is this for a date with you?” no creepy random man 

“hey beautiful”


“wanna come home with me”

“why can’t you cook, you’re a woman?”

“you better shaves you’re legs and that pussy” after being invited to go to a water park

“do you come here often” no I just work here random stranger

“are those space pants you are wearing, because your butt is out  of this world”said by a middle schooler at a church camp

“can i ask how old are you?” me: im 21 “oh I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are with out it sounded creepy” still succeeded sir

“You look healthy today”in response to how skinny I am, I don’t have an eating disorder I am just small

“have you been eating?”-I do not have an eating disorder btw and I love food

Please feel free to add on if you want ladies, this is for an art project about what women hear on basically a day to day basis, please hashtag the title Just Another Day soI can find it easier later