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I don't know if you do snowbaz fic, but if you do for the first sentence ask: "I wouldn't have a problem with you wearing those pants, Baz, if they weren't so /unfair/."

“What exactly is so unfair about them, Snow?” Baz asks giving his skinny jeans an incredulous look.

Simon makes about five unintelligible noises, and just waves a hand frantically at the area of Baz’s thighs, “Just….there…that…all of it.”

Baz sighs, and turns to walk back up the stairs, “I guess I can change.”

He hears Simon strangle behind him (probably from the view of his ass), “No you can’t change!”

Baz just smiles and mutters to himself, “I’m in love with an idiot.”

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: I apologize, we have to walk you.. to a hotel 40 minutes away.

My first tale here, but I read this sub everyday.

I am a night auditor at a pretty nice hotel within a large chain. Tonight, we and every hotel within a 40 mile radius are sold out. I managed to walk about 5 people to hotels no more than 10 minutes away because of the dreaded Expedia showing we had rooms.. until the last guest. Guys, the closet hotel was a 4o minute drive for the guest to another hotel that was two stars lower than ours.. uh oh. I was ready. I put my big boy pants on and was prepared for the guest to tear me a new one.

The guest arrives. Those big boy pants start to slide off as she gives me the name on her reservation. I start to explain the situation, and I could feel my voice shake. Confrontation is not my strong suit. Guys.. SHE IS THE NICEST PERSON EVER. She says she understands and she will go back to do some things with her horses for tonight, declined the (prepaid) room 40 minutes away and will come back tomorrow for the rest of her two night stay CHEERFULLY. I could’ve cried. I comped room for tomorrow night and gave her free breakfast. We have some 6 a.m checkouts (I’ll clean the room) and I told her she could come back back at 7 a.m to check in if she wanted to which she said would be great. THANK YOU UNICORN.

Edit - I am still shook.

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reasons I love shawols part 1/20083739: when the concert ended a girl in front of me in the lobby was talking to her friend and she just says “OK WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ONEW.” and i, not thinking, just say “GIRL SAME. OH MY GOD” and I’m like fuck wait I don’t know this person i can’t just budge into their convo oh shit and then the girl just looks at me and I’m silently freaking out because of social anxiety and my random outburst there but she just turns and grins and says “IM DEAD, HES GORGEOUS DID YOU SEE THOSE PANTS” and so anyways shawols are great

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how do they move in those pants. there is literally nothing left to the imagination. those pants are literally fucking painted on them and i can't deal

I heard that their pants are actually just holograms projected onto their mostly naked bodies, enabling freedom of movement and maximizing musculature visibility. 

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You were walking through a tower of cold musky draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafts when you saw a Jakob wearing TIIIIIIGHT PANTSSSS. Yoooou want to OWWWWWWWWWWWWWN them, but can you even /fight/ in those pants??

“Hun if the pants are tight enough it will make this booty look good and i will still be able to fight in them.” Corryn is now imagining the butler in tight pants and for a moment she smiles before going back to what she was doing before. 

I am shook

All of these years of stanning proven worthwhile tonight. They are amazing. Seriously. My mind, as well as my vocal cords, are blown.

I purposefully did not read anything about Shinee World V (USA or otherwise) nor did I see anything on youtube. So I went in not knowing what to expect. They brought pretty much the entire show, including the videos they play during the break. (The best one being the video of “Shinee” auditioning in 1991.)

Just some general thoughts because I need to shower ASAP and hit the bed.

KEY: Oh boy. He is not my bias but I noticed him right off the bat in that light blue suit and blond hair. Boy was on fire. When he changed into that silk shirt and those loose pants….UM. I WAS FEELING IT. He seemed genuinely happy to be doing a show in L.A., btw. 

MINHO: If Key was happy to be in L.A., Minho was over the moon. His English skills slayed me, mostly because I didn’t know it was coming. When it was just him and Key on the stage, chatting in English…my bb. So proud!!

Which leads to one of my favorite parts of the night–the Key and Minho talking session. Minho subtly dissing the LA Clippers for not being the Lakers and losing the game he saw, Minho announcing how much Shinee loves In & Out, Key talking about LaLa Land and the crowd begging him to sing a song from it but he just stands there trying to think of the lyrics until Minho shouts “ARE U OK??” Dead. They killed me. I love them. 

ONEW:  All smiles, which I was very happy to see. I’m very glad I got to see some of his best moments live: the mic twirl, the Everybody helicopter. He seemed content to let the others handle the talking parts, though.

JONGHYUN: I feel like he doesn’t get enough credit for his dancing skills. While he may not have the technique of Key or Taemin, he makes up for it in just the beauty of the way he moves sometimes. Seeing him work it live was mesmerizing. 

TAEMIN: “Why you come back hurry?” Poor child wanted to speak English so badly but he failed. His solo performance, that one over-dramatic song with the interpretive dancing, was amazing. 

It was perfect. They were perfect. The end.

I hope they come back again sometime soon. ;____;