What is the deal with Cam and those khaki pants he wears all the time. Who wears khakis?

Imagine Kounosuke sneakily flattering Torahiko into taking risque photos. Like inviting him over for a photoshoot and then talking up how handsome he is, and how nice his muscles look, and why doesn’t he show us a few more stripes? and his chest is so strong, and what a great model he’s being, and does he really need those pants? and he’s posing so nicely, and what a big bulge he has, and could he take those underwear off for a closer look?

Fashion Police is on Crack

I just watched Fashion Police on E!. It’s better without Kathy Griffin which is unfortunate because I like her. I was mortified to see that Britney Spears got voted Worst Dressed. Are those people on crack? She looked amazing. It was totally VMA appropriate. Her body is banging. She nailed it compared to other celebrities. Taylor Swift’s outfit was hideous. She isn’t urban or hip enough to wear those harem pants. That’s something that belongs on Jennifer Lopez. Nicki Minaj’s dress looked gorgeous on TV but boring in pictures. It lost some of it’s vibrance in pictures. Kim Kardashian’s dress was bad but she’s pregnant so it’s alright. Kanye West looked like he was going to a gas station not the VMAs. I loved Justin Bieber’s hair & outfit. The hair was super cute. I don’t see the Kate Gosselin comparisons. He looked hott. She’s not. I liked Demi Lovato’s pink gown. Selena Gomez looked good. Miley Cyrus’s outfits were outrageously funny & silly. Everyone else was forgettable or irrelevant. Overall, the VMAs were boring. They aren’t about music or music videos anymore. The award show isn’t even iconic or outrageous like it once was…now it’s something just to pass the time.