I still find it pretty weird that they take pictures during Army bootcamp, but my mom & I just went on the website to see if we could find any pictures of my brother and here he is!! He seems to be doing really well and I’m so proud of him, but we all miss him a lot :(

Just found out about this blog, so here’s my most recent selfie!

My name’s Joe, I’m from the UK, I have Aspergers, as well as Social Anxiety!

I post about Video Games, Movies, TV Shows, Comics and other generally nerdy things, along with autism related stuff too!

My blog is TheNuttyCritic if you want to take a look! 

The way Dean smiles at little Sam as they watch the fireworks gives me all the feels.


Random finds today from Target! Lately I’ve been taking pictures of things that appeal to me, or make me think ‘ooh I want this!’ but that I’m not 100% sold on buying right then. 

I didn’t know they brought back Animal Crossing plush!!! I WANT ROVER! And Espurr!! And little singing owl virtual pets? I also took a picture of a Bratz fashion set I want - basically, I want something kitty-themed for my Mouscedes to wear, but I don’t wanna drop $13 for a set that I only really want the shirt from, LOL! 

Also, @oak23 ARE THESE THE NEW FASHIONISTAS OR AM I IMAGINING THINGS?! They had the short-haired lavender-haired girl on the back of the box, I thought those JUST came out!! They also restocked all of the fashion, so the blue vest set I got you is back in stock, LOL! 


wearing hats (or bow clips) is 100% necessary for me to feel ok when out and about
without a clip or a hat my head feels bad and im all fidgety hahaha

my name is elizabeth! i’m 18 and work at a local magazine in my city as an intern editor. i’m currently in school to become a publishing editor hopefully! or a writer. or both! i would love to do both. i’ve played violin for ten years now and draw and write for my hobbies.

stimming wise i like to brush my hand against semi-rough fabric, like the carpet or the seats on the city bus. i also like to brush the back of my hair upwards since it’s short and feels nice. i’m incredibly sensitive to touch and noise, so i have these headphones that have plane-quality sound canceling! i like them a lot.

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whoa i can’t remember the last time i posted a selfie on the internet it has been forever.

hi, i’m ezra. non-binary 21-year-old literature student living in brazil. my special interests are pacific rim, dinosaurs and russia. most of the time i don’t know what to do with myself. those weird things behind me on the wall are dinosaurs that glow in the dark.

I’m Mark, I’m a few months off from 16 and whenever I’m not wearing a hoodie I’m wearing this sweater (even in summer)

I have a lot of stims, by my main ones are tangle, chewing on my right index finger (sometimes, when I’m feeling adventurous I add in my right middle finger), rocking, and noise cancelling headphones (mine are practically glued to my head during school)

My current special interests are Homestar Runner, the movie Trainspotting, Haikyuu!!, and the bands Weezer and Harvey Danger. I also like X Files, but I don’t think that’s quite at special interest status (been a long time since I’ve had one of those interests lmao)

I have a hard time spelling and my voice just sorta floats up several octaves, I eat rice with my fingers and I hate shoes