I still find it pretty weird that they take pictures during Army bootcamp, but my mom & I just went on the website to see if we could find any pictures of my brother and here he is!! He seems to be doing really well and I’m so proud of him, but we all miss him a lot :(

I hate being so shy like there’s this asian store (mostly of cooking stuff) so I went with my dad because he wanted to buy this bamboo thing, he ended buying green tea pocky and chocolate Hello Panda, but while he was looking around this really cute dork that works there started talking to me and I was so nervous I only said “yeah” and fuck I know I could have talked even more with him and the cute little thing was awkward too because he was like “oh you like An Cafe?? *points at my concert shirt* had you gone to their concert… … Well yeah that’s obvious otherwise you wouldn’t have that shirt” and all I could do was nod and OMG WHY THE HELL I DIDN’T TALK MORE FUCK ME

anonymous asked:

Ooh saw you with those glasses. You look cute. Love your shirt, where'd you buy it? #GF ..

Omg those glasses are massive. Lol, because I am so blind!

But I got my shirt at Target last summer. :) I wish they had more this summer because I love it. It’s one of my favorites

fandom-ninja asked:

I love your gemsona! I really want those glasses!

OMG thank you so much!!!! and yeah tbh I started getting super jealous while drawing his glasses (/u\ ) 💖💖💖