Sometimes I get sad, but then I remember that Eric Bittle has canonically worn a dress.

(Also, I imagine that the Haus has hosted at least one murder mystery party [well actually, probably only one, if the Settlers of Catan Incident is to be believed]. 

Anyway, it’s set in a speakeasy and some of the SMH dudes have female characters because watchagunnado. Probably Shitty, Nursey, and Bitty all play women [Lardo has a gender-neutral role: she’s the inspector], but darlin’ Bits goes all out–naturally–and poor Jacques Laurent nearly has an aneurism.

Because of the historical inaccuracies, of course. Yeah…..)

Those noodle-ey fingers tho

First post since the beginning of time in a while

A fanart for @tsume-yuki of her amazing OC Riskua from the fanfic Tell It To The Marines, one of the rare gems in the SI-OC fanfiction genre.

Been hooked on this fic ever since it started, I just HAVE to draw this even though I’m still on my art hiatus, so kudos to you, girl, for bringing my muse back. I’ll post some more fanart of Riskua soon ‘cause Tsume-Yuki’s characters are stuck in my head and they won’t let go :)

Yes, characters because I’m trash Looking forward to drawing a certain other OC of hers in the future uhohoho