NSFW: How is SF9 in bed

A/N: I don’t think i need to clirify this but of course this only includes the +18 members. Since the pentagon one got a lot of love i think the fantasies want one too, right? 



-For some reason i think about Inseong being the softest of all the members during sex

-Unless he is very into the mood, if that’s the case and he is boiling hot then it’s a rough round of sex. 

-But despite that he is good tempating you

-He’d run his fingers up your arms tickling you or kiss the space in your neck under your ears while wishpering words that gives you chills

-And that’s the way he tells you that he wants to do it when he is horny, rather than with words

-Sometimes he holds you so hard because god, he is specially strong that he makes marks appear in your skin for a couple of days

-Sometimes is not on purpouse

-He can’t hold back the fact of making noises if he needs it

-So he is not a very soft lover even if he is the softest of the group. He is just easier to carry with. 


-You know when you kiss someone on the neck and they like… coil because they are too sensitive there? That’s Youngbin

-He laughs it off when you do it but it makes him very very horny

-You can tease him but have in mind that he would tease back and twice as hard

-It would be all laughs and fun until you end pinned on the bed and i tell you why

-He is the oppa kink in all his extension

-Because he likes to be the one, you know… commanding haahaha omg i die 

-It doesn’t matter if you are older, if you call him oppa he is already going for IT

-Don’t be fooled he is not that gentle at all, and we all know it, is not a secret that he’d be rough 

-Taking his own words, he likes to give more than recieve so yeah get ready to be overstimulated

-Deep kisses because he loves you 

-Endless eye contact until you just *liquid noises*

-god forgive me i just imagined everything i’m dying, next member please


-He likes the long heated make outs

-In fact i feel like he would have this lips/mouth fixation-

Which leads us to a lot of fun things!

-Such as how often he goes down on you. Because he likes how you react to him licking down there

-He’d love to have your hands tangled on his hair

-And of course: the payback blowjob 

-Kisses and bites in your inner thighs

-A switch

-Gives you many different pet names 

-When he is tired he likes you doing all the work so he just takes you with his arms and pulls you on top of him and makes you go up and down


-Althought he treats you with care in your daily life because he loves you and you are his S/O i think he would became more raw in this 

-So he may be sweet at first

-But then, ha, then he won’t

-Just because he likes it that way, he enjoys it better what can i say

-So wild sex ahead

-I think he would like to give but also to recieve (in every sense)

-This fam goes down like it’s his job. Seriously, tongue master. 

-Not that he doesn’t stop talking but he won’t be quiet either

-Yes i’m insinuating that he is the type to burst a dirty ass phrase out of the blunt (get ready for the example)

-[Dramatically sexy crawls on the bed predatory] “You don’t know how many things i want to do to you right now”

-Takes his time doing his thing and doesn’t rush wich prolly makes you eager sometimes 

-It’s trash for when you take the initiative

-Like: if you are together watching TV or something and then you suddenly go for it he would give you that half smile of “hell fucking yeah”

-But anyways, he is a dom. 

-Calls you “babe” HOHOO


-He. Worsihips. Your. Ass

-He would squeeze it a lot, even if it doesn’t implies sex and you are just walking around in shorts

-But specially when having sex

-Puts up a whole erotic show for you

-Like a streaptease, he would asolutely do that

-Pretty imaginative, he always surpsrises you with a new thing

-To the point that he may touch kinky edges sometimes but i asure you you’ll have a lot of fun trying new things

-He listens what you have to say. It’s easy to talk about what you want to do with him or not so everything ends being pretty pleasuring

-Idk he has so many different styles, he can do it softly or he can be dirty, it would totally depend on his mood

- Another switch

-He would let you ride him 0 COMPLAINS he would love it


-A Soft Dom

-Into the food play lolol

-Like he would take the whipped cream can out like “let’s see if you can taste better that you aready do” rip rowoon stans

-The body kissing master. He leaves many wet kisses on your skin

-And i tell you another thing he would be good at: fingering

-Those long fingers tho

-Really close to you all the time, your bodies would be glued

-You can feel his fast heartbeat

-And his body feels hot like a summer evening

-Pounds on you so good and hard he has you moaning in 3 seconds

-Not the type to moan but yes the type to groan 

-Ok this is going out of hand 

-He allways tells you that you look so good or that he likes you so much

-And when the whole thing finish he is suddenly the soft Rowoon again and he kisses your forehead and makes you laugh



-Not wild in the “i have a lot of kinks” way 

-But wild in the he is extra passionated way

-Kissing, licking, bitting, hickeys.. it’s  all in for him

-He rips your clothes off and let them scatter al over the floor. And honestly you do the same to him

-There’s always more than one round he thirsty

-Has romantic points like carrying you to bed bridal style

-The type to hold on the header of the bed because he is being too intense

-Obviously with you underneath

-A lot of noises from both parts

-It would turn really erotic, for sure

-But, like Rowoon, when you are done he would turn really sweet and put a lot of tiny kisses on your face and help you clean yourself 

-Because when you two are done the bedroom is a mess

anonymous asked:


FUCK YES. this has been a long time coming..


you would probably be really horny and just start touching yourself in bed and then he would turn to you like “hey babe, what are you doing there?” super cheeky.

and he would suck on your nipples because he knows you love that. it would escalate fairly quickly.


three words: spanking, spanking, spanking. have you seen him bang those drums? yeah.



this is weird as fuck but michael would probably come up behind you and you would just start rubbing your clit really hard and fast unexpectedly but it would feel so good.

it was obviously because he wanted a bj but you wouldn’t mind, a favor for a favor, no biggie.


luke would be so cute and gentle aw. his hands just exploring every part of your body. he would probably take it really slow so that your orgasm is built up and really strong.

he would use both hands and he would just have your whole body figured out. your clit stimulation plus your g spot stimulation oh my god equals heaven times 10.

its not very detailed but i donut care :)