Lemme introduce you to our two new babies :)

They came to us a little over a month ago from the Duke Lemur Center and are finally out of quarantine ! 

My zoo is the coordinator for the Eulemur flavifrons EEP and we have been known for a while now for our care and breeding of this species. So much that today the european population for E.flavifrons are all related to our starter group back in 92. This means that in order to keep the EEP viable we needed to add some genetic diversity into it and this is how this cross-continent exchange came to be.

This is terrific news for the future of E.flavifrons in Europe and over the world. So much hope rests on these two’s shoulders. They’re only gonna turn 2 in a couple of months so they are still very young but they bare so much positivity for the future. I’m so excited to be working with them! 

The blue-eyed black lemur is critically endangered and is on The World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates list. 

I’ll post better pics soon :)

“Blue Eyed Angel” - Digital Oil Painting

Falling into his eyes is easy. Make sure you hit his mouth with your mouth (softly) on your way down.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

Yoosung x Saeran

Thank you to @blissfullyintoxicated for the super cute yooran first kiss prompt~! I loved writing this omg please enjoy~!
Yoosung had been hanging out at Saerans for a while.
It was comforting to have another person around, even if they barely spoke at first. He was tired of playing LOLOL in his dorm all by himself and going to Sevens wasn’t the same as it was before; Seven was always busy with hacking or whatever he does all day on that laptop of his. So, Yoosung ended up at Saerans doorstep every so often, ready to just chill out with his crystal eyed friend. Those eyes, Yoosung thought, were really beautiful, and each time Saeran had looked up from a book he’d been reading or whatever else he was doing and those gorgeous crystal eyes met with his violet ones, Yoosung couldn’t help but smile and look away in embarrassment as Saeran caught him staring.
This was a reoccurring event in their visits, the first time it happened Yoosung earned an irritated grunt from Saeran but as time passed on Saeran got used to the way Yoosung would study him and he even became conscious of it, he wanted Yoosung to look at him. Pay attention to him, and him exclusively, like no one had ever done before.
Yoosung was sitting beside Saeran on the black leather sofa inside Saerans own living room when he finally got the courage to say something, more than just their normal greeting or talk about random things on their mind like what’s your favorite color? Do you have a favorite movie genre?
The crimson haired boy looked up from a fairly large book he’d been reading, “what do you want?”
Yoosung was used to such brittle responses, that was just Saeran after all and he couldn’t help but smile that nothing was off with him today, “can I…” he trailed off, suddenly loosing confidence, what if this made Saeran hate him or something?
“Can you what?” Saeran asked sternly, urging the blonde boy beside him to continue, he hadn’t realized how close they’d been sitting together, their shoulders touched but Saeran didn’t mind like he thought he should… he liked the contact, no matter how small.
“Can I,” he was blushing hard at this point, “can I just hold your hand?”
Yoosung waited for Saeran to push him away, get up off the sofa and retreat to his room even, like he’d done one time before when Yoosung asked about his brother, but he didn’t do any of that. He stayed beside him, holding his hand out in front of Yoosung, waiting for him to take it. And Yoosung did take it, intertwining their fingers and rubbing the pad of his thumb over the top of Saerans freckle covered skin and squeezing ever so slightly. Saeran was almost in shock, something inside of him told him that this was wrong, DONT GET CLOSE, and still, he let Yoosung take his hand.
Yoosung was still fawning at the sight of their intertwined fingers when Saeran let go.
Confused, Yoosung looked back up into the crystal eyes of the crimson haired boy, but before he could utter a single word from his lips Saeran had found them with his own, kissing him softly, feeling what no one else ever managed to give him. He didn’t know what to call this feeling yet but it didn’t matter because Yoosung had to feel the same… Didn’t he?
When Saeran finally pulled away, Yoosung was blushing even more than before but he wasn’t embarrassed, more stunned by Saerans actions than anything, but still happy.
“Was it okay of me to do that?” Saeran whispered, his eyes beginning to widen.
Yoosung nodded, “yeah, I thought you were never going to.”
Yoosung laughed, trying to lighten the mood a bit more, but Saeran looked at him the same way. So instead of trying to laugh, Yoosung reached over and pulled Saeran into his chest without another word.
For once, Saeran left his guard down and let himself be held.
Now he was certain that Yoosung felt that same feeling as he had. Still unsure of what to call this overwhelming emotion, Saeran decided he would figure it out later when the butterflies in his stomach had disappeared.


Dead-Eyed Tsuna Cast: Primary Characters

Story time, I was about to edit Takeshi’s profile picture to have the red mark (which he’s had for a few chapters now), but then I realized it looked terrible. All of them looked terrible. I had to redraw the entire cast page immediately. This is the first half of that!

For those unfamiliar, Dead-Eyed Tsuna is a gen fanfiction epic about a sad, pathetic sack of clumsy garbage named Sawada Tsunayoshi who happens to be an eldrich abomination rending a scar through reality itself simply by existing, and his adventures with all of his hot friends. 

Most of it is comedy and character study, but a lot is also murder and death and suffering and children being horrifically brutalized. Fun for everyone! Read here.

I had this really vivid movie of a dream last night about Splatoon. It was about this group of people during the great turf war who decided to band together to stop the war (unsuccessfully I guess?), and it’s been haunting me all day. >_>

In the dream, the inkling was the main character. He and the octoling girl were both ex-soldiers, and the anemone and big octarian were civilians and also grossly in love. It was way to serious of a story for Splatoon. xD

Fuck. He has beautiful eyes. Wait – not he doesn’t. No… they’re too dark. Almost like those… those black eyed kids… the ones in those creepy stories, the ones who steal your soul or something. That’s it – Brendon Urie is a dirty damn soul-stealer

Ryan Ross about Brendon Urie in a fanfiction

this just gets better

Batman headcanon that Jason accidently gets outed as being alive in the eyes of the public. I bet it was one of those Wayne fangirls, those starry-eyed celebrity seekers. Anyway, she catches the kids out on an outing and somehow is able to put two and two together. She shrieks and announces to the whole crowd that Jason Todd is back from the dead. Silence from the panicking batfam until suddenly, Jason cries out and grasps his chest.

“Oh my god, I am alive, I just saw my whole life flash before my eyes and I remember it all!” and so begins a freaking crazy media circus. So every news outlet is alerted to this astounding news and of course papa Wayne is called to tell him his son is alive. He is ambivalent to say the least. (“Your dead son is alive Mr. Wayne!” “… oh my Jason, how… incredible” “Your teeth are grinding sir” “wiTH JOY”)

So Jason is giving interviews and answering Doctors questions trying to come up with a decent explanation that doesn’t involve “Lazarus” “Pit” or “immortal ninja assassins”. He claims he was kidnapped by a radical Wayne Tech competitors, got stranded on a desert island, conscripted into some unidentifiable army, gave up his worldly ties and became a monk. It’s constantly changing. The other family members are constantly caught in lies because Jason cannot keep his story straight. (But it’s ok, they’re Waynes! Nothing suspicious about that)

Of course people ask how the Wayne kids were with him and seemingly didn’t know he was their dead brother. After much stammering, Jason admits to losing his memory at some point and coming back to strike up friendships with the Waynes because he, and I quote, “had unconsciously missed them so much he needed to be with them again.” Damian starts making vomiting gestures until Tim slaps him upside the head.

So once the bullshit is accepted and life begins to settle down a whole new set of problems arise. All of Jason’s records are brought back, his files are updated with whatever official story they went with. He can barely step outside without being mobbed as the new heartthrob Wayne. Bruce, while annoyed at the media attention, is secretly delighted. Because Jay has his life back now, he doesn’t have to hide his face anymore, he can live the life he was almost denied. And that’s how the Red Hood becomes a part time college student. He embarrassedly tells the family he’s not doing it for them, he’s always wanted to study at school. So he takes a bunch of english and history classes, barely managing to balance out his vigilante and school life. He avoids the press and somehow the family falls into a relatively easy peace.

Somewhere deep in the cave, Bruce is smiling. No one suspects he tipped off the young fan. But all the drama was worth it to see his son taking notes over a copy of A Streetcar Named Desire. His family is safe and the Batman is happy.

Les Chasseurs alpins! I don’t believe there are any finer soldiers in the world than those stocky, merry-eyed men from the mountain provinces of France!’

WW1 American ambulance driver’s notes - History of the American Field in France

Photo: January 1917 - Chasseurs alpins in the Valley of Goldbach

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