‏تقرّبوا من أولئك الذين يُغنّون، الذين يُخبرون قصصاً، الذين يستمتعون بالحياة، الذين تلمع أعينهم سعادة فالسعادة مُعدية.
Stay close to those who sing, tell stories, enjoy life. Those whom their eyes shine from happiness.
—  zaidalhouraniquotes

I left a part of myself inside
your hands & though you’ve
been making fists at me ever
since, I’m still trying to bury
the parts of you the wind sold
in poems & songs; you make
my dreams better than my
daydreams have ever been.
Darling, don’t call me beautiful
if you have never kissed winter,
for my hands will break your
smile; if drowning in those eyes
is a blessing, baby, you’re already
everywhere I have

yet to go

toastypurple  asked:

wait, what's what stuff coming from sans' right eye? It's like black smoke or some crap idk

The marks? (Left eye) 

Those are scorch marks from when Sans’s time magic exploded in his face in the True Lab. 

(sorry if i didn’t understand what you are referring to)

i wonder how you’d feel if you knew i still see you everywhere- train timetables, the clock ticking after midnight, my friends laughs sometimes sound the way yours did. i see your face in any man that gets me alone, any friend that tries to intimidate me or anyone who gets too close. does that make you feel important? surely we wouldnt want you to feel insignificant, not after everything you’ve done for me, after all the fear you have instilled into my bones, the quiet hum of terror that intensifies any time i see your hair colour, the shorts you wore, those same dead eyes and the voice that rumbles around my fucking skull.