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all fronts except the mcu one :(

i mean yes……… but on the other hand……….. chris and rdj behind the scenes……. 

Prussia: So, any advice for dealing with America this weekend? :)

Canada: Do not underestimate him. You’re going to want to. He’s going to smile at you and make you feel at home and you’re going to look into those sweet baby blue eyes and wonder how someone so naive could ever come up with he kinds of things he’s capable of. You’re going to forget that he owns the WTO, the IMF, the World Bank. You’re going to forget that he’s got an iron grip on world politics: a global hegemony. You’re going to want to believe that he’s what he presents himself as. You’re going to want to buy into whatever idiotic little show he puts on. You’re going to think you can outsmart him. Don’t. 

Prussia: I… uh, I was talking about his birthday party. Are you okay?  

About the mun:

I’m a type-moon fanboy. I practically know everything about Fate series and Tsukihime. 

Such is my fanboyism for this enterprise, that even Lilium’s eyes are drawn under Illyasviel von Einzbern and Arcueid Brunestud:

I love those eyes. They look incredibly beautiful, and kind.

Soooo… just that? Since I skipped munday a bit, I wantd to let you see the inspiration for Lili’s eyes ^^U