underaprecciated boy aesthetic: sleepy boys. boys who wear baggy sweatpants everywhere and have those cute tired grins. boys who yawn and stretch n u can see a bit of their tummy under their shirt and lean and slump on every available surface (esp when the surface is u). boys who’s clothes r always soft because their pajamas and regular wardrobe are one and the same and have bags under their eyes and messy hair 24/7


I’ve been thinking a lot about Elite Four Mcelroys since I finished watching Griffins Nuzlocke run and so far this is sort of where I am at.

Clint is just Oops All Eevees. That’s it. You can fight him and win .

Justin is the second easiest to beat. He doesn’t even want to be there. Justin’s team is composed of a Snorlax, a Munchlax, and Alakazam and like 3 Dittos. He’s powerful yes, but he would rather be doing literally anything else other than battling. He’s got places to be.

The third Elite Four is Travis, and his whole team is dog Pokemon. All balance is thrown out the window, The Team’ ALL DOGS. They’re levelled to shit though, so unless you know the right types to counter he might kick your ass. He’s nice and plays fair, but the second you knock out his Pokemon ur dead bro. He’ll do a hit

If you get past those boys, you’ll fight Griffin, who is so fuckin good at type matchups you might as well be toast. His team is balanced to a tee, but he refuses to use items in battle, so if you buy enough potions you’ll be fine. The only reason people beat him is cause he’s so adamant on making the game harder for himself.

reasons why monsta x is ACTUALLY the best group to stan ever
  • they ruin their own self images, so u don’t have to worry about the fact that ur embarrassing because i can promise u, they are worse
  • they’re honestly basically in love with like all of their fans. like why would u need a man when u have shownu promising to marry u n stuff. or when minhyuk says you’re the prettiest girl (or boy, hey, mx don’t care) they’ve ever seen !!!!
  • they’re really including of all of their fans. like some other groups only care about girl fans, or about korean fans, or about some other specific type of fan ??? but like monsta x ???? they literally love everyone ?????????? like even ppl who aren’t their fans ????? like they’re the type to see u on the street decked out in some svt merch and still be like “wow she’s so pretty aw i like her sweater i love woozi” ????
  • they’re all super talented. like shownu’s dancing, kihyun’s voice, jooheon’s rap, hyungwon’s modeling,,,, like what can’t this group do ??
  • they all really love each other. they’re not like those groups where u KNOW that they all hate each other on the low. they may want u to think they hate each other sometimes (looking @ u,,, kihyun) but we all know they’re lying
  • honestly the monbebe fandom is so nice ??? so peaceful ?? drama ??? what is that ??/ we don’t know ??? the only drama we have is when other fans of other groups do something against us. but like other than that ???? where the drama @ ???
  • okay,, guys,, WONHO. THAT BOY. HE IS AN ANGEL. LOVE SHIN HOSEOK WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART EVEN IF U AREN’T A MONBEBE. this boy loves EVERYONE. like he LITERALLY SUPPORTS EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. he has like 485975973287589375 pieces of “for a cause” clothing and jewelry. like he has this necklace against child abuse (i think it was) ??? he panted his pinky green for this charity type thing. like WHEN HAS YOUR FAVE EVER ?? like honestly i can’t think of anything wonho doesn’t support ?? gay marriage ? hell he’d marry a guy if he can cook 4 him. causes against domestic and child violence ?? sign him up !! he wants the world to be a happy and good place. wow. such an angel. wow i love hoseok. love hoseok trust me he will never hurt u.
  • they haven’t done anything dumb yet. like problematic. ya know what i mean. like they’re probably gonna do something that starts a scandal one day,, but like they try REALLY hard to make sure they don’t say things that could hurt ANY of their fans. like they don’t talk about race or get offended when they hear people think they’re gay or anything. the only thing they get offended at is cucumbers apparently ???? like honestly they’re angels ?? they care about us so much they try so hard to not screw up n hurt us. get u a man who ?? (or 7 of them,, i support that too ??)
  • they’re literally ?? so dumb ?? and so funny ?? like they argued over which greek goddess is goddess of victory,, LITERALLY for like 20 mins. they have no lives. their lives revolve around doing dumb things to make us laugh ?? like ?? they stopped caring about their image before they debuted ?? who cares ?? they don’t ?? lets ruin it ourselves ??
  • changkyun’s VERY strong urge to see wonho naked. why. i’m sure a lot of mbb won’t complain. but why changkyun. why are u trying tto give us a naked hoseok every single time we see u ??? what is ur motive ??
  • kihyun is really violent. like i don’t understand how someone who dresses in a hamster onsie regularly can be so angry ?? where does he store it ?? why is he so sinister ?? (or should i say why does he just do stuff to people and then laugh for like 2 months over it bc that’s all he really does. he gave minhyuk a cucumber once actually. he still laughs over it. like yoo kihyun are u 5 ??? why are u hurting minhyuk like this ?)
  • changkyun’s really bad puns. those r another reason to stan. trust me u hate it at first but eventually u can’t go a day without listening to him make some weird and oddly funny pun about a name or smth.
  • shownu. dad. honestly a real dad. like. throwback to every member calling him dad and reminding him to not forget the room key. honest dad figure. i wish hyunwoo was my dad.
  • minhyuk is really happy nd cute and honestly u could probably smile for like 3 hours just after looking at a picture of him smiling. he’s literally the definition of sunshine. we need more people like lee mihyuk in this world.
  • i ran out of thing to think of and it’s 2am but honestly stan monsta x ? like it’s so worth it ? they’re so caring and funny and loving and talented and like ??? the fandom is so including and amazing ?? like there isn’t even tension between k-fans and intl-fans ?? we literally all just love each other ?? like stanning monsta x is such an AMAZING thing like it cleanses ur soul from all the bad things in this world. i swear. it’s like actually confirmed. monsta x is so pure and wow. just stan those cute 7 little boys who dress up in animal onsies and dance to girl group songs just to make their fans smile and laugh

In their fifth year the Marauders etched their own little family tree on the wall next to their window in their dormitory. They had their four names lined up side by side with little arrows connecting them. Then when they went home for the summer, each of them etched the family tree into their bedroom walls. (Sirius especially had fun with this.) They were all connected, all five of the trees so that if someone made a change to one of them, it would automatically make a change to all of them.
By the time they were in their seventh year, they had added a few other people to the tree including Marlene and Lily. On their last day at Hogwarts, the sixth of them stared at their little family tree for a couple of minutes before James suddenly added one more person on top of all their names. “She’s one of us whether she wants to or not.” They all laughed and then covered their mark by moving a desk in front of it. After that they said their final goodbyes and walked excitedly out of the school.
When Lily and James got married Sirius and Remus’ first order of business was to bind the two of their names on the family tree together making an infinity sign glow whenever anyone passed by one of the trees. Then Harry was born and his name was automatically added to the tree.
When Lily and James died, their names faded on the tree but the bind that Remus and Sirius placed seemed to glow even brighter at times.
Once he learned what had happened to his best friends Remus stood in front of the family tree he had etched on the wall in front of his desk at home, his wand pointed directly at Sirius’ name, ready to burn it off permanently. Except he couldn’t do it. He would return everyday to try to bring himself to burn Sirius’ name off and everyday he would fail. Eventually he just stopped going to his bedroom when he visited.
Sirius would sit in his cell and with a stick he found on the floor, he would engrave his family tree into the wall, purposefully avoiding Peter.
When Remus become a professor his first order of business is to visit his old dorm and look for the family tree. To him, it seems as though James, Lily, Peter and Marlene’s names were glowing ever so brightly. He avoided looking at Sirius’ name.
When he discovered that Sirius is innocent, his first thought was to breathe a sigh of relief because he didn’t burn his friend’s name off the tree.
One year later Sirius was stuck in Grimmauld Place. He went to his room and looked at the back of the door where his family tree was drawn. He had made the effort of drawing little figures he thought represented each of them. For him and James were their animagus forms. For Lily, he drew a doe. Marlene had a lion. And for some reason he drew Remus a donkey.
On October the 31st Remus popped by Grimmauld Place and Sirius immediately dragged him to his room. He told Remus to pull out his wand and together, the two of them burned off Peter’s name. Permanently.
When Sirius died his name didn’t fade off the family tree. It looked even brighter than usual.
When Tonks married Remus, her name appeared on the tree. He showed her the one in Sirius’ room and then proceeded to sob because out of the six of them, he had never expected to be the last one standing.
After the battle of Hogwarts, the only living name was that of Harry Potter. Except he never knew about the trees. And so they lay in all of their hidden locations, undiscovered by anyone.
Years later Minerva McGonagall was going through every dorm room ensuring everything was perfect. She didn’t doubt the house elves work at all. It was only because she had missed being able to roam freely around the halls and so she took the chance while no one was yet there. She entered the boys dormitory and looked around. There was something that wasn’t quite right about the room.
Minerva McGonagall wasn’t a young woman but she remembered everything as if it had happened yesterday. And what she remembered was that there was no desk under the window. It would hardly be noticed by anyone, had they not known what the layout of the dorms were all those years ago. She swiftly moved the desk back in its proper place and was about to leave to the Slytherin common room when something caught her eye. She walked to the window and looked at the strange engravings in the wall underneath.
The names Moony, Padfoot, Prongs, Evans, Marley, Harry and Nymph were marked in the stone. There was another name beside Prongs, but it had been burnt beyond recognition.
Minerva McGonagall collapsed on one of the four poster beds and took a deep breath, containing her emotions. She was successful in doing so and was about to leave when once again, something caught her eye.
On top of the three names and the burnt one read one more name.
Old Minnie McG.
And then she broke down. Because after all this time, after everything that she had gone through, she would always remember those three boys who defied everything society said, who didn’t allow anyone else to dictate how they would live their lives, who gave up their lives so the world could be a better place.

Romance Manga

Here are some fabulous shojo romance choices to keep you warm and cuddly! Enjoy! (No particular order)

Haru No Ride

Reason to read: The struggles the characters face are real. Futaba struggles with her identity, and Kou with his family and self-worth. We get to see these two characters fall in love and get many satisfying romantic moments! 

Wolf Girl and Black Prince 

Reason to read: At first, I wasn’t a fan of this one, but I am glad I gave it a second chance because this manga is freaking fantastic. The dynamic between the two has a rocky start but romance and reciprocated feelings soon ensure. Another great thing is that this manga actually mentions (and may in the future show) sex, unlike many shojo that tend to pretend that it does not exist. 

Ouran High School Host Club 

Reason to read: If you haven’t seen the fabulous anime, then go watch it and come back and read it. Your welcome. If you have seen it, then we all know what that final scene was missing. Do not fret! For this manga continues the antics and the romance! Everything from the characters to the plot are perfect in this manga and I can say with complete confidence that this manga has the most satisfying, heart-warming ending of any manga I have ever read. 

Nodame Cantabile 

Reason to read: I do not play an instrument and have never listened to classical music, but this manga gave me a profound appreciation for that world. Nodame is by far the most unique and interesting heroine I have come across in manga, and her relationship with Chiaki is great because the love takes a while to blossom, but that makes it a lot sweeter. There is a 3 season long anime series that I watched and enjoyed and I actually do believe that watching it might be a better option because this show does involve music, but the manga has a lot of spicy details that are fun to come back to after watching! 

Hibi Chouchou 

Reason to read: This manga is not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who like it LOVE it! The reason this manga polarizes people is because both protagonists are extremely quiet and shy, so we get a lot of glimpses into their thoughts and wishes, but not a lot of actual dialogue. The reason everyone should give it a try is because it really is an accurate depiction of the struggles of shy love and is really well drawn and cute.  

Kamisama Hajimemashita 

Reason to read: Nanami proves that a cute face and dainty demeanor does not define her level of strength. Tomoe and her relationship grow so naturally and the special circumstances they are in makes the reader really want to root for them. 


Reason to read: Hori and Miyamura show each other sides of themselves that no one knows and they become essential parts of each others lives. They are so freaking cute together!

Your Lie in April 

Reason to read: First of all, I REALLY recommend watching the anime first. Our protagonists are musicians so if you actually want to hear their music, the anime is the best option. I would recommend reading the manga after watching the anime if you want to relive the pain good feelings. The strange thing about this show/manga is that technically, it is categorized as a “shonen” which automatically makes me think of lots of boobs and butts, but this show is an innocent and lovely choice for any reader! WARNING: sadness inside. 

Kaichou wa Maid Sama! 

Reason to read: Misaki is one of the most kick-ass girl characters. She juggles being the student council president with great grades and a job at a maid cafe all while her home life crumbles. Usui and Misaki are one of my favorite manga couples because they truly deserve each other! 

Akagami no Shirayukihime 

Reason to read: Shirayuki may look like a weakling, but she is actually mentally strong and incredibly brave. I have not read too much of this manga yet, but so far I like what I see, and since I always spoil stuff for myself, I know for a fact that love is around the river bend! 

Cherry Boy, That Girl 

Reason to Read: First of all, this is a Korean manhwa, not a manga, so you read it left to right. This freaking work of art…I love this manhwa. It has it all, twists, turns, love, deceit, tricks, and treats galore, all wrapped up in fully colored chapters!

Last Game

Reason to read: OMGGGGG. It all started when Kujou knocked Yanagi off of his high-horse by beating him in almost everything: school, sports, and the like. Yanagai was one of those boys who has talent, but mostly gets what he wants because he is rich. Then Kujou comes out of nowhere and with her ordinary, plain-jane looks steals his pride without really trying at all. From that moment, Yanagi has followed Kujou to high school and now college to try to win the Last Game. Yanagi is the true gem of this manga because unlike in many shojo romances, it is actually told from the boy’s perspective and the boy falls in love first. 

Special A

Reason to read: This is literally the epitome of the classic “competition –> love” scenario…and I love it. The charm of this manga is all of the different love stories that blossom between all of the other characters. There is a good anime for this show, but the manga is a tad better.    


summary: in which no matter what, you refuse to love anyone else other than draco malfoy.

a/n: this has been in my drafts for ages and only now do i finally have the guts to post it! hope you enjoy it :-)

Masterlist + Request here!

When the whole school learned that the two of you were dating, saying that they were surprised by the news was an understatement. Well, who would expect that someone like him would fall for someone like you? Him, who was practically considered as the Slytherin Prince, while you, who was a fierce yet sweet Y/H.

Yep, you were a Y/H. Not to mention that you were a half-blood too.

Honestly, some people would still look at the two of you like you were aliens. They gawked and weren’t even hiding the fact that they did — it sometimes drove you nuts. Draco, on the other hand, would smile smugly and place an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his side while his eyes lingered on those boys who would look at you differently.

Some first years who had crushes on your boyfriend would either sigh or squel whenever you walked passed them with Draco beside you, his hands holding your books for you even though you already told him not to. The said students would wish that they were in your position, while some rooted for the two of you.

You see, you and Draco had a lot of differences. One of them was the obvious; having two different houses. He was considered as the bad boy, you were considered as the good girl; he came from a rich and well known family, you came from muggles who weren’t rich nor poor; he had these gray eyes, you had y/e/c; and he was mostly hated, you were mostly loved.

That’s why when the news spread, Hermione had to make you repeat your sentence over and over again just to be sure she was hearing it right.

“Wait, so you’re dating the Draco Malfoy?” she exclaimed with wide eyes.

You simply nodded and carried on eating. It wasn’t a big deal anyway, right? What was wrong about dating him? You, out of all the people, of course did know what they thought of Draco Malfoy — the rich snob, the bully, the jerk, the son of Lucius Malfoy who was once a follower of Voldemort, and the Slytherin who hated Harry Potter.

You weren’t oblivious to those facts, but the people didn’t know how loving and caring Draco was. You fell in love with him because one time when you were running late to class and accidentally knocked him down, he was the one who apologized and picked up your books. When he saw you crying one time alone at the top of the cliff, he offered his ears to you and listened as you poured your heart out. And when he saw you inside the library, studying a lesson that you couldn’t understand, Draco sat by your side, teaching you even though you didn’t ask for help.

So when he suddenly asked you if you wanted to come with him at Hogsmeade the next weekend, you didn’t hesitate to say yes. He was more than pleased by your answer, of course, and even said that: “You won’t regret it, Y/N.”, in which you replied with a roll of your eyes.

But what entertained most of the student body about your relationship is that you are both players for your houses’ Quidditch team. Draco Malfoy was the Slytherin Seeker, while you were one of the Y/N Chasers. They found it entertaining whenever you were already on the field and Draco purposely annoys you by suddenly flying past your way in incredible speed. Sometimes you would get revenge by throwing the Quaffle in his direction when a teammate was behind him.

Your teammates were more than annoyed whenever Y/H was going up against Slytherin because of this.

“Y/L/N!” the captain of your team would yell in a high pitched voice as you crossed the three hoops. “Focus, will you? And stop messing with Malfoy!”

But you would just laugh and fly away from him, in deep pursuit for the quaffle once again.

Though just like any other relationships, you and Draco had your downfalls. The thing you two most fought about is how he always insults muggles and muggleborn students, calling them mudblood or calling the pure bloods who liked the said students blood traitors. You would always hit him in the stomach or arm whenever he sneers at Harry Potter or throw an unpleasant remark towards Hermione and Ron. Draco would just look at you then, rolling his eyes and muttering several curses under his breath that drove you to be even angrier than before.

“You know, if I didn’t know better, I would have thought that you preferred to be with Potter than your boyfriend!” he once yelled in an argument, his tone full of jealousy.

With that line, you just closed your eyes and sighed.

You always knew Draco had some deep insecurities about Harry Potter, and if you say something that might sound like you do prefer him over Draco, you knew you would regret it afterwards.

So to cause no more drama, you would suddenly pull him in a tight hug, in which he would always bury his head on your shoulder, stroking his blonde hair as you both murmur a bunch of “sorry’s” to each other.

And that’s why you loved each other dearly. No matter how much of a jerk Draco Malfoy might be, if you could have any person to love over and over again, you would definitely, no doubt in your mind, pick him.

The Only Exception


Requested: no but a little angst never hurt anyone. also shoutout to Emily for being awesome. 

Word count: 3,021

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Shawn was the kind of guy that on the outside seemed like such an innocent boy, but those who actually knew him, knew that was the biggest fake facade you could ever come across. 

I couldn’t count how many girls he had slept with only using my ten fingers. I couldn’t keep up with the names of the girls that had walked out of our front door after a night out and I surely couldn’t keep track on how many girls, he snuck in late at night when he thought I was already sleeping. 

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Anonymous said: Maybe within the series (if you’re going to do a series) you could include cheeky!Jeff and jealous!Jeff coz that would be amazinggg if you could
         Author’s Note: So I really didn’t want to do a series, but I kind of want to write jealous!Jeff, so I’m only going to add this last part before moving on and doing individual pieces again :)
Also, I didn’t know if what type of jealousy you wanted, but I ended up coming up with this. Enjoy!
P.S - Unless specifically requested, all 13RW Imagines will be AU. Which means Hannah and Jeff are alive and well. Why, you ask? Because I like fluff and happy endings!

Imagine your relationship with Jeff is still brand new that not everyone at school has gotten the memo. Especially those boys who are constantly flirting with you. At least until Jeff makes it clear you’re off limits.

Jeff Atkins X Reader pt. III

Parties aren’t normally your thing, but you find it hard to tell Jeff no. Especially when he bribes you with milkshakes and fries afterwards, and flashes that heartwarming smile at you when you’re moments from caving. But Clay and Hannah are going to be there, dragging along Tony who rarely makes appearances at high school parties and you find it even more easier to pump yourself up for the event.

As usual Jeff is immediately sought out at the party and being pulled away to start a rowdy game of beer pong. He tries to brush them off as he tightens his hold on your hand, but you merely kiss his dimpled chin and send him on his way.

“Go. Have fun,” you smile. Then sneaking your hand into his front jean’s pocket, your hand lingers on his thigh with a teasing little grin before you grab the car keys and slide them out, only to slip them into your own back pocket. “But not too much fun,” you chuckle when you see his eyes darken with the teeniest bit of lust. “You owe me a milkshake and fries afterward, and I’m not too keen to see you drunkenly stumble around.”

Jeff gulps. “Yes, ma'am.” Several people call out his name, telling him to hurry up, but he shouts at them to hold off one more minute. Then glancing back down at you, he fondly smiles. “Love you.”

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Caught in a Crush | 01

PAIRING: Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader


SUMMARY: Beverly introduced you to the Loser’s Club, being that you were new and already picked on. You soon became close friends with the group, but didn’t realize that one of them kept stealing glances at you every time you looked away.

A/N: They’re all 15 here, so it’s about 2 years after the It encounter. Sorry if this is kinda long, I am incapable of writing short stories. Happy with it, though. Had to cut it up, since it was getting too long..

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I'm so slow at processing things...

5 hrs later the BBMA’s I began to cry meanwhile listening to 봄날 and realized that I just witnessed one of the most exciting and most beautiful moments in THOUSANDS even MILLIONS of people’s lives on TV.

This award is not just for us (ARMY), but for those 7 boys who became men right before our eyes.

They made history; from being the first Kpop group to be nominated, having the most votes and surpassing JB, to being the first Kpop group to win the TOP SOCIAL ARTIST AWARD!!!

Taehyung almost cried meanwhile standing on stage accepting the award, Yoongi immediately grabbed the award with a big smile on his face, Namjoon (from my perspective) was stuttering- not because of his bad English, because his English is better than mine- out of shock, and Chim, Kook, Jin, and Hobi were absolutely speechless.

They went through the hardest things in life from mental illnesses to leaving their families, being dead ass broke, and growing up under a spotlight; they deserve this award.

I’m glad to call myself an ARMY and be a part of this fandom watching our boys grow.
I’m proud of our boys and I’m 10000000% sure you are too.

Let’s continue flying with our beautiful wings.


Reader x Stiles Stilinski


Imagine: You are Derek Hale’s daughter and has a passionate relationship with Stiles Stilinski, but he doesn’t know. Once he founds out, he invites Stiles over to dinner and you decide it’s good timing to make him pay for all the teasing.

N/A - It’s nearly three in morning, so forgive me for any mistakes. I’ll fix them later. 

Warnings: sort of smut, but it only has some handjob; also, swearing. that’s all. 

Word Count: 1767

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New Sons - Part 2

Once you’re sure the boys are asleep you quickly make your way out of Medical, heading to the ZETA tubes. Before you can get there, however, you run into a large wall of blue and red.

“Superman, can I help you with something?”

“Where are you going?” Clark crosses his arms over his chest, “I won’t let you confront Luthor. He’s dangerous, he could hurt you”

You roll your eyes, mirroring his stance, “You don’t have to ‘let’ me do anything, Kent. Now I suggest you step aside before you see just how pissed I really am at you”

“You’re mad at me?!”

“You’re damn right I’m mad at you!! Those two boys are children and all you’ve done is treat them like they are a burden to you! It’s not their fault that they were made! It’s also not their fault that you’re too wrapped up in yourself and Lois, who didn’t even care about you until she found out that you were Superman, to even give them a chance!! Now, GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!!!”

Shoving Clark hard, you continue into the ZETA tube and punch in the coordinates for Metropolis. You and Lex need to have a talk.

Mercy leads you directly into Lex’s office, going to stand behind her boss once you’re seated.

“What can I help you with, Mrs. Wayne?”

“I’m not here on business, Lex. I’m here on a personal matter”

Lex leans back, steepling his fingers, “Very well, Y/N. What are you here for?”

“I’m here to talk about Cadmus and the research that you were doing there”

“I can’t say that I know what you’re talking about”

You raise an eyebrow, “So you don’t know about the two Kryptonian clones that were taken from Cadmus by the Justice League, one of which happens to have been made from half of your DNA, virtually making him your son? You also don’t know about the full blooded Kryptonian that was also taken? The one who was given a serum to help him control himself, and was able to identify you as one of the people who he saw regularly outside of his pod?”

“I still don’t …”

“Please, Lex. I’m not here on some JLA mission, I’m here because I have two boys who are terrified that you’re going to come in and bring them back to Cadmus. I don’t want to completely cut you from their life, there are things that were done to them that I know you wouldn’t have approved of. I know that your ‘evil’ now, that you aren’t supposed to care about anyone, but Clark’s already tossed them aside and I don’t want them to lose two fathers in one day”

Lex takes a deep breath, “Mercy, please cancel my meetings for the next week. Y/N” he turns back to you, “I’d like to meet them, if you wouldn’t mind. I’d like to be a part of their lives.”

“I told them that I wouldn’t let you take them back to Cadmus. I’ll fight for them, Lex, I intend to offer them a place at the Manor, a family.”

“I know you’ll be good to them, Y/N. I would like to … make-up for any mistakes that I made in the past. I’d also like to take a look at their files, I was running an investigation on the Cadmus branch that the clones were found at, and discovered some … unsavory practices being implemented on many of the experiments.”

You stand up, giving your old friend a parting hug, “I’ll see what I can do, your meeting might have to wait until after the boys leave the Watchtower”

“Very well, you’ll contact me when we can meet?”

“Of course”

As soon as you step back onto the Watchtower you know something is wrong. Huge chunks of metal are being thrown around, several people are yelling. And in the middle of everything is Match, standing over an injured Conner, eyes glowing red and staring down Superman.

You rush forward, attempting to get between the two Kryptonians, only to be caught around the middle by your husband, “B!! Let me go!!”

“You can’t get between them, Y/N!”

“Let me go, damnit!! I can help!”

Conner makes a soft sound, leaning around Match’s legs, “Y/N? You … you came back?”

“Of course I came back! I had some things to take care of back on Earth, and I came back as soon as I could.” You wriggle around, finally slipping out of your husbands hold, “Match, put that down please” Slowly Match obeys, and between one blink and the next you find yourself standing beside Conner and behind Match, “Whoa”


“Calm down, honey. I’m gonna check on Conner, make sure he’s alright. Match, sweetheart, can you tell me what happened?”

“You left us! We woke up to strangers around our bed, and you weren’t here! You were gone! Conner got hurt! They wouldn’t tell us where you were, or what had happened!!”

“Look at me, Match. Look at me, that’s it, look at me” Match locks eyes with you, slowing his breathing to match yours, and lowering the steel beam he had been holding, “I’m here now, I’m sorry I left without telling you, I went to see Mr. Luthor. I didn’t think you’d wake up until I got back, sweetheart”

Conner makes a soft sound, still holding his broken arm, “We – we asked for you, but no one would tell us where you were. I just – you said that you’d be there, but you weren’t, we panicked, ‘m sorry”

Running your fingers through his hair, you gently check over his arm, “I’m sorry, Conner. Match, help me get your brother back to Medical, I can fix his arm there”

Match snarls at Superman one more time before turning and picking Conner up, “I can walk! It’s just my arm!”

“Hush, brother, you’re hurt and I won’t let one of them hurt you anymore. I promised to protect you, and I intend to do that”

“You boys go ahead, I’ll meet you there. I have a few things I want to discuss with Superman and Batman”

Once you’re sure that the boys are out of ear shot you round on the two heroes.

“How could you hurt them?!? They’re children, and they were afraid! You hurt them!!” Jabbing a finger at your husband, “You especially should know! We have FOUR BOYS AT HOME!!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO HANDLE THEM!!!!” You rake tense fingers through your hair, “I’m so god damn mad at you, Bruce. Right now though, I’m going to go and help those two boys, who are probably traumatized right now, the one place they think is safe and they are attacked, just because they’re scared!”

Before Clark or Bruce could say anything, you turn, storming off to Medical. Fucking men being fucking idiots, hurting fucking kids!!!

You quickly treat Conner’s arm, wrapping it in ace bandages to keep it straight while his advanced healing takes care of the rest. Match refuses to leave his brother side and watches your every move.

“You said that you left to talk to Lex Luthor?”

“Yeah, he’d – he’d like to meet you two, said that he never really got the chance to interact with any of the clones that were made, and that he was running an investigation on that Cadmus lab”

“He wants to meet us? Does he intend to take us from you?”

“No, Match. He doesn’t want to take you two from me, he wants to meet you, to be a part of your lives, but he agreed that it would be your choice to make. The two of you will choose when you meet Lex, and I’ll be there when it happens.”

Match nods, quietly curling up beside a sleeping Conner. “Promise you won’t leave this time?”

“I promise”

Two days later you decide to take the boys out of the Watchtower and down to the Manor.

“Y/N, it isn’t safe. Just the other day they were destroying the Watchtower in a temper tantrum, and now you want to take them to Earth!”

You take a deep breath, attempting to remain calm by sheer force of will, “Clark, if you tell me one more time how to raise my children …”

“But they aren’t your children, Y/N! They are clones! Of me! They don’t know how to control their powers, how to keep their temper!”

“Really? Because I’ve spent almost three days with them and they’ve been nothing but calm and helpful. Two days ago they were terrified. The only person they knew was safe, which is me by the way, wasn’t there, and you all wouldn’t tell them where I was. And no, I don’t know how to help them with their powers, you’re the only one that can do that, but do I see you in there helping them? NO!!”

“I – I …”

“You what? You’re gonna try and tell me how to take care of two troubled teens that have no idea what a safe place is? That have only known pain and loneliness? Clark, you might be the only one who can help them control their powers, but it looks like I’m the only one willing to help them in every other way. So, I suggest you get out of my way. My new sons need to meet their brothers, and no one, not even you, Kent, can keep me from any of my children.”

How do you think the boys will react to their new brothers?

When Harry receives his Hogwarts letter, somehow it knows

He almost gasps when he sees the name “Harry Potter” and he blinks furiously, trying to make out if that can really be right. The name changes, to another name he’s been consindering, and it keeps doing so every time he looks back down on it. 

He almosts expects Vernon to think the letter was delivered to the wrong adress, since there’s no-one with any of the names the letter showed him living at Privet Drive 4. When Vernon holds it up, however, it shows him Harry’s birth name and there can be no doubt the letter is intended for him. Vernon still won’t let him have it though and Harry expects that’s that, that he missed his chance.

Of course he does get the letter eventually, from the biggest and kindest person Harry knows. Hagrid asks him his name - his real name, he says, when Vernon yells Harry’s birth name in protest - and without knowing when he made the decision, “Harry” is out of his mouth and Hagrid is smiling at him. 

The news that it was The Boy Who Lived, not The Girl Who Lived who was to enter the Wizarding World soon - or at least that there was a distinct possibility it was so - must have been spread beforehand, because though Harry does hear a few people call him a girl, most shoots Hagrid a questioning look before going ahead and greeting Harry as “Mr. Potter.” 

While Ron is in awe of him, he doesn’t seem to be even remotely phased that his childhood hero is another gender than he’s been told for years. When Harry asked about it, Ron merely said “one of my brothers, Charlie, is trans too” with a small shrug.

It took Hermione a bit longer to adjust, since she’d heard nothing of it till she entered their compartment, and the books told her differently. She did adjust though, and did so on her own, and she has been completely finished doing so for weeks by the time they became friends. 

Surprisingly, while Malfoy was not above making quips about Harry’s manliness now and then, he never misgendered or deadnamed him. Didn’t mean Harry didn’t despise the guy, but still, it was something. Harry knew very well that no bully back home would have held back from that. 

The first time he had a crush on a guy, he wouldn’t acknowledge it; he felt like it discredited his gender. He knew it was a silly notion and Ron told him as much, when Harry told him and Hermione about it. Hermione, meanwhile, responded with far more sensitivity that though his feeling were valid, his gender and sexuality were seperate from each other. Both helped in each it’s way, as was characteristic of his friends.

Over the years, those who said The Boy Who Lived deafend out those who still clung to misgendering him. 

Once he left the Dursley’s, he felt like nothing was holding him back in that regard anymore. He’d been taking hormone blockers, or at least a potion that worked the same way, since he arrived at Hogwarts. Due to time he spend in the Muggle world, he hadn’t been able to start hormones, and running around hunting down horcruxes wasn’t exactly the most oportune time to start. That didn’t bother him much, though. In that one regard, he was satisfied. 

Even as he despaired over a thousand other things, his gender was not one of them. He was loved and accepted as his true gender; that was enough. 

(by Mod Harry)

can u believe….that Magnus nd alec will get married one day??? like those two boys who love each other so much will smile at each other breathlessly as they say their vows and cry bc they can’t believe they’re really getting married and then they will call each other ‘husband’ the whole night and kiss and kiss and kiss some more

the truth no one believed [r.t.]

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Pairing: Richie Tozier x Sibling!Reader

Summary: Written because it was requested here! Reader is Richie’s sister, who is the complete opposite of him.

Richie trudged into school, making his way over to his friends who were all huddled around his locker.

“H-h-have you heard?” he heard BIll’s voice speak as he greeted them.

“What?’ Richie asked, still half-asleep.

“We’re getting a new student,” Eddie spoke quickly. “She walked into the principal’s office a few minutes ago.”

Richie opened his mouth to reply, to tell the Losers that he already knew all about the new student, when he was cut off by Dorothy, the principal’s assistant.

“Mr. Kaspbrak? Yes, we need you in the office.”

Eddie’s eyes widened before he cautiously stepped forwards, desperately looking at the rest of the Losers.

The rest of the kids simply smiled and waved, knowing that there was no way that Eddie Kaspbrak could possibly be in trouble.

“Mr. Kaspbrak. How good to see you.”

Eddie looked up at the principal, smiling nervously. He shot a quick glance at the girl sitting in front of him before looking down quickly.

Oh no. She’s cute.

I’d like you to show this young lady around. She’s new and could really use a helping hand.”

Eddie nodded vigorously, not trusting himself to speak. He made his way towards the door stopping himself once he realized that he was supposed to wait for you.

You caught up to him quickly, and he ushered you out of the office once he heard the bell ring. 

“A-alright. I’m Eddie and I guess I’ll be your guide for t-t-today,” Eddie winced at his words. Why was he stuttering so much?

“I’m (Y/N),” you replied quietly, looking down at your schedule.

An awkward silence passed before Eddie finally spoke. “Can I see your schedule?”

You jolted out of your daze and shyly handed it over. 

“Great you have English first. That’s not too far from here.”

With a nod and a smile, you were off.

You slowly entered the new classroom after multiple promises from Eddie in which he stated that he would pick you up after class.

No introduction was made, luckily for you, and you proceeded to sit down in an empty seat. You kept your head down, only looking up when you felt someone staring at you.

Your eyes met those of two boys, who quickly averted their gaze, trying to make it seem as though they hadn’t been blatantly staring at you.

Your attention was drawn away when a girl tapped your shoulder. She smiled brightly at you, and you were momentarily blinded by both her large smile and her hair.

“Hey. I’m Beverly Marsh. You must be new.”

You nodded slightly before smiling softly. “I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Beverly spoke. “And I’m sorry about those two. They can be pretty weird at times. The curly-haired one there is Stanley Uris and the blue-eyed boy there is Billy Denbrough.”

“Call me Stan,” the curly-haired boy said, shaking your hand.

“It’s just Bill,” the blue-eyes boy complained as he shook your hand as well.

You chuckled slightly, missing the awestruck look on the boys’ faces as you did. Beverly smirked slightly at their reactions before leaning in. “So (Y/N). Where did you move from?”

You looked down slightly. “Well I was born here but I moved away to live in New Hampshire for a few years. I just got back a few days ago.”

The two boys listened intently, nodding along to whatever you were saying as Beverly stifled a laugh. 

The rest of the class passed by in a similar fashion. Beverly asked questions and Bill and Stan would look at you dreamily, causing Beverly to giggle. 

When you met up with Eddie after class, Bill and Stan turned to each other.


“I saw her first!“

“No you didn’t!”

“Yes I did!”

Beverly laughed until she couldn’t breathe.

“Hey (Y/N). Sorry this is my friend Ben. Is it alright is he joins us?”

Eddie’s voice greeted you immediately, and you gaze was drawn to the adorable boy at his side. You smiled and nodded once more, heading with him towards your next class.

Eddie couldn’t help but stare at you, and kept doing so until Ben nudged him.

“Stop being creepy.”

“Shut up Ben.”

“You should invite her to the quarry.”

Eddie looked at Ben and smiled before walking up to your side. “Hey (Y/N), a few of my friends and I are meeting up at the old quarry after school. Want to join us?“

You looked at him and Ben before smiling widely. “Yeah, I’d like that.”

Eddie was stunned by your smile and couldn’t help but grin back goofily.

“Guys! Guys!!!”

The Losers all turned around as Eddie arrived at the quarry. The small boy was hunched over, hands on his knees as he wheezed, yet there was a blinding smile stretched across his face. “Guess what?”

Everyone except Ben had a puzzled look on face as they patiently awaited Eddie’s response.

“Okay, so the new girl, her name is (Y/N) and she is just so beautiful,” Eddie smiled. “I invited her here to hang out with us.”

“WHAT?” The Losers collectively shouted. Beverly couldn’t help but cackle, noticing the shocked expressions on Bill and Stan’s faces.

Bill and Stan marches up to Eddie, bickering over who would get to spend the most time with you. As the three boys fought, Beverly turned to look at Richie, who was standing still, jaw hanging open.

Beverly let out a loud snort, catching the attention of all the boys and causing them to quiet down. 

“What’s wrong Trashmouth?’ Beverly teased. “Are you upset about the fact that they all got to her before you did?”

Richie shook his head quickly, face twisting up in disgust. “Ew! No! Why would I even try to talk to her.”

“Because she’s gorgeous,” Eddie quickly spoke, Bill nodding in agreement.

“She’s simply amazing,” Stan sighed, a dreamy smile on his face.

“Stop talking about my sister like that!” Richie shouted, causing everyone to go silent once more.

“Your sister?” Eddie asked quietly as everybody exchanged glances. Richie nodded.

It was quiet for a few seconds before everyone began to laugh.

“T-t-that’s a g-g-good one Richie,” Bill stuttered through his laughter.

Richie stood there, fuming as he tried to convince his friends that you were indeed his sister.


The whole group spun around, seeing you standing behind them. Next to you was Mike, a confused look on his face.

“(Y/N)? Why the fuck are you here?” Richie asked, annoyed.

You responded quietly. “Eddie invited me. I didn’t know you guys were friends.”

Richie snorted. “Does mom know you’re here?”

“Like she’d care,” came your quiet reply.

“Wait,” Beverly stepped forwards. “You really are related to Richie?”

You smiled at Richie. “Yeah. He’s the best brother ever.”

The Losers all exchanged glances before looking back at you.

“How come he’s never mentioned you?” Eddie asked.

You opened your mouth to reply but were cut off by Stan. “And how come you haven’t been living here? Are you sure you’re related? You’re so…tame compared to him.”

“Our parents were only expecting Richie,” you began. “When they found out they were actually having twins, my parents freaked and my aunt volunteered to take me in. It was only recently that I asked to come back here.”

“I never mentioned her because I knew you fucktards would just ask a shit load of questions about her,” Richie added.

You walked over to Richie, smiling slightly at the Losers. “So I guess this is a surprise, yeah? I suppose I should’ve mentioned my last name earlier.”

Beverly was the first to react, smiling widely once more and grabbing your hands, leading you away and asking if Richie really was such a great sibling.

Richie smiled fondly at you before he heard more bickering behind him.

“No, I’m asking her out first!” Eddie exclaimed.

“N-n-no you’re not. You can’t even talk to her properly,” Bill protested.

“Neither of you can,” Stan interrupted smoothly. “I’m going to ask her.”

Richie spun around in disbelief. “Neither of you morons are asking her out, got it? Shit.”

All the boys nodded slightly before turning to the sound of you laughing. 

You were sitting on a log, laughing loudly as Mike sat next to you, a charming smile on his face. Beverly was nowhere to be seen.

“Aw shit,” Bill, Stan, and Eddie all chorused, watching you two.

“Oh fuck no. Not you either Hanlon,” Richie muttered as he walked over to the two of you, determined to make sure that none of his friends won you over.

Beverly walked up behind Stan, grinning as she observed Richie’s overprotectiveness. The boys and Bev all snorted when Richie wedged himself in between you and Mike, shooting him a death glare.

“Good luck baby Tozier.”

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Hands That do no Harm

Teruki Hanazawa is a bright and promising young man.

The defense needs everyone to know this.

He is a straight-A student, and a prized soccer player, and a beloved classmate, and a respected pupil. He is proper, and demure, and kind, and those words are easy enough to believe when strung around the quiet, stiff, handsome boy sitting beside his lawyer. Teruki has his hands clasped in his lap, and he wears a dark gray suit just the right amount of stark, and solemn, and remorseful, and dashing. There’s a seam in his hairline where the color transitions to something just a bit wrong—unnoticeable from a distance—but otherwise recreates his carefully-trimmed cut. It’s an object of pity, the jury has been informed. It’s the place where this proper and respectful and kind boy had been humiliatingly shorn by the deceased.

And everything after that wasn’t Teruki Hanazawa’s fault.

His mother is a beautiful dark haired woman, and her eyeliner refuses to smudge when tears drip to her cheeks. She wipes them away with the edge of an opal-lacquered nail, and she delivers her three-minute summary of her son. He is mature beyond everyone his age, and he lives alone in an apartment near his school so that he can better focus on his studies. He cleans his home, and he cooks for himself, and he makes his own bed, and he buys his own clothes. It’s a beautiful and sad picture of this child all alone, shoulders straight and back as he bears a weight no fourteen year old should. Some of the jury want to be angry with the boys’ parents for allowing this to happen, but they cannot tack that anger onto the beautiful pitiable woman crying at the stand, wearing a dress just the right amounts of stark, and solemn, and remorseful, and stunning…

His lawyer speaks next. His hands move endlessly, cutting through the air and slashing out and painting the scene like the climax of a Shakespearean tragedy. His tongue lingers on the description of the boys—those other boys—those delinquents who are not straight-A students, nor star soccer players, nor beloved pupils. They are not tragically beautiful young men in stark gray suits sitting through the worst moments of their lives. They are rough and crude and violent and scarcely human by the end of the lawyer’s rant. They dragged Teruki Hanazawa down. They forced his hand. Those cowardly brutes brought Shigeo Kageyama to Black Vinegar Middle School on that gray Tuesday afternoon, and the rest of what happened was fate.

The prosecution’s lawyer cannot speak with his hands. He is stiff in a suit which fits only in half the places. The jury doesn’t hang on his words because they are not musical, and they are not Shakespeare, and his character is nowhere near the figure that Teruki Hanazawa cuts. His character, this Shigeo Kageyama, was not a straight-A student, nor a soccer player, nor a beloved classmate. As best the jury can tell by the way the lawyer scrapes the bottom for facts about Shigeo, the boy was almost nothing at all.

It is the third day of the trial when Teruki himself is brought to the stand. He is everything the jury expects of him at this point: well-spoken, respectful, and infected with a sadness that seems to run to his very core. He had not meant to. He had not wanted to. He would take it back if he could—if only he could. And he falls silent when his lawyer brings up scholarships to the most renowned high schools, and aspirations for the most revered colleges, and plans even higher as a genius like him ought to have. The lawyer ends on a note, a simple musing, wondering if it is fair to destroy Teruki Hanazawa’s future before it exists.

The prosecution tries. They try to explain that Shigeo Kageyama’s future was already destroyed for him. But no one knows what future Shigeo Kageyama had.

The jury deliberates for 45 minutes.

Teruki Hanazawa is found not guilty.

There’s an upward quirk to his lawyer’s lip when the verdict is announced. Teruki’s mother clasps her hands, and more perfect tears run the length of her cheek. There is no clear change in Teruki’s expression. In the photos taken immediately after, he seems almost as if he hadn’t heard.

Reporters come with questions. They offer their hands first for him to shake, and he grasps each of them firm. They compliment him on having such a sure, solid handshake at his age, as if they are impressed, as if the strong, firm, unrelenting grip of Teruki Hanazawa’s hands had never done any harm.

|| needy ||

{summary: i’ve never been so needy before in my life.}

A lot of readers want more fuckboi!peter parker, so here’s || absolutely || written in his pov 👅👅👅

im also gonna put this out there but cartel’s [[the perfect mistake]] is fuckboi!peter parker’s theme song ♡

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warnings: mentions of sexual content, explicit language & attempts at an attack


Despite everything that’s being said about me (even if most of them are true), I genuinely did love Liz Allan, and she was honestly the first one I have ever been intimate with.

I met her on the academic decathlon team and recall joining it solely for the purpose of getting closer her, the team’s captain. I was in love with the waves of her dark hair and constantly imagined what her smooth, mocha skin would taste like against my lips.

When we started dating, it was like a dream come for me.

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Louis tweeting Harry happy birthday is fucking EMOTIONAL okay??? Those two had an undeniably close bond in the early days of the band, and over the years it’s stretched and withered and hidden itself and morphed and been tried by people putting something on it other than what it was. 

But they have grown. And gotten older. And changed. And Louis has had a son. And they have both lost people they loved. And they may not be those same boys who moved into the most garish flat in all of London together. But their hearts are the same. And the love and friendship forged in the fires of what they went through has brought them out on the other side to where they can be there for each other. To mourn and to celebrate. Publicly. 

And that’s some beautiful shit right there.