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“But that’s the best part! Seeing them cower as you threaten them at gunpoint! Those beady little eyes filling up with tears as their lives are at stake! Heh heh, it gets better every time I see it…” There he stood revealing himself.

“Scum like you,” he began as he spun about, “aren’t worth my time. What do you want freakazoid?”

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monica did you see taylors whole stunt on twitter about apple music :/ i try so hard to like her but she's so :/ ew

i knOW shes got a terrible personality she tries 2 come off as rly cute and sweet and does anyTHING for fans ….. but the truth beneath those little evil beady eyes …..she only wants the $$$$$$$$ and attention, she changes her views and friend group as needed to appease the targeted demographic

she makes good music but no offense shes annoying as hell as a person

smh @ apple for bowing down to her demands and inflating her ego .. yall weak as fuk but im typing this from my macbook while looking at my iphone so yall win ultimately!!!!!! 😒

Be a Boss and Suck on the Heads of Your Shrimp

Most Americans are prudish about their shrimp consumption. Not in terms of quantity—hell, you should see us go to town on the Endless Shrimp special at Red Lobster—but in format.

Many of us like ours with no vein, no head, no legs. We want to see shrimp reduced to a chubby, unrecognizable C-shaped hunk of pink flesh—a delicious hunk, however.

But it’s 2015. We’re in an era where your nine-year-old niece isn’t afraid to eat pig face and no one bats an eye at a fish eyeball on their plate. It’s time to grow up and start looking our shrimp in the eye. Gaze into those beady, black little eyes.

Photo by Janelle Jones. Food styling by Eleanore Park.

Maybe now you are ready to taste the primal experience of eating another animal (practically) whole.

We wanted a summery recipe that integrated this all-too-important visual and psychological feature, this literal headiness. So we asked Kris Yenbamroong of LA’s Night + Market for a recipe that would pack big flavor into these crustaceans that have become synechdocal with their own small size.

WATCH: Chef’s Night Out with Night + Market Song

You’ll need to quickly whip up a salty-sweet, peppery marinade. Ditto a dipping sauce with garlic, Thai chili, lime, and cilantro. And of course, you’ll need a dozen head-on shrimp.

But seriously, this recipe is mostly mixing and grilling. It’s ready in a flash, and you’ll instill fear in the hearts of your enemies as you look them dead in the eye and suck the juice out of these shrimp heads.

MAKE IT: Night+Market’s Grilled Shrimp Skewers

With loads of spice and sweet meat, this is a recipe that you can master in just a single hour of a lazy afternoon in front of the grill.

And don’t forget about the brain, of course. Shrimp brains taste best in the summer, washed down with some ice-cold Singha. Everyone knows that.