It’s Friday and I found this peculiar little #kestrel in my drawer! He’s not much of a talker, and he’s been staring at me with those beady little eyes for half an hour now. Don’t stare me down kestrel!

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a narry oneshot: niall takes his nephew theo to the aquarium and finds out he likes aquariums more than he thinks

Niall’s pretty sure it’s watching him. Those dark, beady eyes and the flicking fins are creeping him out. He shudders and picks up Theo, walking away from the shark exhibit.

Aquariums aren’t Niall’s favorite, but Theo loves them. And he’s been playing babysitter for Greg and Denise today as a favor. So, for Theo, they go to the aquarium.

When they reach the jellyfish room, Niall sits down on a bench right in front, placing Theo gently next to him, keeping his arm wrapped around the little boy. He watches as Theo’s eyes light up, the little boy going very still to watch the gelatinous creatures move throughout the tank.  Theo looks over at him, placing a chubby finger in front of his lips.

“Shh” he says solemnly, and Niall nods, bringing his own finger to his lips and ‘shh’-ing in agreement. It’s fine with him if they’re quiet for a while. A daycare group had been in the penguin exhibit at the same time as them, and his ears were still ringing. At least he and Theo are alone in here, where it’s quiet.

Or, at least they were alone. Niall sighed. A boy had just come in in, slowly walking along the wall until he was exactly in front of where Niall and Theo were sitting. Niall groaned out loud.

“Mate, you think you could move over a bit? You’re blocking the little guy’s view.”

The guy whirls around, and Niall feels his breath leave his body a little bit. He’s taller than Niall, and lanky too. A soft mop of brown hair covers his head; a little shorter on the sides but with curls poking out in every direction, giving the boy an endearingly messy look that’s only enhanced by the baggy plaid shirt and scuffed boots he’s wearing. His eyes are gorgeous too; a fucking green color that definitely wasn’t Niall’s favorite shade. Sue him, he’s Irish.

The boy swoops his hand through his messy quiff, and apologizes. “Sorry, I didn’t see you two there.” He steps towards them and crouches down in front of Theo. “Hello” he says to Theo, in this low sing-songy voice that sounds absolutely ridiculous. Niall’s pretty sure he’s in love. He grins, and pulls Theo a little closer to him.

“This is Theo,” he tells the boy. “And I’m Niall.”

The boy grins back at Niall, a pair of fucking dimples popping out. Dimples and green eyes… yeah, Niall’s definitely in love.

“M’ Harry,” the boy introduces himself, his voice going back to the deep tone he first used a minute ago. “Is he yours?”

Niall feels a flush spread across his cheeks, and shakes his head. “Nah,” he replies, and clears his throat. “He’s me brother Greg’s boy.”

“So.” Harry states. “You’re really Uncle Niall.”

“Uncle Niall!” Theo crows loudly, a proud smile appearing on his chubby features. Niall cackles, and Harry’s grin grows wider. “That’s right, buddy,” Niall tells Theo, pulling him onto his lap. “I’m your Uncle Niall.”

Harry stands up from his crouch, and then sits down next to the two of them. Theo takes one look at Harry next to him and fairly launches himself into Harry’s lap. Babbling nonsense, Theo points to the jellyfish and then to Harry, who nods along while Niall just watches in disbelief. Harry looks over at Niall and shoots him a smug grin before dropping one eyelid in a flirtatious wink. Niall feels his heart jump slightly, while he wills himself to relax. Who even is this? What kind of boy just waltzes into the jellyfish room at an aquarium and charms his nephew and looks like that and flirts with him anyway?

Abruptly, Harry stands, taking Theo up with him. “We’re going to see the turtles, if you want to come.” Harry tells him, and starts off.

“Wait!” Niall calls, but Harry is already trotting off down the hall towards the turtles and its all Niall can do to bite back his tongue and go after them.


 It’s the end of the day and they’ve traipsed through the entire aquarium. Niall even pet the stingrays while Harry took multiple instagrams and then insisted on buying them lunch afterward. They’re standing outside the building, with Theo fast asleep on Niall’s shoulder. Harry licks his lips, and sticks his hand into his entirely too tight jeans pocket and fishes out a small slip of paper, which he hands to Niall. Niall takes the paper wordlessly, and sticks it into his own pocket.

“It’s my number,” Harry tells him a bit shyly. “Call me when you and this little guy come here again, yeah?” Niall can only nod, and Harry beams at him. “I’ll see you later then, Niall.” Harry walks backward down the whole block before rounding the corner with a little wave before disappearing out of Niall’s sight, and all he can feel is the small slip of paper burning a hole in his pocket, and all he can think is that he really doesn’t mind aquariums at all.

  • Draco:Blaise, get your bloody arse here!
  • Blaise:Um...
  • Draco:RIGHT NOW!
  • Blaise:*nervously takes a step closer* Did something happen? Am I in trouble?
  • Draco:*slams the door shut* *is so close to Blaise's face that he can feel his breathing* Say that again?
  • Blaise:*gulps* Are you angry at me?
  • Draco:Oh. *perplexed* No, I'm angry at Granger! You know, she has those beady little eyes that stare right into your soul, and her teeth are so shiny but so hideous! And don't even get me started on her hair-
  • Blaise:*sighs* This is the worst punishment EVER
Dojo Chase
  • Dojo Chase
  • Brian H. Kim
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - The Banagic Incident

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - The Banagic Incident. I think this episode is so funny. So. Funny. “Those beady little black eyes, like tiny black fists, I’ll look into those eyes and I will say… oh wait never mind.” Star is on fire.

But I’m posting the cue from when Marco chases Jeremy around the dojo. Usually at this point in the season we have some kind of reference for something we’ve done already – like established themes and palettes for certain characters and situations. But we haven’t really done Marco vs. Jeremy (Monster Arm was more about Star vs. the Monster Arm – Jeremy is collateral damage). So I just opened up a bunch of random instruments without a plan and was like here goes nothing.

Career advice! Do random stuff without a plan.


Spot The Lizzy will be the meta of our game experience.

Thinkin’ about it, it would be kind’a funny/spooky if she was in literally every room of the university, s’pecially with those beady little eyes.

She is a trans-dimensional goat fungus midget hillbilly Avatar of Yog-Sothoth after all! 


Texts and annoyance

The image on his phone just kept staring up at him and he could have sworn there was judgment in those beady eyes. Raphael frowned as he debated just deleting the text message, but his finger just hovered over trashcan icon. Dios, why couldn’t he just ignore the stupid text message? The messages had started out fine and then quickly had gone sideways. Which was why he was staring at the image with a look of mild annoyance. 

A few words escaped him before he finally started to type a reply to the most annoying person in his life.

Raphael: I don’t look like that.

Dulce De Leche: You do. Honest. 

Raphael: I am insulted.

Dulce De Leche: I can even picture you laughing like that…

Raphael: I will literally bleed you dry, idiota.

Dulce De Leche: While counting!

A faint growl escaped his lips as he tossed the phone down onto the leather cushion of the couch. Why did he even bother? Simon was just going to continue on that train of thought until he threatened real pain. The younger vampire just didn’t seem to know when to shut up! Rafe was starting to keep a list in his head of all the things Simon did to annoy him. This text was right up there with the destruction of his favorite jackets. Somehow the younger vampire just knew how to do things that annoyed him to no end. 

He did not look like Count von Count! 

His dark gaze was drawn to the blinking light on his phone. He was not going to answer, no, he was not going to give that idiota the delight of getting under his skin! Raphael had lived a long time and he had learned to build walls. A stupid picture wasn’t going to bother him. Well, that was what he told himself even as he picked up the phone and typed a reply. His fingers moved quickly on the screen as he narrowed his eyes. 

Raphael: Ah hah hah.


Raphael: …this is why I hate texting you.

Dulce De Leche: Whaaaaaaaaaaat? You love texting me. 

Dulce De Leche: Raphael?

Ducle De Leche: Rafe? Hey? 

Dulce De Leche: Hello? Did you die?

Raphael: Dios. You are annoying.

Dulce De Leche: Love you too.

A faint smiled appeared on Rafe’s face and he quickly hid it behind his hand. It was amazingly hard to stay annoyed at Simon for some reason. Plus, if he thought about it, Count von Count wasn’t that bad. There were worse fake vampires he could have been compared to after all, like that glittery stalker one. 

Raphael: Si. Now leave me alone, I have some business I am supposed to be focusing on.

Dulce De Leche: Of course. I’ll see you later! Keep on counting! 

Dios, he was going to be stuck with Simon for a very long time. Life was going to be very interesting from now on and he wasn’t sure how he felt about that idea. Raphael closed his eyes for a moment as he tried to figure out his own feelings. 


Despite the somewhat early hour on a now curfew free Friday night, Madeleine doesn’t feel much like going out, so she and Westley curl up together and flip on the television. After channel surfing for a while, West eventually settles on a long-running late night talk program, The Evening Show with Ray Simo.

“Ugh, his face annoys me,” Maddie groans and collapses back on to the bed beside Westley. “Maybe it’s his ginormous chin or those smug, beady eyes, but every time I look at him I get the heebie jeebies. Like he knows the punch line to the world’s funniest joke, but I have to take off my top before he’ll tell it to me.”

West smiles, interlacing his fingers with hers. “Yeah, I’m sure he’s an asshole. Wealth seems to have that effect on people. The more money you have the more distance it puts between you and the rest of the population. Like this guy,” he says as he motions to the handsome, well dressed man who just walked onto the stage. “Everything about him screams money, from that expensive suit to his pretentious smirk and condescending little strut. And how much do you want to wager he’s some well-to-do politician or high level businessman?”

“Not taking that bet,” she laughs without glancing up at the TV. 

“Oh, he’s from Bridgeport,” Westley frowns, scanning the caption at the bottom of the screen. “Theodore Davenport, newly elected governor and son of Thaddeus Davenport, the longest serving governor in Simington state’s history and the national vice presidential candidate in the elections of ‘28 and ‘36… I wonder if he’s related to Arabella from the museum?” he muses out loud.

“Gianna’s never mentioned it before, but she wouldn’t-” Maddie freezes midsentence as the man’s laughter spills from the television speakers and into the hotel room. “W-what did you say his name w-was again?”

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Did anyone else find the `Member Berries really creepy? I mean, with those little beady black eyes, the range of high-pitched voices, and the fact they fucking talked, it just seemed pretty weird. Then again, this is South Park we`re talking about. Seriously though, am I alone on that?