now that i think about it the rumors i remember hearing the most in elementary school were the ones where someone claimed barney got fired because he had marijuana in his tail or he swore at a kid, and everyone in my grade believed them. we would always question rumors about fellow classmates and popular celebrities, but we just faithfully believed that the barney rumor was true, like we all knew deep down there must have been something sinister behind that dinosaur costume and those beady eyes.

i like the way they,
whisper to me.
i hear them calling my name
from across the room,
when early morning strikes.

they watch me, white beady eyes,
not tonight, i’ll say for the umpteenth time.
not tonight.

sometimes, though,
i can’t quite stop,
the crawling beneath my skin,
pale and cracked from desperation,
just that desire,
for one night.
just that desire.
just tonight.
just this last time.

i live for when,
i sacrifice myself to the haze and cloying nightmares,
as an alternate reality scoops me up
chews me,
and spits me out whole.

bliss, for an hour, or ten, or three days.
how long will it last this time?
those beady eyes, dancing like stars in a blackened sky.
begging me to let them in.

how many more times will i do this?
i always ask myself the same question,
when the high rushes in and then,
there are no more demons to tame.
instead, it’s just the focus of oblivion.
as i watch myself fade,
and wonder if this time,
i’ll even return at all.

—  Drug Induced Paraphernalia l O.M Wright

I was stepping out of the door when all of a sudden I see a grayish-brown streak dart across the steps before me. Apparently, he didn’t get a chance to finish his lunch, so little buddy had to finish it in a tree as those beady black eyes pierced into mine.


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South Park Poli Sci professor update. Again in class states "I just don't really trust Canadians, not after they dared to get in a war with us. It's just not something I can forgive." Says this all in a very serious, and slightly scandalized tone. He is honestly my favorite lol

That’s hilarious. Next time he says something like that, you should say, “Yeah, they’re really shady with those beady eyes and floppy heads…”