If I have time tomorrow after school and work…. I want to draw valentine’s smooches. Fatesonas and their kiddos probably, since those are cute…. who’s willing to throw their sona at me to get valentines smooches (by ronya/vivi, enn, kallem, miyu etc…)? What kinda kisses? If I have the time, I’ll do as many as I can~

someone tagged my drawing of those scenes of ep 56 of taz with “#this is the best art ive seen for the suffering game and the best art i’ve seen for all of taz tbh” and i’m borderline crying here alone in my room on a friday night lmfao

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I wouldn't want to be Jims s/o cause I probably can't keep up with his sex life. But one night with a possessive Jim sounds awesome tbh. Would Jim have one night stands though?

He would. It’d be the only way to match his sex-life with his busy busy schedule. Nevertheless Jim is a relationship person. Too many partners would confuse him and his jealous side wouldn’t do well knowing that those people he slept with would move on and find others.

He wants to be the one and only, the best.

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Hello! Can I please request a ship with Seventeen & Mamamoo? I'm an imaginative, intelligent and open-minded person. I'm compassionate, and easily angered by injustice. I enjoy learning, esp. about the humanities subjects. I'm creative, and I love to write and draw. I value deep friendships, and I enjoy discussing abstract concepts (I love philosophy, although tbh I tend to overthink a lot). I love those close to me deeply, and do my best to be a supportive, trustworthy friend. Thank you sm!!

Thanks for requesting <3

From Seventeen, I ship you with…


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From Mamamoo, I ship you with…


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I hope you like your ships! Have a lovely day/night!


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Tiny hands tape poorly cut hearts onto Burnet's computer monitor. They were decking out her desk for an element of surprise Kukui claims. He jumps down from the desk, grabbing a bright red paper heart that he had made behind Kukui's back late last night. "Mama and I always did this." Written in the best handwriting a five year old could have; 'Thank you for looking after me and Cubone and being a mommy and daddy to me. Love Kiawe and Cubone.'

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     This would prove to be one of those rare moments where Kukui’s process of speech was completely rendered void. Kiawe had been in he and Burnet’s custody for a little while now, and it was still settling in that the boy really and truly looked to him as a father. The Professor put a tender hand on Kiawe’s head, giving his hair a gentle ruffle before picking him up in a quick fluid movement that could have been mistaken as well practiced, but was simply instinctual. 

     “She’s gonna love it kiddo, I know I do, yeah.” 

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Harry potter ship please? Straight 5'8 girl with curly brown hair and hazel eyes. Introverted, doesn't talk often. Jokes about everything. Quite childish and sarcastic. Over emotional. Clingy and easily jealous. Gryffindor. Needs constant love. Mom friend, protective of those close to me. Tries too hard to be athletic tbh. Loves music and piano. Dream date is probably movies and cuddles all night. Thanks!

I love doing Harry potter ships! Enjoy


I ship you with: Neville (There couldn’t be a better and cuter couple)

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Your best friend: Harry

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Your secret admirer: Cedric

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Your enemy: Bellatrix

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Your position: Gryffindor

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The “fans" who’ve decided they’re not going to the Chicago fanmeet simply because they got cheaper tickets and don’t believe it’s now worth it, really disappoint me. What may be cheaper, further back seats to you, are priceless seats of gold to those who’ve stayed up nights bawling their eyes out, wishing they could attend. Most would feel blessed to simply be in the same room and share the experience, yet some feel entitled enough that if they haven’t got the closest, best seats, making the effort to see them isn’t worth it at all. Despite the fact SHINee work their assess off to provide entertainment for you, making a little effort to sit further back and support them with your presence is too much of a feat. How lovely.

Lydia knew she should be happy with the fact that no one had died at the carnival but that wasn’t good enough for her. Someone was still missing and she didn’t have any doubts that the beast was responsible. It was impossible for the banshee to sleep that night with all of those thoughts running around her head so instead, Lydia went back to the parking lot where the carnival had taken place. Crime scene tape was all around but she managed to sneak her way over to where the missing boy was last seen- Lydia had gotten really great at making her way past police recently. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she moved to the area, desperately hoping for some sort of sign telling her how to help him. Unfortunately, all she heard was the sound of a voice that came from directly behind her. “Sorry. What did you say?” Lydia asked, turning her body around quickly.