get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”

#actual sawamura eijun protection squad
Forever Wasn’t That Long

Alex Summers X Reader

Character(s): Alex Summers, Charles Xavier, Jubilation Lee, mentions of Scott Summers

Fandom: X-Men

Prompt/Plot: “Oh, so I guess it’s still you and I, forever?”

Warning(s): swearing

A/N: surprise surprise I’m not actually dead I just don’t have any inspiration. This is also a fucking short ass shitshow.

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Proposal // Dean x Reader FLUFF

A/N: sooooo after that mama performance of the holy trinity, I felt some type of way. This is the result, enjoy :)

Word count: 1.215

Dean started to pace around his dressing room, nervously playing with a tiny velvet box in his hands.

When the door suddenly swings open, he quickly put the box in his pocket, hiding his hands behind his back afraid you had walked in, but as he recognized the faces of his good friends Zico and Crush he immediately relaxed.

“What’re you hiding?” Zico says raising his eyebrow at him.

Crush closes the door behind him as he sits down on one of the nearby couches.

“It’s nothing” Dean says sighing, running his hand through his hair.

He couldn’t recall the last moment he was this nervous. Before performances he got healthy nerves, but the nerves he was feeling right now weren’t good for his blood pressure.

He quickly checked his appearance in the mirror and fixed a piece of hair which was parted from the rest.

“Okay, so you’re acting all kinds of weird bro, what’s going on?” Crush says crossing his arms.

Dean looked at the both of his friends who weren’t going to let his behavior slide. He put his hand in his pocket, revealing the black velvet box, opening it to reveal a 3 karat princess cut diamond ring.

Zico’s mouth dropped to the floor and Crush immediately jumped up from the couch in pure shock.

“W-wh-this? H-when? Who?” Zico stammered.

“(Y/n) obviously, dumbass.” Dean said closing the box again

“You’re asking her? Tonight?” Crush finally said, taking the box again to inspect the ring.

Dean nodded. “Do you think she’ll say yes?” he nervously asked biting on his lower lip

“That’s what you’re worried about? Of course she will.” Zico says putting an arm around Dean’s shoulder, comforting him.

“She’ll be crazy not to say yes to this” Crush says playing with the box.

Dean snatched the box out of his hands. “Don’t play with that, it cost more than my apartment” he frowns.

“No but seriously, you’ve been together for 4 years now, she’s not going anywhere. You’ve been through so much together, there is no way in hell she’ll say no” Crush says sitting back down.

“Yeah, yeah I guess.”
“Everybody! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all so much for the support you have given me for the past couple of years. This year has been especially precious to me as I got to introduce you all to my beautiful girlfriend (y/n)”

The crowd went wild and all eyes were turned on you. You were shocked at his sudden public outburst of affection, something he rarely did. But given the fact it was your 4-year anniversary, you understood a little.

You get butterflies in your tummy as your boyfriend stares at you lovingly, smiling widely holding out his hand

“Will you please come up on stage with me?” he asked.

Your eyes widen and you furiously start to shake your head, trying to get him to stop whatever he was doing.

Zico laughed through the mic “Ah come on (y/n) don’t leave him hanging”

You stood frozen in your place as you felt thousands of cellphone camera’s pointed to you.

“(y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)! (y/n)!” Crush chanted to get the crowd going.

They all joined in and with that your legs automatically started moving towards the stage.

As you walk up the stairs onto the stage Crush takes your hand leading you to Dean.

The smile on his face was contagious so you hide your face in with your long sleeves, eyeing the crowd. The ocean of lights was absolutely breathtaking and you heart started to pound harder and harder in your chest.

You had no idea what he was going to do, maybe serenade you? But you could already tell you were going to have a hard time trying not to pass out in front of thousands of people.

Dean took your left hand intertwining your fingers. You were still covering your gigantic smile with your other hand as he never lost eye contact with you.

“Jagi” he sighed

The crowd screamed in response to his voice.

“I just wanted to tell you that you make me so happy” he started.

“aaaaaaaaaaawwhhh” Crush said teasingly.

“Give me a moment guys” Dean joked to his friends who were standing next to the two of you, with their arms around each others shoulders, and with that you knew something else was up.

Dean smiled at you sweetly. “We have been through more then anyone can imagine in the short 5 years we’ve known each other and the 4 years we’ve been dating, I literally fell in love with my best friend and I don’t know what I did to deserve you” he says sighing and looking down.

Tears start to prickle your eyes at his sudden confession. You love him so much it’s almost annoying.

“With every choice I make I think of you, you just make me a better version of myself and I don’t know what I would do without you”

The crowd was silent but all of the flashlights were still focused on the two of you.

You looked around the crowd, people were looking behind you so your eyes followed.

A picture of you and Dean smiling at each other was displayed on a huge screen. You’ve never seen that picture before, but it was already your favorite picture of the two of you together.

You both looked truly happy and carefree. Something you wish to always be.

“That” he said pointing to the picture. “Is how I feel every single time I lay my eyes on you.”

He let go of your hand and from there on out everything went by so fast.

He got on one knee, revealing a black velvet box, opening it for you.

You were in complete and utter shock. You would have never seen this coming, as Dean didn’t seem like the type to feel the need to claim you with marriage.

Of course you’ve talked about it, but never in a serious matter, and since this was happening, he was down on one knee in front of you showing you such a beautiful ring held by the most beautiful man, you couldn’t stop the tears from flowing anymore.

How did you become so lucky? How did this even happen? Where did those 4 years of your life go, because to you your relationship with him never got old.

Every time you see him you fall in love all over again. You don’t know why but you were always a little self conscious about yourself, thinking he could find a better girlfriend, but this just took all of that insecurity away.

He wanted you. No. He needed you. And he is all you need as well.

“(y/n) would you make me the happiest man alive?” he smiled up at you.

“Will you marry me?” he says not believing he actually said those words out loud.

Your tears were streaming down your face as you kneel down with him, taking his face between your hands, placing a sloppy kiss on his lips, nodding, resting your forehead against his.


The crowd goes wild.

Zico and Crush started to jump around the stage like happy babies.

“Yes” you repeated.

Dean’s face lit up and he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you in for one of his bear hugs as he kissed the top of your head.

“I love you so much jagiya, forever.”

“I love you too, forever” you say sniffling into his chest.

That, was the start of forever.

What If...

You woke up and you were your favorite main/had their abilities? If your blog is dedicated to an object or non-human looking god then you’d gain their physical attributes as if you were a mutant. Option to hide these as quickly as Hel changes personalities so you can appear normal? Yes. Those with pets, good luck.

I’d actually start crying happy tears uncontrollably if I woke up as Apollo.

RFA + the minor trio, daydreaming headcanons

(secret ending spoilers under the cut, be wary of spoilers of each character’s route in their section~)


  • When he first met you, he dreamed of being a LOLOL power couple with you. True story. He wanted to go on adventures with you, get famous in the online world with you, have people look at your characters and go “oh!! they’re so perfect together, they work together so well, they’re so strong!!”
  • A lot of those daydreams transfer over into the “real world” as well. He wants to be a responsible, functioning person - but the idea of you filling in the spaces where he’s lacking and him doing the same in return is wonderful to him. He wants to help you organize parties, wants to pick you up from work and then be surprised in the car when you bring him a little pastry you picked up on the way…
  • …he just wants to be in a sickeningly sweet, healthy and supportive relationship with u ok.


  • What does this boy not daydream about, particularly when it comes to you? Cuddling, kissing, petting your hair, you seeing him looking cool on stage… Every time he gets a new script, he imagines you as the leading lady.
  • You help him practice his lines, and he’s just so happy. It’s like… he can pretend to be whatever, whenever with you. You can meet and fall in love a million times and it’s so!! Great!!
  • Whenever he’s having trouble, he daydreams how proud you’ll be of him if he succeeds - and that makes him try his hardest to make those dreams come true.


  • …What does she have to daydream about when being with you is already a dream come true?
  • The pair of you laugh, and she admits that she daydreams about the two of you being able to go to the premier of a movie that has Zen as the lead actor.  Wouldn’t that just be perfect? Being able to see your friend have a career and a life just as successful as yours…
  • And maybe… sometimes… she thinks about other things. Sillier things. Like what kind of bouquet she wants to hold when she marries you… (Ahh! Did she say that out loud?)


  • He’s a practical man who doesn’t often indulge in fantasies. Isn’t it better to make things reality, instead? He’d rather plan than dream, and many of these plans predictably involve cats. Cat islands, cat amusement parks, cat cafes and being able to spend all day petting cats at a shelter…
  • …sometimes, when thinks are difficult, he replays memories to comfort himself. Times when he slept in with you, Elizabeth curled up next to you, times when wore cute things just for him, that time when you tried to make his pancakes in the shapes of animals and -
  • …gosh. He’s getting awfully distracted now, isn’t he?


  • He loves stargazing, and he dreams of being in space where it’s so empty and peaceful and quiet. No one to bother him, nothing to hurt him, no obligations, no pain… Wouldn’t it be nice to get married at the space station? He could see the earth with you, the moon, the stars - everything, and yet be so far away from anything that could hurt him.
  • …But also, sometimes, he dreams of being a star. No one hates stars, right? They’re flawless. Everyone admires them, everyone looks up to them… they’re never broken little boys with horrible, cracked hearts. There’s a reason famous people are called stars.
  • He lives vicariously through Zen and through these fantasies - of being admirable. Of being loved. (And one day, you point up at the sky, at the biggest, brightest star you can see… and you tell him it’s name is Saeyoung now.)

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s/b: questions bodhi’s piloting skills
bodhi, the most non-confrontational man you’re ever likely to meet: (ง'̀-‘́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง (ง'̀-'́)ง U WANNA GO M8

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please tell me your raptor facts I find them interesting

oh BUDDY ur my new fave

  • most people know about this already, but raptors are thought to have had feathers!
  • those feathers might have made their arms wing-like, as there have been ‘quill-knobs’ found around their elbows like modern birds. these wings would have been super useless tho.
  • no one knows what they actually sounded like. the jurassic movies combined a bunch of other animals noises (including some tortoises going at it. i shit u not) to make stuff up.
  • one of the best fossils of a raptor they’ve found shows it straight up FIGHTING A PROTOCERATOPS
  • they had big ol brains and were REALLY smart. unfortunately this meant they also had giant heads
  • they’re pretty famous for those talons but!! those actually likely weren’t used to tear open prey as previously thought. while they are pretty impressive looking, scientists tried using them to slash open both a pig and a crocodile, and they were mostly useless. instead, the claws were probably used to hang on to prey’s backs so they could rip out the throat with their teeth, which could do a lot more damage.
  • also, with those big ol claws, they might have climbed trees!
  • again with the claws: they may have used them to pin down small prey and tear them apart ALIVE. BECAUSE RAPORS WERE DAMN METAL
  • ‘velociraptor’ means ‘speedy thief’
  • which makes sense because could run pretty damn fast, like 40 mph!!
  • they were actually really small? like the size of a turkey? jurassic park made them almost 7x their real size. punk-ass little nerd dinos
  • raptors were one of the very last dino species to be alive on earth. bc as i mentioned. they were metal and didn’t go down quiet
Just Imagine... [Yurio’s Crush on Yuuri 2/3]

Yuri Plisetsky’s POV (PART 1 HERE)

THE PICTURE (Episode 5)

  • Sees picture of Yuuri jumping into Viktor’s arms. Jealousy digs deep. Yuri hurls his phone away, but the picture stays emblazoned in his mind. So intimate. It couldn’t mean they’re together, could it?
  • Mila teases him about the picture, and for a moment Yuri freaks out inside, worried she knows about his crush. But, no. She couldn’t. If anything, she thinks he likes Viktor, that old geezer.


  • Watches Yuuri skate at the Cup of China. It’s even better than his performance at Onsen on Ice. Seriously, how did he improve that much since then? But his heart’s fluttering again and he’s totally forgotten about his juice box. A perfect performance. Yuri tries to calm down. Don’t let the girls notice your feelings. Just keep them inside. Keep everything inside. It’s not like you could do anything about it anyways.
  • “Love wins!” the announcer says, and that just pisses Yuri off. Whose love? Viktor’s? Are those fools actually getting together? Yuri can’t stop the tears, and the only way he can hide them from Mila is to face the wall and pretend like he doesn’t care about Georgi’s performance. It takes everything he has to keep his voice level as he says, “Whatever.”
  • Glances at Georgi’s emotional performance. He’s never thought Georgi was anything special as a skater, but this performance intrigues Yuri, probably because it churns familiar feelings inside of him. Mila comments that Georgi recently got dumped by his ice dancer girlfriend. Then Mila goes and asks him, “Did you know that, Yuri?” Without thinking, Yuri yells for her to shut up. Does she know about the heartbreak he himself is going through? Is that why she’s asking him? To jab at his sore spots?
  • “Wow, he’s actually crying,” Mila says of Georgi. “Seriously?” Yuri says, though he’s not really one to talk since he was just crying himself.
  • “Oh, that’s right, his ex is competing in the Cup of China too,” Mila says. “Seriously? That’s gotta suck,” Yuri replies. His voice comes out wistful, so he lets his hair fall over his face and watches the last two performances in silence.
  • Then Yuuri is on the screen for an interview. “With my coach, Viktor, I’ll win with the power of love!” Dammit. Yuri had just gotten his tears under control and Yuuri had to go and say that? That pig really is trying to stomp on his heart. Yuri storms out of the room before the girls can notice.

“YURI ON ICE” (Episode 7)

  • Pulls out his phone to look at banquet pics of Yuuri again, only to see an article pop up about Georgi. Crap. The free skate is today, isn’t it?
  • “His program is called ‘Yuri on Ice’” For a moment, Yuri’s heart skips a beat, but then he remembers it’s based on Yuuri himself. No way would he dedicate his program to him, but a part of him still feels special all the same. “Yuri on Ice” a program about Yuuri’s love. It’s an impossible dream, but it sends Yuri into the clouds for most of Yuuri’s performance.
  • Then out of nowhere Yuuri does a quad flip, Viktor’s signature move. Yuri can’t even do that one yet. He’s shocked and a bit awed too. It was beautiful, despite the fall.
  • Mila chats to her friend, but Yuri can’t take his eyes off the screen. The camera angle is distant, but Viktor appears to be jumping on Yuuri. Wtf was that a kiss? Yuri doesn’t even notice as he starts jamming his spoon into his food.
  • Viktor shows up in the interview, confident that Yuuri will win the Rostelecom Cup. Yuri is determined to win now, or Viktor will just shower Yuuri with more kisses. He is friggin’ pissed off. It’s stupid, he knows, but he saw Yuuri first. Viktor didn’t even know he was a competitor. So how did Viktor charm his little heart? Why did Yuuri have to be 23? If he’d just been 16, Viktor wouldn’t be interested in him and Yuri would have a chance.


  • Can’t help but talk about Japan to his grandpa, especially the katsudon he enjoys so much. The food, that is. Though, he can’t help think about ‘Katsudon’ Yuuri either.
  • Is blown away by Yuuri’s short program again. It’s even better than at the Cup of China. Calm down. Calm down. His face is only flushed because he just skated. He’s not blushing because he’s seen you.
  • Now he really wants to impress Yuuri. He’s gotta show Yuuri he’s just as good. But Grandpa isn’t here, and he was supposed to be his link to “agape”
  • Almost has a panic attack, but calms down when he hears Yuuri’s score. Almost 110. He’s so proud of him. Finally, Yuuri is getting the scores he deserves.
  • Viktor kisses Yuuri’s skating boot. Anger courses through Yuri, and he remembers why he’s there. He has to prove how strong he is. Will Yuuri be impressed? How the heck can he feel “agape” now?
  • He’s so angry that he misses a jump he hasn’t missed in a full year. This was supposed to be his chance to show Yuuri how good he’s gotten, to prove that he’s a strong skater too, but it’s not working.
  • He remembers the humiliation at Onsen on Ice, and the jealousy he felt, but he reminds himself that Yuuri is 23. He’s done this years more than Yuri. That’s right. Yuri is just inexperienced. The thought calms him down, and he manages to get through his performance without any more mistakes.


  • Grandpa shows up for the free skate and gives Yuri pirohzkis to eat before. As soon as Yuri realizes they have katsudon inside, he fills with energy and joy. His favorite food and Yuuri’s favorite food combined. It’s so perfect. Just what he needs to fuel his performance. He’s going all in this time. He’s got to show Yuuri how good he’s gotten.
  • “With Viktor gone, I’m the only one who can win. Everything should be on my side.” He doesn’t mean with Viktor taking a year off. No, he means with Viktor not here to work with Yuuri. It means Yuuri won’t skate as well, and the only real competition will be JJ.
  • He moves two jumps to the second half to get his score higher. Now all he has to do is skate a flawless program. Will Yuuri watch him again this time?
  • It’s difficult, but he makes it through and scores a new personal best. Immediately, he looks around for Yuuri, but he’s already on the ice, not looking so good. As expected, Viktor’s absence is affecting him. It’s worse than he thought…
  • Starts to cheer for Yuuri (in Japanese, so he’s more likely to hear it), but stinking JJ interrupts. Then Lilia tells him to come along. He wants to finish watching Yuuri skate, but he doesn’t want to make a big deal about it, especially in front of JJ, so he follows Lilia.
  • Afterwards, Yuuri randomly starts hugging everyone like some crazed hug zombie, so Yuri runs away from him and changes back into regular clothes, then he goes to see his grandpa.
  • Grandpa hands him another bag of pirohzkis. “Isn’t your Japanese friend here today? Why don’t you give him some?” he says. Friend. The word doesn’t sound right to Yuri. It’s not enough to describe everything Yuuri means to him. But he wants him to try the katsudon pirohzki. He’ll love them, won’t he? Will he make that really happy expression again? Yuri wants to see it…
  • Races around the stadium looking for Yuuri, only to discover that he’s already left. He’s so frustrated that when he finds Yuuri outside, he gives him a good kick.
  • “You made me look for you.” He’s so exhausted that it just slips out, but he’s quick to cover it up by criticizing Yuuri. That always seems to work well. Though, if Yuuri hadn’t made it to the GPF (narrowly with his 4th place), Yuri wouldn’t have said a word. In fact, he would’ve been disappointed.
  • So he changes tactics quickly. “Katsudon, you have no right to feel more down that me.” Then he tosses Yuuri the pirohzkis before he can say anything lame like “Are you trying to cheer me up?” Because the only thing he can think of to reply to that is, “You got a problem with that?”
  • “You can have it. It’s almost your birthday, right?” he says. Oh, wait. Did he just admit that he memorized Yuuri’s birthday? Crap.
  • Averts his eyes as Yuuri opens the bag. Goodness, he didn’t realize it would be this embarrassing. He just wanted to make Yuuri smile after his miserable day. Viktor can’t be the only person that can make him happy.
  • “Eat!” he yells when Yuuri doesn’t get the message. And Yuuri does, and he recognizes the katsudon, and Yuri can’t help but smile and brag about his grandpa.
  • “They’re vkusno,” Yuuri says, and Yuri’s heart skips a beat. Hearing Russian words from Yuuri’s lips is something special. It’s better than his “Davai!” shout when Viktor was there. Or probably it’s better because Viktor isn’t here.
  • Yuri wishes that moment could go on forever, but it doesn’t, and he thinks about Yuuri all the way home. The Grand Prix Final is coming. Yuuri will be there. He’s so excited he can hardly breathe. Will Yuri finally perfect his “Yuri on Ice” program? The program that still feels like a love poem to Yuri, even though it’s clearly aimed at Viktor.


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I'M SORRY BUT I'M SCREAMING SO MUCH "maybe I was better off death." UHm sorry but what?? You can't do this to me?? now i can't stop thinking about jason coming to this thought time to time. just kill me man

me @ lobdell: first of all how dare you???????????????????????

i was not expecting those feels at all, actual tears omg. 

me: manga finale chapter of zestiria was released today in zero-sum and I’m so excited and ready, let’s do this!!!

me: *sees official screencaps on mangaka’s page*


BTS  - You thinking they deserve better.

Than you so much for the  request.

Kim Namjoon

You would be cuddled up on the couch together, watching a movie when you began to feel tears stream down your cheeks.  Rather than watching the movie you had been overthinking, your head buried into his chest in hopes he wouldn’t notice you crying. 

However he would instantly realise something was off. “Y/N, are you crying?” He would gently lift your chin to look at him, seeing your tears would cause him worry so he would sit both of you up, looking straight into your eyes.

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Did someone do something?” Namjoon’s eyes would be scanning yours for some sort of sign.

You would shake your head “I-I’m not good enough” you’d say in almost a mumble.

Namjoon would pull you into a tight embrace, holding you close to him. “You’re too good for me, don’t think like that, I love you”

He would spend the rest of the night, comforting you until you were okay.

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Kim Seokjin

You would be helping Jin cooking in the kitchen. Whilst you stood cutting onions, tears began to roll down your cheeks, but to your dismay it wasn’t because of the onions. 

Jin looked at you giving a little chuckle “Would you like me to cut them? They’re making you cry jagiya” he would be oblivious. 

When you didn’t reply he would walk behind you and wrap his arms around you, taking the knife to help you cut the onions, placing a soft kiss on your cheek as he did.

As your tears continued to run down your cheeks, you’d ask him “Am I good enough for you?”

Jin would let the knife drop on the counter before turning you around to face him, realising your tears were actually those of worry. He would use the sleeve of his shirt to gently brush them away before caressing your cheek.

“How could you even ask that? I sometimes wonder if i’m good enough for you jagiya, and you know how handsome I am”

His reply left you a little at ease as you let out a little chuckle. “Oppa, you’re so full of yourself”.

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would return home to see you curled up on the couch upset. He wouldn’t really know what to do, but he’d come over and sit beside you placing his arm around you trying to comfort you the best he could.

“What’s wrong?” he’d ask biting his lip, trying to hide the worry in his tone of voice.

“I’m not good enough for you” you’d mumble out between sobs causing his grip to tighten on you. He would pull your head into his shoulder trying to be as comforting as he could.

“Don’t think like that..I’m with you for a reason and I love you” Yoongi would be try be as reassuring as he possibly could so that you would never feel this way ever again

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Jung Hoseok

As soon as he saw the first tear roll down your cheek, all hell would be breaking loose in his mind. Thoughts of you wanting to leave him, which scared him. He would sit beside you and take your hands in his.

“Jagiya, whatever it is, I’m sorry, I love you” he’d bite his bottom lip as he teared up. “I know i’m not good enough for you bu-”

You’d cut him off as the tears continued to fall from your eyes. “Idiot…I’m the one not good enough for you” 

Hoseok would sigh slightly relieved before cupping your face with his hands. “You’re too perfect for me….stop thinking like that” he’d say with a reassuring smile placing pecks all over your face.

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Park Jimin

You and Jimin would be sat watching the TV, when suddenly a girl group came on. Seeing how Jimin began to smile made your stomach sink. He could have any of them girls if he wanted, yet he chose you a regular good for nothing. 

Jimin was looking down at you when he noticed your tears. “Baby, what’s wrong?” he’d ask as he tucked some stray hair behind your ear.

“You could have any of those girls Jimin…the way you smile when you see them, yet you choose me? I’m not good eno-” Before continuing you’d be cut off by Jimin’s finger pressed on your lips. 

“Enough, I love you and only you, that’s why I’m with you and not them” he gave you a cheeky smile wrapping his arms around you and holding you close against his chest. 

“Besides, I was imagining how you would look dancing like that for me, do you know how good you would look?”

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Kim Taehyung

Like Hoseok he would begin to panic as soon as he saw the tears falling down your face. His hands would pull you closer to him by your waist as his once hand reached up to caress your cheek. 

“Are you okay?” he’d ask as his thumb gently brushed away the tears falling from your eyes.  You would just shake your head refusing to tell him. 

His forehead would press against yours as his expression became a little more serious, as he began to worry even more. 

“Just tell me, please” he practically begged you.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you spoke “I’m not good eno-” Before you could finish his lips pressed to yours. 

“Don’t ever say that jagiya” he’d mumble into your kiss. 

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Jeon Jungkook 

Jungkook would be returning home from work, he had been an MC on a show with IU. As you watched the show you began to cry, looking how close they were and how much he would smile around her.  

“I’m hom-” he wouldn’t finish his sentence, he’d just drop his bag to the floor and walk over to you. 

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he’d ask tilting his head before looking to the tv to see it paused on the part when IU had kissed his cheek.

“It meant nothing, I promise” he said stepping towards you which made you step back. 

“How could it mean nothing Jungkook? She makes you smile in a way I never could, she’s always been your ideal type, and i’m just me” you bit your bottom lip trying to hold back more tears.

“You’re right” he said stepping closer to you “My ideal type was IU” he said reaching out for your hands, but his words angered you causing you to push him away. He’d grab your wrists and pin you to the nearby wall. 

“She was, until I met you, everything about you fit my ideal girl, plus more, you’re so perfect and out of my league, you don’t have to worry about someone like her”

Your expression would soften as you both leaned in at the same time for a deep and passionate kiss.

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We've seen Monsta X cry so often lately (there was Wonho in the last ep of mx-ray, then the beautiful acoustic ver. MV, then this -and I my be forgetting others) and I don't know if it's externalization or simulated or whatever but it pains me so much too see them in this state + the whole 1st win thing that everyone seem to feel guilty about, I feel like now is really is a rough time and it makes me so depressed idk

As jooheon said,tbh I also believe 1st win is not something they desperately want but it will make their group stronger.Wonho is in general a really soft human from what I see and he breaks down easily my littlu babu omg…When he cried on the mv though leonardo dicaprio cried those weren’t actual tears don’t worry 💖💖💖.I just want to see mx happy and smiling.And when I saw them all sad when jooheon was crying,just this bond they have is amazing and because of this I belive they will get extremely high soon😊