those trees are kind of phallic and it makes me laugh

Peel...! Of...! Fortune!

Good evening, everyone, and welcome to my lecture on the Peel of Fortune! For those of you reading my writing for the first time, my name is Mod Wit, and although I’m not an expert on bananas–the fruit, not the pony–I know enough about them to make my banana pony a believable character. Huh? Well! Look who’s here! It’s Banana Pie himself! Hey! Don’t try to hide; I see you there! What’re you doing here? Did you come for the lecture? Ha! Do you have the composure to even sit through it? Well, I hope you ate a lot of “banans” because it’s gonna be a long one, so try and keep up–and stay up–with me! Maybe you’ll learn something!

Okay! Now, as you can see in the illustration taken from The Earthstar Grimoire, this is the Peel of Fortune. It’s called that because of the banana peel in the center that acts as the compass rose showing the cardinal points. There are 20 sections that make up the wheel surrounding it. The 20 banana-related marks in the wheel are (clockwise) the caduceus, a slipping pony, a strawberry, the male symbol, the sun, the symbol for potassium, a walnut, a jar of peanut butter, the letter B, a pair of maracas, a bandage, laughter, an ice cream cone, the number 6, a banana tree, a loaf of bread, various fruit, a chocolate bar, a bunch of bananas, and a monkey. Now, these marks may seem unrelated, but as you will soon find out, they’re more related than you think. First, I’ll explain their interpreted meanings as separate entities:

  • The caduceus represents the many health benefits to eating bananas. You know what they say: a banana a day…
  • The slipping pony represents the act of slipping on a banana peel. Whether doing so is funny or dangerous depends on the outcome.
  • The strawberry is a fruit that’s actually less of a berry than the banana itself. Its flavor is very compatible with bananas (Hint, hint, Berry Isthmus!).
  • The male symbol represents the phallic shape of the elongated fruit, suggesting its naughty nature. As an astrological bonus, it can also represent the planet Mars.
  • The sun represents the color of yellow bananas and the tropics where they grow. But don’t worry; unlike the sun, bananas aren’t hot!
  • The symbol for potassium represents the chemical element that bananas contain. Even though it’s found in other fruits, bananas are still the most famous source of it.
  • A walnut is one of the many nuts that taste good with bananas. For some reason, bananas and nuts in general are often associated with being crazy or wacky. Speaking of nuts…
  • Peanut butter is full of them! Some people like to put bananas in their peanut butter sandwiches. Also IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME! IT’S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!
  • The word “banana” obviously begins with the letter B. There’s also one in vitamin B6 (By the by, there’s no vitamin B4 vitamin B5). Ironically, Bs really hate bananas. I think…
  • The maracas represent the Latin American countries where bananas are grown, as well as the indigenous music that originated from them. You can even shake a pair of bananas like maracas!
  • The bandage represents the bananas’ vulnerability, starting with its tendency to be easily bruised like my fragile ego… Hey, don’t laugh!
  • Then again, laughter has always been associated with the funny fruit! Whether it’s the silly sound of its species, or the perennial prop in a priceless pratfall, bananas are a staple of good comedy (and a good diet)!
  • Ice cream and bananas have had quite a history together. Whether they’re joined in marriage as banana ice cream, or having an orgy in a banana split, you can bet that they make a really cool couple on a hot day.
  • There are 6 letters in the word “banana” (and 7 in its lucky plural form). There’s also a 6 in vitamin B6, which means that any more actual Bs in “banana” would make it “bbbbbb”.
  • The banana tree is the source of the world’s most perfect food. Like most fruit-bearing plants, it’s not as famous as its fruit, but it makes up for it by being used to make garments, serve dishes, weave baskets, wrap food, fashion non-lethal shanks…
  • The loaf of bread represents the banana as a vital food source. And believe it or not, certain kinds of bread are even made from bananas! What? You already knew that? Oh…okay…umm…
  • As a member of the fruit family, bananas get along with the whole bowl! Aside from strawberries, they also taste great with blackberries, blueberries, cherries, lemons, mangoes, peaches, pineapples, and many more. Talk about a colorful family reunion (aka fruit salad)!
  • Chocolate is banana’s childhood friend. In the summers they’ve spent growing up together, he kept him cool as a frozen chocolate coating, chilled atop him on the stoop as a double scoop, and took turns with him quenching thirsts as flavored milk. Ah! The refreshing recollections of youth!
  • A banana bunch represents the fact that no man is an island. Bananas are never lonely because they don’t grow alone. When you’re a banana with a lot of like-minded siblings, who needs a hand when you’re already one of its fingers?
  • Monkeys. They’re the biggest fans of “banans” ever. ‘Nuff said.

And this concludes part one of the two-part lecture. When we return, I’ll continue my discourse on the wheel, and tell you all about how these marks relate to each other.

It’s not often that someone on set confuses Misha’s pages for anyone else’s. Jensen and Jared may have specific ways of folding theirs; but those can be easily switched around if someone isn’t used to how the two do things. Misha however, well his pages are covered—corner to corner, first word to last, front and back … just covered with doodles.

They could be anything.
A penis.
A monkey in a people-suit riding an oversized lady bug.
More penises.
A very sweet caricature of his kids (never on the same page as the lewd stuff, of course.)

But anyone who saw Misha between takes or eating his lunch—basically anytime he was running his lines, a pen would also be in hand and he would be absent mindedly doodling away.

Jared more than anyone got a kick out of stealing the man’s papers so he could thoroughly inspect every swirling line, laughing hysterically at some of the phallic-detail, and teasing mercilessly at some of the sweeter images. He would then carry his co-star’s art to Jensen, who would chuckle right along with his tall, goofy friend—making his own jokes and poking fun. But soon, his adult-side would kick in and he knew work had to get done at some point; so he would insist on ending the good times and returning the pages to Misha. Reluctantly, Jared always agrees and Jensen would always walk away—papers in hand and intention in his step.

During one, particularly hectic week of filming, Misha had sought out Jensen to run some lines for their next scene together—it was a lot of dialogue and more physicality accompanying it than usual for the two of them; so the man wanted to have it practiced. As he pulled open the door to Jensen’s trailer and walked in, he found his friend, sitting in his recliner, already going over the scene. In a few moments, they were both fully in character—Cas telling Dean not to go through his plan—Dean insisting that Cas is too paranoid, and repeat. They had already ran through the part twice when Jensen got up to go to the bathroom, so—with his momentary solitude, Misha did what he always does and looked for a pen. He looked around the couch he was sitting on, finally reaching over and pulling open a side table drawer—letting go just as fast as the contents inside pulled at the edges of his memory. Familiar, inked sketches of trees stared back at him. Another, carefully cut out image of a bird on a wire peeked shyly from underneath the stack. One more, of just an eye—the inner circles, etched with green, seemed offset and lovingly tucked away in the corner. A few dozen images in all—and all, Misha’s.

Jensen returned, already with reddened cheeks as he noticed what his friend had found. Questioning eyes looked back at him, wondering around his features and searching for a reason why the man would actually keep such things, none the less—trim them from the larger sheets and collect them all in a drawer.

Jensen finally sighed, sitting back down in his chair and looking across to Misha’s kind but curious face. “I like them, man” he said with a tiny laugh. “I knew you would just throw them away once you were done, and some of the pictures—“ he blushes softly and Misha does the same. “They just make me happy.”