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BTS Scenario - (B) walks in on (A) listening to a fan made audio of (B)

Jin bit his lip to keep quiet as his hand sped up in time with the sounds coming from his headphones. He reached his high quickly, his toes curling as he clamped his teeth down on his knuckles. Breathing roughly, he took out his earbuds and stood up, heading to the bathroom. Or at least, he would have if he hadn’t collided with a solid chest. Head snapping up, he came face-to-face with the boy he had just orgasmed over, Jungkook. The younger boy had his arms crossed over his chest and his hip cocked out to the side. He had that stupid smirk that he got when he knew something he shouldn’t.

Jin cleared his throat, “Jungkook-ah, how long have you been standing there?”

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, “Since I heard you call my name. I thought you needed something, imagine my surprise when I found you in a…compromising, position.”

Jin’s face flared, “I can explain-”

He was cut off by the younger pushing him back down into the bed, crawling up his body and seating himself on Jin’s waist, “Hyung, you talk too much.”

Jin groaned, “Jungkook, you don’t have to do this-”

The end of his sentence was drawn out into a stuttering hiss sound as Jungkook scraped his teeth bluntly over the hollow of his throat. All coherent thoughts went out the window after that.

Yoongi knew doing this in the studio where anyone could walk in was a stupid idea. But he had been editing Hoseok’s solo song, Boy Meets Evil and goddamn, he was beyond turned on. Halfway through trying to quickly get off, he had remembered the video he had stumbled across a few days before and after a thought of absolute ‘fuck it’ he had turned it on, without headphones, and got to work. He was close, so close he almost cried when he heard the key in the door behind him. Freezing in panic was his first mistake, not counting the many before that, his second was only muting the computer instead of closing the tab altogether.

Hoseok, of course it would be him, lunged at Yoongi and placed himself firmly on the older’s, thankfully now clothed, lap, “Yoongi hyung! Namjoon-ah told me you were editing my song! Can I hear? Is it done?”

Yoongi swallowed hard and cleared his throat, “Its not done yet Hobi.” He hoped the term of endearment would keep the younger from looking at the computer.

He hadn’t counted on the fact that Hoseok was a persistent little shit as he, did in fact, turn to look at the screen. Yoongi clenched his fists and stared at the floor off to the right, waiting for the anger or teasing. When it didn’t come, he risked a look up at Hoseok.

The younger was staring down at him in fascination, “I’m insulted Hyung, you waste your time on garbage like this, when you have the real thing right here.”

Yoongi froze, confused, “What…” he mentally punched himself in the face, thinking to himself, ‘How fucking pedestrian Min Yoongi.’

Hobi giggled and wrapped his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders, “I’ll show you exactly how I sound while screaming your name. There’s a price though…” he leaned down to whisper in a very stiff Yoongi’s ear, “I get to have you screaming and writhing under me next time.”

Hoseok would be the first to admit that he was a complete idiot sometimes. Especially in situations like this. He was currently locked in the small airplane bathroom, trying to quickly get off while listening to one of those fake audio videos on YouTube through his headphones. The object of his current sexual frustration was his flight-buddy and roommate for this trip. It wasn’t that he wasn’t excited to spend so much time with Taehyung, he was just really getting tired of cold showers and picturing wrinkly old ladies during performances. After he finished, he washed his hands and went back to his seat.

About 5 minutes later, he felt a tap on his shoulder, “What is it Tae? I was almost asleep.”

He could almost feel the younger’s pout, “Hyung is being quiet. It’s like I’m rooming with Yoongi hyung again.”

There was a grunt of, “Fuck you.” From the row behind them followed by a light slap noise and, “Watch your mouth Yoong-ah.”

Hobi yawned and leaned the other way, laying his head on Tae’s shoulder instead of the window, “Hyung is just tired Tae.” He heard the younger murmur something about watching over him while he slept as he drifted off.

Once he woke up, and they landed, they were all quickly shuffled to the motel. After getting settled into their room, Tae laid face down on the bed and moaned at the softness. Hobi stiffened for a second before deciding he was just too tired to care. Instead of laying in his own bed, he curled into Tae’s side, laying his head on his chest.

They laid in a comfortable silence until Tae suddenly and bluntly said, “I saw what you were listening to when you went to the bathroom.”

Hobi froze, “What are you talking about Taehyung?”

The younger tightened his arms around Hobi for a moment before swinging up and over him, straddling his hips, “While you were asleep I wanted to listen to music but my phone was dead so I was gonna use yours. But when I opened it up, I saw what you were listening to.”

Hoseok stared up at him, speechless because of one part Tae’s beauty and one part because he had been caught, “I’m so sorry TaeTae. It’s just, I really like you…”

They stared each other down until Tae leaned down to press his lips to Hobi’s and then whispered, “I like you too Hyung. Though, I have a request.”

Hoseok nodded, “Anything.”

Taehyung whispered against the older’s lips, “The next time you need to get off, if I find out you so much as even touch yourself, I will tie you up and have my way with you.”

To say he was dominant was the understatement of the century. Every time he slept with someone in the past, he was the one calling the shots. That’s why he was so confused at the almost needy want of being pinned down by Jin and to let him have his way with him. The fact that it was Jin didn’t surprise him at all, he’d been in love with his Hyung for a while now. But just recently this new idea of being so controlled by the other, had been plaguing his life. It had started when they had released their song Blood Sweat and Tears. Something about the overly sexual theme had brought this up. So now, here he was, in the dorm at 2 in the damn morning, listening to one of those audio things on YouTube. ARMYS were miracle workers. He hadn’t counted on the fact that Jin normally wakes up about this time to get a drink of water and use the bathroom. He also hadn’t counted on the fact that his headphones were wayyy too high and his Hyung could hear everything.

He felt the bed dip before his headphones were taken out and thrown across the room. Then soft lips were pressed along the column of his throat, “Namjoon-ah, you’re very naughty. What if the kids had heard.” Namjoon whined at that and Jin chuckled, “I’m going to have to punish you.”

Namjoon was about to retort with something sassy but his words turned to a low moan when a strong hand replaced his own.

Taehyung was a very blunt and open person, anyone around him for 5 minutes could tell. That’s why Jimin was getting worried at his his behavior lately. He was all but ignoring Jimin and had even asked to switch rooms so he wasn’t with the older anymore. Taehyung knew that Jimin was worried, but he just couldn’t take being that close to the older all the time. He was still young, he had no control over a boner and it was very inopportune to have one 24/7. No amount of cold showers could get the images of Jimin out of his mind, all it did was raised the water bill substantially. He figured he was safe in the bathroom at the moment, quickly “letting off steam” while listening to an ARMY made audio of him and Jungkook. Only, he had forgotten to lock the door. So engrossed in what he was doing, he didn’t hear the door open or hear the slight gasp come from the doorway. In fact, he didn’t know anyone was there until two strong hands ran down his sides. He froze in place, pajama pants pulled low, forehead resting on the wall.

His phone was paused which means whoever was behind him, he had a good idea of who, had seen what he was listening to. Jimin’s low voice murmured, “Do you have absolutely any idea what you do to me..?”

Tae slowly shook his head, “N-no…”

Jimin bit lightly at the junction between Tae’s shoulder and neck, “How about I show you and you don’t have to use fake fan made stuff?” Taehyung nodded and Jimin pressed a kiss to the same area that he had bit earlier, “Lets go to bed, I want you to make me scream.”

Jimin, panting hard, quickly made his way to his dressing room. It wasn’t an uncommon thing to get turned on after a performance, but this hadn’t been a normal performance. Him and Yoongi had performed Tony Montana together for the first time. The younger couldn’t get his Hyung’s rough, gravely voice out of his head and it was doing things to him. Popping his headphones in, he hit play on one of the audio things he’d happened to find one lonely night. Quickly, desperately trying to get off before the others came looking for him. He didn’t even hear the knock at the door, the voice asking if he was in there, the handle turning on the door, or the footsteps that paused before striding forward with determination. It wasn’t until there was uneven breathing hitting his shoulder and the side of his neck that he noticed.

He froze and opened his mouth but before he could speak, that rough gravely voice spoke lowly in his ear, “Looks like you could use some help baby boy.”

Jimin nodded and curled back into Yoongi who took the headphones out of his ears before leading him over to the desk, “Don’t worry, Hyung will take care of you.”

To say Jungkook was sexually frustrated was the understatement of the century. Being the youngest, he was still viewed as a “baby”. Even by Taehyung who didn’t demand he call him Hyung. Speaking of the bastard, he was the reason for Jungkook’s “little problem”. Currently, Jungkook was the only one in the dorm, and he was taking it for granted. The others wouldn’t be back till that night, at a concert that he hadn’t wanted to go to. After taking a bath to relax his muscles, he played video games in the living room, completely naked just because he could. About an hour into his game, he got a text.

It was a video from Taehyung, “Hi Kookie!!! Wish you were here!”

Jungkook could tell his Hyung had been screaming along with the music cause his voice had gone deep and rough. Not good for his libido. Innocent as it may be, Taehyung’s voice was one thing that never failed to turn him on. Since he was all alone, he pulled up one of those Tae audio things made by ARMYS that he had seen a few weeks ago. He heard the door open and scrambled to shove his headphones in the headphone jack to mute the sound, while simultaneously ripping the blanket over his lap to cover himself.

He heard, “Jungkook-ah..?”

Letting out a breath of relief that it was just Taehyung, “In the living room Hyung, why are you guys home so early?”

He rolled over the couch and sprawled across Jungkook’s lap, “Just me, I missed my Kookie, it was no fun without you.”

He shuffled to get more comfortable, making Jungkook groan out lowly, “Hyung…watch it.”

Tae looked at him in confusion for a moment before it dawned on him, “Jungkook-ah! Anyone could have walked in on you!” Jungkook gave him a pointed look, “Besides me! I don’t count.”

Kookie raised an eyebrow at him, “And why don’t you count?”

Tae had a gleam in his eyes as he looked up at Jungkook from his lap, “Cause we all know you want me to fuck you into every hard surface.”

In any other circumstance, Jungkook probably oils have slapped him, but honestly he was so turned on he couldn’t think that far ahead. So when he whined, he wasn’t that surprised.

Tae laughed darkly and sat up, straddling Jungkook, “We’ve still got hours before the others get back, why not be a good boy for Hyung and let me ruin you.”




she had the world // panic! at the disco

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hey!!! I sorta forgot to ask and I feel bad: can I use your art for edits? like those YouTube homestuck edit things bc I made a dirkjohn thing and a lot of the art is from you

holy shit of course!! but you gotta send it to me tho lmao


jaspar fave things in no particular order 2/?

jaspar airport date dinner (x)


Me: -goes on youtube to watch cursed object videos for information on cursed crystal skulls from south america-
Me: -scrolls down to comments-
HETALIA IS BEST ANIME ARU!! XD if there is ‘history’ there will be hetalia fans ^w^Hetalia FOREVVVERR!


Once, in one of those Falconers YouTube things while they’re on the road, Jack is in the video making pancakes for the team. He makes sure to warn the rest of the guys that the pan is hot. If they think he’s acting weird, well, he’s a weird sort of guy

According to an interview he once did, his favourite animal is a panda

There’s footage of him taking a selfie with a fan and when the fan apologises for accidentally having it set to panorama, Jack says that every picture of him is a panorama. He looks very pleased with himself afterwards but no one can work out why

Shitty knows for a fact that Jack’s favourite Disney film is Mulan, which is why he’s so confused when he tells an interviewer that it’s Peter Pan. It’s strange

But Jack knows what he’s doing. It’s an investment. Because one day, after he’s come out as pansexual, someone’s going to be looking at this footage and they are finally going to notice. Years of bad pansexuality puns are going to pay off

Bob and Alicia know what he’s doing and have never been prouder


there exist in this world double bikes where you ride side-by-side and they’re called “sociables” and they are ridiculous.

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Have you ever watched those things on YouTube that are like fanfictions but with weird (usually very sad, emo) music in the background because those are hilarious

somebody linked me to one the other day and the background song was I Should’ve Kissed You but it did NOT fit with the storyline at all it was so funny

Watch on

darkiplier more like dorkiplier 💀✨