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A New Threat

One would think tracking down information on a threat even greater then The Rabbit Goddess would be easy, but it wasn’t; involving something Naruto himself had to adjust to and that was a city four times bigger then even the biggest village. This city called Tokyo had large buildings and its structure would put even the best ones to shame. Although they seemed to be plagued with their own problems in these Youma that were looking for a princess and some sort of crystal. How did Naruto know this? By word of mouth and eavesdropping on conversations of others.

“You would think these people would do something and not run away, but it seems they’re not trained like we shinobi are and it’s best if I keep what I am to myself and play the part of innocent civilian.” Naruto told himself as he just happened to impede on one of those sights of a Youma forming though it seemed someone was with them, a person dressed in knight’s clothing. “Weird…” Naruto mumbled as it commanded the Youma to seal off the area and take everyone here prisoner so they could use them for servants to find the princess.

“Uh oh… that is my cue to leave.” Naruto said but no sooner had he tried, he was sealed in some kind of shield as said Youma split itself up and rounded everyone up including Naruto himself as he sat in the middle of the group with the civilians trying to look scared as the knight explained they would serve the Dark Kingdom in finding the princess.

One of the civilians whimpered hoping Sailor Moon would save them before the worst could happen.