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Today I received a text from a friend telling me that some people from work came across my swiftie Insta. I don’t keep my love for Taylor a secret so it didn’t phase me, until she told me that they were actually making fun of me in a whatsapp group. I soon started receiving texts from these people telling me how “gay” I am, how much of a “loser” I am and that I’m a “12 year old girl”. Now, I’m 27 years old, have a very professional career and was also put into adulthood very early in life when my father passed away and I had to take care of my mother and two younger siblings, so some people making fun of me is the least of my worries. But for some reason today this really my me mad and sad. I’m not gay, and the fact that these people would use that as an insult is petty. And after listening to Taylor’s clean speech about 15 times I started to think about other swifties who I speak to who have told me about how they get bullied in school for similar reasons. And Tays words keep repeating in my head “you are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you”. And she’s 100% percent correct. I don’t care what these people think. It’s not going to change my love for Taylor. It’s not going to get me to stop talking to all my swiftie friends. And it’s definitely not going to stop me from listening to her music that has done more for me than anyone could imagine. So fine, let them make fun of me. Let them make fun of us. We don’t want those people in our lives anyways! I have met so many beautifully wonderful people thanks to Taylor. In person and online and all of them are the nicest, sweetest, kindest people in the world. Some of my best friends who I talk to everyday I met because of Taylor. And these petty people will never have what we have. They’ll never belong to something so great like we do. Let them throw their bricks. We’re too busy dancing to get knocked off our feet. And I’m writing this to all swifties, to let you know that I know life can suck sometimes and can be hard and to let you know that if you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here. And so are thousands of other swifties that would be happy to talk to you. And to beautiful Taylor I love you and thank you so much for your music, kindness, and all the sunshine that  you give to the world. Maybe this will find its way to some people who could use it :) @taylorswift


Those Ducking Angels

Summary: Cas and Gabriel get turned into little ducklings so Balthazar brings them to the bunker for safe keeping 

Word Count : 445

Warnings: Nothing at all this is pure fluff 

Characters: Dean, Sam ,Y/N (Reader) ,Cas , Gabriel and Balthazar 

Date: 10,4.2016

Authors Note: This is totally based off of this mornings auto correct by @im-beautifully-sewn , set during season 6 with the angel war 

Originally posted by gifheaven


When Balthazar popped in and said he needed you to keep an eye on Cas and Gabriel you had expected to see the two men you were used to. But no before you stood Balthazar holding two little ducklings. 

“ Ok so where are they?’ you asked 

“They’re right here, can’t you see.’ he replied in an unamused tone 

‘The ducks?” you questioned 

“Yes the ducks. I don’t have time for this I need to get back” he says harsher than needed “ Look Cas called saying he need my help and I got there just in time to see another angel turn them into the ducklings you see here. Now I’m still trying to find out who did this so we can turn them back” 

“ Can’t they just get new vessels?” Sam asks from behind you 

“No there was some sort of lock put on them and they can’t use any grace either” He informed 

“ Ok, but what are we supposed to do with them?” Dean asks slightly confused as to where you guys come in 

“Just take care of them like ducks, they will have no memory of this nor do they have any knowledge of who and what what they are. Now any more questions  or can I go fix them?” he says getting annoyed 

Dean waves him off and he’s gone again in a flutter of wings 

“ So do either of you know how to take care of ducklings?” you ask loocing to the boys hopefully

 “ Not really but I’m sure I can look it up.” Sam says as he grabs his laptop,He soon makes up a list of things needed and sends Dean to get them. When he returns you tell him the few things Sam told you about the care for them.After a little while you finally get it all set up. You’re all setting around watching them before Sam says something about trying to guess which one is which, observing closely you come to the conclusion by the way they act Cas is the black one  

which means gabe has to be the one going after your candy 

it doesn’t take long before both are curled up next to your leg for warmth, putting them in a box with a heat lamp you all head to bed. Only to be woken up by the strange clanging coming from the other room,you and the boys go to investigate guns drawn only to find both cas and gabe back to their normal selves but still curled together under the heat lamp 

“Oh now they will never live this down.” you say suppressing a fit of laughter