those wings gave me so much trouble and i don't know why

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Winteriron soulmate wing fic AU where your soulmate has inverted wings to you and your first words to each-other are written on the inside of your wings? Like if Tony has primary gold and trim red, Bucky's would be primarily red with gold? (they don't have to be those colors that's just my example)

I’m not sure how this is going to turn out because, to be perfectly honest, I really struggle with soulmate AUs. It’s not an idea that resonates easily with me, but I kind of wanted to try as a personal challenge to myself. I’m also twisting some of this a bit in terms of what indicates a match. This is gonna have a lot of gratuitous talk about my thoughts on destiny and I am so sorry and you should just not read it.

Tony never did have the patience for philosophy. Well, not philosophy for philosophy’s sake anyway. As it applied to science? As it applied to morality? Important shit. People needed to think about the implications of what they did not only as it related to the present, but also as it related to those who would follow, those whose lives would be dictated by present-day choices. He liked that kind of thinking. It was where his brain functioned best.

But all the, all the fluff? Waste of time. He remembered the first time he told Steve he’d never put much stock in amorphous concepts like “soul” and “destiny” and the shock on Steve’s face.

“But, but you’ve…what about the patterning?”


“You stock it all up to strands of DNA?”

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The Valdangelo Fic With Fights And Kisses And Snark


the one that killed Haven and Nils with feels

Foul language ahead, yo. In three different languages. Multilingual curses woohoo :D


Jason very nearly groaned at Nico’s growl. Nico and Leo had been at each other’s throats far more than usual recently, but this really was not the time to be fighting with each other, not right after they’d spent forever fighting a huge tentacle monster of some sort. What they needed now was to get the ship sailing, which Leo couldn’t do with a pissed off son of Hades on his ass.

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anonymous asked:

Have any advice on getting over a really hard practice? The kind that makes you want to stop BJJ for a while because it has been so challenging...

Yes. I have a lot of stories and advice and You are in luck because so does my training partner and close friend centerlinemartialarts. So grab a drink and find a chair because theres about to be a wall o text up in here.

This is a mix of advice and just facts about hard practices so enjoy this fucked up stream of consciousness that is my mind. the first parts will be talking about why some partice are hard since there are many reasons to have a hard practice and each has different answers and solutions

1. Its normal to have hard practices on occasion.  Everyone has them. I’ve straight up cryied on the fucking mat before from frustration! No lie. Not like sobbing hysterical snot dripping cry, but my eyes were watering up with tears of frustration and one or two might have ran down my cheek. I almost quit after that practice I was so fed up and frustrated with just getting smashed by everyone. People who had been doing this for less time than me were getting it, and I was just tired of having to put in 200% to get 20% back when it seamed like everyone else was having better ratios. I put so much time, effort, energy, blood, sweat and now tears into my judo and It just felt like it was a waste. I couldn’t land a throw in sparring to save my life.  I’ve heard similar stories from lots of people and for many different reasons centerlinemartialarts is pretty small for your average male so he has to deal with bigger guys just spazing all over him and some lower belts beating him off pure size/strenght or a move not working because he just can’t physically get the body mechanics right. Hes a black sash in wing chun and has spent almost an entire lifetime studying kung fu and he had his fair share of frustration and anger getting fed up with people just gorilla smashing through his guard in bjj or just smashing him during rolls.  Somtimes there are just move you don’t get. 

2. Some training partners just suck. Sometimes its not the class that gave you a bad day its just the people you had to go with. If you want a good example go back into rolling-in-the-gi’s training log archive and relive the wonder of snark, shade and hatred that is the Creepy J saga. Sometimes you end up having to work with a lazy partner, a over agressive partner, someone whos body size just doesn’t fit you, or just a flat out creeper/ somone you don’t like. That can be enough to tilt the scale of a mediocre day in the dojo to a bad one for some people and there are things we can do about this!

3. Overtraining/ Not enough rest time. Most of the times personally where I’ve gotten frustrated or hit a wall its been when I was doing 4 hours a day 5 days a week of BJJ and I was just worn down mentally and physically. Your performance suffers if you don’t get the right rest and nutrion and it can be a big factor in your practices going sour. The longer you eat the same dish every day the more likely you are to get sick of it, even if its your favorite! So don’t forget to mix it up so you don’t lose you love of pizza. 


STEP 1: REFLECT: Who, what, when, where, why? Really dig deep and figure out where the stress is coming from! Was a move not clicking and you just didn’t like what the instructor was teaching? Did the 300lb white belt decide to use you like a barbell? Were you just plain fried? Was Creepy J being creepy again?  Finding the problem is one of the best ways to undo stress for me since now I know I’m on the path to confront and solve it. It may work differently for most people but for me its fucking better than sex. That relief that I feel when I know that I have some sort of target or goal instead of an overwhelming sense of anxiety or dread is a bliss that is just surreal. So write down how your practice went in as much detail as you can then go back over it later. This way we can see if its a trend! 

Step 2: Plan Now hopefully we know whats up. We were tired, creepy J was creepy, I just don’t do well in spider guard becauseI lack flexibility, ect. Now we can figure out what we can do to avoid that situation again because if we can do that going back to practice won’t be something we dread! Why would we? the thing that made us upset had been or is being dealt with! So think of what made it a hard practice and if you need help I can help you find a solution to make that problem go away. :)

As for the here and now? Don’t be afraid to tell your instructor if you are having trouble, frustrations, or just a bad time. This is their job and their lively hood and their baby they want feedback. They would much rather you tell them you don’t like the way they are teaching something than for you to just up an disappear. Their feeling wont be hurt, they wont get upset. They will be happy that you came to them and then they will help you fix your problems.  Thats their job. Its the reason they got into this business. They’ve had those same rough days an experiences and they overcame them. 

Unwind relax, take a bubble bath eat a cookie. Remise on the fact that over 90% of my matches as a white belt in Judo and BJJ are up on here and youtube and you can watch me get dumpster and one of them has over 2k veiws and some pretty harsh words about my skill level. And yet now I’m running a blog and people come and ask me for advice! You grow from adversity the things that push you out of your comfort zone are what sharpen your blade and make you into a motherfucking warrior. Every time you have to dig a little bit deeper that grit and that well remains so the next time you have to conjure your conviction and courage its already been dug. You’ve been in these deep waters before you already have gone past the brink before this isn’t even near your limit. Then you coast and grow and study until the next time you have to dig a little bit deepr than you’ve ever dug before and the cycle continues.  Pressure makes dimonds yada yada yada. 

My advice is to not sweat it, do something to unwind, blog about or just talk to your instructor and see what their thoughts are.

If This didn’t help let me know and I’ll try to do a better job :)