those willows


This is not our fight.
HUE, we make it our fight. You’re Infinity Guard, your whole motto is to protect life!
Is that life, Gary?


September 2007, Willow Creek: Louisiana 

Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile 🍂🌆🌰  Part 1

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Sammy, besides "Willow Weep for Me," what other songs do you like? Have you ever listened to Frank Sinatra?

“…Well anyway, here’s a couple of my other favorite songs I have records for at the moment. Make sure you bring those back when you’re done with them. ‘Sing Sing Sing’ (x) is also rather catchy, I’ve been meaning to find it on record but I haven’t yet. Come to think of it… I haven’t really been going to the record shops lately. I need to fix that…”

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September 2007, Willow Creek: Louisiana


knowledge is survival

willow wendy wigfrid wilson 

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Okay, let’s take a look at the parents we’ve seen so far in RWBY.

We got an awesome single father raising two daughters after his first partner abandoned him and the second one died.

We got an abusive asshole and an absent drunk.

We got two wonderful parents who were killed by the Nope Grimm.

We got a hint at a drunken father who likely mangled his son’s legs before being killed by said son.

And we got two alive and healthy parents who love their daughter and each other very much.

The Belladonnas are the only parental set where all parties are alive, present, and have a healthy relationship with their kid. Please don’t kill them, Rooster Teeth!!!

hey if any1 would like to make me a family or something to put on my new save (willow creek only has like 3 families so far slkdmfs rip) please tag it as #foursims on the gallery or something so i can see it T_T <3


I was obsessed with Those Willows in college. I have always been a sucker for upbeat vocals, several harmonies, and a lick of brass. They delivered all in an adorable pastel palette in their newest video for “Know More.”

Happy Easter from the Easter Hound!

(This was taken at our pet expo adventure yesterday)