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Dem teef. aka Peter gets his own Ravager uniform.

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There’s this sort of bubble in my chest

And it’s always on the verge of bursting

And it’s growing

And growing

And growing

But that’s all it does

Leaving me unsure

Struggling to make certain it never explodes

Yet wanting it to at the same time


Inspired by and directly referenced from Mina Myoung of 1MILLION Dance Studio and her choreography for “Good Kisser” by Usher.

Dedicated to @thesearchingastronaut, whose many Voltron and Klance drawings brighten my LIFE, to my friends who cheered me on, and to @klancebabes for their very encouraging tag on the WIP.


Imma just leave this here..

I went on a text message rant to my wife about FFXV’s “love story” and she demanded I post it, so I typed it all out instead of screenshots because I hate myself.

Under the cut because there IS a bit of NoctLuna slamming (not slamming the people who like it, however. I’m simply making my point.)

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Kim: No offense, but you’re beautiful.

Trini: Are you talking to your own reflection?

Kim: That’s Fifth Harmony, I’m talking to you.

Trini, definitely not blushing: Oh. Okay. That’s- That’s good.

anonymous asked:

if you said you wanted to fuck our kookie two years ago rn you would be in jail charged for pedophilia, and I guess not only you

Oh, anon, you have caught me at a particularly bad time. I am in pain and I have zero patience today and while I could, I suppose, just ignore this ask and delete it I’m gonna go ahead and respond and start my day with a little pep in my step.

You see, the fact is that I didn’t and wasn’t saying this two years ago. Jungkook is now past 18 and only after Fire did I even start to thirst for him. In fact when the Dope video came out I watched it right at release while I was at work, because I was already living that trash life, and had to pause the video to look up when his birthday was because Jungkook, being so young, had always been almost nonexistent to me. I knew he was there, obviously he sings half the song and is in the middle all the time, but I didn’t follow him at all. When I saw them in 2014 at KCon I even remarked to my husband that he was a little baby when they introduced themselves. I am and always have been completely aware of the age difference between me and all of the members and only after he was of legal age did I begin to notice him the way I did the other members.

So I can’t help but think that this is some kind of attempt to shame me because of my age. Like this is your “clever” way of pointing out the fact that I am old and don’t belong in the fandom. I’ve got news for you, kiddo (as I’m assuming you are young by the way you type and the fact that you felt the need to send this at all), I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been in this fandom since Just One Day came out when I thought every single member was ugly and actually remarked to my husband, “oh shit I found a kpop group where no one is good looking”. I was here purely because I enjoyed their videos, their dancing, their personalities, and their music. Looks didn’t even factor into it because they all looked like little children back then and if they all were ugly I would still be here stanning them.

And just an aside here, since I’ve seen it happen to other writers who are actually younger than me but older than Jungkook, if you have an issue with the fact that I write Jungkook smut (even though none of it is or will ever be set when he/any other member is underage or in high school because I don’t even want to picture them sexually active at that age) you might as well just unfollow my blog. Trust me, I won’t mind.

whilst playing never have i ever
  • armin: never have i ever read kinky sex
  • everyone else: *takes a shot of apple juice*
  • armin: guys what the hell

oh. oh.

i can’t believe i just caught this.

we don’t know the color of the flower in the diner scene, but i have a feeling this isn’t unintentional or a coincidence? grindelwald probably knew of Oscar Wilde, especially because he was in Britain in the late 1890s. Or maybe i’ve read too many Dumbledore/Grindelwald fics that keep referencing Wilde, young Albus and Gellert reading his works…

But seriously, JKR isn’t a stranger to flower symbolism. She’s named characters Fleur/Petunia/Lily/Narcissa, with Petunia being associated with anger/resentment and that one moment in PS where Snape asks Harry about asphodel and wormwood.

Hugs! ! ( ๓´╰╯`๓)♬

  • Danny, to Colleen: There's something serious I have to tell you about the future. The name of my firstborn child needs to be Reginald VelJohnson. I lost a bet to Jess
you all know the american high school au isayama’s got going, right?

the one at the end of every volume or whatever, with goth mikasa and jock reiner and whatnot?

so, hange’s a chemistry teacher in that au, therefore let me give you a list of things i swear they would totally do in that au for no particular reason whatsoever

  • doodle over students’ doodles when correcting homework/tests/etc
  • tell extremely bad but also extremely relevant puns
    • ex: “so we’re learning about moles today and i think you guys are really gonna dig it”
  • blow up a piece of glassware in a fume hood because they thought it would be fun to put pure lithium in water
  • set off the fire alarm at least once a year to the point where it becomes a running gag with the staff
  • go on strange tangents after lectures with armin or some other student while passing out homework
    • actually on that note they’d probably also use pop culture analogies that seem arbitrary at first but after a bit of explanation, make perfect sense
  • add a gag answer or two on their students’ finals
  • show the kids their favorite-and-still-somehow-very-relevant childhood movie on the last day of the semester
  • resell food that they have hidden in locked drawers during lunch because let’s be real here american schools suck with their budgets
  • have the entire periodic table memorized just to show off
    • (it’s not that hard to do)
    • they’d probably also have a challenge where they challenge their students to memorize and recite it too and whoever can do it wins mcdonald’s or something
  • explain the nuances of sex ed on a post-lecture tangent because they find out the biology classes are just that bad
  • be that one really cool and fun teacher that like half the students still don’t like because they’re apparently “obnoxious” or something

Ok I’ve been meaning to make this post for awhile now, but I keep procrastinating lol

I wanted to discuss and compare between two anime that came out in the same year (2016) Which is ‘Kiss Him, Not Me’ and ‘Yuri on Ice’. I only wanted to compare the two pairings Victor x Yuuri and Kae x Nishima, and how different they are. And maybe how bullshit Victuri is at showing any romantic relationship lol. And point out the censorship bullshit people are still throwing out. Even if Kae and Neshima are both girls, they’re still a potential gay pairing (which I wish was canon), and the anime isn’t a Yuri too. And the fandoms constant complaining of lack of LGBT characters or couples, and how Yuri on Ice is the only one to represent that, which is bullshit. Ok anyway… this is pretty long sooo.. and I tried to make it short too, but I failed lol.

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The Tower

The clock read 3 a.m.

Tim stared at it for what seemed like an eternity before letting out a deep breath. He was tired, and this time it wasn’t his fault. His body seemed to be dead set on rebelling against him, refusing to let him sleep, bombarding his mind with negativity, the chemicals setting off those intrusive, dark thoughts that always seemed to clump in his brain like a tumour.

Tim felt his heart clench in a millisecond of sheer panic, but then remembered: it was just the depression.

He worked his fingers under the thick black rims of his old glasses, massaging his eyes, lingering on the dark circles, stretching skin and dragging hands down his face before turning back to the computer screen. Green numbers and symbols reflected off of a blank, empty gaze.

He was tired.

“Go the fuck to sleep, Timmy. Before I knock your lights out myself.”

Tim started at the sound of Jason’s voice, turning in his chair to find his brother standing in the doorway, his arms crossed, a disapproving frown fixed across his face as he looked Tim up and down.

“Jesus, Tim…” he said. “How long have you been awake this time?”

“I can’t remember, but it’s been a while,” Tim admitted, pausing before adding quickly: “it’s not my fault.”

Jason pursed his lips as if he were trying to decide whether or not Tim was telling the truth.

“I could really take you up on your offer, actually,” Tim said wearily, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes.

“What offer?”

“You said you’d ‘punch my lights out’? Honestly, since sleeping pills don’t seem to work anymore, that seems the quickest way… might hurt in the morning though.”

Jason ran a hand through his hair with a rough sigh, making his way over to where Tim sat. He pulled up another chair and sat with his chest against the back, resting his chin on his arms as he pondered Tim’s request.

“I could always read you ‘Wayne or Lose’… that usually bores the hell out of me.”

Tim opened his eyes and threw Jason a dirty look. “I wrote that, Jay.”

Jason returned Tim’s gaze pointedly, a smirk playing on the corner of his lips. “I know.”

Tim rolled his eyes in response and crumbled into a small ball in the chair, hugging his knees tightly and burying his face in them. The cave was starting to twist and turn in a morbid battle of shadows and eerie lights that sparked in the corner of his eyes. His stomach turned with the need for sleep, bones practically aching for it.

It was that awful feeling you get when you know you need to cry, but you can’t. You know that having a good cry, letting it all out like removing the venom of a snake, would make you feel a thousand times better… but for some inexplicable reason, you just can’t.

His chest shuddered with the need to break down, but the laughing voices in his head would not allow him, continued to batter against his brain with their accusations and sharp criticisms of worthlessness and failure.

He was tired.

Suddenly, Tim felt himself being enveloped by warmth as a blanket was draped over his shoulders.

He looked up to meet the deep, overflowing eyes of Jason, who held his gaze for only a moment before holding up a book and beginning to read.

It took Tim a while to latch on to the words, to really hear them. They weren’t as easy for him to understand as computer code, did not come as smoothly as academic articles explaining the chemical breakdown of fear gas….

But Jason’s words washed over him in a lulling, mesmerising way that made him feel as if he weren’t really there in this world, in this reality. Not in the awful, detached, dissociating way that Tim was used to. Rather, it were as if he were being gently tugged away from his fears, away from the pains and aches and sorrows and nagging anxiety, and brought into stillness.

Tim closed his eyes again, and heard Jason turn the page, the paper crinkling softy in the silence of the cave. The melancholy, still voice grew distant as he faded into a deep sleep…

“'Now shall I make my soul,
Compelling it to study
In a learned school
Till the wreck of body,
Slow decay of blood,
Testy delirium
Or dull ineptitude,
Or what worse evil comeー
The death of friends, or death
Of every brilliant eye
That made a catch in the breathー
Seem but clouds of the sky
When the horizon fades,
Or a bird’s sleepy cry
Among the deepening shades.’”

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