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I’m a feminist because...

I’m a feminist because everyone should be.

Growing up, my parents would always tell me to be properly dressed around my brothers. Never mind that they were walking around in short boxer briefs, it was me who had to be presentable. I was the girl, after all.

In school, I was always taught that the way I dressed affected a boy’s education. I was taught that the slight peek of my shoulder was enough to get me sent to the head office. It was much too distracting, because after all, a boy’s education had to be more important than a girl’s. At least, that was what they were teaching me.

This is why I’m a feminist.

I’m a feminist because it is 2017, and when I talk about how unfair it is that a professional athlete gets to walk away from the accusation of raping a girl without a single ding to their career, I’m some sort of radical that needs to calm down. Because that poor girl’s life will never be the same, but said athlete’s career is perfectly intact.

I’m a feminist because my aunt says things like, “Oh, those feminists, they just need to shave their armpits and get over it.” Because somehow the grooming of my body hair has everything to do with the rights I’m fighting for.

I’m a feminist because people still think you must have a vagina to be considered a woman.

I’m a feminist because I am 20 years old, and when I tell people I’m not sure I want to have kids, they look at me like I just defied all womankind.

I’m a feminist because when mothers choose to work rather than stay at home with their children, they aren’t doing “enough.”

I’m a feminist because when fathers choose to stay at home with their children rather than work, they somehow aren’t as “manly.”

I’m a feminist because parents still won’t let their sons play with Barbies.

I’m a feminist because young boys are taught that crying is bad. Showing emotion is bad, better to bottle it up and never feel. If you cry, you’re a girl, and no one wants to be a girl.

I’m a feminist because when my family talks about the Women’s March that happened yesterday, they say things like, “What’s protesting going to change?” and “They’re honestly just wasting their time. Nobody’s going to listen to them.” Never mind that the country we are living in found its freedom through protesting—No Taxation Without Representation. But I suppose that’s okay. It was men protesting then.

I’m a feminist because when my aunt saw a picture of a man marching with women yesterday, she snorted and said, “What’s he doing there? Doesn’t he have something better to do?” Her seven year old son was sitting next to her.

I’m a feminist because a highly qualified politician lost the presidential election to a less than mediocre businessman who based his campaign on misogyny, racism, bigotry, and slander. Because this country would rather see an over privileged, racist, homophobic, white man, whose years of experience sums up to zero, in office rather than a woman whose qualifications are more than his will ever be. Because I somehow have to have years of experience before I can even get my first job, but Donald Trump can get sworn into office without a single day of political experience.

I’m a feminist because the President of the United States speaks vilely of women and all minorities, and I’m the terrible one for disliking him.

I’m a feminist because I get made fun of for being a feminist.

I’m a feminist because I want the next generation of girls to live in a better world than mine.

I’m a feminist for these reasons and so many others.

I’m a feminist because everyone should be.

me describing the person i secretly love to other people is like victor hugo describing enjolras in les misérables. he tries so hard to do it nonchalantly, like he’s describing just another character he knows things about, but fails miserably at hiding that he’s awfully in love with him and that he’s the best thing that ever happened to his life.

Attract the right kind of people into your life. Those who are uplifting, inspirational, or wise. Those who encourage you, not drag you down. The people who we spend time with have more of an influence on us than we often realize, so we must ensure that these influences are good ones.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

i love confident women and how they beam lighthouse just from arriving; those who are so inherently inspiring. oh yes, i’m absolutely torn between “i love you” and “please teach me to be you, i’m desperate to learn”. oh yes, i’m in love with every woman who has flipped her hair just so, who says “i’m a CEO”, who has taught other women how to feel confident, too, who leads and doesn’t apologize for doing so. and i look up to them with rose glasses, don’t you know. my father told me most women in power are bitches. 

i think i’m in love with the idea one day i’ll be a bitch. i want the kind of spine and dedication and ambition that the title comes with. i want to never let a man talk over me ever again, never let him put a hand on me to silence my talking, never let him decide for me what we’re doing. i know that means i’ll be a bitch in my prime. i used to fear that. now it makes me feel alive.

How to Find Yourself

1. Follow lots of interests and try lots of activities. That will reveal your genuine passions, and highlight the things that you really enjoy.

2. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to others and to reinforce healthy boundaries. If you don’t, you will find you get pushed around, can’t think for yourself, or can’t simply “be me.”

3. Enjoy being alone and embrace solitude. That will stop the distractions and quieten the noise.

4. Travel, go on adventures, and see something new. That will change your perspective and give you fresh dreams.

5. Be with people who’re different, who challenge your views, extend your horizons and change how you think.

6. Think of those who inspire you, and cause you to dream. What is it about them that ignites that spark?

7. Don’t quieten the longings that rise from your heart. They reveal your soul – and the person you are.


June 15, 2017

Jay Z updates his Twitter.

2017 Songwriters Hall of Fame. First rapper to be inducted!

All of those who have inspired him as he has inspired us.

The last tweet: Obama on Jay Z’s induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! Now what other rapper has the President’s praise and stamp of approval like this? Check out the video here.

Do you ever think about what Steinberg and Levine achieved with this character and need to lie down for a while? They took an already iconic character and elevated him to something else entirely. He’s all of these things from Treasure Island throughout the story of Black Sails, to varying degrees, but he’s also so much more complicated than that, and the places where those variations and complexities meet are what make his arc and development so fascinating to watch. Every step of his journey is believable and, even though the man in episode one is almost unrecognisable in comparison to the man at the end, he already had several of Long John Silver’s most fundamental traits right at the beginning. He was almost more Long John Silver before he actually was Long John Silver. The complexity of Flint’s character in this show is clearly astonishing, but they were able to build him from almost the ground up. Their Flint only had to tie in with ghost stories. The way they created their John Silver, who is so recognisable and yet so different at the same time, will forever be amazing to me.

to all of you courageous and resilient women, taylor swift included: you’re worthy of bountiful respect. keep fiercely fighting for your inherent right to wholly exercise control over your own body. taylor’s trial has proven that this is truly a worthwhile fight, in light of how distressing and hard it is to relive any form of sexual assault.
taylor is grace and innate strength personified, and her bravery has illuminated how no woman deserves to be alone in seeking out their right to explicit consent. she’s an empowering and inspiring force to be reckoned with.


David Tennant telling the story of what inspired the 2008 production of Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company

Featuring David’s ‘Conversations on Broadway’, Who Do You Think You Are?, Shakespeare Uncovered, the stage & film versions of Hamlet, Greg Doran, and featuring André Tchaikowsky as Yorick

🌸🍃 Beltane Tips! 🍃🌸

Hello, my loves! I know it’s relatively early, but I wanted to make a post about this in advance for those who need some help / inspiration with the upcoming holiday. :-) Beltane, also known as “May Day,” is at the very beginning of May, and its purpose is to continue the celebration of Spring and fertility. We bow to the abundance of the fertile Earth, and become aware of Her opening up to the fertility God. Their union gives life to healthy and strong livestock/crops and new life in general. This is inspiring to many witches and magick workers who wish to bring change into their own lives, as well as show a passionate appreciation for life itself.

- If you’re on a bit of a schedule, there are simple things you can do to show your thanks for the planet we live on and the gift of life. Much like with Ostara, just try your best to thank nature - take a short walk, notice how green everything is, eat some fresh vegetables, and take deep breaths of morning air. 🌸

- Create a Beltane altar! Include lots of green items, inspired by the lushness of the growing grass and the leaves on the trees. Also include pastels to honor Spring, such as yellows, blues, and pinks. Incorporate these lively colors into the objects in your altar - think ribbons, decorated sticks, flowers, candles, cloths, succulents, baskets, grass, chalices and statues. Add some symbolism to represent the strong  male energy of the God, which is especially potent at this time. Think sticks, acorns, seeds, antlers - and try your hand at creating your own mini Maypole! 🌿

- If you have the environment / time to do so, gather a group of friends and have a bonfire (or even just a fire in your fireplace, if you have one)! Beltane is one out of the four fire festivals in current Pagan traditions, so its presence during this time is especially welcome. Can’t have a bonfire? Light some green candles and meditate near them, perhaps while writing a list of things you wish to renew in your life. 🔥

- Eat!!! Try and incorporate milk, honey, and/or oats into your meals during this time, as well as fruits -  peaches, mango, pomegranates, and cherries. 🍒🍯🥛🍑

I hope this guide is helpful! xoxo

Ever think about what Snapchatting with Harry would be like?

At first he wouldn’t get the appeal and would refuse to download the app. So you improvise and Snap old photos of him, adding filters and stickers, and text them to him. 

And even though he says it’s stupid and, “Wish yeh would stop, love; yeh makin’ me look like a buffoon,” you can tell he’s enjoying it, especially when he starts posing for pics.  

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HEY so I know everyone always thinks about what would happen if Peter has to watch tony die in IW but uhhhhhh what would happen if it’s the other way around.

What if its tony who has to watch Peter- this b o y, this….ray of sunshine, who always smiled and who tony had mentored and cared for and loved like his own.
What if he has to watch as the light fades from his eyes


A/N: And to the left, you can see me, crying and having anxiety bc of the 23490 drafts collecting dust while I get inspiration for things other than that. Good job, Nat. 

  • congratulations, you got yourself a Kim Mingyu as your boyfriend! what a pup
  • but also; how do you put up with him, bruh
  • like, this kid is safety hazard on legs
  • like you’d tryna be romantic one day and hug him from behind only to get elbowed in the face
  • or he’ll try to be romantic and feed you food but butterfingers, the food drops on your clothes
  • cLINGY
  • but Mingyu is super thoughtful ok
  • like, how he always cooks cream pasta bc Seungkwan is allergic to tomato?
  • and how he took care of the members when they got stranded in ofd?
  • the type of boyfriend to remember bits of pieces of informations about you, even if you said it a little vaguely and think it’s not important
  • like, one day he’d just buy you your favorite drink, even you can’t even remember when you’d told him that
  • “how did you..?”
  • “oh yeah, you said you liked it that other time so I bought you that.”
  • going out with him would often be a story to be told bc sometimes, seats aren’t large enough for his frame, especially his legs
  • so you always find watching him trying to figure his way around a chair pretty amusing
  • loves to brag about his height
  • it doesn’t matter if you’re not short, he’s still taller than you
  • and he will constantly rub it in your face
  • hides his snack stash out of your reach
  • if you’re good at cooking/baking, great! he’d love to have a cooking date with you! he’d even brag about it to the other guys
  • but if you’re not, that’s totally fine! bc he loves cooking for other people and seeing your face light up when you tell him that the food is good
  • constantly nagging at you if you leave your space untidy
  • “yah! what is this? a jungle? even the jungle is tidier than this!”
  • play fights with him is always hilarious
  • while he might not be the most competitive person in the room (we’ll leave that for Seungcheol and Seungkwan, thank you very much), even if you’re not a very competitive person yourself, you guys would always love competing against each other
  • the winner always get something; usually a small treat or maybe, on rare occasions, small pecks on the cheeks
  • but most of the times, you’d just end up fighting
  • like that one time you both played the game where you try and stack small figurines on top of each other with only a pair of chopsticks?
  • yeah, you were totally betting that his loser-ass was gonna lose but guess what? he won
  • he was so happy that he actually won against you for once
  • but then you threw his supposed-present, which was a cupcake from his favorite cupcake shop, all the way to the other side of the room
  • and you could see the light drain from his eyes as you cackled lmaoo
  • yeah, you love each other so much
  • speaking about love, the first time he realized that he actually love you would not be pretty for him
  • like one night, he’d be cooking for the boys at the dorm when he started to think about you
  • the first time you met, the way you smile and how you laugh at his clumsiness
  • and there’s this brief moment of fondness and he’d sigh and think
  • ‘I love them so much.’
  • and then he’d be like, wait a minute
  • bc, w hat.
  • I honestly could see him having to sit on the floor and have an existential crisis when the realization dawned at him
  • he’d snap out of it when he realize the food was burning on the stove and he almost set fire to the dorm lol
  • I see him as kind of a hopeless romantic?
  • like, when he finally comes to term that he loves you, he’d go to your place right at that moment, he wouldn’t care how late it was and he’d shout his proclamation to your window
  • but also he’s waking up the neighbors and that cranky old man next door is gonna come after ur ass now
  • the guys would always tease him whenever you come up in the conversation
  • everyone would instantly know if it’s you on the other end of the phone bc Mingyu wouldn’t be able to keep the smile off his face like a lovesick fool puppy
  • dating Mingyu also means Wonwoo is constantly around
  • but you don’t mind bc you know those two are inseparable
  • also it’s fun to see Mingyu getting softly bullied by Wonwoo
  • it was a little bit awkward between you two for a while when you and Mingyu first started dating
  • but then you bonded over teasing the heck out of Mingyu so there’s that
  • and once Wonwoo started opening up to you, you couldn’t avoid his puns and jokes
  • Wonwoo gave Mingyu his approval bc you laugh at his jokes
  • bragging rights!!! bc your boyfriend is the most handsome and talented person!!
  • “look at this sketch my boyfriend made. isn’t he talented? he’s so talented!”
  • “have you seen him on the runway??? he’s such a model.”
  • “ok, ok, geez, y/n, I didn’t know having a boyfriend is a competition now.”
  • but ofc
  • if you got yourself a Kim Mingyu for a boyfriend, you win at life


( I’m still alive!! I swear!!

But here’s just a quick lil valentine I made up to send to your favorite Jooniepeople ay. )