those wheels

That’s How We’ll Get Him

Song parody of That’s How We’ll Get Her from Wander Over Yonder.

Cavendish: I’ve come to realize that

This child, Milo Murphy

Is an agent quite advanced 

And shows no mercy!

So we’ll use the pistachio truck

And lure him in a hurry,

We will quickly interrogate him

Then be recognized by the agency!

Pull the lever,

Hide those tethers,

Spare wheel ready,

Hold her steady!

Watch his defenses crumble

No, I’m not being petty!

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So much of Tundra memory relies on scent, and I imagine Tundra’s sense of smell is so strong that it has a lot of social implications that other dragons wouldn’t think of. Every dragon has their own smell, of course, but it’s always lined with something else, the scent of family, the scent of bloodline, the scent of elemental heritage. A tundra born in the Southern Isles but whose mother came from the Ashfall Waste might still carry a fine underlying scent of brimstone, or charcoal. There’s a lot of information carried in all that, and it’s left for the sniffer to interpret and sort out- what smells like the bloodline of a friend to one may be the bloodline of an enemy to another, it’s all relative. But it’s all there.

So now, imagine the horror of encountering a dragon with no blood-scent. No clan, no family, no distinctive smell. They smell of nothing, or maybe, only of themselves, only of the magic that birthed them. Imagine what an uncanny valley that would be, someone who is, as far as Tundra are concerned, missing an integral part of themselves. It would be like walking up to someone and discovering they had no ears, and no holes where ears should be, just smooth skull. Creepy, unsettling, wrong. A dragon without a clan-scent is a dragon with no history, not to be trusted- it might not be a dragon at all.

Cut the Clutter. Sound Legit.

Trimming your writing has the benefit of getting your point across to readers without using stuffy sentences and filler phrases. Those are the training wheels of beginning writers, but seasoned professionals can pick them out easily. 

One such weakness to cut from your writing so it sounds more professional is the word “give.” Here are some examples taken from my own writing.

Example 1:

Original - She gives me an appraising look as I enter the room.

Revision - She appraises me as I enter the room. 

Example 2:

Original - She gives a long tired sigh, but smiles at the end of it.

Revision - Her tired sigh ends with a smile.

The meaning stays the same, but less time is needed to read and understand the sentence when that awkward “give” is taken out. Unfortunately for me, both of these examples came from the same scene, making a scene that should last only a few seconds take longer than that to read through.


You all gotta believe that if BTS members are having a problem opening a jar they ask Jungkook to open it.

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Is it just me or was the tension through the roof in the jikook part during the vlive, especially at the "what would you do if you want to appeal to someone you like" even hobi was like "this is frustrating" coz it got awkward and quiet (and he was invited but it felt like he was third wheeling those idiots) but then again i feel like jikook always have that kind of tension-y air around them it's very intense. (Jk sliding in his chair to jm like the satellite jeon he is tho lmao)

Yes, as soon as they started picking out a word, I could already see Hobi’s face of “Where I got myself into?” Jikook was already kinda in their world and it’s clear how Hobi looks at the others in the room like “Are you guys seeing this? Am I going to be ignored?” or “How dare the two of you act like this?” and all that time Jimin has his hands on Jungkook’s knee (he pulls out to gesture something when he is talking and puts back the hand on his knee).

Then comes the part of the question that was only meant to be for Hobi and again Jimin insists to know how Jungkook would act if he was interested in someone, then again that whole vibe changes to Jikook and their private world and Jimin’s moves wanting to show more of Jungkook because after all, that’s interesting to him.

When you like someone even the silence is comforting, so the silence between them is the most natural thing in the world and it bothers those who are from the outside or the people who know what is going on and warn them “Guys, come back to the real world”.

So Hobi gets annoyed, but in a cute way, and things go back to normal.

me af

Who in Wheel of Time would vape besides Moiraine Damodred because that’s obvious

A lot of popular ‘80s and '90s toys are being transmogrified into feature films these days, from G.I. Joe to Transformers to the extremely loose interpretation of Teddy Ruxpin that was The Revenant. So it was only a matter of time before Hollywood turned its attention to Troll Dolls, those free-wheeling nudists with colorful hair and the cold black eyes of a great white shark.

The movie is predictably cute and cuddly … for about two minutes, until a bunch of grotesque monsters show up and start murdering and eating those adorable Trolls.

It turns out that the Trolls were originally farmed and feasted upon by this race of monsters. Luckily, the filmmakers find clever ways to strike a balance between establishing the Trolls’ history as victims of a genocide and delivering kid-friendly fun … such as having a decapitated Troll gush rainbow-colored blood.

Bizarrely, this is all because the monsters can only feel happiness after eating a Troll, leading them to devour the flesh of their cute prisoners once a year to stave off their depression – a surprisingly elaborate mythology for those genital-less hunks of plastic used to perk up office cubicles.

Movies That Were Waaaay Darker & Crazier Than Advertised

One of my favourite dramas set in the 17th century is actually a series for children called The Children of the New Forest. It’s based on a Victorian children’s book written by a High Anglican Tory so some of it is kind of….Victorian in its values (at least the book is) but it is the cutest and it’s probably what first exposed me to 17th century Britain so I hold it in high esteem.

Anyway, it’s basically about a group of rich children whose country house is destroyed by Parliamentarian forces (it’s set during the ECW) and they have to go into hiding in the New Forest, because there’s a price on their family’s heads. They’re “adopted” by the poor forester who secretly harbours royalist sympathies so he looks after them but he’s also strict in that he expects them to live like him so as not to raise suspicion about who they really are. They go through all sorts of mishaps and troubles (even rescuing and adopting an imprisoned Spanish Rromani boy called Pablo, who makes them food from hedgehog). In the end, they end up paving the way for Charles II to leave England after the Battle of Worcester and he personally thanks them. It’s very cheesy and sweet but it’s a children’s adventure story first and foremost.

At one point, the children decide to come up with new names to suit their new identities. The youngest child, Edith Beverley says she wants to call herself “Henrietta Maria, after the Queen!” She’s told no, that’s a silly undercover name. So she says something like “I hate you all! Why can’t I be Henrietta Maria? If we’d gone with Prince Rupert, he’d have let me be Henrietta Maria!”

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please imagine nico in heelies
  • the stolls get them for him as a joke: they’re pure black with silver wheels
  • they show him how to use them because they think he’ll fall over and it’ll be funny
  • HAHAHA NOPE he’s suddenly the most graceful thing in camp and it’s freaking awesome
  • everyone thinks he’s been cursed or something but no it’s just his goddamn shoes
  • cue several days of just swishing around camp and nobody can get him to stop
  • it’s funny at first but then it gets seriously stressful because he was quiet enough before and now he just glides past you without a sound 
  • they try sending him to camp jupiter for a bit to see if anyone there can talk sense into him
  • it backfires horribly because it turns out long flat roads are perfect and suddenly togas and heelies are a fashion statement
  • eventually will needs him in the infirmary for another checkup
  • nico begins to swish away and will just grabs the back of his jacket and tows him away to the infirmary
  • the next day the heelies get confiscated because apparently they’re a health hazard doctor’s orders 
  • the entire camp breathes a sigh of relief
  • meanwhile in camp jupiter they’ve moved on from heelies and there’s full roller derby on a friday night bring your own snacks


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I love most bioware games. I have my criticisms, but generally I'll play those motherfuckers till the wheels come off, but you are absolutely correct, their humans are terrible. People create waayyy better mods and I don't understand why they can't get a few more people to help make this better. (Also the tattoo options for ME:A are awful and in DA:I what the hell was that eyebrow selection for the character creation)

They probably had to work under tight deadlines and was given a set budget to develop their games (EA’s fault l bet). I think they have some good actions animation overall but definitely can tweet some of them to make it better (Like the punching and dancing animation).

The bad animated expression and lack of eye contact are what bothers me the most. Sometimes l can’t even take a serious cutscene seriously because when a guy gets punch in the face, he doesn’t even show any pain expression but a blank stare. 

Oh man those eyebrows options… some of them are so atrocious l wonder if the developers put that in as a joke.