those were the simpler times

gosh im looking through my bro tag and jeez we (the original posters and artists, and the rebloggers) though dave and bro had a loving relationship. and theres tons of fanart of bro being so caring and nice and cool and even feminist L my fucking ao

those were simpler times. i think these are better times though bc now dave’s wiser and more grown up and he got to be around ppl who actually care about him

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LOVED the Reviving Romance update! K's rants on the films was legendary and I couldn't agree more. AND PEETA GAVE HER THE SAME CLUE THAT WAS IN TEH CARD AND I JUST ASKDJSLJGFHALFKJD *feels explosion* THANK YOU for the new chapter, this is seriously one of my favorite fics out there!

I’m glad you enjoyed it! I hope that rant about Meg Ryan’s romantic comedies didn’t piss people off, though. I really have nothing personally against those movies - I understand the 90s were a much simpler time, lol. I actually didn’t watch them until last summer (for research purposes) and I was like ‘Hmmm. What would RR Katniss think of this?’ So yeah. Oooh! And you caught the clue. I was wondering if anyone would. ;) Thank you for reading and I’m  seriously honored it’s one of your favorite fics!

God I feel that post so much & like… I’ve read on the road and into the wild & while I did enjoy them both (into the wild more so tbh) my first & ever present thought while reading them was just “wow I could never do this” & at first I tried to say it was bc those were simpler times & nobody could live like that anymore & maybe that is somewhat true but like…. No, I could never do it mostly bc I’m a girl & if I tried I would never be left alone…. Like as a girl u can never leave yourself that vulnerable at all bc its just seen as an invitation

Ugh and I just finished the electric kool aid acid test and every girl in there, every single girl, is described by her beauty or how sexy she is first and foremost…. The only girls who are even slightly acknowledged as being their own person are Faye and mountain girl, and Faye is hardly mentioned at all except when she’s dealing with keseys bullshit as a wife and mountain girl still ends up pregnant by Kesey. Like oh ok in order to maintain any respect as a girl u gotta sleep with the head honcho… U can’t just come out into this scene & sleep with NOBODY, that’s not the point of you! Silly girl