those underpants

My Kid reacts to episode 6 of Yuri on Ice

I honestly wondered about showing the kiddo this because of Christope’s performance mostly but since Kiddo can’t quite keep up with the subtitles and wouldn’t understand the “I think I’m gonna come” comment even if they read it I figured it would be okay. 

I was right.

Plane Cuddles: “So cute!”

Drunk Victor: “Wait is he naked?” *the trousers and underwear get thrown* “So was he just in trousers and socks?” *I explain those were underpants and Kiddo starts giggling* “That was so funny! “

Phitchit -  “so good!”

Guang-Hong - “if this is any cuter I’ll have to stop watching.”

The handhold and forehead touch: “So sweet and cute!”

Eros: “Beautiful and handsome! So good I can’t watch!” 

Paused on Yurio’s Reaction: “I can watch him for hours. Just like that. He’s smiling! Look I can see a smile!”

Georgi : “He looks like a jerk”

Leo: “He’s so chill and fun! He’s great!”

Christophe:  *mere seconds into the routine and before the ass grabbing* “Ew. I don’t want to watch him," 

Skipped to cuddles: “cute cute cute!”

Skipped to the Results: “YURI IS IN FIRST! I’M SO PROUD!”

Conclusion: “Cutest one ever! Victor and Yuri are definitely boyfriends! I need more of my Angry Cute Yurio though.”

Kiddo has a message to all of you:

“Hello! I love Yuri on Ice! It’s the best show ever! Make sure to keep watching Yuri on Ice because it’s awesome awesome!”

  • Me: What's coming out soon in the whole Movie department?
  • Friend: Well, we got some Marvel movies. Spiderman, Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Me: Yep, what else.
  • Friend: Well... in June, the Captain Underpants movie is released-
  • Me: WHAT THE HELL????? YES???? NO??? WHY????💪👌👌👌👌??????!!!!!!😤🙏