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12x12: Stuck In The Middle (With You)

Aubrey’s Challenge: Write a fic about each episode in season 12.

Word Count: 1637

Version en Español  –  PREVIOUS EPISODE

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“Mom! Y/N!” Sam pulled you into a hug, which you eagerly returned. He then passed you onto Dean who gave you a tight hug as well.

You’d hunted with the Winchesters for over a decade. They were the brothers you never had. But when Mary returned from the dead and decided to head off by herself, you decided to keep an eye on her. Help her learn the ways of the 21st century. Teach her the new hunting tricks that evolved with technology.

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This Hell That Holds Me (Drink You Away Part 2)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Theme Song: Camouflage by Selena Gomez

Word Count: 2,864

Warnings: language, angst, flashbacks, fluff, implied sexy times, arguing

Summary: Reader deals with the aftermath of Dean not calling.

A/N: I’m sorry it took me so long to get this out! Huge thank you to @winchesterwhisper for some inspiration on where to go with this. Sorry for any errors!

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Part 1

It had been four weeks since your phone call with Dean, and one week since he last tried to call you. After the initial late night, drunken phone call, he never called the next morning. He did however call a 2 weeks later, but you didn’t answer. You had even received a few calls from Sam and you felt terrible every time you clicked decline. There was a time when Sam was your best friend. You missed him dearly and wished there was some way to keep that friendship even with your relationship with the elder Winchester having ended. Those two boys were a package deal and you had to stay as far away from them as possible, per Dean’s original request. You were sure Cas would’ve paid you a visit, had he been able to, but with the branding he had placed on your ribs years back, you were sure it was proving to be difficult for the angel.  

You would be lying if you said that the next day didn’t hurt like a bitch. You had woken up and checked your phone immediately, your heart sank when you looked at the clock, realizing it was mid-afternoon and still no call. You glanced at your phone throughout the day, waiting for that guitar riff ringtone to blare through your hotel room, but it never came. Dean truly hadn’t meant what he said that night, and damn did it twist the knife even deeper. As much as you tried to convince yourself that you knew he wouldn’t call, you couldn’t deny that there was a small part of you that was hoping maybe, just maybe, this once Dean would be a man of his word. But no, even if Dean had meant everything he said, there was no way he would’ve called you, he probably woke up in the morning and remembered why he told you to leave in the first place. You hated yourself for even entertaining the thought of him calling you that next day, because all it did was hurt even more, just like you knew it would when you first picked up that phone. It was like a fire poker, red, hot and burning in your chest. It was unbearable, but you didn’t have a choice. You just had to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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