those two lil shits in the back

why i ship minjoon and you should too

homegirl effie back again with those rarepairs and aggressive bullet point lists

  • first of all jimin and namjoon have very similar hard working and level headed personalities

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  • of the two, jimin is more outgoing and open with his emotions, and he’s always there to support namjoon

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  • jimin understands namjoon’s shyness and he’s good at getting him out of his shell in interviews and whatever?? like he’ll comfortably tease or cuddle up to him and you can see how namjoon loosens up
  • n then he laughs at namjoons suffering
  • ok n below like this lil shit joking about tae hating joon lol AND THAT LAUGHTER HES SUCH A PLAYFUL BRAT

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  • a mean lil koala !!!! love

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  • they are dorks together rip me
  • namjoon is really intelligent and passionate about music and jimin admires that about him and that’s why he asks his advice on lyrics and all that aka for Tony Montana

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  • *punches wall* IM NOT cryING 
  • *chokes back tears*

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  • Jimin is insecure and needs validation and namjoon is always the person remembering to compliment jimin and remark on how handsome he is and how important he is to bts

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  • so FUCKING cute !!!!!!! ugh!!
  • JUST IN GENERAL namjoon just naturally gravitates towards jimin?!?!

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  • also joon loves making jimin laugh!??!?! HE LOVES TAKING CARE OF HIS BB !!!!! 

please love them because they fr love each other

Dating Minghao would include:

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Xu Minghao

-what a baby

-but he’s your baby

-loves to do totally age-inappropriate things with you (like sneak out of the Pledis dorm at 3 am just to meet you at a local playground and run around with you until dawn)

-((what no that never happened))

-teaching you Chinese

-then getting pissed off when you can’t form a coherent sentence



-lets you pick all of his hair colors 

-for some reason he just loves to listen to your reason behind picking the color

-“I just really like the red because you’re starting to mature and take on a more serious role in the group and… why are you looking at me like that”

-and he’s just sitting across the table like

- :^))))

-attack back hugs

-he loves to snuggle up to you at any given moment because you’re his walking pillow

-therefore, he’s VERY big on skinship

-you don’t know why, but he always thought you were out of his league

-so he likes to make sure everyone sees his arm around you or his hand in yours

-dance parties in your living room at all hours of the day

-sometimes you start a competition, but then he pulls out those fricky fricky fresh b-boy moves (because Minghao is an over-competitive lil shit)

-and you’re just like

-“ok cool bye”

-and he goes running after you and tackles you to the with one of those back hugs and attacks you with lil kisses

-“jagiiiiiii I’m sorry I loooove youuuuu”


-and you two just lay there giggling in each other’s arms until

-“…..I did technically win though didn’t I”


-surprisingly rough with kisses????

-idk why

-like they’re never just chill lil pecks on the lips

-it’s always i n t e n s e

-like push-you-up-against-the-nearest-wall intense

-even when it’s a simple goodbye right before he leaves for practice

-he’ll grab you and swing you around all of a sudden and just crash his lips into yours

-“okay bye love you”

-“um uhhhh o-okay yeah right back at ya hahaha”

-and after the door shuts you’re just like

-“frick he’s good at that”


-even right in front of him

-“Hey guys do you like this shirt I-”



-“I hate you both”

-taking you out is his number one favorite thing to do

-like he prepares weeks in advance

-he even buys you new dresses to wear so that “we can match, jagi!!”

-you must admit, he picks them well

-you guys are always the hottest couple in the place, doesn’t matter if you’re at the fanciest place in town or a KFC

-but he would NEVER allow a date in KFC

-no no only the finest for his woman

-he especially loves taking you to high dollar Chinese restaurants so you can “stop pretending Panda Express is Chinese food”

-the kind of man to hold your hand across the table and dab your mouth with a napkin while he looks at you all sweetly

-but then y'all get home and it’s


-jk but for real, nights spent with him are incredible

-really slow and sweet, just wants to take care of you

-and then you two watch the sun come up through the windows as you lay your head on his chest and listen to his breathing

-and he’s just softly running his fingers through your hair

-and really quietly, he’ll remind you that you’re the light of his life

-and you just look up at him and smile as he caresses your cheek

-so yeah Minghao would be so perfect you could never understand why he chose you

-yet he thinks the same about you

-you just live in awe of each other every day and it’s as close to euphoric as you’ve ever been

Long Distance with Taehyung

Before I start this, I wanna say a huge huge huge thank you for 4,300 followers, that feels so weird to type I literally had to pause and check the follower count bc I was like wait do I actually have 4k I thought it was 2 for a second bc I was like there’s not way it’s 4 so thank you all so so much, it means so much to me!!! And now it is time for the second member of the maknae line, the second half of the Daegu line, the other half of Vmon, the love of my life who looked so fucking good in the recent airport photos like the necklace !!!!! also that lil sun “tattoo” (idk if it’s real, a lot of people were saying it’s henna either one is fine with me) looked so nice, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae 

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • This is gonna involve single father!Tae (for all of the father related posts, click here) which is basically about Tae having a kid (a son) prior to your relationship with him, his post involved idol couple!Tae (here)
  • We all know how much Tae loves his family and how much he’d love his own bby son, he is such father material as is so the moment he holds that bby in his arms, he’s gonna be wrapped around his lil itty bitty finger (plz just imagine Tae’s hands compared to a newborn’s for a second and cry with me)
  • Leaving his bby boy behind is not gonna happen for the first year or two bc for the first year of his life, he’s a single father and obviously, if he’s doing press the other boys are most likely doing it as well so his parents have to watch bby bub and he just doesn’t like leaving him
  • Tae’s a very hands on parent, he likes being there for the lil moments like bby boy’s babbling or bby boy discovering he has toes or fingers or that the baby in the mirror is h i m, Tae never ever wants to miss those moments so he takes time off from touring and come backs but still does a bit of press here and there and a shit ton of Vlives and logs and things like that
  • Everyone’s super understanding that his bby is his top priority bc lil goober can barely walk, let alone have his father leave for tour
  • But once he meets you and you two are living together and goober is older, he decides to go on tour again while you and his parents watch bby boy, it’s a shorter tour bc he doesn’t wanna spend months and months away from his lil man
  • It’s his first time leaving bby boy for longer than just a couple hours so saying goodbye is s o fucking hard, lil goober doesn’t fully get it bc he’s never experienced it but all he knows is that both you and Tae are sad
  • You all say goodbye in private bc even though your relationship is public, something like a goodbye is personal, especially this goodbye
  • Tae gives the both of you long hugs (I could literally ramble on forever about how amazing Tae’s hugs would be) and he keeps kissing bub’s head and your forehead and he doesn’t let go until the very moment he has to leave so it’s just one long hug with lots of kisses before he has to say goodbye 
  • He prefers Skype/Facetime over calling
  • He only ever calls when he’s not gonna have much time to talk like pre-show/interview or when he has really shitty wifi connection
  • But he Skypes you and bby boy every single day, normally twice a day, in the morning and night (on your schedule bc asking a bby to stay up late so it can be morning or night for Tae is not the best idea) 
  • Bby boy always eats breakfast with Tae and you and Tae always has to eat something with you so even if it’s just something small like a chocolate bar, he’ll do it just so it can be a family meal
  • He gets so so so happy seeing his lil mini me munching away at some cereal or an apple or anything really bc his cheeks get so full and they’re so kissable and Tae keeps making you lean over and kiss his cheeks for him
  • Sings to him e v e r y night, he hasn’t missed a night yet and he doesn’t plan to, he doesn’t care if he has to wake up just to sing to him, he’ll do it bc there are only two things that will get bby boy to fall asleep
  • One is Tae playing with his hair and giving him gentle lil kisses all over his face and the second is hearing Tae’s voice, whether it’s talking or singing
  • He sings lullabies, children’s songs, BTS songs, anything bby boy wants him to bc Tae spoils his lil man so so much bc he just loves him with all of his heart and he wants nothing more than to make him happy and give him everything he needs and would do anything to see that mini square smile light up his bby’s face
  • Tae is the king of selfies and videos, he’s always posting lil clips of himself looking all cute like I just wanna take a moment here to appreciate Tae’s genes bc just when I think I’m used to how handsome he is, he comes back and is just like nope, he’s so breathtakingly beautiful and I love him so much my bias is showing bye
  • He sends tons and tons of pictures every day, he keeps both of you updated about everything from what the other boys are doing to his outfits and he expects the same from you and bby boy
  • You send him this clip of bby boy saying “I love you daddy” and Tae literally almost cries bc he misses him so much and wants to pick him up and give him a huge hug
  • Ight but imagine this, Tae doing a V live in his hotel room and you and bby boy watch it and bby boy keeps giggling and he’s so focused on Tae bc tae’s a goofball and is way better than any kids show who needs Pingu when you have Tae lip syncing Celine Dion 
  • He keeps mentioning bby boy and he shows some clips you sent him of lil goober dancing around to Fire or Cypher Tae has this really proud look on his face bc that’s his munchkin
  • He buys the both of you something from every stop, sometimes it’s something small like a teddy bear or a shirt but also Tae has been known to get some more pricey presents (my new favorite nickname for him is Gucci boy he’s so pure) so there is some bigger gifts as well
  • He gets bby boy and you some brand clothing and he gets you an engagement ring that you don’t get to see just yet bc Tae’s obviously saving that for when he proposes and he gets the three of you matching watches
  • Also I have this head canon that once Tae has all of his bbys (he has four in total, bby boy, twin girls and then another boy) he gets the whole family personalized jersey style shirts so it has “Kim” and then a number between 1 and 6 (Tae is 1, you’re 2, bby boy is 3, girls are 4 and 5 and then maknae bby boy is 6) so that all of you can have matching shirts
  • When he gets off the plane, he’s literally running past people and running straight towards his lil man who’s already waiting for him and squealing once he sees him and all you hear is this really loud “daddy!!!” followed by their giggles and bby boy’s squeals/screams once Tae gets to hug him
  • He’s clinging onto Tae and he mumbles how he’s never letting go again and Tae’s not complaining at all and he brings you into the hug and everyone’s just holding onto each other really tightly
  • “Lil man, I gotta shower, you have to let go for a bit, I’ll be quick I promise”
  • “No”
  • “Plz, I smell like an airplane”
  • “No”
  • “I’ll let you watch Pingu on my phone and I’ll let you have two extra cookies tonight if you give me five minutes to shower”
  • “…fine” 
freezerburn fanfics

that I’m following for the mean time for those anons that asked a while back I’m sorry it’s so late :’D

Winds Of War - Suddenly updated again, praise the sun.


The Princess and The Dragon - A really well written story and yang is an actual dragon pls read it. (There’s a clean version and a not so clean version)


Snowflakes and Firebombs - NOT SET IN AN AU AND IT’S CUTE AF

The Princess’ Rogue - This is a bit slow in the romance but dang is it a cool story. Weiss, a Princess get’s kidnapped, and Yang who’s a merc takes on the challenge to find her and bring her back, but not everythnig goes according to plan pls read this

Feel The Burn - GYM AU, GY M AU, Also there’s RubyxJaune so just a heads up to those who don’t like that ship.



Cold Snap - A two-shot where Weiss is a lil shit; who doesn’t like that tbh

Circumstances - SCIFI AU it hasn’t updated in a while but I’m still keeping my eye on it

A Time For Action - I NEED MORE OF THIS

OCTANE - CAR AU, Street Racing AU

SCHNEE’S BURGERS - Oh my god my love for this story can never falter I love everything about this fanfic/AU and I helped in some of it but goddamn is Choco a great fucking writer, it’s on hiatus right now because CHco has a life and is busy with schoolwork but please oh please raed this you won’t regret I swear to all that is freezerburn.

I literally just have this bookmarked, so if you need freezerburn just click that.

Winter Kiss - VERY RATED M

There’s Also these on tumblr

Flustered - Hana and Jen’s Freezerburn RP, it’s so cute an d ba h ah

Hana writes some really gr e at freezerburn, and so does Alaska and Rad
also Choco. There’s also echoofahero and murdockedmatt

if I miss any more amazing writers please do tell me :)

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Heyyyyy can I get an imagine with vampire!2D pls?? You can make it fluffy and/or nsfw I don't care thanksssss

~ You honestly didn’t believe 2D when he first admitted to you that he was a vampire. You were scared that he was one of those weirdos that took Twilight way too seriously. 2D was a bit offended but understood why you didn’t take him seriously. He took your hand and brought it to his mouth. Suddenly, two sharp fangs appeared. You screamed and jumped back. “Holy shit. Are you going to eat me?” 2D giggled and shook his head. “I don’ need ta feed very often. Bu’ when I do, I have a cool lil venom fing that sends waves of pleasure through my food source so dey don’ suffer. It’s pretty wicked.” You smiled and grabbed his face. “They’re so cool! I can’t believe I’m dating a vampire! 13 year old me is pretty turned on right now.” 2D scrunched up his face, “Ew.”

~ You giggled as you looked back on the memory. Now it was almost like, “Duh. Of course 2D’s a vampire, idiot.” You looked over at your sleeping boyfriend and kissed him. He immediately opened his eyes and smiled at you. Usually vampires didn’t sleep much but he always stayed in bed with you just to make you more comfortable. Since you two had been together for quite some time, you offered to be a food source for 2D. He didn’t need much blood to fill up, usually a pint or two. He was hesitant at first but agreed it would be a good idea since he wasn’t too fond of the whole hunting process. At first it felt weird, him biting into your neck. You flinched but the pain barely lasted a second. Soon your body filled with a warm pleasure that was similar to a high from some drugs you’d taken before. You quickly became addicting to 2D feeding off of you. It wasn’t an unhealthy obsession but you were always there anytime you heard his tummy growl.

eccentwrit  asked:

Okay, so I really love your blog- I only discovered it recently but it's already one of my favorites. I'm pretty well-versed in a lot of the mythology surrounding Greek gods, but I'm less informed on the "heroes". So, could you elaborate on what the deal is with Agamemnon? Or as you say, Agadouchenugget?


Aw thank you so much!! And I have certainly noticed you filling my feed, my friend. Now, let me wend you a tale of a piece of shit king. I will try not to be as bias as possible, but with Agafuckface, it is really quite difficult. Even besides his fucked up shit, he had a haughty, asshole personality in The Iliad. But let’s go back to the beginning. It’s a very shite beginning for a very shite man. In fact oh my gods, it’s fuckin terrible. Hang on to your sanity, here we go.

So Atreus was Agamemnon’s father, and Atreus had a brother called Thyestes. Thyestes and Atreus had their own huge convoluted argument about who should be on the throne (involving Zeus moving the fuckin sun backwards), but the important thing to Agamemwhore’s little story here is that Thyestes was Atreus’ wife’s lover. When Atreus learned of this adultery, he punished Thyestes by killing the bro’s sons. But wait a minute hoes, did you think that was enough? Fuck no! This family is bitch-ass crazy! Atreus happily followed the Tantalus family tradition, cooked them and fed them to Thyestes, keeping the heads and hands to taunt his fuckin brother with. Now this wasn’t seen as very good manners. So Thyestes (and if you thought this story was at the peak of fucked up, prepare your body, it’s not) then took the weird as shit advice from an oracle and had a baby with his own daughter. Family. Issues. This son grew up, and after a lifetime of shame, shepherds and incestuous revelations, murdered Atreus which was the plan all along, because Thyestes couldn’t just, idk fuckin murder Atreus himself or hire a merc. Anyway, then Thyestes and Aegisthus (the son) took the throne, and Agadouchedaddy had to flee to Sparta with his brother Menelaus.

There it is. There is Agamemnon’s batman backstory. Fuckin cray cray Greeks.

In Sparta, the two brothers eventually married the two princesses of Sparta. Menelaus, being the only good thing to come outta that fuckin family, married Helen (after all that fuckin arguing, y’know). Agadickshit has a few tales surrounding him and Clytemnestra, going from ‘he just fuckin married her’ to the asshole beginnings of ‘he stabbed her child (an AgamemDouche Theme) and stabbed her husband, then took her as his.’ But whichever way he went about it, being now related to the Spartans, and having Menelaus finally become king of Sparta, Agafuckingchildmurderer wielded the power of probably, like, 3 mad Spartan warriors and took his throne in Mycenae back. But some bitch called Paris had to go and start shit now didn’t he?

Cue child-murdering incident numero 2. It was Agabitchcunt’s job to assemble the Greeks and get them goin’ off to Troy. But Artemis was pissed and wouldn’t let them go. Some say Agashitsoul slew her sacred animal and said he was as good as her, others say she was pissed about how many men would die in Troy. But none-the-less, her anger was interpreted by the resident priest Calchas as ‘kill yer fuckin young daughter’. Agagarbagetrash, being a caring father, sighed, got out his special child-murdering knife, and did just that. On the plus(?), it seemed to work. But Clytemnestra never forgave his sorry ass. On another note, Agamemefuck’s lackey had a near child-slaying incident with Odysseus’ baby son Telemachus via plough. It seems the king set a gr8 A+++ example for his men. But Odysseus, through not allowing his baby to be violently murdered, proved himself a Much Better Person (it doesn’t take much).

But Agaasshole’s douchbaggery didn’t stop there,oh nooo. He fucked up the Trojan war too. Y’see, the Greeks fuckin needed supplies, so they raided nearby villages. This one village (Thebes, not related to mainland Thebes) contained the pretty-ass gurl Chryseis, who was the daughter of the priest of Apollo. Being a fucker, Agamemnon took her as a slave and was like ‘wow, this chick is better than my wife, I will tell everyone coz I’m a cunt’. But bitch wasn’t expecting Apollo to hear the prayers of his priest and curse the fuckin Greeks for stealing her (dayum, she musta loved her daddy that day). Not wanting to die a pathetic death from plague and famine, the Greeks forced Agashitforskin to give her back. He cried, whined, stomped his foot and then took Achilles’ beautiful almost-wife Briseis (read about her here) as recompense. Not. A. Good. Fuckin. Move. Achilles wasn’t a king so through authority, Agabitchhoe could totally do this. But this means Achilles sulked, Patbroklusbabe died, Achilles went nuts, Achilles died and the fuckin war stretched out to a stupid 10 yr siege. Probably not all Agaballsackface’s fault, but quite a bit of it was. He also went and enslaved Cassandra, and made her have his twins.

But he got his come-uppance. Well, everything in Mycenae kinda turned to shit, but whatever: He went back, he got stabbed by ol’ Clytemnestra (or her lover, the very same Aegisthus at the beginning of this sordid tale), then Agafuckwit’s children (mainly Orestes) got revenge for him by stabbing those two, then Orestes (in most sources that are plays) got plagued by Furies for killing his mother until the gods took a vote and said this family’s had enough shit, let’s give them a break. Euripides even gives Orestes a happy lil ending with his full homo homie.

Whoops this one was fuckin long again. I got carried away and gave you Agamurderballs’s family history too, but hey, I think it’s interesting so take it. Thanks for asking m8! n.n


Check here for more stories x

If you want to know more about any of the heroes in my stories, send me an ask, these are fun! c: 

Guard!Yoongi Part Two

Before I start this, I just want to say a h u g e thank you for 1,900 followers!! That is honestly so amazing and crazy to me but thank you all from the bottom of my heart !! So I’ve gotten a couple of requests to make the part 2 to the guard series into a full on series rather than just Jin’s post (can be found here for anyone that wants to read it) so here it is !! I’m going to continue on with our lovely, talented, simply amazing Min Yoongi aka Suga aka highkey my spirit animal like okay but can we talk about his hands for a second I could talk about them for a lot longer than a second tbh but I’ll keep it short like his album reviews are such top quality shit I can’t even rate it high enough it’s beyond a 10/10 like you have the audio of him talking in that lovely voice of his and then you have the visual of his hands like sign me up

  • For anyone that hasn’t read part one and would like to, click here
  • Guard!Yoongi is your closest friend
  • He’s your best friend, he’s your secret keeper, he’s the person you can talk to about a n y thing
  • Like you can literally walk up to him and be like what do you think it’d be like if dinosaurs were still around
  • “Not as much fun”
  • Has a witty comment to literally everything you say
  • Yoongi is really smart and just clever in general (you can tell with his lyrics that’s some deep shit)
  • Like his commentary on shit is 10/10
  • Guard!Yoongi would be similar to normal yoon bc they both don’t give a fuck about what others think
  • He’s technically not supposed to be best friends with you but lol oh well
  • You two have known each other since you were kids bc he used to be a stable boy who looked after your horse
  • It’s hard not to be best friends when you two spent your childhoods together, sneaking out of the castle grounds to run through the village together
  • He has a platonic love for you at first where it’s just like I love you but I’m not in love
  • Guards are supposed to be able to think strategically and sometimes that’s difficult to do when you have a genuine deep love for someone
  • Bc your mind can kinda go oh my god my love is in trouble !! rather than okay how do I solve this
  • That’s actually how Yoongi realizes he’s in love with you
  • I lowkey could see yoon being someone who falls slowly like he has moments of adoration but it takes him a minute to be able to say I love you
  • So he actually does take a while to fully be able to admit that he’s in love with you  
  • At first, he treats it as a job, strictly professional bc he just wants to keep you safe
  • But at the same time, he somehow finds himself telling you things a guard should not tell the person they’re guarding but he can’t help it bc he’s still used to thinking of you as just you and not the future ruler
  • Like he tells you about how stressful it can be to walk through an unknown city with you bc he has to be on the lookout every single second and he feels like if he looks away for even the briefest moment, something could happen to you
  • And to his surprise, you actually tell him about how much you hate making the guards feel that way and you two end up talking all night long and he’s just oops
  • The next thing he knows, he’s back to helping you sneak out of the castle to be able to run through the village
  • Those lil secret rendezvous turn lowkey romantic though
  • You two end up holding hands and cuddling and just feeling some not so platonic love for each other
  • Both of you are just “shit” but at the same time neither of you make a move to keep it professional
  • He doesn’t confess right away
  • He’s still trying to make those feelings go away bc guards are supposed to be just guards nothing more nothing less
  • And he wants to be a lot more and that’s not okay with him
  • You end up having a marriage arranged, to join two different kingdoms together
  • You’re not excited for it but you also understand that it’s your duty
  • The prince you’re set to marry gives you a ring to show you he’ll be a good husband and king
  • You’re still on the fence about it bc all you really want is to own a lil farm with Yoongi and help him with the horses like you used to
  • That’s midkey what he wants too but he thinks this is what you want and his top priority is to make you happy so he pushes those thoughts aside
  • But you two are out one night, in your secluded lil spot that sees over the entire town
  • He spots the ring and his heart just kinda stops for a second bc it all just hits him
  • You’re engaged to someone that’s not him, you’re gonna be married to someone that is not him this is not okay at all
  • You see him staring at it so you explain the situation
  • The more you talk, the more you can see his brow furrow and his hands are all balled up bc this is upsetting this isn’t what he wanted
  • He thought he could be a good guard and push away any non-platonic feelings for you but he really can’t, he tried
  • He kinda stops you mid-sentence and is just like hold on I have to tell you something
  • He tells you about how he’d been trying so hard to keep these feelings at bay, how he’d tried not to notice how much he loved your laugh or how whenever you said his name, he had to fight off a smile bc it sounded so cute coming from your mouth
  • You’re just speechless bc you can wholeheartedly say you’ve felt the exact same way as he did for all this time and now it’s really happening
  • He ends up rambling a bit bc he’s lowkey nervous he’s ruining his friendship with you so he just keeps talking and it’s the fastest you’ve ever heard him speak and it’s actually kinda cute
  • You give him a soft lil kiss to perfectly sum up the way you feel about him
  • He kinda doesn’t move for a minute or two after that
  • He’s just staring at your lips bc did that just happen
  • He gets this really wide grin that’s all gums and eye smiles and you can’t help but smile back
  • You call the wedding off the next day and instead tell your parents you want to be with Yoongi
  • They take a while to come around to it but after seeing how happy you two are, they give their blessing
  • You step down from the throne and pass it onto the next in line bc neither you or Yoongi really want to rule
  • You end up moving into one of the guest houses of the castle, where Yoongi takes over the stables and you two are honestly so much happier there than you would’ve been ruling and everyone’s just happy

MY OFFICIAL FREEZERBUTT KIDS made with chocolatebuttonsandbooks

Lila Schnee - Yang calls her lil Lila

- She parties and puns but is studious and shit‏ and is responsible and caring for her siblings

- adopted faunus (bear or lion)

-‏ ‘she’s rad as hell Weiss! Look at those lion ears, we should have her!'‏

- lila is for lilac

-for the colour naming theme

-is the heiress

shitlord twins Weiss (II) and Xue- call Yang ‘papa’

- They should be like 'xue this is mama Yang’


'No, mama’


'fuck it, I guess i’m papa Yang'‏

-they’re lil’ shits


- Weiss Schnee II‏ and Yang calls her Zweiss‏ as a pun‏

- these twins are gonna be adorable‏ Yang just carries them everywhere‏ she has two arms for a reason‏ just momma Yang juggling children whilst doing her chores‏

- Weiss’ shitlordness and Yang’s temper‏

- they take after papa and wear sunglasses but they also wear suits and carry toy guns around‏ pretending to be secret agents‏ it’s a game of who can shoot papa first‏ Yang just falls asleep and wakes up being bombarded by fake bullets and squealing kids.‏

Ravi gif spam~^-^

Hi~! It’s Ravi baby’s time now since it’s his birthday! x) Here we go~~
This cutie♥

Awww~~ :3

Did not go as planned tho…;D

Can I be that bunny? or whatever it is:D
naaah let’s not go to hotdamn Ravi…I’ll die. But literally my face (and Ravi’s) when people say he’s not good looking

Seriously these pics^ Oh…My..God… he looks so good!

Put the tongue right back in. Thanks. No need to mess with my feels rn D;

Uggggh how can VIXX and somebody say he ain’t good looking? D; sigh…let’s continue. VIXX members + Ravi..sigh…these cute dorks.

Well somebody likes Ravi;DD Navi~~ ♥ Basically N is me in this one^

Hyuk go away this is Wontaek moment D: :D

my personal fav^ Wontaek from the 90’s

Poor Ravi. You know you shouldn’t do anything stupid to Leo;D

Oh well Leo is forgiving person;D

Ravi and his artwork:3

93line seriously:D

One thing that I didn’t know for a long time was that Ravi is friends with Taemin & Kai. I mean how? How he ended up with those two lil shits? He is not-


yeeah…I’ll take it back. He is a lil shit. But still gonna say how bc Taemin and Kai are just alike and I don’t get that kind of pic of Ravi but I’ll guess he is just the same:D
He has really passionate fanboys :3

^I love those gifs:D Then let me introduce you to Vixx girls’ Yubin (D; Why so pretty. )

Then just random Ravi gifs :)

That hat tho.

I spy tattoo~~ I WANNA SEE IT FULLY!

…not then D:

Although he is a happy person usually I can believe that he has a lot of stress which unravels in the winning situations. I love him so much♥

Da spin~

Wth Ravi?;D


Ok seriously Ravi wth?:DD

Waaaah!♥ This was my Ravi gif spam^-^ Happy birthday to Kim Wonshik aka Ravi♥ aka my other bias x3
Sorry that this took so long but I hope you’ll like it^-^


(Gifs are not mine. Credits to the owners!)

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