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Headcanon that little Peter, especially right after being „taken in“ by the Ravagers, found Yondu’s blue skin oddly comforting.


Partly because, even while Yondu threatens to eat him every now and then, he is actually the one who doesn’t try to make good on that threat. And he’s the one in command, so Peter quickly figures out that, as long as he can see the blue-skinned Centaurian close by, he is less likely to be eaten by anyone.

The less logical but nonetheless important reason to Peter is that the color reminds him of the sky, back on Earth. Seeing Yondu while simultaneously listening to his mixtape, actually makes him feel something akin to home.

He never does tell Yondu so, knowing that the Ravager would probably laugh at him or even get angry.

And if Yondu notices the boy staying close to him during less busy times, staring at him but not really seeing, then he lets it slide every once in a while.

I really wish people would explore Roadhog’s affiliation with the Australian Liberation front.

Like AUs are great. Alternative canon stories are great. But i don’t think I’ve seen many, if any, Roadrat fanfics where Roadhog even thinks about the ALF.

That being said, I HAVE seen some great fanfics where the difference in Roadhog’s and Junkrat’s age is explored as a reason for why they’re so different.

Like Junkrat is younger, so he’s usually portrayed as not remembering the explosion and the following irradiation, or very little before it, but roadhog is older, so he remembers it and was involved.

People talk about that but they don’t talk about the ALF, they usually make up their own stories about Roadhog’s life before Junkrat.

But I’d like if more fanfic writers chose to explore that.

It’s a good way to contrast their ages and personalities.

Junkrat’s young and impulsive and loud. A world made of trash and desperation is all he knows. Roadhog is solemn and dignified and a bit sadistic. He has his wild side and likes to fuck shit up but he’s still got this quiet side to him that makes me really want more lore to him.

But anyway back to fanfiction.

I think the best roadrat fic I ever read was this really fucked up one where Junkrat cuts off his own leg when trapped down in the omnium where he finds his treasure.

And he and roadhog are really in character, and roadhog used to be a “suit.”

He used to work at the omnium.

And that was fascinating because he was frustrated that Junkrat was “ok” with living in desperation because that’s all he knows.

I just really like the dynamic there.

Roadhog wanted his land back, his home after the government took it from him, so he went to fight for it. For his troubles, they destroyed everything he knew and made his world a wasteland.

Junkrat lives in that wasteland and accepts it as it is because he doesn’t remember anything else.

I just like that dynamic, almost as much as I like the irradiation making Junkrat’s memory really bad roadrat trope.

But does Noora flicking her hair mean something more than to just emphasize the two so different states that Noora and Sana are now on? Is it just to show how Sana has just now started to look more on their differences ( Sana doing her hijab too tight VS Noora flicking her hair ) or does it also mean that she gets to have Yousef while Sana doesn’t just like the trailer indicated? What has been hapenning between Noora and Yousef?
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“Mediaeval scribes invented this bizarre Latin sentence as a joke to show just how difficult Gothic text could be to read.”

Raise your hand if you can read this sentence without looking at the Latin or English captions. :-D

kajuned  asked:

80% of Dean and Lucifer's encounters involve the two trying to kill each other. 5x04 (AU!Luci kills AU!Dean), 5x10, 5x22, 11x10, 11x14, 11x18, and 12x23. Other than that, the two just mock or make fun of each other. XD

It’s true that they are more often than not trying to kill each other, but (apart from 11x14 and 11x18, which I haven’t seen so I cannot judge), the one who initiates this little dance is usually not the one you’d expect.

In 5x04, Dean comes to kill Lucifer. This is the only time Lucifer actually does kill him, because of the circumstances. This is the end, Sam is with him now.

In 5x10 Dean tries killing Lucifer with the Colt, starting it. Lucifer reacts by knocking him unconscious to finish his talk with Sam.

In 5x22, Dean also starts the game, by having the audacity to step between Lucifer and Michael. Lucifer could have killed him there, but when Dean spoke to Sam it’s obvious that he stopped, for Sam’s sake. Not only that, there is more behind this than just Sam, but he gives him control back. He simply gives up.

In 11x10, Dean once again interrupts, this time Sam and Lucifer. This is actually the one time Lucifer landed the first hit/started it, against Sam, but again he’s not trying to actually kill Dean, he’s punishing him for interrupting him. (Also he freaking snapped, he could have easily killed Dean in a heartbeat out of anger)

As I said, I can’t speak for 11x14 and 11x18, but,

In 12x23 it is again Dean who tries killing Lucifer first and once again Lucifer doesn’t just kill him, instead beats his ass up. I’m pretty sure by now he actually has fun doing this. One snap and Dean would be gone, but he’s not doing that.

You see, of course the two hate each other, and it’s understandable. Given that Sam/Dean are very similar to Lucifer/Michael, it’s hard for Lucifer not to. Dean means nothing to Lucifer, unlike Sam. After the Colt incident, one flick of his wrist would have been enough to kill Dean. But instead he gave him a good swing to knock him out, because he didn’t care for Dean, he wanted to talk to Sam. And he didn’t want to kill him either, because it would have hurt Sam.

In 5x04 this all didn’t matter, because Sam was either gone completely or totally on Lucifer’s side. We don’t know if they had a conversation before Lucifer killed him either, but this one time he does kill him it’s because he can’t hurt Sam anymore.

This last time was no different. In this scene, Lucifer was so much the season 5 Lucifer we were first introduced to; he was powerful and badass, not giving a single fuck that Dean emptied the whole magazine into his chest. Once again he could have just killed him, but he instead beat him up like a human would have done it, because killing Dean was not on his agenda.

It’s all interpretation of course, I get that. But to me it makes a lot of sense, because even if Lucifer claims he doesn’t need Sam anymore, I don’t believe it. Yes, he doesn’t need him as a vessel anymore, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need him. He is just too far into it to turn around at this point and hides his true self under his anger and rage and snarky comments.

a quick thing for Autism Acceptance Day/Month!!

how to support autistic people this month:

  • don’t support Autism Speaks – it’s an awful “charity” that harms autistic people more than it helps them
  • do support organisations run by and for autistic people, such as the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network ( @autisticadvocacy​ ) and the Autism Women’s Network ( @autisticwomen​ )
  • don’t “light it up blue” for “autism awareness” – these things are heavily associated with Autism Speaks, and with the dangerous misconceptions it spreads about autism
  • do use the hashtag #RedInstead to fight back against #LightItUpBlue
  • do promote and celebrate autism acceptance (not just awareness!)

and, most importantly:

  • do listen to what actual autistic people have to say – we know better than our family members, “autism experts”, or any non-autistic person!!

Okay but consider a Mass Effect Andromeda where the Ryder family stays whole. Alec doesn’t die, the second Ryder twin doesn’t end up in a coma. 

Imagine Pathfinder Alec Ryder getting to actually be a pathfinder, but also having to cope with his two children who are both canonically huge dorks. 

Consider Alec trying to be diplomatic while his two grown ass children are behind him getting into a silent slap fight over who gets to ride shotgun in the nomad. 

Consider Alec “so emotionally constipated he’s shitting out diamonds” Ryder having to deal with Jaal “I’ve known you for ten seconds let’s talk about our feelings because the angaran social filter is nothing like yours” Ama Darav. 

Consider Alec having to constantly put himself between Reyes and whichever offspring has come with him because the guy will not stop flirting and this man is a criminal and we only need him for his connections, stop winking back.

Imagine Alec bonding with Evfra over the difficulties of leadership in an impossible situation, and having the lives of an entire species depending on your success.

Now imagine that scene but it keeps cutting to Scott and Sara daring each other to eat the weird alien food. 

Drak offering Alec parenting advice!!!!! 

Alec putting Peebee in time out until she can behave herself. 

Alec putting on his Parent Voice when Gil and Kallo fight – it’s not even on purpose, they just sound so much like bickering children.

Alec having to deal with the fallout from the disastrous beginnings of the initiative – would fewer people attack him to his face? He’s certainly a lot scarier and a lot more intimidating than the canon pathfinder is. 

Imagine Alec walking in on one or both of his children making out with their love interest. Imagine that ride on the Nomad.

Jaal trying to talk to Alec about it to reassure him of the true depth of feelings he has for Sara but Alec Does Not Want To Have This Conversation. Cora loves Scott but oh god she’s sleeping with her mentor’s son and he knows but he isn’t saying anything why isn’t he saying anything.  Liam practically climbing under the table whenever Alec enters the room because he’s sure his boss is going to space him for making out with his daughter.

Sahuna Ama Darav emailing Alec because “we’re going to be inlaws let’s talk about medical histories and plans for grandchildren!!!”


sexual tension: the tension felt between two people who want to do something sexual together but hold back.