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When I see people complaining about the flaws in Eurus’ plan (i.e. how did she get that fake cell put up, etc.) I find myself laughing because I’m the daughter of an architect. I’m the granddaughter of an architect. I’ve grown up playing with Barbie dolls while on building sites. Architects and builders do not give a shit what they’ve been commissioned to build. They see it in terms of extensions, refurbishments, what walls need to be knocked down, what dimensions can be fitted, etc. etc. What you do with it is your business.

This is probably how the conversation would’ve gone down:

Governor: We need you to build a fake cell at the bottom of the garden, facing the house. You will be paid handsomely for your discretion.

Architect: So, it’s like a studio. What dimensions are the garden?

Builder: I’ve done small bathrooms, I’m cool with anything.

Honestly, the only thing that could’ve stopped Eurus is planning permission.

Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers) from Supergirl was named as SpoilerTV’s 2016 Performer of the Year by the staff.  She earned this title after members of the staff nominated one actress and one actor who they thought delivered the best performances in 2016 which garnered us a list of 32 top performers.  Those performers were then placed into a ranking system where each member of the staff ranked their Top 5 favorite performers from 2016.  Chyler got the highest number earning the win.  For those curious regarding who her competition was, I’ve placed the final results of the staff vote below.  

3x01-3x09: My Thoughts

My Fav Episodes from Season 3 of The Flash so far:

3x01 - all the westallen 😍 (& just everything in general)
3x03 - westallen, quickwest, jesse quick
3x04 - westallen, quickwest, jesse quick, barry mentoring jesse (just a light, funny ep in general)
3x07 - snowbarry friendship, westallen, killervibe friendship
3x09 - westallen, killervibe friendship

Those are my tops rn. I expect to add 3x10 to the list, but we’ll see. ;)

As for my thoughts on the others…

3x02 - generally SUCKED. I hated almost all of it. Strongest scenes were WA’s scene right before he ran off on her, Jay’s sit down w/ Barry & Barry’s explanation of FP to the team. Hated how WA’s last scene was written & executed. People felt OOC all ep. I did rly like WA’s very first scene though. That was cute. 👍

3x05 - eh? It was okay? Nothing too impressive. Though Cait’s dynamic w/ her mom was interesting. I liked that backstory. Cute half-second lunch date btwn WA. Nice last scene w/ Barry & Julian.

3x06 - One big depressing MESS. I did enjoy the strong theme of killervibe friendship though. That was great. And also Barry telling the Wests about Kid Flash in FP in the beginning.

3x08 - It SUCKED. Iris was OOC & everyone beating up on Barry the whole time made my heart ache. I did like the Barry/Oliver pep talk scene a lot though. That was nice.

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*every destiel fic ever*
  • Dean: I'm so straight
  • Dean: such a ladies man. so many girls. look, boobs
  • Dean: a big hetero hello to all of you
  • Sam: *rolls eyes*
  • Castiel: *enters scene*
  • Dean: ohhh look at them eyes, look at them lips. hot damn
  • Dean: I'm not gay. what kind of sorcery?
  • Castiel: *glances at Dean*
  • Dean: *cheeks turn red*
  • Castiel: *approaches Dean*
  • Dean: *internal existential crisis*
  • Castiel: "hello"
  • Dean: *ends up being such a needy bottom*

…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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I think some of my favorite kpop lyrics are these:

  • You look like a fresh salad, so smooth
  • Sexy, free, and single, I’m ready to bingo
  • Roll like a buffalo
  • You zoom zoom my heart like a rocket
  • We gonna go rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka rocka. So fantastic
  • Your love plus my love, supa luv
  • Yo girl a turkey on my dick gobble gobble, I fuck her till her knees wobble wobble
  • Yeogi buteora

whoops i coloured it

now if only i could write the damn fic

UPDATE: i wrote the damn fic

This has been my favorite list to make (and to share)—for obvious reasons. ( • ᴗ • )

Hardcore M (Not for the soft of heart • for the 💯 do-S/sadistic girls)

  • ナミダメ (Namidame) - All 4 Volumes 
  • 誘惑(いいなり)第四弾 -研修医、千祖の改悔- (Iinari Vol.4) 
  • 逆調教 (Gyaku Choukyou)
  • 女王蜂の甘美なる交合 第二章 虚編 (Jooubachi no kanbi naru kogou Vol. 2 - Utsuro)

Softcore M (For more moans of pleasure, not pain 🙃 • “More” vanilla ✨)

  • ふたりの秘密1 ~じつはMな彼~ (Futari no himitsu Vol.1) 
  • Relacion Dulce Vol.1 お酒のチカラで知るカレの新たな一面 (Relacion Dulce Vol.1)
  • 私の彼のおかしなヒミツ Vol.3 M気質の彼 (Watashi no kare no okashina himitsu Vol.3 M kishitsu no kare)
  • こまった彼氏 White Ver., 守村編 (Komatta Kareshi White, the tracks with the lawyer, 守村)
  • 純愛-パラフィリア- 教師 広野渉 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyoushi Hirono Wataru)
  • 二階堂記念病院 第2弾 リハビリ医葉庭の淫欲カルテ (Nikaido Kinen Byouin Volume 2)
  • 二階堂記念病院 第5弾 耳鼻科医宗矢の淫欲カルテ (Nikaido Kinen Byouin Volume 5)
  • ラブユーブング -永嶺海斗編- (Loveubung - Nagamine Kaito)
  • 監禁男子番外編 ~愛ゆえに彼を閉じ込めて~ (Kankin Danshi Bangai Hen)?* (Straddles** the line between Hardcore and Softcore - in this CD, you assume the position of a yandere/possessive girlfriend)

Bonus: CDs that don’t explicitly feature M boys, but feature passive/submissive boys. ( • v • ) 

Leans Submissive (Dominant/Assertive MC + Submissive Partner)

  • S.O.S-secret ocean story- Episode 02 エリック (S.O.S. Vol.2 • Eric)
  • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木空 (Kare to soine • Sora)
  • Switching?! - Ayumu, and to an extent, Yuu 
  • 大人のメルヘンシリーズ 大人になりたくない少年 ~好奇心旺盛な彼~(Otona no meruhen Vol. 2 Peter Pan)
  • お姉さまと僕~薔薇の下で逢いましょう~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Bara no shita de aimashou〜)
  • お姉さまと僕~約束のジュリエット~ (Onee-sama to boku 〜Yakusoku no Juliet〜)
  • 4色の支配者と反逆の業火 第一章 青の王 (Yonshoku no shihaisha to hangyaku no gouka Vol. 1 • Blue king)
  • Twinkle Blossom - Natsume
  • 恋。しかるべき ~芹沢拓海 編~ (Koi. Shikarubeki 〜Serizawa Takumi〜
  • Kare Pillow Vol. 8
  • … ( to be continued )

GFD/RR* Tokutens/Tracks

  • Switching?! 2nd! Stellaworth Tokuten - Kanade 
  • 紅ノ華嫁 (Aka no hanayome) - Mizuho’s rendou tokuten, and the first half of Hidemasa’s rendou tokuten 
  • Reversible + Re:Reversible - always features a RR track
  • 今夜はどうする? (Konya wa dousuru?) - Stellaworth tokutens feature GFD/RR
  • … ( to be continued )

Doujin (Hardcore. These are doujin, after all... 💦)

  • カエデくんの告白。~私が××したい彼~ & カエデくんと2度目のえっち。(Kaede-kun no kokuhaku. ~Watashi ga xx shitai kare~ & Kaede-kun to nidome no ecchi.) 
  • 受けっぽい彼氏、受けっぽ彼氏! (Uke-ppoi Kareshi, Uke-ppoi Kareshi!)
  • お部屋カレシ~尽くし系な年下彼氏を苛めてみたら…~<譲編> (Oheya Kareshi〜Zukushi kei na toshishita kareshi wo ijimete mitara〜)
  • お兄ちゃんだいすき!  (Onii-chan, daisuki!) 
  • ドエス彼氏 ドエム彼氏 (Do-S Kareshi, Do-M Kareshi)
  • クラスの王子様とドSな私 (Class no ouji-sama to do-S na watashi)
  • 赤いヒールのシンデレラ (Akai heel no cinderella)
  • ご主人様と召使い ~カイの場合~ (Goshujin-sama to meshitsukai 〜Kai no baai〜) 仕置 track
  • ご主人様と召使い ~ウィルフレド侯爵の場合~ (Goshujin-sama to meshitsukai 〜Wilfred koushaku no baai〜) 逆転/調教 tracks

*Gentle femdom/role reversal.

**Pun intended.

so obviously kara has spent her entire life trying to fit in right? and this has translated over into her wardrobe and how she presents herself as an unassuming nerd. but as demonstrated by red!k kara, she’s also aware that she’s hella attractive, and if she feels like it she can be sexy as hell, like when she just fuckin. slow motion walks into the bar in that black dress and everyone has to pick their jaw up off the floor??? so IMAGINE if kara had decided to own that part of her, and like, not cared if she stuck out as the sexy, smoldery goddess that she is? because then she would still have her cinnamon roll personality, but wrapped up in the sexy red!k kara aesthetic.