those times in life when using black ink only feels really good

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Hi! Could you write something about soulmates. Like Betty having an abusive boyfriend and all the bruises and cuts show up on Jughead. And there is soulmates in the world so it's not unusual, but Jughead keeps getting injuries from Betty and starts writing on his arm to her and she rights back to him and can you continue this please thank you.

I lovveee these soulmate aus!

“Dude what the hell is that?”

Jughead looked up, confused by the sharp and disgruntled tone of his red headed best friend.

“What’s what?” He raised a confused brow, his eyes scanning his surroundings, searching for something off.

Archie reached for him, pulling Jugheads tanned arm up and into the air, shoving his wrist into his face

“This! Dude if your dad is beating on you again, you can tell me. You know you’re always welcome back at my place, my dad…”

Archie’s voice faded away as Jughead stared at the dark purple and blue bruises littering his arm, fingerprints left nasty circle shapes and some were faded and yellow, they’d clearly been there for a long time. How was that possible? There was no way he wouldn’t have noticed them and he couldn’t remember banging into someone , not to mention he was absolutely positive no one had left those marks on his body, it really wasn’t possible, unless..

“They’re not mine” he whispered, more to himself than anything, his eyes still glued to his arm.

“What are you talking about? Of course they’re yours, bruises don’t just show up, I mean it’s not like.. oh…” Archie trailed off finally understanding

It was Jugheads soulmate.

In life when you’re looking for the one you’re meant to be with, pieces of them become pieces of you. It happens suddenly but there’s no way to know when you’ll meet them. It had happened with Archie last year one day the football player came to school, his lips bright red and clearly made up, Jughead had nearly wet himself, he had laughed so hard as the boy desperately wiped at his mouth, smearing lipstick down his arm.

“It’s my soulmate! Clearly she likes wearing stupid ass lipstick”

Two days later he had met Veronica Lodge at the Riverdale mall, pearls on her neck and deep purple lipstick on her lips plus the addition of two thick black smudges under her eyes, eerily similar to the eye chalk Archie wore to football practice everyday.They had been inseparable ever since.

He watched in amazement as another bruise formed right before his eyes, a deep red welt, similar to the belt lashings he used to get when his father was an alcoholic. It didn’t hurt Jughead physically but the ache in his chest at his “soulmate” having to go through this, made him feel positively violent. Picking his bag up and walking out Archie’s front door, he gripped the bruises on his arm, willing them to stop, wishing he could make them stop for her, she didn’t deserve this, no one did. It was dark by the time he got to the trailer park, his mood volatile and nasty, his father was working on some bike in the front yard and he waved at his son. Jughead stormed past the older man and locked himself in his room, ripping the jeans from his body he stood in the mirror observing his body, sure enough he was covered in the painless bruises.

His eyes filled with tears and he was surprised when he couldn’t hold them back, he hadn’t cried since he was eight years old and his mother left. The door to his bedroom opened slowly and his father stepped in, eyes going wide at his sons bruised body before understanding took over, F.P jones sat on the edge of the bed and held his son as he cried helplessly.

“There’s nothing I can do.” He sniffled
“I can’t help her, I don’t even know her but I can feel her dad” he looked at the bruises once again, his fists clenching “I want to kill whoever did this.” He whispered.

F.P nodded
“I know you do, but right now you can only do so much. So do what you do best.” He rose from the bed, walking over to Jughead desk and handing him a pen


With that he shot his son a knowing smile and slowly closed the door.

Jughead lifted the pen too his arm and took a deep breath.

Betty threw herself on her bed, her body aching from the beating she had just taken. She had tried to break up with Chuck again, she had tried so many times but each time it had ended exactly the same, Betty laying bloody on the floor begging for the angry boys forgiveness.

She rested her face on the soft silk pillowcase and bit her tongue, she had learned not to cry out, never let anyone see the bruises, be quiet Betty Cooper. Be perfect.

She couldn’t do it anymore, she was tired, so damn tired of being perfect. She wanted to go away, to sleep, sleep forever.

She reached into her nightstand and pulled out the tube of concealer, lifting the soft white sweater , fully prepared to cover up the bruises she knew would be visible in cheerleading practice tommorow, what she didn’t expect to see was the messy scrawl scribbled across her bruises

“You’re so much stronger than they are. You’re stronger than all of that white noise. You’re going to be okay, don’t let go. JJ”

Tears pricked her eyes. Her soulmate. She had one. she had gone so long believing she would never have one, destined to be passed around with the other mate less teenagers. She gripped her arm to her chest and let her tears fall freely, he was there and he could feel her, feel her pain. She wasn’t alone anymore.

Grabbing the purple gel pen off of her desk, she began writing back.


Jughead stared tirelessly at his arm, he didn’t even know if she was getting his messages, this could all be pointless, suddenly though, his arms were filled with distinctly feminine cursive in sparkly ink.

“Thank you JJ, it’s nice to meet my soulmate . Im sorry it had to be under such horrible circumstances. I’m Betty Cooper”

Betty Cooper? He knew that name, had heard Archie mention it a few times, but from where? He didn’t have time to think about that, ripping up his sleeve even higher he began writing again.

“It’s good to meet you in any way, although I do wish it wasn’t like this as well. Are you okay?”

He smiled when the reply was almost instant

“I’m okay, much better now that I know you’re here.”

They spent all night writing back and forth, Jugheads heart felt lighter that morning at school, and it was a fairly noticeable difference.
Archie of course made a huge deal out of it and Jughead found himself rolling his eyes at lunch when the football player went on about how awesome double dates would be from now on.

“Speaking of going out, i promised Ronnie, I’d meet her at central point park for that concert tonight, shes bringing her friend who’s going through a shitty breakup, i figured you could come along be like a fourth wheel. I promise you can write to your soulmate alllll night if you want.” Archie teased.

Jughead rolled his eyes, reluctantly agreeing.


Betty was sore that morning but she couldn’t keep the smile off of her face, her soulmate was amazing, he loved writing and reading and they shared similar tastes in movies and he made her laugh like no one else.

“So you’ll come?” Veronica asked, snapping Betty out of her thoughts and pulling her gaze away from the faded words on her arms

“Hmm? Yeah sure, of course.” She answered,dazed.

“Alright love bird, we’re gonna enjoy ourselves tonight at the concert. Maybe you can find some lyrics to write to lover boy” Veronica smiled lovingly at her best friend, excited to see the blonde looking genuinely happy for the first time in ages.

“Maybe” Betty grinned.

That night came by fast and Betty took one last look at the words she had just written JJ

“Gotta go Romeo, talk to you later?”

She smiled when the familiar handwriting appeared

“You got it Juliet.”

Betty and Veronica stepped from the car, Betty’s hand tucked in Veronica’s as they navigated the grassy area

“Ronnie! We don’t have to run, I’m sure we wont miss him, that bright red hair is kind of hard not to spot.” She giggled.

Veronica waved her eyebrows suggestively
“I happen to like redheads.”

Betty laughed
“I know, I was there when you started dating Chery Blossom last year.” Betty rolled her eyes

“I don’t discriminate. Love is love and all that” she grinned.

“Speaking of love.”

Both the girls whipped around at the familiar voice and Veronica instantly ran into her boyfriends arms


Archie laughed squeezing his girlfriend,

“Jughead this is Veronica’s best friend, Betty Cooper meet Jughead Jones.”

Jughead nearly dropped the novel he had gripped in his hands as he looked at the beautiful blonde with the bright green eyes and matching blue bruise on her chin, she was even more beautiful than he could have imagined, the very definition of a masterpiece.

“JJ” she whispered, her eyes scanning his and landing on his arms. She was smiling nervously, her fingers fidgeting as she slowly stood in place.

Jughead couldn’t keep the grin off of his face
“ hey there Juliet” he whispered, pulling his sleeves up as she gently rested her fingers on his inkstained arms.

She let out a breathy giggle and before he knew it she was falling into his arms, his own strong arms coming to wrap around her body, covering her and protecting her, now that he found her he was never letting her go.

She looked into his eyes and let the tears fall from hers

“I’ve been waiting for you Jughead Jones.”

He laughed, dropping a kiss to her lips
“You have no idea Betty Cooper”

The Real Drug War

Drug Wars - You should probably read this first

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

Clever as the devil and twice as pretty.
-Holly Black

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs,…

A/N: For people who read my J JK fic, I’m sorry, you’ll recognize one part - I just really wanted it here. None of these pictures are mine - credits to the owners.

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Let's get out there

You know that feeling when you really want to jump into the black and white lines in your book? When your own world seems boring and you realise that you are not the main character in a haunting story?

You are not Hermoine Granger, the brightest which of her age.
You are not Bilbo Baggins who left for an adventure.
You are not Katniss Everdeen who fought for life and love and justice.
You are not Achilles who grasped and swallowed immortality.
You not odysseus who walked with giants.
You are not Aelin who will gain back her crown.
Your are not fictional.

Instead you are very real. You might struggle with school. With your mentality. With your personal life. You wish for problems so big that they would overshadow your own and turn you life upside down.
You are waiting for an opportunity.
But you know what you are actually doing?
You are wasting time.

Stop waiting.
Stop wasting.

Yes, we are not in those magnificent universes that other people created with their imagination.
But you know what?
All stories have something that anchors them into our world.

Those ideas. Those worlds. Those universes. Those books. They didn’t appear out of thin air.

Something in those books, and it might only be the nightsky, but something in there comes from our world.

So get up and out. You want to dive into their world? How can you say that when you haven’t even seen your own?

Look up! Do you see the full moon that so many legends are spun around? Would you like to touch the stars that so many myths rang about? Do you see the mountains that giants used to play on? Do you listen to the whispering of the trees? The songs of the wind? The roaring of the sea? Do you hear the groaning of the woods? Those trees, do they move in your book? Walk to face Saruman?

What are they facing now?

Your world is just as magnificent as the one you read about.
The people are just as brilliant.
Now it’s your turn. You want to be the hero or the heroine in your life?
Well what are you waiting for?

You are millennium old stardust, formed by time itself.
You have iron in your blood and calcium in your bones.

Don’t tell me that you don’t have it in yourself to be the hero you read about.

You are a force of nature.

And no one can take that away. No one but yourself.

So stop doubting yourself and get out there.

i have so many headcanons about bendy and the ink machine. specifically what the cartoon was like

i like to think that boris was a wolf that was looked down by everybody because of how “stupid” he was. this is the olden days where mental illnesses weren’t recognized so much and the ones that were were viewed as dangerous. so once boris’ parents passed on nobody was really willing to be there with him. he has managed to get some work, but it doesn’t pay much. and he’s so very lonely. he just wants a friend. a best friend even! how great would that be? but nobody wants him around… 

then he came across a local church that was warning people about summoning demons. about how horrible it was the terrible cost to pay. but boris heard that when you summon a demon you can get anything as long as the proper price can be payed. boris doesn’t have much, but a best friend is priceless! somebody to have fun with and play board games and go to the movies and help comfort each other when they’re down. boris was willing to pay whatever terrible cost to get a best friend. 

it takes a long time, but after lots a research and some shady deals has everything he needs to summon a demon.., no, his new best friend!! he performs the ritual, citing the proper words when the candles around him go out despite there being no wind. a chill fills the air and the candles relit with black fire. a dark cloud starts building in the center of the circle and grows taller. boris briefly wonders if this was a good idea when POOF. the clouds disperse and there stands a short demon, his face is blank. then he blinks and glances around the room. he spots boris who has scooted back a few feet and looking a bit scared. the demon grins. he walks towards boris, closing the distance between them. boris is in too much shock to move. and then the demon sticks out his hand, still smiling but never speaking a word. after a couple seconds boris catches on and grabs the demons’ hand, allowing him to pull him up from the floor. 

once boris is up on his feet the demon starts shaking his hand and looks quite pleased. boris grins and shakes his hand back. after a few seconds the demon lets go and stands back a little, looking at boris expectantly. 

boris starts, “my name is boris! what’s yours?”

the demon lifts and waves his hand above his head. sparkly letters appear spelling out ‘bendy’. 

“that’s a nice name! so, um, i was wondering if you could help me?”

bendy nods, smiling a bit wider

“could you be, um, sorry if this is silly, but will you be my best friend?”

bendy’s smile drops and he blinks a couple of times. he’s never heard of such a strange request before, but then his smile returns full force and he nods again enthusiastically. this could be fun

boris is beside himself with happiness. he’s got a new best friend!! how exciting! he tries to hug his new friend, but bendy steps back out of reach. boris is a bit confused. bendy twirls his hand in a circle looking at boris like hes expecting more. boris remembered that one important detail.

“oh! um, well, what do you want in return?”

bendy smile widens. this stupid wolf just gave him free reign over what he could ask for. he could ask for his soul and then drag him back to hell. or ask for him to gather people so he could take their souls and take them back to hell. …but it has been a long time since he has been in the living world. he doesn’t want to leave so quickly. 

while bendy thinks his face takes on an expression of deep thought. boris starts thinking about the things he could probably give up. his home? would living on the streets be worth it? umm, lets just look over all the other options first. his life? ehh… his senses? sight or hearing? taste? would those be good? …what could a demon do with a sense of taste? no, it should be something useful. his job? well, uh….maybe. then boris was struck with a thought

“at the bakery i work at,“ bendy glances up, “we make lots of desserts and the workers are allowed to take home a couple after work. i could give those to you? would that be enough?”

bendy blinks and thinks it over. he’s always loved human food, especially sweets. but that doesn’t cut it for all the boris is asking for-

“and i suppose i could let you stay at my house, and provide meals?”

that’s better. not only would he be gifted meals, but he has been given permission to stay in the living world. for all that’s provided its just barely enough, but hey, boris didn’t state that he had to be a good best friend now did he?

bendy looks at boris and grins while nodding. boris has got that look on his face again that looks like he’d explode with excitement. he holds out his hand.

“so its a deal?”

bendy grabs his hand and shakes. boris feels a weird sensation creep through his hand and into his entire body. he suppresses a shiver as he feels the weirdness settle in his chest. the candles light shifts from black to yellow and the air loses its chill. boris blinks at the sudden shift, but then smiles widely and gathers bendy up into a hug. bendy’s smile looks strained, but he allows it. 

and then over the course of the cartoon you see all the wacky adventures they go through, mainly spurred by bendy’s trickster nature. and then as they spend more and more time together bendy behavior starts to shift. you dont spend several months with an oblivious wolf who is kind to a fault without something changing. 

the tricks he pulls on boris start becoming less harsh and he starts pulling pranks on the people who hurt boris. they get mad at him and say that he should keep that thing under check. boris gets really mad at that comment and says that bendy is just having fun and they shouldnt be so cruel. and they keep arguing and of course bendy hears it all. he’s never heard boris so angry before and at that moment he realizes just how much he means to boris. he vows to pull even more tricks against those nasty jerks. 

and more episodes pass as bendy keeps up his promise to himself until an episode called, “boris is missing” happens. obviously, boris is missing leaving bendy quite confused. he’s not in the house anywhere and although its boris’ day off bendy checks his work too. he’s not there either. bendy tries not to worry about it, but then he remember those jerks who would hurt boris and he wonders if maybe they took things too far and he’s hurt somewhere. so he went to the hospital to check, but they say they dont have him. he’s starting to panic at this point, because boris is always around with bendy and for him to just disappear like this… something must be wrong. 

he checks all the alleyways. nothing. he checks the stores. nothing. the park, the library, the entire town. nothing. bendy just feels straight panic. has he been kidnapped? is he trapped in somebodies cellar? is he in some trunk of a car heading out of town? aaaaaaah, calm down, uhh, maybe there are some clues at the house he missed? a note stating where he went? bendy runs back to his house. he opens the door and


bendy silently screams and falls back. he looks up and boris is standing above him. he had a wide smile on his face which dropped into deep concern once he saw bendy’s face. he immediately starts apologizing and saying he didn’t mean to startle him so much, bendy pulled lots of pranks so he thought he’d prank him too. it was stupid he shouldn’t have done that, he didn’t think bendy would get so scared from a boo. 

boris is kneeling by bendy as he keeps saying sorry and bendy’s expression is blank as he tries to understand everything. after about half a minute it clicks and bendy starts shaking. boris becomes even more worried cause oh my gosh, i just ruined this friendship and he’s shaking in anger and why did i think this was a good idea? but then bendy tilts his head back and he’s laughing so hard that tears are streaming down his face. and now boris is the one who’s confused. he isn’t sure what to do when bendy wraps his arms around him and he realizes with shock that for the first time bendy is hugging him. he gladly hugs back. 

and in the episodes after that bendy hugs boris a lot more often and becomes more touchy-feely in general. he still pulls a few pranks on boris, but they’re incredibly mild. like when he pies boris in the face but boris is happy saying that its his favorite flavor. and when anybody tries to hurt boris like before for some ‘strange’ reason something horrible happens to that person. such as when mr. tiller called boris a useless moron and somehow a piano landed on his head. people learned quickly to stop harassing boris. 

and the show goes on like that with bendy and boris being best friends and getting into shenanigans. 

so now bendy wouldnt trade boris for anybody in the world. and he’d get awfully mad if, say, boris had his chest ripped open. oh, he’d want to hurt whoever did that to his best friend in the worst way possible. 

BTS x Modern Magic!AU

i haven’t written something for all the boys in a while, so i decided to get back in the groove with this cute lil bangtan au ive been thinking about,,,,,,enjoy~


  • vampire 
  • he’s never actually bitten a person before because he grew up in a family of, to put it politely, “vegetarian” vampires. but even when it comes to drinking animals blood,,,,he feels horrible about it
  • like he’s always on the brink of starving because when he has to go out and hunt for food he like,,,like he catches a rabbit but he lets it go two minutes later because he’s like “i can’t,,,,it’s too cute,,,,,,,”
  • ever heard of a vampire having an ethical dilemma when it comes to feeding on an animal’s blood? no? well meet namjoon,,,,,,,,who all the other vampires said read too much ‘human’ philosophy and got tricked into being so damn humble
  • but you, who once took a philosophy course with namjoon in your class, figure out pretty early on that he’s a vampire
  • mostly due to his clumsiness as in ,,,, he was drinking red stuff out of a bottle that said ‘tomato juice’ but he had been picking at the label and it came off just in time for you to see under it the words ‘pigs blood’ and you were like what now
  • and namjoon begs you to not tell anyone he damn near cries and you’re like i wont ????? obviously you’re not dangerous if you’re here around people and haven’t attacked anyone by the way how long does that bottle of blood last you
  • and he’s like ,,,,,,usually others drink two of these a day but i make one last a week and you’re like what?? why ??
  • and he’s like “i ,,,, feel bad drinking blood,,,,,,,even an animals,,,,,like it died for me. it died for my sins,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like bro that’s deep but you do know that’s how the food chain works,,,,,and he sighs like yEAH ,,,,,,but i feel so bad,,,,,i need to go mourn the pig that died for this,,,,,
  • and you’re like in shock because what now is he seriously a vampire but also,,,,,,,you’re very intrigued and you’re like it’s kinda endearing how sulky and pouty he gets over literally????? eating his lunch 


  • potion brewer 
  • kind of runs out of a black market for other wizards and witches, but some humans find out about it through like back doors and things like that
  • he specializes in two things: truth potions and love potions. those are the most popular 
  • and other brewers say that it’s immoral to brew potions that tamper with peoples emotions like love potions or potions that force someone into only telling the truth but does yoongi really care? no. you know why? mmmmmmmmmoooonnnneeeyyyyy
  • what does he use in his potions? oh you know the usual rose thorns, goblin fingernails, unicorn horn, some interesting parts of fish, the fangs of a fallen vampire,,,,,,, the usual magical hocus-pocus ingredients that anyone who isn’t acquainted with magic would probably be horrified to touch 
  • yoongi’s brewing pot is passed down from generation to generation, just like how the families familiar is a crow,,,,things like this are just signature to the min wizards
  • and so you know,,,,you have no clue these people even exist until a friend of yours gets mixed up with it and comes running to you for help and you’re like ???? what you bought a love potion from some good looking guy in an alley and now he wants you to pay him an obscene amount of money??
  • and you go with her to meet ‘yoongi’ who explains that if your friend doesn’t pay up he’s got means of blackmail that could ruin her forever and you’re like “ok how much is the debt?” and when he says the number you damn near die,,,,,,,and you’re like “can i exchange anything else???” and yoongi thinks for a moment and he’s like “you can pay off her debt for her.” and you’re like how boy i am B roke and he’s like “easy. you work for me now.”
  • and with that he pulls you over and erases this whole thing from your friends mind in a matter of seconds and you’re like wwwwwhat,,,,,,is,,,,,happening and he’s like 
  • “first order of business, you need to drink this.” and he passes you this like black, bubbling drink and you’re like what ew no and he’s like hey. you belong to me until the debt is paid off
  • and so you drink it, and it surprisingly tastes like licorice and suddenly you notice an inking become visible on your skin and it’s a tattoo of a black crow that goes up you forearm and you’re like ????? rubbing at it with your finger and yoongi just laughs and is like
  • “it’ll stay on till we’re done here, let’s go human” and you’re like holy god what have i gotten myself into  
  • meanwhile yoongi is just like,,,,about you,,, like they’re cute,,, humans are usually not my style but ,,,,,hmm,,,,,,,he’s definitely interested in seeing how you two will get along ^^


  • clairvoyant 
  • really tired and bored of always being able to see the future and the outcomes of just about anything
  • will occasionally see the lottery numbers for the next day and ‘casually’ buy that card and ‘casually’ drop it beside someone who might look desperate for cash 
  • people have tried to become his friend simply to backstab him and take away his power, but thanks to his power he can see their plan and he’s like lmao yeah no get away from me or ill knock you out with my frying pan
  • “jungkook don’t run that way you’re bump right into namjoon and- oh there they go, namjoon make sure you don’t fall on your side it’s gonna hu- oh he already fell. whoops.”
  • you know jin because you work at a coffee shop he frequents and it’s really interesting because,,,,,,,if he focuses on you he can see that you’ll be quitting this job in the next 4 months to do something else and whenever you’re like “it’s really busy” he’s like “don’t worry, you won’t be here forever”
  • and you think he’s just being a kind, empathetic soul but lmao no he actually knows you won’t be there forever
  • but one day something happens that really startles him you guys are talking while you’re getting his change and you go “i wonder when ill meet the love of my life, valentines day is around the corner and it makes me so sad.”
  • and jin ,,,,, out of curiousity tries to focus on you and see how your love life will play out,,,,,,but he can’t. like at all
  • and he panics because is he losing his power???? but no if he focuses on your co-worker he can see that she’ll meet her husband in about 2 years on a trip abroad but you???? nothing
  • and when he gets home he calls up his mother, who has the same power and he’s like what does this mean??
  • and his mom is just like jin (: you know how clairvoyants can’t see their own futures? and he’s like yes,,,,,,
  • and his mom is like (: that (: means (: that (: person (: is (: part of your future honey~~~~~~!!!!!
  • and jin is like ,,,,, oh my god ,,,,,,,, 
  • and the next morning when he comes in he looks up at you while ordering and wow holy moley where you always this attractive,,,,,,


  • necromancer 
  • “guys i know you’re all dead, but you’re all my friends anyway. and no none of you can possess my body, you guys know that’s against the rules.”
  • started ‘accidentally’ summoning the spirits of the dead at a young age because apparently drawing a circle on the floor in chalk and then just sitting in it ,,,,added in ofc with hoseok’s magical aura was enough to pull all the ghosts that haunted the entire block into his room
  • and hoseok can conjure up the dead just about anywhere he goes and most of the time he doesn’t speak with their physical forms, but their energies still stuck on earth
  • and it’s a really cool ritual to get an actual physical body to come back to “life” but it involves too much blood and too much chanting for hoseok to ever try
  • and you are a strong believer in how ghosts are made up and fake and hoseok always chuckles under his breath when you’re like “the dead stay dead” and you wanna know why
  • so you keep pestering him and hoseok is like even if i told you you wouldn’t believe me
  • and you’re like try me !!! and he’s like “ok. i can call out dead people’s spirits and talk with them” and you’re like
  • well you’re like LOL you’re write i don’t believe you and hoseok huffs because fine let him prove it
  • and he’s like “you know how your family cat died when you were younger?? his name was mr. oreo right?” and you stop laughing because,,,,,how does he know that
  • and hoseok is like “when i call out a spirit i can do it by trying to call out spirits that follow alive humans. mr. oreo is following you right now. he keeps thinking you’ll get home and give him belly rubs.”
  • and you’re frozen because,,,,,holy hell how does he know that,,,,,,,
  • and hoseok is like “believe me now?”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THATS SO COOL HOSEOK YOU’RE MAGICAL
  • and he’s like,,,,w,,,what??? because he DID NOT expect this reaction but at the same time he starts grinning and jumping up and down like “yeah!!!!! im magical!!!!!!” and you’re like omg grabbing his hand and you’re like we need to go to a cemetery or something we have to go talk to spirits!!!!!
  • and hoseok is like yeah we do- wAIT what cemetery heck no they’re creepy
  • and you’re like ?????? how can you find them creepy you literally bring back the dead
  • and he’s like nope. no. let’s just go over to my place and watch a ghost flick instead,,,,,,,,,,,and maybe ill try to summon the spirit of this old lady who lived above me before and you’re like cool sounds like a date
  • hoseok internally: screaming because you called this a date dghkbljfs


  • healer 
  • every part of him feels like it could heal any wound, from his smile to his soft hands to his sweet voice. but in reality it has to do mostly with his breathing and with concentration of his energy into the wound it’s actually a super tiring process and jimin usually passes out after healing just one person
  • but you know,,,,,,he’s still a glowing angel literally
  • it actually all matters on what type of illness the person has. for instance he can cure rashes with the touch of his finger, things like colds he has to focus only a bit of energy, but big bleeding wounds he has to hold his hands over the gashes or scratches and focus his energy into reviving the skin and tissue
  • and it’s really cool to watch because he emits this ring of golden when he’s completely focused and it looks really pretty,,,,,,,,aside from the fact that it’s literally like physically draining jimin of his own energy
  • you’re his assistant,,,,,since he faints after healing and needs his sweat dabbed from his forehead and things like that
  • you guess you’re a nurse,,,,,but jimin is much more magical than any doctor and he usually only heals other magical beings because if modern scientists found out about his abilities he’d probably just be taken in for experiments
  • and some of those beings are far from human looking, like jimin can also heal dragons and mermaids and even rejuvenate certain magical plants. 
  • you yourself don’t have the ability to heal like jimin, but jimin trusts you since you’ve been childhood friends and sometimes after a hard days work
  • he’ll go “you know,,,,,,out of everything my power can do it can’t work on me,,,,,,” and you’re like what do you mean you can heal your scratches just like everyone else’s
  • and jimin embarrassing smiles to himself and he’s like “yes,,,,but i can’t heal my own heart from my feelings,,,,,” and he like looks over at you from behind his eyelashes and you’re tilting your head a bit in confusion and he just chuckles
  • and you’re like ???? and he’s like “it’s ok though,,,,,,i have you to heal those feelings,,,,,,,,” he whispers this part so you don’t really make it out but,,,,,,,,lmao even in a magical!au,,,,jimin is quite the romantic 


  • animal whisperer
  • from horses to dogs to ants to snakes to birds to fish
  • he can understand and talk to them all,,,,,,and you’d be surprised how gossipy animals really are 
  • most other magical powers are inherited through family genetics and/or constant study of witchcraft but taehyung’s talent is singular to him because most people can only speak to one kind of animal,,,,,taehyung obviously can talk to them all
  • and people rumor that it’s because he was raised by wolves or something dumb like that. but it has more to do with the fact that taehyung just loves spending time with animals and so,,,,,,,he just picked up on as much as he could
  • and his favorite thing to do is to talk with domesticated pets. a lot of the times the stories are sad and dark, but sometimes the pets just spill embarrassing secrets and stories about their owners that make taehyung roll over in laughter
  • and that’s exactly what happens with you. as you’re walking your dog taehyung comes strolling by and asks if he can pet it and ofc you’re like sure!!!! and when he leans down
  • the dog is like “did you know every morning my owner turns on the same song,,,,,,,fire? i think is the name and they just dance around to it singing into a bursh like it’s a mic. isn’t that hilarious”
  • and taehyung can’t hold back his laughter and you’re like ???? and looking up at you taehyung gives you a once over and he’s like “i didn’t expect you to be the silly type.”
  • and you’re like ?????
  • and taehyung is like “i like that in someone, business on the outside but actually kind of goofy. im taehyung by the way, i also sing into a brush like a mic.”
  • and he sticks out his hand and you’re like wait what how does he KNOW,,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,,,,goofy??
  • and taehyung is like “your dog here told me kindly about your dorky side, it’s cute though.”
  • and ofc you think he’s joking but tbh he’s handsome and sweet so you’re like “do you have a pet? i want it to tell me something funny about you too so we’re even hehe”
  • and taehyung grins and looks down at your pup and while you’re distracted taehyung is like “hey , do you think i have a chance?”
  • and the dog is like “with my owner? no way. they’re too cute for.” and taehyung is like hEY did i just get insulted by a dog
  • (but dw taehyung,,,,,,obviously you wouldn’t say no to a cute date with him????? right~~)


  • werewolf 
  • incredibly playful in and out of wolf form, loves pulling pranks and challenging older wolfs in the pack to play fights
  • which is not surprising because when he shifts back into human form, his arms and legs are all bruised up from those play fights but jungkook thinks they make him look really cool and strong
  • everyone swoons over his athletic body and they’re like WOW he must swim or play volleyball to have such strong upper arms and legs
  • lmao no it’s that when he’s in wolf form he spends like 85% of the time running around like crazy,,,,,,,like a literal puppy
  • his wolf form is really pretty,,,,his coat is a light brown but the fur around his ears and paws gets snowy white
  • and his eyes get sparks of blue between the browns of his pupils
  • the only problem is he’s reckless and so sometimes he’ll get too excited and parts of him will shift without him knowing
  • which is how you find out he’s a werewolf because you’re over at his place beating him at video games and jungkook gets way to riled up and stands up and you look over and you’re like wait
  • why does he have a tail????? and ,,,,,,, are those,,,,,,,,,,ears on the top of his head?????
  • and once you’re like uh jungkook i think you’re mutating,,,,,,jungkook is like oH DAmmit the pack is gonna kill me
  • and you’re like the pack,,,,,,,???? and jungkook is like “well im halfway there might as well show you the whole thing” and before you know it he’s shaking his upper body and suddenly,,,,,,,,in the living room of your friend jungkook’s house is a big,,,,,,,,,,wolf
  • and you’re like WHAT IN GODS NAME but then the wolf like nudges the controller with his nose and points to the screen of the paused game with it’s paw and you look at it the character on the screen is named jungkook
  • and you look back at the wolf and you’re like,,,,,,,y,,,,,,,you’re,,,,,,,jungkook?!??!??!
  • and in a moment the wolf begins to shake it’s head and jungkook comes back to his human form and you’re like WOAH and he’s like “it’s cool isn’t it????”
  • and you’re like “y-yeah but also,,,,,,,,,” and your eyes are closed now and you’re like “you’re naked. please put on some clothes dog boy”
  • and jungkook is like DOG BOY
  • but also he runs out of there because right shifting,,,,,leaves one exposed
  • but when he comes back you’re like,,,,,,much more comfortable with the fact that your friends a werewolf and you’re like 
  • “hey,,,,,,,can people hypothetically ride,,,,,,wolves like on their backs??”
  • and jungkook snorts like iM never letting you on my back
  • (but he actually ends up letting you get on his back in his wolf form because jungkook likes you and will never admit it but he wants to show off by running through the woods with you on his back and the face you make when you end up seeing how fast he is makes jungkook’s ego like x100000 times bigger and it’s cute ,,,,,,,,,,,, werewolf boy in love) (get the pun?)

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

Winteriron soulmate wing fic AU where your soulmate has inverted wings to you and your first words to each-other are written on the inside of your wings? Like if Tony has primary gold and trim red, Bucky's would be primarily red with gold? (they don't have to be those colors that's just my example)

I’m not sure how this is going to turn out because, to be perfectly honest, I really struggle with soulmate AUs. It’s not an idea that resonates easily with me, but I kind of wanted to try as a personal challenge to myself. I’m also twisting some of this a bit in terms of what indicates a match. This is gonna have a lot of gratuitous talk about my thoughts on destiny and I am so sorry and you should just not read it.

Tony never did have the patience for philosophy. Well, not philosophy for philosophy’s sake anyway. As it applied to science? As it applied to morality? Important shit. People needed to think about the implications of what they did not only as it related to the present, but also as it related to those who would follow, those whose lives would be dictated by present-day choices. He liked that kind of thinking. It was where his brain functioned best.

But all the, all the fluff? Waste of time. He remembered the first time he told Steve he’d never put much stock in amorphous concepts like “soul” and “destiny” and the shock on Steve’s face.

“But, but you’ve…what about the patterning?”


“You stock it all up to strands of DNA?”

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this is going to be part of a longer post episode 7 fic but im posting it now because every time i think about jughead crying in the interrogation room without writing about it i lose a year off my life 

west of memphis 
characters: archie, jughead 
words: 1212

Tuesday he sits down and mutilates his school notebooks, using a heavy pair of red kitchen scissors to take out any strange doodles, any negative words, any pencilled song lyrics that are less than cheerful. His hands shake as he does it, as the HATE and BORED and I WANT THE ONE I CANT HAVE litter the ground around him like snow, spreading out in a semi-circle as he goes further and further back through everything and anything that can be used to incriminate him.

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“Coffee and Brooklyn”

Summary: Bucky meets a woman who would change his perspective on relationships. And they meet in the strangest of circumstances; coffee, a chocolate muffin and Brooklyn.

 Warnings: A few cuss words

 Words: 1,636

 Pairing: Bucky x Black Reader

 A/N: While sitting on a cruise ship this past weekend, this story came to mind. I’m thinking about  Part Two. I’d love to continue their blossoming romance. Let me know what you think. Enjoy!


For some people, love is a given. You meet, date, fall in love and so on. But, for James Buchanan Barnes, he never imaged love would come his way. At least not until Y/N.

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Through the Night (밤편지)

Hello guys! this is a long fic ever I’ve written in my second language. After I finised with 1837 word counts, I was like omg, what lawlu fandom did to me, how did I write it?

Again, without the big help for them, this fic wouldn’t be completed @lululawlawlu and @haigidal  THEY BOTH ARE COOL! DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THEIR TUMBLR! 

By the way, plese enjoy it! 

SUMMARY:: I asked him how can we know when we love someone, and this is how Torao answered.

“Why don’t you wake up at 2 AM.  Go to the deck. Watch the stars and the moon, to appreciate how amazing the night sky can be even though they are unreachable.”

“I know the sky with the moon and the shining stars are beautiful, but how does that answer my question, stupid Torao!”

“Because.” Torao said calmly, “When you love someone, you are going to feel like you’re gazing at a distant star when you look in his eyes. So bright that you don’t know if the stars exist anymore, because every goddamn star is in his eyes, more real to you than anything you’ve ever seen.”

                                    Through the Night (밤편지) 


I’m hungry.

Even though we had just finished a party in the evening, and because today gave me a feeling that we should hold a party for whatever reason, I didn’t care but I am a captain so everyone had to do what I said. I ate and (tried to) steal my friend’s food a lot, drank Torao’s beer because that man was sick so he couldn’t join the party. Instead, he had to sleep in the infirmary room. I felt sad for him that he missed the party- our party with meat! If I were him, I would never skip it. Torao is a serious man who believes that the only thing I do is making trouble or do some-funny-stupid-things. I disagreed- because what is the point to enjoy your life if you’re always serious with everything?

Life is a mixed-meat buffet and we won’t know which kind of meat is good or worse, so that’s the reason why we shouldn’t use our heads too much. In the end, we still have to eat it, because to throw the meat away is a crime. I can’t forgive anyone who would do that! (Except for if they give it to me, which only Torao would do. No way in hell Nami, Zoro or Sanji would give meat to me, they always complained about how I ate too much!)

Before I went to the party. I had been trying to convince Torao to stay with me on the deck so I could have looked after him because who the hell knows if Torao would behave well, stay in his bed or eat pills that Chopper ordered him to eat. Nevertheless, Robin told me that Torao was a doctor so I had no need to worry about him, and yes, stupid Torao had to agree with her, offering his meal to me because he didn’t want to eat anything. Yeah, it should have been like that but I couldn’t help myself from worrying about him.

Why couldn’t the smart ones like Robin and Torao see my point?  Yet, they considered themselves the smart ones- especially Torao whom I could easily recall was making his face for when he looked at me like I’m an idiot. No, mister, sometimes you were as stupid as me.Plus, with his over thinking habit, he was destroying himself to the point that his smile was rarer than gold. Rarely did I see his smile. I knew for the first time that his smile was the best!

Oh god, I was thinking about Torao too much. I needed to stop now before I got lost in Toraoland again. I decided to ignore his grumpy face that showed up in my mind and walked on tiptoes to the kitchen. After that, I pulled the refrigerator handle to open it, but it was locked! How!? That surprised me because I had hidden the lock in the gym so confidently that Sanji had no chance to find it. If I remembered right, Sanji had only one lock. Then how could he find it? Did Zoro help him? I was going to ask him tomorrow. Zoro should know better, that we can’t live without food, so why the hell did he do this to me!  

Fuck you, Zoro. I swore by tomorrow every sake bottle would be gone.

I was really pissed off now that I wanted to kick Zoro’s ass but my stomach was growling hard. I didn’t have enough energy. I was dying of hunger.

“Oh my god,” I mumbled to myself, “why doesn’t Torao wake up now so he can use his power to open this damn refrigerator! I’m so hungry…”

I did the math in my head. What should I do next with empty stomach? A moment passed to the conclusion that maybe, I should watch the night sky so I could forget the hunger.

I had walked to the front deck before I froze. My body couldn’t do anything. Even breathing became so hard and my eyes couldn’t look any other way except at that wonderful thing - the thing I didn’t expect to see.

 In the night sky that should make us apart, there existed the moon which was shining through by its light, covering the surface of the endless sea. But only the showing path isn’t enough to confront us. We need a little more hope to tell us that tomorrow will come. There they were, the countless stars which embraced the lonely moon.

He was standing there under the moonlight which was sharpening the features of his body. His wide shoulders in the long white t-shirt, his dark hair color that has a hint of blue, and his tall body. Despite the fact that I could see only his back, my heart was racing so fast that I was afraid he could notice me because of the heart’s beating sound. Well, I didn’t know how someone could look as good as if he had just walked out of the fairy tale book I’d seen one, but now he was there, on my ship, watching the night sky alone.

One memory popped up in my brain out of the blue. It was the day before yesterday. Torao read a drama fiction to me due to his reason that he couldn’t ignore my stubborn ‘play with me Torao’ mode so he had decided to read for me. It was quite a surprise that I found his fiction book was more interesting than I had thought, however, there was one thing I couldn’t understand clearly so I asked him -

“Why do they (the main characters) kiss so much? It’s going to piss me off!”

Torao stared at me, then his lips curved a bit into a small smile.

A deep thought inside me wanted to make him smile more, every time, with me, me alone. Never did I know how selfish I could become until Torao had walked into my life and I had no idea why.

“Because they love each other, and kissing is one of many ways to show how much you love someone, but sometimes you don’t have to love someone enough to kiss him.”

“It sounds complicated… Does it mean Zoro and Sanji are a couple because I’ve seen them kiss one time before.”

Torao’s face became red as if somebody had painted his cheeks with tomato juice while his golden eyes turned the other way.

“I don’t know, but I think there is something going on between them. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. You should ask them by yourself. I’m sure they will tell you.”

“Then how do you know when you love someone, Torao?”

“Why do you ask me, Straw Hat-ya? Go to ask Blackleg-ya!”

I bit my lip. Something told me this question must be resolved by his answer, not Sanji who is the love professional. I stared into his eyes and he did the same. We stared at each other a while until he was the first one to break it. Torao sighed heavily, looking at me like he didn’t know what to do with me anymore. He didn’t have to think about it. It was stupid, just do it! I don’t mind as long as Torao was the one who did!

“Why don’t you wake up at 2 AM.  Go to the deck. Watch the stars and the moon, to appreciate how amazing the night sky can be even though they are unreachable.”

“I know the sky with moon and shining stars are beautiful, but how does it answer my question, stupid Torao!”

“Because.” Torao said calmly, “When you love someone, you are going to feel like you’re gazing at a distant star in his eyes. So bright that you don’t know if the stars exist because every goddamn star is in his eyes, more real to you than anything you’ve ever seen.”



I asked. Then he turned his back to face me. It was Torao, but why? Shouldn’t he have been sleeping now? He was sick! He should have been asleep now, absolutely not to standing here, alone, at 2 AM.

"What’re you doing here?”

I walked faster to him than I meant to because my legs wouldn’t listen to my brain then, stopping automatically in front of the other. When I saw him clearly, I couldn’t breathe for a moment. I knew Torao was a handsome looking man with his tall body, the rebellion earrings, the black ink tattoos, and also that I’m cool and I don’t give a fuck about you face. But the problem was this: to be too god-damn good in this thin shirt was too much, I couldn’t accept it! I didn’t want him to wear the white t-shirt again, and please don’t look at me with those dangerous eyes. I could have screamed out, waking everybody out of the blue because of it!

His golden eyes were shining like his piercing earrings.

"The stars.”

I blurted out.


“The stars…”

I could see the sparkling stars in his eyes, it was too bright and so fantastic. It took me a lot of effort to take my eyes off of him. So hard, it was so hard to look somewhere else except his eyes but I needed to prove one thing. Then I watched the stars in the night sky, wondering why they weren’t as bright as those I saw in Torao’s eyes.

Nami told me once the stars were real, no faking one. If we were lost, we should look for the brightest star in the north. I tried to look for the brightest star in the enormous sky but it was nowhere.

Then I looked into Torao’s eyes again.

Oh, I found it.

It was there.

The brightest star was there in his golden eyes.

“Straw Hat-ya?”

Because of his voice, every single piece that had been up in the air was putting itself back together into the picture that I never knew it was before.

The stars were too bright and unreachable. I didn’t know what was real anymore.

I pulled him to me, then kissed him.

Kissing was neither as hard nor as bad as I thought. Instead, it was like cotton candy, coffee, a winter kiss, a sea wind, being mixed up into a drug.

When I used my tongue in his mouth. I knew instantly that everything I’d been looking for was lying here.

Was it real?

Am I real?

Is he real?

Did he kiss me back?

I don’t want to know anymore.

I pulled him away then pushed him hard onto his back, kissing him over and over again until I found out where the real stars existed.

East Enchantress Nowhere_ El Diablo x Reader

@mpfanficsandart asked:

Can you write an el Diablo x reader in which the reader has telekinesis and healing powers? The reader falls in love with el Diablo when she meets him although he doesn’t later on he will. At the part of the explosion, the reader jumps in to revive it was successful but the reader almost died when he wakes up. The reader later on wakes up in his arms where she sees him arguing whether they should leave her or not. When she miraculously awakens Chato kisses her. They end up together.

Jenn’s note: Mi WiFi is slow so typing is a pain on Tumblr, but here you go.

Word Count: 1705

Warnings: Spoilers, near death, fluff and swearing I think

Disclaimers: I own nothing but the plot, even that’s debatable since it was a request.

Originally posted by demonio-dos-pampas

It had been dim and chilled for as long as you had been here. There were light bulbs on the ceiling but without a light switch, they may as well have not been there at all. One of the few things that you did know was that this was a prison and the arrival of food was the only way to tell time in this hell hole. The routine was always the same, except of today. The growling of your stomach told you it had probably been almost a day since your last meal.

“Y/N L/N Please remain calm and breathe deeply.” Said a static filled voice over the intercom before a hissing sound filled your cell. You were confused to say the least but your questions were answered you became fatigued way too fast and collapsed on the ground. A door you had never noticed opened and the light blinded you. The sound of stomping boots was the last thing you heard before you succumbed to the blackness. You could remember little flashes, being loaded onto a gurney, pain in your neck, and sunlight that caused you to hiss in pain as it pierced your sensitive retinas. When you woke up for real you were strapped to a wheelchair next to several others in similar restraints.

“What the hell’s going on!?” You demanded, squirming in your chair.

“None of your damn concern lady.” A soldier said, Flag as his sleeve identified him.

“Yeah it is! I didn’t do anything wrong!” You pleaded “I just want to go home.”

Instead of acknowledging you, Flag turned to greet more soldiers carrying a squirming body bag. “What’s this, twelve pounds of shit in a ten pound sack?” The bag was torn open and a man scrambled out, punching a guard. “Welcome to the party Captain Boomerang.”

‘Captain Boomerang’ was held down and the conversation got to quiet for you to hear, you would have looked around if a leather strap hadn’t been holding your head still. You struggled and fidgeted nervously, clueless to what was going on.

“Relax Chica,” said a gravelly voice, probably from lack of use, right next to you. “Ain’t no one listening anyway.”

“Easy for you to say, you weren’t taken from your home with no say in the matter, I didn’t even get a trial.” You sighed, eyes singing as you blinked them away. When a guard unstrapped you, you shakily stood before falling straight into the owner of the rough voice, a heavily inked man with skeleton like features. Per usual, initial contact resulted in a slew of jumbled memories and feelings. His memories and feelings. Then all at once you were thrust into a reality where that man was helping you, unsteadily, to your feet.

“Thanks, Chato.” You said, gathering yourself. You brushed off the he gave you, as he had never told you his name, let alone his real name.

“Here’s the deal.” Flag yelled. “You’re going somewhere very bad, to do something that’s going to get you killed. Until that happens, you’re my problem. Grab what you need for a fight, we’re wheels up in ten.”

You wanted to scream and cry and throw a tantrum, but you preferred to keep your head where it was and it’s not like they would care anyway. SO instead you mutely dressed in the clothes a guard threw at you, tired and defeated. You had realized you would probably die and no one would know what had happened to you. After pulling on your boots you trudged onto the helicopter.

Twenty minutes later you had crashed, stumbled out of a burning helo and started through the cluster fuck of weird shit to the sky scraper where HVT1 was. As you went you found yourself subconsciously watching the skeleton man who, much like you, avoided fighting. You found yourself noticing things like the way he spoke (or didn’t) and the way his brow bones shifted when someone said something dumb. You felt drawn to the man repenting for something that wasn’t even his fault. He believed it was on him, that the death of his family was his fault alone. He had an active mind and his thoughts were loud, as such you couldn’t help but eavesdrop.

“How’d she know my name?”

‘Hearing’ this you looked up, seeing Chato look away quickly. “I’m a telepath. Name’s Y/N. Sorry, I usually ask before learning someone’s entire past.” You could tell he was confused, you didn’t need telepathy for that. “When you caught me earlier. I’m sorry for your loss.”

“Thanks.” He said simple, obviously not wanting to continue the conversation. You watched him walk away as you turned your face towards the dark sky.

When you made it to the skyscraper you nearly killed her when you found out that HVT1 was Amanda Waller, the woman who admitted to having you snatched just so you could risk your life.

“Lady, you better have a damn good explanation for why you had me kidnapped!” you growled, ignoring as Katana drew her sword.

“The average American commits approximately six felonies a day. You weren’t kidnapped Y/N, you were arrested. You’re dangerous but useful.” She replied coolly.

“And those gunshots we just heard? I suppose those people just stopped being useful?”

“Unless you want the same fate, I would mind your tongue.”

“Wow, you are such a cold bitch.” You sneered.

“A means to an end.” She replied, pushing past the squad to the stairs. You rolled your eyes and shuffled along behind.

“She ain’t a criminal?” Chato’s thought rang through your head.

You scoffed. “Only if you count parking in front of a fire hydrant.”

The rest of the journey to the roof was made in relative silence, only to be broken by gunfire, crashing helicopters and Waller’s capture that ended in some drama at an abandoned bar. Afterwards you were on your way to some godforsaken subway station to save the world and Flag’s love life. If you were going to die, you were going to die a hero.

“I’ll do it! I’ll get him there!” Chato yelled over the sound of the molten man decimating your group.

“What? No!” you shouted back, ducking behind a statue.

“I already lost one family, I ain’t gonna loose another! Let me show you what I really am!” Before you say more, he had run towards the hulking mass, flames engulfing the ancient being. When he crashed into an office you were flooded with worry, only for it to be replaced by awe. He emerged from the office, growing rapidly into a skeleton that truly earned the name ‘Diablo.’

“Ahora si, cabrón!” he spoke, voice rattling the foundation. After that everything went by in blur. Everyone, including Flag’s evil witch of a girlfriend, stared as they fought. Too late you realized Chato was losing as he diminished with large hands around his throat.

“Blow it!” he practically commanded. “Blow it!”

It was almost in slow motion as Flag spoke into his com. “Now GQ, now.”

You screamed in protest but it was lost as an explosion threw you back. As your vision cleared you coughed and stumbled to your feet, barely registering the Colonel calling after you. You were too focused on your task: him. You jumped into the crater and bulled a familiar scorched body towards you, not caring that his hot skin was burning your hands. You prayed to whoever was listening that it wasn’t already too late.

If anyone had been able to look into the crater, they would have seen a normal civilian mourning over the strangest of men, but it was so much more. You were going to bring him back. It was something you had never tried for obvious reasons, basic logic said that playing with the forces of death was not a smart idea, but you had to try. You were willing to risk it for him. You focused all your energy into him, on the burns and punctures that littered his torso. Slowly you felt them disappearing and beneath your fingers was a weak thump that grew stronger with each occurrence. However, as he grew stronger you felt the energy leaving your body, plaguing you with tiredness. You watched his eyelids flutter before everything went black.

You were cold, freezing even, toes and fingers numb from a sourceless cold. It was black and dark and you had no idea where you were.

“Step away Diablo.” It was Waller’s voice, but she sounded far away and muted.

“I ain’t gonna leave her.” The pyro replied, angry. “Please come back.”

You felt something warm wrap around you, comforting in the cold.

“She’s gone esé, I’m sorry.” Deadshot’s voice was clearer now, every noise was, but they were still so far away.

“He’s right mate, come on.” Boomerang said, the most sympathetic you had heard him.

“You wanna here it in Spanish? No.” His voice was clear now and the numbness was leaving your extremities, you could feel fabric against your cheek and rocks digging into your skin uncomfortably.

“Come on hot stuff, these shoes weren’t exactly made for fightin’” Harley chirped.


Just then a cough ripped its way through your throat, and you took greedy breaths of air. “You assholes better not leave me behind.” You quipped eyes opening to see Chato looking down at you, face etched with worry.

“Carniῆo?” He sounded shocked, probably that you were even alive.

“Hiya.” You groaned, sitting, then standing, up slowly. As soon Chato had helped you to your feet his arms had wrapped around your frame as he rested his chin you your shoulder.

“That was a stupid thing to do, pollito.” He scolded gently.

“Yeah, well so was blowing yourself up, but that obviously didn’t stop you.” You jested.

He chuckled, pulling away awkwardly and turning away. He didn’t get far, however, when you grabbed his wrist so you could pull him back and plant your lips on his.

“Don’t forget, I can read minds.” You smirked, climbing out of the crater as Waller started giving commands again. Of course you didn’t miss the shell shocked look on his face after you had stepped back. “Come on fire boy, let’s go.”


It’s About Chances - It’s About Balance Part 002

It’s About Balance Part 001

It’s About Firsts - Part 003

I am so grateful to each and every one of you who read/liked/reblogged/said a kind word or two and showed interest in a companion piece. Who knew I could spin 1.30am delirium into something like this? This is for all of you, I hope it doesn’t disappoint. x. 

Vague mentions of daddy!kink, but nothing very involved (it’s mentioned a handful of times).

Thanks @inkedferns for holding my hand and assuring me this whole concept wasn’t rubbish. 

You have tried, and are still trying, very hard to forget that night with him. That’s easier said than done when you’re still dotted with splotches of purple and dark pink in the shape of his suckling mouth. They’re on the left side of your neck, your right collarbone, above your belly button, and at twin points on your hips.

There’s one above your left buttock that he’d left on his way up to the one he’d sucked onto the shoulder blade of the same side. That particular one makes you want to squeeze your thighs together to alleviate the throb the memory inspires between them.

Try as you might, you still remember exactly how you got those marks. You can feel the heat of his tongue and breath raking over your skin. You remember sinking into the bed sheets – the threads of which clung to the scent of you, and him, and the sex between you – and wanting to shrivel up to escape the onslaught of the sensations he was determined for you to experience. You can still remember his teeth, and how his hands had kneaded and glided appreciatively up your limbs, savoring the permission he had to explore parts of you that had been left to his imagination for far too long.

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Title: A Letter to Jake McKenzie (An Officer McKenzie fic, Slight JakexMC)

Follow along the audio post by reading Rebecca McKenzie’s letter here

Characters: Officer Rebecca McKenzie, Jake McKenzie, M/C
Word Count:
Rebecca thought he was out of her life for sure.  It’s been far too long.  Since he disappeared, she has mourned, stored away the memories, and moved on with her lifeThat is, until a glimmer of hope resurfaced into her life, reviving her determination to search for Jake again. 

Author’s Note:
The soundcloud audio and visual of the letter are just ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS!  You can still enjoy the fic without reading the letter or listening to Rebecca’s audio post.  The letter is in the story, just separated in chunks between Rebecca’s memories.  I just got really into this story so added a lil something extra. 

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anonymous asked:

have you considered a soulmate au where every lie your soulmate tells appears on your body? (If you can do it for andreil then that would be great, but if not then i don't mind)

Okay, this got pretty long and it’s some kind of love child between fanfic and headcanon and was cracky in my head (all I wanted was Andrew covered in millions of tiny ‘I’m fine’s’ because that image is hilarious to me) but it turned out much more serious than expected and it was really fun, like wth.

Anyway, all I can think of is Andrew waking up one morning to find the words ‘I’m fine’ written on him. And he shrugs it of, because what does it matter to him.

But then they keep on coming. Every passing day he ends up with more and more lies, the most common of which is ‘I’m fine’ and he hasn’t even met his soulmate yet he already hates him, he hates him, he hates him, because his soulmate is a liar. And he’s had enough of liars.

(Strangest of all is the first time he wakes up to find a name written among the lies, barely discernible among his over-crammed skin).

The years pass by and Andrew meets Aaron, finally escapes Drake and kills his mother. Aaron’s own skin is clear of lies, a blank slate where Andrew’s is more letters than skin.

(It nearly blew it when he killed Tilda. If she hadn’t been so inebriated then she would have realized she wasn’t Aaron).

He made a deal with Aaron, one the other agreed to with the reluctance of a man signing his life away, and Andrew wasn’t surprised- they weren’t close. Luther Hemmick took them in and with Luther came Nicky, the cousin whose skin was clear and yet looked like he was fighting himself. It was interesting to note that in contrast to their son, the parents were covered in ink the same why their smiles seemed fake.

(That should have been a warning enough, and yet Andrew hadn’t had many adults in his life who hadn’t fucked him over. He told Luther about Drake, not expecting anything from the man but wondering whether this might be the first time an adult proved helpful.

His expectations were too high even then, it seemed).

Swearing his parents weren’t doing a good job at it, Nicky took custody of them and Andrew was (secretly, he’d never say it out loud) glad of it. Nicky didn’t expect anything, he didn’t have ulterior motives- he just lived and tried hard to get the best he could from his lot. Things weren’t perfect, between the three of them, not in any way, but they were good.

(Then everything went to hell and he was forced to be on pills twenty four/seven. He hated it, the feeling of forced mania and knowing that it wasn’t his emotions- that they’d violated even his very mind, now.

He wondered what his soulmates skin looked like now- would these show up as lies?).

Wymack showed up shortly after and they were scripted into the Foxes. The people there were little more than a blip on his radar (they were interesting, perhaps, but he didn’t care. All that mattered were those he called His), but Walker caught his interest. Walker, the girl whose skin was almost as covered full of lies as his own, who taught him how to use a knife, who became someone he trusted. Someone he was willing to call a friend.

(She never mentioned who her soulmate was, but he wasn’t blind even if he was always high. He saw the way she looked at Reynolds, the woman who determinedly covered every inch of her skin in make-up so no hint of a soul mark could be seen.

He laughed, but the feeling wasn’t his).

For a while, it was just that- the three of them and the upperclassmen clashing at every corner, the rare moment of sobriety he coveted when he played (it was the only reason he kept at it, for that brief taste of freedom), but then Kevin Day came with his hand broken and asked for protection, for a deal (because that’s what people always come for. Something they need).

Andrew agreed and three moved to four. He regretted it a little bit, sometimes, as he wasn’t aware that protection had meant full time babysitter to a man who spent every waking minute trying to convince him to play exy, but he’d made a deal and he stuck to it.

(He wouldn’t become like them. He wouldn’t lie).

And then the name Neil Josten appeared on his skin. He didn’t think much about it until a few months later when Kevin dragged him to recruit a striker. All he saw of his soulmate were brown eyes (a lie), black hair (a lie) and clear skin (a lie, all of it lies), before he drove the racquet into his gut and the boy crumpled to the ground.

(He’d be lying if he said it wasn’t satisfying to finally hit the reason his skin was so covered in words, to hit the person who he was chained to. And yet, when the boy glared at him with fire in his eyes, Andrew felt like it may be interesting to peel apart the walking lie that was Neil Josten.

He did have a map painted on to his skin, after all. He would be a fool not to use it).

And yet, as he unravels the liar that is Neil Josten, something changes. Something forms that shouldn’t have, that shouldn’t have been able to form because he’s long stopped caring, but it’s there and it’s unwanted- it’s a side effect. A hallucination of feelings that the drugs are forcing on him.

And yet, Neil Josten refused to be dismissed. He pushed and pushed, trying to force something from Andrew, yet he never crossed the line. When he was told to stop, he stopped. He showed concern for Andrew and it wasn’t a lie, because nothing sprouted on his skin, and Andrew hated it.

(He hated that the more he learned about him, the harder it was to look away).

Then Proust happened and he came back sober, his skin weighed down by scars and lies, expecting it to be the end. Neil came back with a four on his face and Andrew wondered why those around him were self-sacrificing idiots.

(He didn’t hope. Hope wasn’t something he believed in).

Then Roland- stupid, nosy, interfering Roland- threw him under the bus and Neil confronted him. He didn’t lie, didn’t cut the truth- and yet Neil looked at him like he’d seen God and it made something curdle in his gut, because it wasn’t supposed to be real. It was supposed to be a delusion.

(He said ‘I hate you,’ and words blossomed on Neil’s skin).

And so they began to kiss, and it was something Andrew liked (the ‘yes or no,’ the contact, the way it let him feel human, for a moment. The way he was able to trust). But then comes the game, the request for the deal to be withdrawn, the ‘thank you, you were amazing,’ and Neil smiles at him in a way that he knows something is wrong, his instincts scream at him to not let go, but no words form on his skin, there was no lies, so he tries not to think of it.

Then the riot happens and all that remains is a cell phone and a bag. And in that moment he had never felt so powerless, so weak and frustrated as he was unable to do anything, to help as Neil was snatched from his grasp.

(He hated him, he hated him, he hated him).

Kevin knew something- of course he did- and yet he refused to share, too terrified as he chanted that ‘he’s dead, he’s dead.’ In that moment, Andrew’s anger exploded and he lunged at Kevin, he strangled him, he choked the words out of him because he was fed up of the lies.

(It took three people to drag him off of him, but it did the job. Kevin spilled everything about Neil- about Nathaniel- and Andrew’s skin prickled with every word.

Of course he’d end up with a soulmate who had more issues than he did height).

A few days passed- long days with no hint of Neil and a tension that was nearly suffocating- before the FBI called and they broke several speed limits rushing to him. And yet, when they arrived, the bloody FBI wouldn’t let them see him. They dithered and whined, citing every excuse they could think of as the foxes neared the end of their patience.

(Andrew noted that one thing that would unite them, it seemed, was their care for Neil. He tried to attack the first member who muttered-

“I don’t see why we’re wasting our time giving visitor privelleges to the son of a murderer.”

-only to be stopped and handcuffed to Wymack in an attempt to control him. All of the members were demanding at once whilst Reynolds kept up a steady stream of blackmail and bribery that he would have been impressed by if he wasn’t ready to bring out his knives).

When the door finally opened and Neil walked in, Andrew felt the relief wash over him in a wave. Then the face looked at him with new scars in place and he had to fight not to kill someone.The room around them was loud and Wymack was still close by, dragged there by the chain on their wrists, but all Andrew awareness was on Neil’s voice and the anger, the relief, the frustration that prickled in his lungs at every word, every meaning.

(He’d almost lost him and he doesn’t know how to handle that understanding).

Later, when they’re in the car, Neil asks him, “Can I really be Neil again?”

And for a moment, he thinks about the lie engraved on his skin, the existence built on a lie, and tells him, “I told Neil to stay. Leave Nathaniel buried in Baltimore.”

(At some point, it faded from his skin. Somewhere along the line, Neil Josten stopped being a lie.

There still remains thousands of falsehoods to be picked out from the chaos on his skin, but he doesn’t care. They have the rest of their lives to do it, after all).


I always enjoyed the sound of the projector clicking and sputtering to life.

I work in an arthouse cinema. We show oldies and obscure flicks. A lot of what some people would call “classics” mixed with trash to appease the ironic, younger crowd. Personally I think if a movie is bad you shouldn’t watch it, and if it’s old… Well, older movies always me uneasy. I never liked seeing moving, colourless faces. The more faded and grainy the film the sicker it made me. Like I said, I’m not really a movie buff.

We do have them though. I’ve found that people can summon the most passionate responses to anything, especially things you don’t understand. The cinema is small, but always full of people and rhetoric, a bustling hipster exchange where it’s hard to even finish a thought.

Every night but Thursday. Thursday, at eight o'clock, the places is vacated. Completely empty except for me, and our patron. I never speak to the guy – I don’t ever even see him, but he’s worked something out with the manager. Every week on Thursday, eight o'clock, he has the place to himself, and he watches “his movie”. If it weren’t on film, he wouldn’t even need me there.

There’s an uncanny aspect to these old movies that extends beyond the sound and visuals. We’re the first people on Earth to be able to see these long-dead, moving faces. Have you ever considered that? For all of human history, when someone was dead, they were still. An image or a painting. That’s not true for us anymore.

Though the people on the screen remain youthful, the stock expires and becomes grainy. I always felt like it’s as if the film itself is trying to break the illusion of immortality we’ve granted these characters. The projector reassures us – it provides us with a distraction from our dissatisfaction whilst also allowing us to pretend for a while. We laugh at those zombies up there, and by doing so breathe life back into them, and into the audiences decades ago. The same feelings – things are alive.

The film itself, though? That’s another matter. That’s an impermanent, physical, fleshy thing that ages and dies just like us. It breaks the spell. Call me nihilistic, but I think the movement to abandon the medium in favour of  digital is laced with the sad tinge of denial. We need to preserve our idols, and in doing so, ourselves. When I watch those young-but-weathered faces up there, all I can think about is denial. How much of what I do, day to day, comes down to denying mortality? I don’t know about you, but I feel it’s… Something you can only ever not think about. It’s not something to conquer. Maybe watching the screen so long has opened my eyes to it, but I think film is too honest to survive.

He needs me, you see, because it’s on film. Maybe you’ve never seen anything on film before, but if you have you may have noticed a black oval appearing in the upper-right hand corner of the frame from time to time. That’s a cue mark – it’s meant to signal to me, the person running the projector, that it’s time to change reels. I’m no good with just remembering or timing it, so I have to pay attention. I’ve seen this movie… Maybe a hundred times. It makes me afraid.

It’s avant-garde. Or maybe dada? I’m not a humanities major, so I couldn’t tell you, but it’s… unsettling. There’s no title card, and there are no end credits. Maybe the film itself isn’t what gets to me, so much as that man’s devotion to it. How can anyone care so much about something – about one, specific thing? How can anyone ever dedicate themselves like that? I wonder what’s stranger… If he sits down there, eyes glazed over, in a routine, or if… He’s down there, feeling it all. Feeling the things he felt before, again and again. That scares me.

Time to change over. Sounds and shapes I can hear in my room. Images that project on the back of my eyelids and echo through the halls of my apartment. They mean so much to that man, but to me they’re abstract uneasiness, and they follow me home.

Sometimes I feel like my life is one long lead-up to a jump scare. The sinking and uncertain feeling that it could be coming any minute now. Now could be the moment when it – whatever it is – happens. I let my mind wander. I try not to pay attention when I don’t have to.

Am I on the screen, am I in the audience, or am I up here, waiting to transition?

Cue mark. I reach out to change reels but there’s nothing there. I look down, and my hands look old.

lifting from office stores

okay hoes, take a seat because i’m about to rock your lil worlds. 

okay, maybe not, but i worked in a big chain store (office depot) for over two years, and let me tell you - it it easy as hell to just fuck the entire store up.

  • first things first: every store is different. i worked in two different locations in two different cities, and there are major similarities and differences in each. SAME: cams on the ink and some tech. managers care more about ink more than their children. that shit is expensive as hell, and easy to lift depending on the policies in the store. if they are in the security boxes: you are out of luck my friend, unless you can get your hands on the spider or alpha key to unlock them. they are practically indestructible. my coworkers and i would throw them against the walls and they would just bounce. other than tech, cams throughout the store are bound to be few and far between, if there are any at all. seriously, find a blind spot and conceal in your purse, and you can get enough pens to last you until you graduate with your college degree. DIFFERENCES: obviously locations. it depends on the area that you’re in when you go inside, because it determines how you’ll dress and be viewed by the employees. watch your cams. they might not be just in tech. i’ve seen them in back corners and above the hallway to the restrooms before, but those aren’t common where i’m from. just be careful.
  • things that are easy to lift: pens. markers. sticky notes for days. phone cases that are not in security boxes, just pop those lil shits open and shove them in your pockets. phone chargers. desk accessories. if your bag is big enough, paper and notepads are a breeze. folders are a joke. do you even know how many pencil bags and things of lead for mechanical pencils i have? it’s insane. literally anything in the store that is not tagged or in a box, grab it.
  • things that are not so easy: i have mentioned before in a post or two the major things i’ve been able to lift. 
    • Printers: easy as pie. literally just grab the thing, box and all, and walk out. these are not tagged. they are easy to boost. they are light, depending on the model you grab. let me tell you how it is the easiest thing you’ll ever do: you ever see those SAs with the mobile phone lookin’ things? those things are a dream. we use them to check inventory in our store, other stores, but the most important thing is that we use them to check customers out in other places in the store other than the registers. This is key. You need to make sure that one of the associates that you talked with has one of these, or you see them, otherwise this approach will not work. If the store associates don’t carry them, the second phase of this “whole lift and carry out” plan will not work. When you grab the printer, you can either put it in a cart and walk around for a bit or walk right on out if there’s nothing else you have to grab. If you are stopped, which is more than likely, shoot them a sincere, nice, genuine smile and tell them this: “Oh, (insert associate’s name here) checked me out already on that phone thing.” These are basically the magic words. We are lazy fuckers. We do not care about double-checking. The son of a bitch behind the counter will wave you out and say have a nice day. Honestly, this method is best used if you’re super confident and have been doing this for a while. I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TRYING THIS IF YOU ARE NEW TO LIFTING. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO GO OVER SMOOTHLY. Like I said before, every store is different. If you have a bad feeling, do not go through with it. This method works best in a crowded store, or during a rush for back to school. BACK TO SCHOOL IS ONE OF THE MOST STRESSFUL TIMES OF THE YEAR FOR US. IT IS STRAIGHT BLACK FRIDAY FOR THREE MONTHS. I HATED IT. IT STARTS IN JULY AND GOES THROUGH SEPTEMBER. But use that to your advantage. I haven’t paid for my school supplies in years. YEARS.
    • Desk Chairs: tbh, you can use the printer walk out method with these as well. just bring a cart back to the furniture pad with you, pick out a chair, and walk out with the same line. 
    • Laptop: Okay, this is priceless. A lot of my friends asked me how I got it, but honestly it only works if you have a really, really good friend in the store. My coworker was really into lifting, and we talked about way to get a computer for each of us because our old ones were dying. Computers are held in the back of the store in a cage that is locked and only the managers have the keys. Not the tech guys you see walking around the floor, but the manager on duty.They are the most precious thing that the store has to protect, which is why only select people have access to them. We were a close knit family, my friend, my manager and I. My manager would leave us to close the doors when we closed, and lock everything up, since they were usually counting the money and didn’t want to be distracted. So we used that to our advantage. One night, I came in 5 minutes to close, my manager was already in the back counting the cash, and my friend was working the floor alone. It was a rare and beautiful thing. My friend borrowed the keys to “lock the side doors” and he ran to the cage in the back, unlocked it, grabbed the laptop I wanted, handed it off to me, walked me to the front, and locked the doors behind me. I was home free. It was honestly the biggest thrill of my life, but it’s helped me though homework and classes this semester, and I am so thankful. Now I have a 17″ beauty to blog on and it’s amazing.
    • INK IS ALWAYS TAGGED IN THE BOXES. THEY ADHERE TO THE SIDE OF THE INSIDE OF THE BOXES, AND WILL SET OFF THE ALARM. IF IT ISN’T IN A BOX, IT’S STILL TAGGED. These are usually off-brand or cheaper brands of inks, like Canon, and Epson. HP is always tagged and in a secure box, so those are lil bitches. For the cheaper ones, you can slip it into your purse, and walk out with a crowd or after a small purchase, and keep walking if/when it beeps. 


HAPPY LIFTING BABES, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, FEEL FREE TO ASK ON TIPS AND POLICIES FOR RETURNS AND SUCH. I am here at your disposal, use me how you like. Literally ask me anything.

Monday : College!Ashton Blurb

College, you’ve learned, is definitely not like high school. In high school you could miss the entire first week of a new year, come back the following Monday, and still be reviewing material that you’ve learned from previous semesters. In college, you’re expected to come to the opening class having already read the first chapter of the textbook you paid for yourself, and then take a quiz on it before barely catching your professor’s name. Missing even a portion of a first-day lecture could throw you of course for the rest of the class period, which is why it’s so crucial for you as a freshman to make it to Calculus on time. 

Unfortunately for you, the mathematics building is light years away from the Classical Mythology class you’ve just been let out of, and unless Hermes wants to drop down and let you borrow his shoes for a minute, you have no idea how you’re going to pull this off. When you took the university bus to school this morning you were under the impression that most of your classes would let out early, giving you plenty of time to walk from building to building and maybe even stop for a snack along the way. Now you’ve got ten minutes to travel from one corner of campus to the diagonal other and only a pair of legs to take you. 

The building you’re walking out of leads to the bordering sidewalk of one of the campus parking lots. You sigh as your eyes glance over every idol car, envying those who won’t have the same dilemma you’re facing today. Now that you think of it, you’re not even sure you’re heading in the right direction. This damn school is too big for its own good. 

A few feet in front of you you see a fellow student throwing his leg over the seat of an unmoving motorcycle, helmet in hand ready to envelop his head. The parking permit stuck to the small windshield looks different than the ones on the rest of the cars, indicating that it probably came from last year. You hope that means he’ll be familiar with the area. 

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Prayer to the Rising Sun






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Starring Role - A.I

I’d rather walk alone than a play a supporting role.

Rating: M
Warnings: Cursing, Cheating
Word Count: 1.5k
Inspired by Starring Role - Marina and the Diamonds
Written by Madalyn ( @razorblade-hemmings )

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Set In Ink

Summary: Just thought I’d try my hand at a soulmate AU.


Word count: 1500

A/N: Yo guys I’m so sorry for the lack of updates, I have a billion things to do and writing (sadly) hasn’t made it to the top of the list. So postings aren’t going to be as frequent, but after a couple weeks it should get back to normal. Sound good? Good! That said, I’m a little out of practice so I hope this isn’t terrible. 

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They say love should feel like fire, like the whole world erupting from your chest when you land that first kiss. Bucky always seemed to doubt this - he wasn’t a volcano, he was a person. Nothing should be erupting from him, much less the whole world.

They always told him: Just you wait, there’s a storm comin’ and you’re about as helpless as a sheep in a tornado. They never told him that the storm would leave colours a little brighter and gravity a little lower. They warned him against dizziness and fireworks shooting across his skin not just when lips met, but every time he saw you.

He had this picture of you engraved in his mind, soft hair and sweet smiles, and he thought about their warnings - Don’t be scared when it feels like you can’t breathe, don’t look down to see if your heart really is beating out of your chest, it’s not.

And he remembered thinking there’s no way one person could make someone feel all of those things at once.

He remembered looking down at his wrist during grueling days at school, tracing the weaving tattoo patterns thoughtfully. He wondered if yours was in the same place, he wondered if that warning about sparks and electricity against his soulmate’s skin was something he had to worry about, like getting attacked by the neighbours dog or climbing a tree during a storm and getting hit by lightning.

He remembered every time he fell in love with someone new only to see an unfamiliar print on their hip or neck or ankle. He remembered thinking it wasn’t fair, that people should get to love who they love and fate should just mind it’s own business.

He remembered hanging onto a train for dear life, hand reaching for his best friend as wind whipped the sense right out of him. He remembered seeing that same swirling black ink and considering that he might never meet his counterpart.

Then he remembers Hydra wanting to remove it, this little patch of compiled lines on Bucky’s wrist that had grown into so much more than an ID for his soulmate, and he can still feel the utter horror and anger that bubbled up inside him when they tried getting rid of it.

He thinks he remembers every tattoo his targets had, which surprises him because Hydra’s first goal should’ve been to kill the person with his mark, right? And he remembers tracking down all of the tattoos he retraced in a notepad like Steve’s, apologizing profusely for someone they would never meet.

Bucky doesn’t think he could ever forget what it was like to see you, because it was nothing like how they told him it would be. He was confused, because weren’t you supposed to be in your 90’s? And then his heart tightened because did he even deserve a soulmate? And then you were looking right at him, and all of the other people rushing around you two seemed to disappear.

He remembers this wave of relief and warmth sweeping him up, he remembers it so clearly because it happened every time he looked at you. He remembers moving closer to you, like you were a magnet or a planet or some sort of God demanding his presence.

He remembers flicking his eyes down to your smile - exactly how he imagined it would be - and trying to remember all the things they used to tell him.

But his heart wasn’t beating out of his chest, and the trees looked just as green as they had before. He remembers running through every detail of how he felt, and he remembers only picking up on one change.

He felt at home, like he was back in Brooklyn with Steve laughing beside him, like if he remembered which house was his he’d be able to stomp right in and say goodnight to his sisters, like he was stuck in this little bubble of time before he got drafted and the whole world turned upside down.

He remembers how overwhelming it was to shake your hand and see his tattoo on your wrist, and he remembers that was the first time he smiled in years.

He remembers following you to your work, pulling his hand behind you like you had known each other forever. He remembers you grabbing his metal arm, looking down at it, then grinning up at him like some kid at a candy shop. That was when his heart started beating out of his chest.

He remembers you in the flower shop you worked at, beaming down at the plants so vibrantly that Bucky insisted they could survive without a proper sun. He remembers that later, you would tell him all about the types of flowers and what they mean, and his arm would wind around your waist and pull you close enough to be cheek to cheek with him.

He remembers with a smile that after the shop closed you’d let him take home some of the older flowers, and most of the time he’d stick one or two behind your ear and consider how lucky he was to be alive.

He remembers sitting on the couch next to you and listening to you laugh at something he said. He remembers looking over and feeling like his ribs were too small for his heart and he remembers kissing you out of nowhere because it just felt like he couldn’t hold it all in anymore. He remembers your hands on his chest and your smile against his lips, and he remembers thinking that if this was his happy ever after, he’d be good.

He remembers taking you to meet the team for the first time, the closest thing he had to a family. It made him laugh now, because he was so nervous and you just smirked up at him, grabbed his hand and squeezed all the anxiety right out of him.

He remembers Steve clasping him on the shoulder and telling him you were a good catch, and that he was happy for Bucky. He remembers you spreading a little of your glow with everyone else while he stood back and watched. That was the first time he really felt weightless.

He remembers lying on a field beside you, your head on his chest and his hand carding lazily through your hair. He remembers you rambling on about a movie you just watched and thinking he’s never felt so calm in his life. He remembers you quieting down and listening to his heartbeat before he whispered his first ‘I love you’, then you were giggling and kissing and rolling around in the grass just trying to prove how true it was.

He remembers coming back from a mission more roughed up than he’s ever been, and you worriedly holding his face between your hands. He remembers how frantic and passionate the kiss that followed was, and how he promised he’d always make it back to you.

He remembers the proposal like it was yesterday. He remembers looking at you and feeling his heart leap into his throat, he remembers worrying that if you looked at him for too long you’d figure out what was in his hand. He remembers you had a song stuck in your head - Single Ladies - and you were singing the chorus like some sort of taunt. He remembers stopping in the middle of the street, sighing and asking if you really wanted to do this now. Then he remembers almost hazily getting down on one knee, your hand still in his as he pulled out the black box and popped the question.

He remembers you being as quiet as he’s ever seen you, before it clicked and you were bouncing on the balls of your feet, grinning wider than an ocean. He remembers you pulling him up and wrapping your arms around his neck so tight you could’ve knocked him out.

And he told you all of this now; how his skin burns a little with each touch and how he’s never smiled for so long in his life because of you. He tells you how perfect you are and how his heart floods with this warm breathless feeling whenever he thinks about you, and he says he’s the luckiest man alive to have you standing across from him. Then his time’s up and he’s told he can kiss the bride, so he shares his happiest smile with you before intertwining his fingers with yours and slipping his other hand behind your neck.

He knows he’ll remember this kiss for a lifetime because it leaves him dizzy and grinning and he never wants to let go of you. He wraps his arm around your waist, finally having the time to tell you how perfect you look in white, and kisses you again - like he’s been bottling his love up for years and now it’s bursting open and demanding he show it. He’s hugging you closer and grinning at Steve beside him while the audience claps and cheers. He’s thinking of all the things he can’t wait to remember in the future and all the fireworks yet to come.

a fifty seven (57!!!) stucky fic rec made with my lovey @foggybearnelson over the course of seven months! they’re all sorts of lengths! personally ranked out of five (✩✩✩✩✩) stars and not in any particular order! some personal comments littered through, explicit ratings and descriptions are the ones labelled by the authors.

1.  the city bleeds its aching heart by renne (explicit, 34k) ✩✩✩✩✩

The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood. [COMPLETE]

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