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5!!!!!!!! plsplslplspls

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

So! This is a couple of weeks ago, when they all were at a party at kollektivet. Even sat on the couch pressed between Mahdi and Jonas on each side of him (this was clearly a two ppl couch and they were all fully grown boys ffs). 

Mahdi and Even were letting a passionate speach from Jonas wash over them and Even enjoyed watching the people that crowded in the small living room. Eva who was a bit over the level of tipsy (ok, maybe she was full on drunk) dancing with Sana, who had er dimply smile on and looked radiant. 

Eskild who gesticulated wildly as he talked with Magnus and Vilde, who had their hands all over each other. Chris and Noora, who tried to figure out how to open up another wine bottle since the corkscrew got lost somewhere. 

His eyes then landed on that angelic mop of blond curls. A dreamy smile spread over his face as he spotted Isak. Even let his gaze roam over him. He was wearing the blue plaid shirt Even adored and those tight black skinny jeans which, well, just worked for Even.

Isak laughed and it made his whole face light up and something inside Even’s chest suqeez and… wait. Who was that dude he was laughing at. Once Isak had come into view Even had zoned out everything around him but now he looked at the blond guy next to him.

He was a little shorter than Isak and had a broad and proud smile on his face as Isak laughed again. Animatedly throwing around his hands as he told Isak the seemingly funny story and then and again touching Isak’s arm. Excuse him? What the fuck. 

“Who is that?” Even said, not looking away from Isak and the other douche. Jonas stopped his rant mid sentence and looked at him confused. “Huh?” 

Mahdi looked over the crowd. “Who do you mean, man?” 
Even nuged his chin forward and felt himself scowl. (Well, if you didn’t know him you would just think he looked relaxed, but since he always smiled or looked interested or just sunny him setting his mouth in a tight line was as much as when someone stood behind him waving a sign that read “PISSED”).

Mahdi and Jonas exchanged a eyebrow raised glance at that. “Uh, that’s just Julian.” Jonas shrugged. Julian. Why did that name sound familiar. He asked the boys that and Mahdi answered with a laugh “He kept stalking Isak on insta.” 

Even pulled his lips in. Then Julian moved closer to Isak (never mind that it was because someone wanted to shove past them) and Even was out of his seat in no time - he missed the face Jonas and Mahdi pulled at each other before they enjoyed the new space on the sofa. 

“Halla!” Even said loudly as he came up beside Isak, putting an arm around his waist and pulling him close against himself. 

“Halla.” Isak answered and pecked his lips. But Even didn’t let the kiss be quick like Isak had planned but deepened it, pressing Isak against the wall behind him and turning them a bit away from Julian who kept clearing his throat. 

“Uuuh,” Isak said as Even finally let go of his lips. He looked a bit dazed and flushed, Even had to bite his bottom lip to surpress a victorious grin. They heard Julian scoff as he finally moved away, which had Even look after him triumphantly. Isak looked surprised between the back of Julians head and Even’s intense pissed off stare and back again.

“Wait a minute… Are you jealous?” he said with a breathless laugh and shook his head a bit. Instead of answering, Even pulled him in for another possesive kiss.   

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Everything about this video killed me

fucking same. just literally… everything. how close and cozy they got? and how they complimented each other on like everything… their eyes, hair, fucking Cutting Out Abilities?? and how when phil made the unicorn mug not only talk, but gave it a weird voice, dan didn’t laugh, he just instantly joined in. i loved how comfortable and natural it all was and i loved the whole fun element of it all. the “we’re not taking this seriously, but hey, i look ok in these overalls amirite and u look kind of like a God in those really tight blue jeans i’m gonna just stare a bit it’s Fine” and “wow, ok but should i bleach my hair? what if you dyed your hair a bright pastel blue? i think it would suit you… what the fuck.” i love them and i loved this video :/

Coffee Support

Summary: Natsu never realized that cute barista was a lady of many talents.  (Nalu fluffy oneshot)

Author’s Note: I’ve lost track of the prompt list, but there was one of AU’s where characters didn’t know they knew each other.  So here this is.  A little birthday gift for me since it’s one less thing sitting in my pile of unfinished fics. :)


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The Sweet Jerk-Anon Request

Hello! *crickets*

OMG! Guys I’m so so so soooo sorry for my lack of activity for the past few days. I’ve been super busy with school and I finish in like 5 weeks so things are gonna get crazy!

Just remember that I’m not going to abandon this blog I’m just really busy but summer’s just around the corner so there’s that :)

Anywho, here’s another request. I hope you like it Anon! I had to rush the end a little bit to be able to upload it tonight. I hope it’s still good and that it’s what you wanted ^_^

I hope everyone enjoys! I should go do homework but I’ll try to get started on another one tonight.

-Love, Sarah

(y/n)=Your name (c/n)=Crush’s name (f/n)=Friend’s name (e/c)=Eye colour (h/c)=Hair colour

‘’Hii, I love your imagine stories

I entered the coffee shop and breathed out a sigh of relief. I got rid of the snow that was gathered on my coat and head before heading to my usual table in the corner of the shop.

I took a seat on one of the comfortable chairs of the table for two before placing my bag on the free chair. I breathed in the sweet smell of coffee and felt my nerves slowly fade away. Coffee was my drug; it always calmed me and kept me awake when schoolwork needed to be completed late at night.

My eyes scanned the shop, the brown table and comfy brown chairs, the boots next to the big windows. I smiled and waved back at the employees who knew me, and my order by heart because I basically lived in this shop, it was my second home.

I shrugged my damp coat off and slung it over the chair I was sitting on, along with my scarf before retrieving my phone from my bag. As I waited for my order to be taken, I went through the numerous replies of my friends after I’d asked them what to do for my 18th birthday. Most of them, the guys, had requested for me to throw a huge party, with of course lots of alcohol. I rolled my eyes at their silliness as I typed down a few replies.

‘’Hey, welcome to our shop, and may I take your order.’’ I frowned and barely glanced up at the owner of a very bored voice, as I kept on typing away on my phone.

‘’I’ll have the usual.’’ I mumbled distractedly.

‘’And what is the usual?’’

That’s when I decided to look up because every worker in this shop knew my order by heart. And Lord, I wish I hadn’t looked up. Or, I don’t know, gotten one of the usual servers.

‘’A tall cappuccino with whipped cream and a chocolate muffin.’’ I felt my cheeks flush as I made eye contact with the very, very attractive new server.

His eyes seemed to twinkle as he held my gaze and I almost rolled my eyes when the corner of his lip quirked up into a smirk. I raised my eyebrows at him and he chuckled softly before taking out a small notebook and taking down my order.

I, being the stupid horny teenager I was let my eyes wander around his face. His (e/c) eyes were burned into my head from the second I looked into them. His (h/c) hair, unbelievably messy, sat on his head with a few strands falling on his forehead. My eyes wandered down to his full, pink lips and the stubble on his cheeks. I almost let out a sigh as I took in his very defined arms, and very nice chest that looked amazing in his tight uniform.

The attractive server cleared his throat and my eyes snapped to my phone. I bit the inside of my cheek as my fingers flew over the dark screen. Hopefully he didn’t see me checking him out, I thought as I pretended to text.

‘’Your order will be ready soon.’’ I looked away from my phone and up into the gorgeous server’s (e/c) eyes.

‘’Great, thanks.’’ He smirked down at me before turning on his heels and walking back to the counter. I bit down my lip as I watched his ass. A guy with a nice ass was always a plus, and Lord, that butt looked mighty fine, just like the rest of him.

I shook those thoughts out of my head and focused my attention back to my phone. My fingers flew around on the screen, I was texting for real this time and it involved caps and lots of hearts of flushed faced emoticons.

I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder back to the beautiful new server. A shiver ran down my spine as his deep voice rang in my ears again. The twinkle of his eyes, that stupid little smirk on his perfect lips. And that stubble! It made him look a 100 times sexier than he already was. What can I say; men who can pull out facial hair are my weakness. 

My fingers drummed impatiently on the wooden table as I waited for my order to arrive. This was taking longer than usual and I had a feeling that the gorgeous server had something to do with it.

Gorgeous server’s P.O.V.

I let out a groan and jumped off the counter, my mouth still full of that delicious muffin. I rolled my eyes as I made my way back to the coffee machine. This shop was so stupid, the clients were stupid, and my co-workers were stupid. I’d only gotten this job because I had to help pay for the bills since I was 25 and still living at my parent’s house. Kinda stupid if you ask me.

The blonde one, I forgot her name, had gotten mad at me because I messed up the pretty girl’s order. Big deal, I made her a cold cappuccino. How was I supposed to know she wanted it hot? I also ate her chocolate muffin, whatever, it’s not like this dumb place was going to run out of them anytime soon.

I smiled to myself as I remembered the pretty girl’s flushed face. She was obviously checking me out and her pretending to text when I caught her was pretty cute.

‘’Hey, what’s her name? I didn’t catch it!’’

The blonde swirled around, her arms crossed over her chest and her eyes glaring at me. I laughed and she rolled her eyes.

‘’My mom doesn’t pay you to flirt with the clients.’’ She replied with a smirk.

‘’That doesn’t answer my question.’’

‘’It’s (y/n). Don’t mess up her order again and don’t flirt with her, she’s a regular and… Just don’t do anything stupid!’’ She let out a frustrated groan before running off to wherever she had to be.

My mind wandered back to when I’d seen her enter the shop. She was covered in snow and but the pissed off look she had on disappeared as soon as she sat down. Her (h/c) hair was damp because of the snow but it still looked good. And her ass, it looked very nice in those tight, fitting blue jeans.

I let out a nervous sigh as I arranged her order on a small plate. I frowned and rolled my eyes. Why was I nervous? She was just some girl. A very pretty girl that I may, or may not wanted to impress.

Working in this coffee shop, I saw plenty of pretty girls everyday. But she looked better, different; she had something that made her stand out from the other girls I’d seen in here.

I walked back to her table and smiled to myself. I could only see her from behind but her hunched back and drumming fingers on the table told me she w as getting impatient. I approached her quietly and smiled when she unlocked her phone.

Ughh you lucky bitch, send me a picture of that fine man!

So she’d already told her friend about me. Interesting. I smirked as I watched her type a reply.

Calm your tits you horny whore -_- I’m not taking a picture that’s creepy! Juts come with me tomorrow he’ll probably be here

You’re turning 18 in a week and we’re gonna spend all our time planning the perfect party, not stalking some gorgeous server at some retarded coffee shop!

I stifled a laugh as I read her friend’s reply.

‘’Ahem, your order (y/n).’’ She jumped in her seat craned her neck to look at me. I smirked before rounding table and setting her order down in front of her.

‘’Thank you.’’ She looked down at her food with her cheeks flushed.

‘’The name’s (c/n), you look familiar; I think I’ve seen you before.’’ I grinned down at her as I held a hand out. She stared at it with a small frown and I internally begged her to just shake it.

‘’I don’t think so.’’ She finally shook my hand I smiled to myself.

‘’I know!’’ I snapped my fingers and let go of her hand. ‘’My dreams, that’s where I’ve seen you.’’ I flashed her a smile and groaned internally. What a fucking dick! What am I doing?

Her smile fell and she frowned up at me. ‘’I don’t do players with lame pickup lines.’’

‘’You’ll come around.’’ I winked at her before turning on my heels and walking back to the counter.

‘’I told you not to flirt with her.’’ I sighed and threw my apron along with the tray in a corner of the large brown counter. I turned to face the blonde, whose name I still couldn’t remember, this place should really invest in nametags, and glared at her.

‘’You need to chill. I’m taking a break!’’ I ignored her protests as I made my way to the back store while continuously pulling at my hair in frustration. Why was I such a dick back there? Jesus (c/n), you see a pretty girl and you act like an overconfident jerk!

I sighed and fell back onto a chair. And you wonder why you’re still single.

*A week later-(y/n)’s P.O.V.*

My friend reluctantly followed me inside the coffee shop and I smiled in victory.

‘’I’m just doing this because I wanna see the cute guy.’’ (F/n) grumbled as we walked up to the counter.

One of the employees, Anna, smiled when she saw me and jogged to her place behind the counter.

‘’Hey, (y/n)! The usual?’’ I nodded as I handed her the exact amount that I knew by heart. She shook her head and I frowned as she pushed my hand back.

‘’Do you really think we’d let you pay on your birthday?’’

Some of the other workers suddenly popped out from under the counter and started singing happy birthday. I couldn’t fight my grin as I watched (f/n) join my very good friends.

‘’Thanks guys!’’ I gushed. My eyes lit up as Anna approached me with my usual chocolate cupcake, on top of it a lit candle in the shape of an 18. I smiled and blew the candle.

Anna hugged me tightly before going back behind the counter.

‘’Anything for you?’’ I looked at (f/n) who was grinning widely at Anna.

‘’I won’t say no to free food.’’ I shook my head but still laughed.

After taking down (f/n)’s order, Anna disappeared to the other end of the counter, where the coffee machines were situated.

‘’OMG!’’ (F/n) hissed not so silently while she gripped my arm.

‘’What?’’ I frowned as I pulled my arm out of her grip.

She pointed to something behind me and I raised my eyebrows at her before turning around. My jaw dropped when my eyes landed on what she was freaking out about.

(C/n) was standing a few feet away from us with a bouquet of roses in his right hand and what looked like a cup of my cappuccino in his left hand. He approached me slowly, he seemed unsure and his smile was quivering.

‘’Hey,’’ His voice cracked and he frowned before clearing his throat. ‘’I-um happy birthday.’’

He handed me the flowers and the cup of coffee. I quickly looked down and smiled when I recognized the smell of my usual cappuccino.

I looked back up at him and sighed as I took in the attention we were gathering.

‘’I thought I told you I didn’t do players.’’

He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. ‘’I know but that wasn’t me. I’m sorry for being such a jerk last week. I dunno why I always mess stuff up but would you be willing to give me a second chance if I promise to be myself from now on?’’

His (e/c) eyes were pleading me and all his nervous smile did was make it easier for me to say yes.

‘’Alright.’’ I grinned as he fist bumped the air. I frowned when he took the cappuccino and bouquet away from my hands and set them behind me on the counter. I felt his hand on my waist and the other on my cheek.

He grinned down at me before crashing his lips on mine. I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss as I felt him twirl me around, under the cheers of the coffee shop.

 The End

Here you go guys, sorry the end is super rushed, I hope it doesn’t show too much :o

I thought it was still pretty good and I hope you guys enjoyed it, especially you Anon!

Also, sorry if there are any mistakes because again I’m rushing this for you guys :)

Anywho, that’s all for tonight!

-Love, Sarah

New Year’s Eve (CS- AU)

Emma Swan - resident NYE curmudgeon, finds herself working the NYE shift at Granny’s with Killian Jones, who has ideas about enjoying the holiday. For @kat2609 - who requested a story since my CSSS dropped out and I didn’t have someone to write for.  Un-beta’d, because she’s the one who would usually check these things for me. :-) 

It wasn’t that Emma Swan hated New Year’s Eve. It was that she loathed New Year’s Eve. Navigating crowds of drunks determined to make it the Best. Night. Ever, like the date somehow had magical powers, was her idea of hell on Earth. An event to be avoided at all costs.

Working at Granny’s served as a refuge. No one would choose to spend their New Year’s at a dingy bar if they thought that the New Year was really going to be a life changing night. Queue Emma happily volunteering to work on New Year’s Eve every single year, serving the same drinks to the same customers she would have served any other night of the year.

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Mr. Hemmings (Teacher!Luke Smut)

Summary: When one of his students comes to him Luke can’t say no when she asks him for help so he offers her private tutoring to help her out. But, things don’t go as planned when the study session goes down for real.

Warning: Smut, age difference, and language.

Requested: No, just for fun.

If you have requests feel free to message me! I love to write so send me all the crazy ass ideas your dirty minds can think of! :)

*I DO NOT own that GIF of Luke*

*Written on Sunday June 12th, 2016*


Luke’s P.O.V.

Being a teacher there is like one huge rule that you should never, ever break. Don’t hang out with your student outside of school. And especially do not hang out with them at your own place where you live. But I am an idiot here so that’s exactly what I am doing today. Not just hanging out with one of my students outside of school, but at my very own apartment.

It’s totally innocent though I swear. It’s just some tutoring for Monday’s math test. When my student Y/N came to me begging for help I couldn’t turn her away. I am a sucker when it comes to people who are desperate for help. Especially when I know that I can indeed help them. That’s why I couldn’t say no to Y/N. I know I can help her out here.

I hear a knock on my door and I know that it’s Y/N here. I go to the door and I open it and she gives me a smile when she sees me. “Hi, Y/N, come on in.” I greet her and let her into my apartment. God, I could so get fired for this if she goes and blabs to her friends about this at school on Monday.

The thing about Y/N that I like is that I don’t feel creepy around her, like at all. I’m twenty-eight years old and I started teaching when I was twenty-five. So, for me looking at these young girls the way that I sometimes want to creeps me out so that’s what helps me from even beginning to think about them like I know I shouldn’t. But Y/N doesn’t look like a young, little teenage girl like most of the seventeen year old girls I teach do. She looks like she’s at least twenty-one or something like that. If she had a fake ID and I was a bartender, I’d believe she was old enough to drink and I’d serve her for sure.

Her hair is gorgeous and it looks so soft I want to run my fingers through it. Her lips are full and plump. Her eyes are captivating and they have a devilish feature in them. Her body is nice and curvy in all of the right places. I bet her thick thighs make perfect earmuffs. But do you want to know the gross part about all of this? I don’t even know if she’s eighteen or not. I could be having disgusting thoughts about a minor and I don’t even know it.

“Hi, Mr. Hemmings,” she greets me back as she enters my apartment. Her backpack is resting on her right shoulder. I can’t help it as my wondering eyes begin to stare at her perfectly round ass in those tight blue jeans she is wearing as she enters my apartment. I close the door forcing myself to look away from the underage ass and pull myself together.

“Thank you so much for this. You have no idea how grateful I am to you for this.” She tells me as she takes her backpack off of her shoulder and sits down on my couch and begins to open it up right away. She is wasting no time getting down to what she came here for. Thank God for that too, because I don’t need any more distractions than what I’ve already allowed myself to have. I should feel like a total creep, but for some reason I don’t.

“It’s not a problem, Y/N,” I assure her waving it off. “Would you like something to drink before we get to studying?”

“Um, some ice water would be great, thanks.”

“Ice water it is,” I say nodding and head into the kitchen to get us the water. Once I have the two glasses filled with water I head back into the living room where Y/N has her math book and assignments out and ready to start studying. “Here’s your water,” I tell her placing it onto the coffee table in front of the couch and take a seat next to her.

“Thank you, Mr. Hemmings,” she says sweetly giving me that smile again.

“Please, Y/N, we’re not in the classroom. You can call me Luke it’s okay.”

“Okay,” she nods her head and hits me with that smile again. “Luke it is then.”

We start studying math then and once I explain how to do a simple problem to her I let her do some on her own just so she gets the practice of doing it without my help. When it’s silent between us I grow bored waiting for her to finish the math problems I gave her to do and I begin letting my eyes wander around my apartment.

Even though I did tidy up before Y/N came over it’s still kind of messy. I live with my good friend Michael and we’re both kind of slobs. So our apartment is messy like the two of us are. Then my eyes go to Y/N. First I look down at her paper and see how she’s doing on the problem I told her to do. She’s doing it perfectly now that I have re-explained to her how to do it.

Her plump lips are pursed and her brows are furrowed together in her concentration. It’s actually kind of cute to see honestly. Really cute. My eyes then begin to look at her body. God I am such a creep but I can’t help it. She’s hot I can’t control that, and neither can she honestly. Her shirt is pretty low cut, and I can see right down her cleavage. I try not to stare, but I fail, of course.

I take a drink of my ice water, hoping that will calm me down and cool me off, but it doesn’t help. I can’t keep my eyes off of Y/N and her distracting sexiness. It’s been a good while since I’ve had any action either, so I am getting heated up very quickly just looking at her.

I can just imagine the way she would feel around me. The way she’d moan my name. How amazing she must look naked underneath me, begging me to let her cum. Ugh, I can just imagine her O face. I bet it’s so fucking hot oh my God.

Oh shit…I have to stop this before I get too worked up…Oh fuck…Too late…I knew I shouldn’t have worn fucking basketball shorts today! Way to go, Luke! You popped a boner in front of your student.

“Um, Luke,” Y/N says sounding very concerned.

“Yeah, Y/N,” I say hoping she won’t notice the boner in my shorts right now. Even though I bet you that she already has.

“You’ve got a…um…situation…in your shorts…”

See, what did I say? I knew she already noticed it.

“Yeah, I know,” I say sheepishly. I was already caught so there was really no point in denying it now. “I’ll go put some jeans on. I’m so sorry.”

I stand up off of the couch ready to go change into something more constricting, but Y/N stops me before I could start for my bedroom. She grabs onto my wrist and says, “Wait, did I do that to you?”

“Um…” I trail off totally not knowing what to say. If I said yes, there was no telling what she’d say to her friends on Monday at school. And class on Monday would be so fucking awkward for me oh my God. I don’t know what I should say. Should I be honest, or should I lie?

“I did, didn’t I?” She says with a smirk knowing the answer is yes already without me even saying it. So I decide to just be honest with her again.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to creep you out. It’s just been a while since I’ve had any, ya know, action, and it just kind of happened.”

“It’s okay, Luke,” she assures me with a smile on her lips. “I take it as a complement. In fact, I wouldn’t mind helping you out with your situation, either.”

Woah there…I was NOT expecting that reaction!

“Y/N, aren’t you only like seventeen?”

“I’m eighteen, actually.” She pauses for a moment and then in a sweet voice she looks up at me and she even bats her fucking eyelids at me and says, “And I promise that if you let me help you out that I won’t tell anyone. I’ll be a good girl for you, Luke.”

“Fuck,” I half whisper, half sigh. I know I’m about to cave. I can’t help it. She’s so fucking hot, and she’s willing. God I want this despite how fucking wrong it is. I could so get fired for this. “Y/N, if we do this and word gets out I could lose my job. You do know that, right?”

“I know,” she says nodding her head as she grips onto the waistband of my shorts pulling them down so I’m standing my boxer shorts in front of her. “That’s why I promise you I’m going to be good and not tell anyone.”

Her hand grips onto my dick and she begins to rub me through my boxer shorts. My eyes close shut and my head goes back at this amazing feeling of human contact on my cock that isn’t my own for the first time in months. “Do I get extra credit if I make you cum, Mr. Hemmings?” She asks in her sweet, innocent sounding voice again that drives me wild.

“Sure, whatever you want,” I say breathy in pure pleasure. She pulls down my boxers and I kick them off along with my shorts.

“Sit down for me,” she commands in her sweet voice and I listen and sit back down onto the couch. She gets off of the couch now and gets onto her knees in front of me keeping my throbbing dick in her hand the whole time. She begins to give me a blowjob taking me in her mouth.

“Look at me,” I say breathy again, “I wanna see those pretty eyes.” She listens and looks up at me as she takes my dick in her mouth all the way down. Her eyes were so smoldering, so sexy, that she could have made me cum just by looking at me heard enough. “Fuck you’re so sexy.”

I am getting close, I know it. It’s been a while for me so I know I’m not going to last long. I didn’t want this to be just about me, but I want to give Y/N a good time too. I stop her, telling her I don’t want to come just yet and her eyes light up. “Come sit on my lap, my good little girl.” I say patting my bare thighs. “But take off your clothes first. Slowly.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Hemmings.” She smirks at me devilishly and begins to slowly take her clothes off as I take my shirt off. When we’re both totally naked she sets herself up on my lap, kissing me on the lips as she’s sliding herself down onto my dick. She pulls away from my lips moaning out loudly as she does digging her nails into my shoulders out of pleasure.

Her little pussy is wet, warm, and tight and it feels fucking amazing around my cock right now as she begins to bounce up and down on my dick. Her perfect tits flop up and down with her body and I take one of them into my mouth sucking on her nipple as I hold her close so my body. My other hand goes down to her pussy and I rub her clit hard to make her cum with me because I can feel myself getting closer to my high every second.

Her moans are so sexy and she’s bringing me to euphoria right now with how hot she is on top of me. “Fuck, Mr. Hemmings, I’m gonna fucking cum.”

I pull out of her quickly and rub her clit even faster commanding “Do it, cum for me,” and she lets go at my words coming hard. I rub myself until I’m coming too and I release letting it land on both of our torsos. She sits on my lap catching her breath for a moment.

Once I have my breath back I look up at her and I say, “No one can ever know about this, okay?”

“No one,” She agrees shaking her head no agreeing with me.

“That’s my good girl,” I smile at her and then kiss her on the lips one last time.

He looks like a goddamn greaser. 

I need an uptown/downtown!au where like, #Louis is totally upperclass #and drives around in his diamond encrusted cadillac #that daddy bought him #and one day it breaks down while he’s driving on the wrong side of the tracks #and he has to stop at a beat down repair shop #and who’s working there that late at night? #why Harry of course #with his buddy Zayn #and while Zayn is like ogling the car #Harry is too distracted by the beautiful driver of the classic vehicle #and he leaves Zayn to do all the work on the engine #while he chats the pretty little thing up #and Louis is definitely not having it #because eww greaser boys #don’t think daddy would be too happy #but Harry is just so charming #and yeah he’s a little brutish what can you expect #but he has an intelligent, cultured side #which to Louis is just so attractive #and maybe he’s also very fond of the slicked back curls #and the green eyes #and the full lips #and the huge bulge in those tight blue jeans #so when everything is all fixed up #he thanks Zayn and pays #but Harry doesn’t want to lose this one #so he jots his number down and Louis gives his to Harry #and just as Louis is getting ready to leave #Harry kisses his cheek #and they’re both probably blushing #and while Louis is driving out #he glances back to Harry in the rearview mirror #and Harry makes a phone out of his hands #and mouths ‘call me’ #because he just has to see this gorgeous uptown boy again 

Hearing!Verse: Misunderstanding

The rest of the Hearing!Verse can be found here. You can track this verse at Verse: Hearing. 

on AO3


Anonymous asked you: Drunk!Blaine ;) 

thefreeexploringmind asked you: For Hearing!verse: Kurt starts ranting about something to Blaine, but he forgets Blaine can’t actually hear him.


asked you: can I prompt something more of Kurt with Blaine’s friends? because obviously Sebastian still doesn’t like Kurt and I would like to read more about it


asked you: their first fight?


asked you: can i prompt you to write about the conversation that kurt and blaine have after kurt’s conversation with sebastian at the party. like how does blaine respond when kurt brings up the doubts that sebastian made him think about. Set to coincide with the events in


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From his spot in the center of the room, Blaine looks around, eyes seeking out Kurt’s. He’s been standing off to the side all night, aloof and completely too good for a silly high school party. Hell, Kurt’s too good for a silly high school boyfriend. He’s always a bit insecure around Kurt, but tonight is different. Ever since Kurt showed up wearing those skin tight black jeans and that blue silky button down that’s rolled up at the sleeves, Blaine’s had butterflies in his stomach. Tonight, he looks so much older and more mature than usual, making it seem like there was more than just a year between the two of them. 

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Preference #160 He Grabs...

Requested by anon where he grabs your butt but I had to change it up a bit since I already have a Booty preference.

Liam- Your butt. He was more of a butt person rather than boobs and yours just looked so good in those tight blue jeans. As you were trying to tidy the apartment up for the party you were hosting, Liam’s eyes kept wandering to your behind and when you were close enough to him he could help but grab it making you squeal and laugh, “What’s that for?” “For having a perfect arse.” You weren’t complaining but you warned him to wait till the party was over.

Harry- Your purse. You had bought a new pair of tennis shoes and unfortunately your socks kept sliding down and irritating you. “Here, let me hold this,” Harry said reaching for your forearm and holding your purse so you could fix your shoes. Once done, he handed it back to you and you smiled, “You’re a great boyfriend, you know that?” he blushed in modesty and hooked arms with you throughout all the walk.

Zayn- Your jacket. One of the best things of moving in with Zayn was his huge walk-in closet with rows and rows of free space for all your clothes. The only down side was that some of your items like your jacket, was at the very top of the closet and you couldn’t reach. Zayn watched you struggle for a little bit finding it cute and hilarious, but quickly enough he came to your aid and on the tip of his toes he grabbed your jacket, “Here you go tiny.” he chuckled.

Louis- The check. “Seriously?” you had ordered a pretty large meal since you skipped lunch and were more than ready to pay for your order knowing how much you’d ate. “Yes.,seriously. C’mon you know I love to pay, it’s one of the few things I can control and spend freely.” he had a point, but you felt bad that nine times out of ten he’d always pay. He grabbed your hand and squeezed it, “It’s my treat, don’t worry.” So you let him pay for all four courses.

Niall- Your baggage. Never having traveled before, you were worried you didn’t bring enough clothes, or too many, and that you’d forget the most important things like passports or other ID’s. As you checked every room one last time before walking out the house, Niall was ready with your luggage and already dragging it to the car, “I could have done it babe,” “I know you could have,” he smiled. There was no cure for being a gentleman.