those things are birds


Also, posting this video I forgot that I made. But my mom found it on my phone and gave me a look, as if to say “why do you keep disappointing me?”


Present and surprise are separate things on Kenma’s birthday when it comes to Kuroo

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Hello I'm thinking about getting a pet bird,,, I read somewhere that wildlife centers and exterminators usually have way too many unprotected corvids (grackle, starling, etc) in the spring and that sometimes they have to euthanize. I was wanting to maybe adopt some baby corvids and keep them in my barn and allow them to imprint on me and I'll feed them and take care of them while they eat all the bugs. Is that sound like a good idea?

I really don’t know a whole ton about corvids, not the best person to ask on this at all really.  From what I understand corvids do require a lot more care than most people expect, they need a lot of training and can’t really be kept as a stereotypical ‘pet’.  As far as I’m aware most people who own corvids live a pretty similar life to those who do falconry, outdoor free flight, hunting, and all those sorts of things just to keep the birds healthy, loads of work and dedication to maintain them properly.

But again, I have 0 experience with corvids so others please do add on!

Chapter 794

so, before I start, here’s the short version of my reaction:

okay, so they’re in Kyros’ house and Sabo came just to see Luffy’s face one more time <3

also Law sleeping on the floor, using his sword as a pillow… (and Kyross with two legs?)

like , are you okay there? you were pretty hurt too…

and so began the feels again… 

this is just cute:3

old Sabo feels again

with some new details

like that he lost his memories after nearly dying

and the only thing he still knew was how much he hated his life with his parents

of course his memory returned after hearing from Ace’ death D:

look how cute he is 

so fucking adorable °^°

and of course, he has to do and say almost the same thing Ace did back then

and in the end he’s flying away on those… bird-things… okay, what is that?

Sooo, it’s a chapter filled with old and new Sabo-feels…

and no chapter next week

[making this its own thread so the ask part doesn’t clutter it up]

“Thine is confused, mayhap thine hath seen others such as mineself” Bao now looked away, she highly doubted there would be many like herself around these parts. Not even because of her heritage but because there was something oddly memorable about her. Sometimes kine were able to feel the Beast lurking under her skin, especially when she was hungry. Such an uneasy feeling it could give, like being too close to a hungry lion.

Though for now she was decently fed and content, even if her selection had not been the best tasting quality. Kine around theses parts certainly tasted different from kine from hers, their diet was completely different.

“Anyways, I hath just entered this state in the past week, at most mayhap thee hath seen me in the crowd. A mind ist a wild thing and I hath one of those faces”

Bao pretended to try and be uninterested in the other, try and just make this moment pass and then she noticed his hair when she leaned back on her heels…Holy cow. She had never seen hair so long, especially on a male and certainly not in this day and age. It looked well taken care of and somewhere in her mind she heard a little voice, ‘I bet this guy knows how to put longer hair up, keep it out of ones face’

Her eyes dilated at the thoughts before looking back down to her crinkly package of hair ties fingers now tapping against the plastic. As she pondered this little fact in her head, allowed herself to play with the idea of not having to deal with her own wild mess that she had not even assumed that she had a scent about her that could be picked up.

At least not by someone who felt so normal to her, for she knew werebeings known as Fera could pick up a vampires sent, called it ‘the taint of the Wyrm’ whatever that nonsense meant, but that’s all she knew as otherwise normally she had no scent. At least in the sense of a body smell, no sweat or anything like that as she was dead.

She did however smell of things she had been around, earth and moth balls along with laundry detergent from where her clothes were not fully washed when Kat had stolen them for her…And apparently to angels, something dark and damp.

If she had known what he could smell in her she defiantly would have liked to have known more, as she was more one for learning. A scholar of sorts even if she had to pretend to be something else for her own safety.

“Or…Mayhap thee is right” Fine, whatever. She’d play into them maybe knowing one other as long as it might lead to his secrets of the hair. “What is thine name, for mine memory is poor and might need jogging”

Rosa Paradiso

I started the lines for this… August last year, I think. It could’ve been earlier, honestly. I uploaded an incomplete version of it to my dA because of those unholy stone walls and pathways. Seriously, those things were a pain. And yes, the birds are flying mustaches. 

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Paper Flowers Gold: So, where did you learn origami?

*Gold blushes and laughs* - I spent a lot of time in the local library when I was a kid in Glasgow, found a book in there one day about paper folding. I must have checked that damn thing out three dozen times before I mastered a flapping bird. It was one of those things that you obsess over as a kid and then it falls by the wayside as you grow up, but you never really forget how to do. When I realised I couldn’t buy Belle flowers I went on YouTube and found the rose. Took me a week to get the hang of it, so much easier to learn the folds when you’ve got someone talking you through them, but yeah, I learned as a kid from a library book.

That the Patronus and Animagus forms of a wix represent some inner aspect of themself is a long held to, and long agreed on thing. Those of swift creatures - cheetahs, hares, horses and most of all birds - tend to be those of freedom seekers, those of solid, earthy creatures - wolves, lions, bears and boar - tend to be those of a kind of loyalty, and those which are small are often of those who are more than they seem.

However other things have been noted. Where a wix is both capable of casting the Patronus (a rare skill) and capable of the animagus transformation (rarer still) it is most common for their Patronus and Animagus to be much the same, a cat animagus will likely have a feline - if not the same precise cat - for their patronus. 

This is not a hard and fast rule - as has been noted in many cases a wix can only have one animagus form, and a patronus can ever change - but it provides a good basis, and an interesting one for many theories. It is often hypothesised for example, that the ones Animagus form is the natural form of ones true self and soul, and that it is the natural form of ones Patronus, before experience and emotion make different the self from how it was born.

Thus it is suggested that, though one’s patronus can change, it remains a representation of ones ever-changing mind, while the animagus form of a wix is the truth of their eternal soul.

 – Excerpt from Religion and Magic: Souls and Animagi by Julian Boleyn

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