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Founded by Salazar Slytherin, the house is traditionally home to students who exhibit such traits as cunning, resourcefulness, and ambition. Its emblematic animal is a snake and its colours are green and silver.

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my friends have all been posting selfies so my ugly ass decided to jump on the bandwagon oh no

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You weren't kidding when you said you weren't subtle, you've been putting "nokano" in the tags of post with RJ and Noah, that's a ship name I just know it

YEP i only tag the ship names of things where there is a basis of one character liking another clear……..its established in the beginning of the comic that mona likes mia and RJ likes noah, so there r ship names for them (nokano and mimo[MIMO IS A CUTE NAME OK LEAVE ME ALONE]) so i have no qualms in tagging them as such

whether or not those will actually become canon, well. u will have to read to find out when i post it…………

I’ve done this bfore but ey who cares lmao
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Preferred Name: Jack or Goth King Jack

Birthday: June 2nd

Relationship Status: I have 94 husbands and 64 wives and hundreds of children

Pets: I have 2 cats, Daisy and Bermuda, my family has more, but those two are m i n e

Wake-up time: HHhhhhh 6:40 on workdays and 9~ on my offdays

Coke or Pepsi: COKE COKE COKE C o k e is gothick

Call or text: TEXT, calls give me terrible anxiety

Last person I called: my brother

Last person I texted: my mom

Chapstick or lipstick: i need n e i t h e r you weaklings

Number of piercings: 0, the perfect amount for a weenie like me

Number of tattoos: None yet

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Hi! I was goin thru WritingWithColor's Japan tag & found ur answer 4 various names of demons & was wondering if u could help me w/ something? Im writing a book & the main protag r a kitsune & 3 onikuma; the antag is Onibaba. U described oni as the typical red oni w/ horns & fangs & i do have those in this story but I've referred 2 them as Ushitora Oni to distinguish them. Would it be ok to call Onikuma, Onibaba, and "Ushitora" all types of Oni? & r they all (+ kitsune) types of yokai? Thnx!

Hi, there! Strictly speaking, despite the names, onikuma and onibaba are youkai and NOT oni. They are their own separate legendary monsters, so calling them oni would be pretty misleading. Calling the oni ‘ushitora’ to differentiate them wouldn’t serve much purpose aside from possibly confusing the lore for you the writer.

However, you do see in legends smaller almost child-like oni which ARE oni (gaki) so you could use ‘ushitora’ if you like to differentiate the bigger oni from the smaller ones in your worldbuilding. Maybe they have different hunting styles or preferred prey. I can imagine the bigger oni to be solitary hunters (even if they do live in communities) whilst the little ones to be more swarm-like to compensate for size.

I think I can understand why you wanted the differentiator. Having oni, onikuma and onibaba in a story could become repetitive in the head of an English reader. Can I suggest possibly looking into alternative youkai? A yamamba has a similar feel to an onibaba. Old women certainly get equally insulted if you call them one or the other! (Do not call your aged grandma either one of these things in anger…). As for the onikuma, a nue or a korori could work?

Edit: Oni and kitsune also count as youkai.

Good luck writing!

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Lol it's me scamp* anon again. I already told you who I was but maybe you thought I was a different anon. Anyway I'm that same anon that called you scampy a while back then felt bad about it then talked to you a few other times. I'm still here lol xD. I explained in this post: post/162770261202/hey-me-again-that-one-scmpy-anon-as-for-those#notes

Ohhh ok who u r!!! Well I mean on anon I gave u the tag “scampy anon” so I can find itself there lmao I still think this is secretly @jexciefy 👀

warnings: long post, text heavy, bold text (to stress some words non-aggressively), block quoted text, bulleted text, mentions of pedophilia + abuse + incest 

if you want to read this but need a tldr or need it formatted differently, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask or an im!! anon is on :^) 

okay so?? we all know the dc fandom is ripe with people who ship or support people who ship pedophilia, abuse, incest, and other illegal/problematic things. this creates a huge problem for people who want to be into dc but have a lot of trouble finding non problematic blogs to follow and therefore have trouble even feeling safe on their own blog 

bc of this i’ve gotten a few asks about blog recs, but unfortunately i don’t know a lot of blogs that are into dc and not nasty !! so i never give more than like ten people 

and so!! 

i’m going to be making a blog rec list of blogs who do not reblog or create pedophilic/abusive/incestuous content and do not reblog from or interact with people who do reblog and support those things, and i rly need the help of those of us in the fandom that aren’t in support of these bad things to help me compile the list 

  • here are the exact requirements or w/e u wanna call them !! 

-be a dc blog*, obviously, whether u create ur own content or just reblog; this can be comics, movies, shows, anything, as long as it’s dc!! please specify in tags 

-content can include art, edits, text posts– anything!! as long as it’s dc 

-can not ship, support shipping, or interact with/reblog from people who ship or support shipping pedophilic/abusive/incestuous things** (if you ship for coping because you are a victim or survivor of pedophilia/abuse/incest, that’s fine, as long as you do not have any content for it and do not talk about it on your blog) 

-that last rule includes ships and people outside of the dc fandom as well** 

-a lot of people who ship or support shipping those nasty things can be found in my block list tag*** 

-reblog this post!! liking won’t count because i need to know how much dc you post/whether you’re just boosting and what kind of content you post 

-you don’t have to follow me, but if you’re looking for safe blogs i am one as well, obviously!! 

* ur blog does not have to be mainly dc!! just put in the tags whether the dc content on your blog is all/almost all dc, ½ dc, ¼ dc, or if the amount on your blog is less than any of that, just put misc. this info will be present on the blog rec list!! 

** we all know those ships are most notably bruce and his children or the batboys together or with cass, but nothing else pedophilic or abusive or incestuous is tolerated, either 

*** it includes a lot of bnfs, and not everyone who does ship or support shipping nasty things is in there, but i keep it as a reference for myself and my followers. a less chaotic list that just has urls is here

if you read all the way to the bottom and you’re a safe blog who is willing to let me put you on a list, thank you so much!! and if you’re boosting bc ur not in the dc fandom, thank u so much!! 

hey there folks, i know it’s not the new year, it’s far past it. but in (dis?)honor of getting another year older today (24 *sigh*) here goes…

partly as a replacement for doing that ‘tag five blogs’ thing i’ve been tagged in a few times and partly just because i want people to know how amazing they are and earn them all the followers, first and foremost i’m personalizing a few thank-you’s. there are things that make me want to quit tumblr sometimes but then i am reminded that these fantastic people are still on here and that it’s worth staying yet :] every person on the below list is someone i can’t imagine tumblr without… so, everyone included: thank you for being you i will literally never unfollow you, please never leave!

anniviech one of my favorite d/r artists ok and also TOO NICE TO ME like seriously she’s one of those people you can always just talk to and who’ll tag you in things and make your day just a lil’ bit better :]
castiels-dean ridiculously gorgeous deancas edits. i am constantly in awe, i physically can never unfollow her even though i don’t watch spn anymore.
dirty-brian was indispensable help writing the biggest work of fiction i’ve ever even dreamed of writing and a constant encouragement in my life when i really needed it most. plus, got me one of the coolest personalized blankets in existence!
dunderklumpen their dt gif series (especially the evolution of tennant series) make my life, seriously. you’re a blessing to the dt community!
fadewithfury one of my favorite artists AND fic writers, seriously such a talent for drawing and weaving together lovely words.
fogsblue excellent source for fanfic and a lovely person to chat with, honestly never a sour moment on her blog she’s just friendly and charming and a good resource :]
 made my dwsecretsanta gift and i love it to pieces. it’s literally the best thing and exactly what i requested and she is a lovely artist.
hanluvr someone i can always bounce fic ideas off of and who is a lovely writer herself, also a pRO beta and reviewer and one of the few i can discuss my adoration for leo leike with :]
lixabiz oh my, some of the loveliest d/r edits you can find and a sweet blogger behind them (and she cracks me up on a regular basis). PLUS i got the best ask i’ve ever gotten from her
 i don’t even know how anyone would survive without all the hardy/hannah crossovers this lovely lady brings to our lives. not to mention the rpf! just brilliant stuff! :]
mizgnomer those behind the scenes dt photosets consistently make my day (and the tennant photos and sets make my tuesdays) - you’re a treasure!
moltobenebananas one of the nicest people on this site, i swear, JEEZ i love her. and a fellow lover of dt PLUS she has the freakin cutest accent i’ve ever heard :]
nowrunalong this amazing girl made me this awesome url graphic and is just generally very very sweet.
phoebeweatherfieldcaufield a fellow emotionally compromised d/b shipper that i know i can always rant to when i’m crying over them, and really she just makes so many people’s day with her random impassioned all-caps asks doesn’t she? :D
purdygirl69 sister for life (literally). god her blog cracks me up.
shutupandlovetennant WHERE DO I EVEN START THIS WOMAN IS MY SOUL MATE. seriously. a+ person here. a+ blog. soulmate. dt fangirl, dw lover, ten lover. tentoo defender. excellent fluff writer. BFF FOR LIFE.
tennantaddict OH MY GOODNESS. one of my partners in (dt) crime, this lady is amazing. so kind and always supplying quality dt gifs :)
tennantsaurus-rex god her tags make my life complete. all the damn time. fellow dt fangirl. hilarious. cutie. all of the above.
tenrose-s consistent supply of quality dw and dt edits and a menagerie of beauty on this blog, and she is often gives us great new photo edits and videos and stuff pronto and i tremendously appreciate that!
thebadddestwolf probably my favorite author, period… go-to for d/r and rpf, and of course any d/b or billie info, speculation, research, photo references, analyses, you name it… this lady is five stacks of amazing. brilliant.
weeping-who-girl i would honestly consider leaving this site without her daily dose of dt and the lovely ideas for gif series she does! and she’s ridiculously nice enough to do all these livestreams and that helps hundreds of people :)

And there are lots of honorable mentions who are also wicked awesome and brighten my dash so please do check them out (i’m sorry if i forgot anyone!):


androsetyler arthurpendragonns arwenns barcelonatheplanet bloodybroadchurch blueboxtraveller bow-to-my-tie casfallsinlove claraoswalder clumsypumpkin cooltennant dance-in-the-graveyard davidtennantsmarveloushair destielsfluff doctorwhoedit dreamsofpetesworld


evil-bean fuckitykidneys greatspacedustbin jasric kahki820 kilodalton kingdomheartsnyctophiliac littlewhomouse mariechambers nowrunalong noyouplum parachemical princesconsuela pouahhh re-sile rosetylered rudennotgingr rundalek


starlightiel storiesmakeyoufly studio-forty-two tadris thedoctordanceswithrose thedoctordnna the-untempered-prism thiswandcouldbealittlemoresonic tickle-me-dalek tinyconfusion tkross toppbanana transponsters whoinwhoville youburntlikethesun


o my god ok ur making me look thru all my tagged n posts but ill do it. for him. 

THESE R THE ONES I LIKED BEST FRM RECENT MEMORY. i cant find the rest of the green jacket ones but i know those are some of the best pics of him ever i love them sm.