those sunglasses are cute as shit

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Did you know Alex Fierro is actually a brand of glasses? And I think your blog is cute💕

So I just looked this up and


Thank you for bringing this to my attention my life will never be the same. I legit can’t stop thinking about Alex Fierro wearing Alex Fierro sunglasses. Or just regular glasses, because they make those too apparently. This is so fucking cool.

and THANK U!! I’m 110% sure your blog is super amazing too!!! (*^▽^*)

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Can you do pls seven, unknown and saeran react of MC who sneeze like a Kitty? Thx ^^


  • He’d just be sat in his little corner of Rika’s apartment, trying to do work to figure out the location of the hacker, and then…
  • He heard something.
  • Like, a kitten.
  • Oh hell no was MC going to try and get his attention with a fucking kitten.
  • Seven stands up, and storms over to where MC was in the bedroom, and noticed her sat in the bed with a box of tissues.
  • “Okay you, you had better not be trying to-!”
  • MC sneezed again.
  • And his eyes grew wide.
  • It wasn’t a kitten… It was MC?!
  • “Sorry if I interrupted you, Seven… I think I’ve got a cold…” 
  • “N- No, you didn’t interrupt me…”
  • He couldn’t keep himself isolated from her after that… She was like a kitten herself!
  • A kitten which he… really wanted… Which he really wanted to love, just as he loved Elly!
  • MC felt very, um… Loved, if that was the right word…
  • And Seven ended up with her cold the next day.


  • He was quite frustrated… There was this annoying sound over and over which kept distracting him from finding somebody new to push into the RFA, following the failure of using MC…
  • The sound was rather high pitched, quite squeaky too. Almost like an animal.
  • The Saviour liked animals, but… Since when did one exist in his highly secure rooms?! The only other person who existed in there with him was MC!
  • After one more sound, Unknown stood up and went on a hunt for the animal.
  • And then, he found MC sat by a barred window which was open… And she was sneezing, over and over.
  • She was who sounded like a kitten!
  • “What the hell are you doing? That noise is annoying!”
  • “S- Sorry, it’s all hot and stuffy in here, and I want to cool down by the window, but I think my allergy is acting up… Too much pollen out there…”
  • Unknown didn’t care what the Saviour may have thought, but he invested in getting an air conditioner.
  • He claimed it was to keep his computer systems cool as they tended to overheat.
  • Really, he just didn’t want MC to open that window and keep sneezing again. He hated that sound so much.


  • He was just sat on a bench with MC in a park, eating ice cream and looking at the clouds.
  • The sun was really bright, and he was the only one of the two of them who had sunglasses.
  • As some clouds cleared, the sun started getting in MC’s eyes.
  • Saeran was curious about the way in which MC’s hand was hovering near her nose, and the way in which her eyes were twitching.
  • Then there was the sneeze.
  • Holy shit he found himself blushing, it was too fucking cute-
  • Sneeze after sneeze after sneeze…
  • Error 404 - Saeran not found
  • “I- I- I-!”
  • Saeran couldn’t speak properly, so he just took off his sunglasses when he noticed that the sneezing subsided when MC shielded her eyes from the sunlight and offered them to her.
  • It took a long time for him to forget about those cute little kitty sneezes.

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OKAY BUT what if saeyoung and saeran go to the beach, for the first time? I don't think these two would ever have been to the beach tbh?? Maybe after saeyoungs route MC takes them to the beach for the first time and they all have a great family trip


  • MC kind of has to force these two shut-ins out of the house
  • Saeran has never been to the beach but he just knows its going to suck
  • sand is gross and the ocean is gross and sunlight is gross
  • Saeyoung is really just excited to spend time with MC and Saeran
  • also he’s excited to drive for the two hour trip in his car
  • he goes out the day before and gets squirt guns and a new swimsuit and goggles and beach toys and beach towels and sunscreen and a sun hat and a glasses strap for his sunglasses
  • Saeyoung actually spends like $300 on this beach day once he gets into it
  • he cant help but overdo things, he’s just so happy to have his family back~
  • even though it was MC’s idea Saeyoung pretty much spear heads this beach day
  • “wake up!! its time to load the car up!”
  • Saeran was really not having it
  • “what the hell, Saeyoung?…it’s 7 AM? what are we even ‘loading’ into your car?”
  • Saeyoung was already dressed in sunglasses (prescription, of course), a big sun hat, a black tank top, water shoes, swim trunks, and he had a few sunscreen streaks on his face
  • MC appeared from behind him, sporting a matching sunhat 
  • “well theres the towels, the beach toys, the picnic basket, the cooler-”
  • “alright, alright. i’m up”
  • geez, those two…
  • Saeran helps Saeyoung and MC get a ridiculous about of beach shit into the car, and it’s finally time to get going
  • “shot gun!”
  • Saeran hops into the front sea, sticking his tongue out at MC
  • his first win of the day
  • “awww how cute! my favorite twin brother wants to sit next to me, i’m touched!”
  • Saeran regrets everything
  • on the way there Saeyoung and MC blast all their favorite songs, and since MC has to lean forward to sing with Saeyoung they’re like even more disruptive to Saerans space
  • tbh the music is catchy but he needs to retain his “i hate this” facade
  • when they get to the beach, the three of them start to unload the car while Saeyoung breaks down the schedule for the day
  • “alright, so we’ll set up camp on the beach, play in the waves a little bit, then me and MC will come back here and get out lunch, wait half an hour, play in the waves a little more, then maybe go down to the pier to finish the day off?”
  • MC agrees to the plan excitedly
  • Saeran refuses to carry anything out there, so Saeyoung just has to grab extra stuff
  • when all their beach towels are set out, Saeyoung and MC strip down to their swimsuits and grab each others hands, deciding to just run into the water
  • “Saeran, grab my hand! it’s more fun it you go in all at once”
  • Saeran refuses and proceeds to call them crazy
  • he stays on the beach under the shade of an umbrella they brought
  • “Saeran, why dont you come in! the waters fine”
  • Saeyoung was screaming at him from the water
  • a few minutes later MC and Saeyoung come back to their place on the beach, dripping wet
  • MC starts to rummage around in their beach bag
  • “so, Saeran, since you dont want to get in the water…”
  • they continued to look through the bag
  • “me and Saeyoung thought we could bring the water to you!”
  • MC tosses a water gun to Saeyoung and pulls one for themselves out of the bag 
  • before Saeran even knows whats going on, he’s being soaked
  • Saeran, as fast as he can while still being drenched, runs to the bag and pulls out the third water gun
  • “you assholes!”
  • he shouts, and sprays MC and Saeyoung in return
  • they run up and down the beach, squirting water at each other and filling their guns in the ocean when necessary
  • at one point Saeran even convinces MC to team up with him against Saeyoung
  • “betrayed by my own MC! my love, how could you do this to me?!”
  • later on its time for MC and Saeyoung to retrieve their picnic lunch from the car
  • “we’ll be back shortly with lunch, Saeran!”
  • but when they came back he was nowhere to be found???
  • Saeyoung actually panics and is like whERE DID MY BROTHER GO??
  • he looks in all directions frantically before seeing his brother several yards down the beach
  • he runs toward toward
  • “dude, why are you running?”
  • “i thought i lost you, S-”
  • “oh, sorry. that ice cream truck over there was calling my name…”
  • Saeran was holding one cup of ice cream in his hand and two in the other
  • “and um, it might ruin our appetite for lunch but i got you guys some, too…”
  • Saeyoung is like wow my brother really does love me :)
  • at the end of the day when they all go to their pier, they get even more ice cream
  • alright, a place with this much ice cream cant suck that bad…
  • and Saeran will never admit it but he had a really fun day~
  • next time though, he was going to be the one to ambush them with squirt guns


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pregnant michael fucks me up in so many ways. his baby bump growing, his lil waddle after awhile, wearing sun dresses !!!! just a lot of pure shit !!!!!

oh. my. god. i could go on about this literally all day long. i even wrote a blurb about it bc i love the thought of michael being pregnant. lots of people don’t like impreg so thank you anon for bringing this beautiful concept back to me.

so michael would be walking around the grocery store in a cute sundress with like flowers on it and he would have his sunglasses sitting on his head and he would be wearing sandals (but not those ugly new sandals that are in style, like cute white sandals) and one of the boys would be pushing the care in front of him and they would be walking kinda fast and michael would be huffing and holding onto his bump and waddling along, trying to catch up and he would rub his tummy and be like “your dada is about to get smacked upside the head.” and michael would yell out and say something like “um, i’m PREGNANT if you don’t remember! i cannot keep up with you and your long ass legs!!” and the boy would blush and be like “sorry babe” and when michael finally catches up he would actually hit him on the back of the head.

so i was helping out at a primary school jumble sale the other day and this little boy who was probably about 2 or 3 toddles over and picks up some sunglasses. these sunglasses are pink and the rims are shaped like flowers and this kid has clearly fallen hard for these glasses. i tell the kid he should try the sunglasses on and just as he puts them on his face his dad comes over and takes them off him. just as i’m working up my rant about gender and how boys can like pink flowery sunglasses, the dad pulls out his wallet, gives the kid 50p and says ‘not until you’ve payed the nice lady for them’. i didn’t see the kid take the sunglasses off for the rest of the jumble sale.  

Taking Selfies Like BTS 101
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Jin:</b> Be fucking flawless. Take pictures like you know youre pretty! Give subtle smiles and peace signs. A little is alot in this case. Your lips gotta stay lucious, cause thats one of your main focal points. If youre really feeling yourself, do a kissy face.<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> Be cute af. Like an angry puppy nobody takes seriously. Kissy faces, duck lips, even frowny faces! If your hungry....pout and dont give a fuck. Are you sweating? Dont waste it, take a pic looking cute af while sweating too. Remember, the selfie MUST be only of your face.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> When youre in an aesthetic mood, stand by a wall, and just look down. Smile to yourself or just show no emotion. But WAIT. Your mood just changed, you are now Goth Mon. Chokers are essential! You also have the option of taking selfies in fours! Make sure you look at the camera as if youre fine af. Make your jaw appear crooked. Smile hard with your eyes closed. Basically get random. All selfies must be different in each pic!<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> Think outgoing. Extreme duck face/kissy face. Maybe the occasional group picture. Sometimes a subtle smile is all thats needed. Tease people with food. Youre eating good and they should know it! Do you have sunglasses? Put those on, idc if youre inside! Why post one of you, when they can have 2?! Shit, maybe even a quad pic! When in doubt, just add 💋 to your captions.<p/><b>Jimin:</b> A little bit of everything. Cute and sexy at the same time. Maybe an outfit pic one day, maybe an eye smile the next, and a smirking pic for the other. But keep in mind you got fucking jams! Oh shit its Studio Selfie Saturday, take a pic sitting down with your legs crossed in the studio. If selfies arent enough, do a short video of you doing some cute video manipulation. Friends are a good accessory to this.<p/><b>V:</b> Take a picture as if the camera wont stop shaking. Feeling humorous, find a minecraft filter and use it to alter the shape of your head. Smile. Always smile! Why? Because it looks fucking great on you! Is there a cute animal or kid around, take a pic with them. So you dont know that animal or kid? Eh okay,...put it back.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> Barely take/post selfies. When you do, furrow your youre on some Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson type shit. Give a thumbs up. Maybe even growl (without stretching your upper lip to the right) if youre feeling badass. If you dont take your own, just take a pic others. When doing so, your go to pose ---> 🙏 Or any fuckboy squad pose really. When all else fails, get on Dubsmash, go nuts and dont give two shits. Others can join too if you want.<p/></p><p/></p>

sorry i know i’m late and you’re all already back to school i suck i’m sorry!!! but it’s better late than never. am i right am i right? haha alright let’s get into it


  • jeans - ok jeans are like a life essential but having a nice pair goes a lot way because you can wear them literally all the time.. no one gives a fuck if you wear the same jeans everyday because everyone does it!!! i suggest a BDG pair and you all know i love them and they’re having a sale where they’re $39 right now!!!!!!! it’s a smokin’ deal i have a post about how much i love them and about the sale here. and if you’re like more into like name brand jeans for SUPER good quality and stability whatever i suggest paige jeans or rag & bone jeans!!!
  • basics - everything in the color, white, black, or grey. muscle tees, loose/fitted crop tops, henleys, halter tops, tank tops, oversized tees, whatever your little heart desires basic wise.. get it. it saves outfit lives because you can wear them 5.6 million different ways i am telling you
  • oversized tees/tops - k not only do you want them in basic colors you want them in like fun things too ok. i love the melrose swing tee from free people and urban has tons of oversized basic tops which i mention in my back to school vibes shopping cart post. i also love going to the mens section at buffalo exchange and picking out cool graphic tees that i can wear with cutoff shorts which brings me into the next bullet point
  • some cool graphic tees - i’m a fan of vintage band tees and harley davidson tees!! or just really funnny/stupid ones 
  • cut off denim shorts - they’re comfortable and easy to wear go with anything and i love the look it gives off when i wear an oversized tshirt and you can see like the frayed-ness of my shorts!!
  • rompers - they’re so easy.. you just put one on and your have your whole outfit. easy as that!! 
  • sensible pair of shoes - if you’re in college you’re gonna be hellllaaaa walking around!!! this all depends on you and your style be me personally a pair of high top white converse and a good pair of black ankle boots would do the trick because that is alllll i ever wear 
  • leggings/sweats - all about your preference!!! i like leggings better! perfect for the colder days of school because you can just slip on a pair with an oversized muscle tee and a flannel and some ankle boots and you look a little more ready rather than wearing sweats and a tshirt?? that’ what i think. and you’re still as comfortable as you would be wearing sweats
  • flannels - i like bringing flannels to class because classrooms are cold but it could be blazing hot outsized so you can always tie them around your waist when you get out! 
  • oversized cardigans - just to throw on and be cozy when going to class 
  • a few dresses - i never really dress up for school but sometimes it’s fun! i would just buy 2-3 dresses you really like to wear to school whenever you wanna dress up! 
  • jacket - if you go to college or a school where it has harsh cold weather like snow i would invest in a nice coat/jacket!!! i’m all about leather jackets. but peacoats are super cute too!!
  • bralettes - more like a life essential. i haven’t worn a padded bra in probably like idk like 8 months???? all about bralettes and urban and free people have perfect ones that are soooo comfy.
  • “going out clothes” - if you’re in college and wanna party/in a sorority or whatever i would get some dresses and skirts to go out in depending on how dressy the other girls dress when they go out!! and also get a good pair of heels that you can walk and last in!!!
  • a good purse - not sayin’ designer but a good sensible one you can throw all of your shit in!!! i’m not a backpack person which is why i’m saying purse haha.

this is gonna be a list of like personal style things that i think i need for school and more fashion forward than essential 

  • thigh high socks - my everything.. literally. they just take an outfit to the next level and keep your legs warm
  • sunglasses: if you’re going to college like wouldn’t you want to wear sunglasses while walking hella far to class? idk i would just get some cheap ones
  • workout clothes: for college kids who get to use the on campus gym!! but tbh i’m one of those people who wear cute workout clothes with nike frees just to wear it.. i just don’t go to the gym.. it just like looks like i did because i rolled out of bed.. and it’s super comfortable to shhhhh
  • hats - HATS ARE MY SHIT. i have to wear a hat like all the time. if you’re in high school this probably doesn’t apply to you?? at least when i went to school we weren’t allowed to wear hats. but wide brim hats… yes 
  • “other fashion forward items” - faux fur vest.. i’m so fucking about it would wear one everyday if i didn’t live in hell, jumpsuits, kimonos, belle bottoms, fun slip dresses (ie: free people “slip dresses” aka not really slip dresses but they’re super fun and cute), anything sheer,lace, leather or fringe 
Hot-as-fuck Luke vs. Cutie-pie Luke

Ok so look at him:he could be fucking you against a wall like that…

Don’t fucking bite your lip u little shit

Take off those sunglasses they’re not for you sorry not really, you look SO FUCKING HOT WITH SUNGLASSES


Admit it: he looks so hot on stage.

ok, that’s enough of hot luke. 

Look at him nOW:

his facE

He’s so sweet!! :3


remember when…..

stoP IT you are so cute! agh

Ok, so Luke can be extremely hot as fuck or extremely cute as an apple pie, there’s no inbetween.

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Reacting to that anon about Courf and R looking alike and I am so down for brothers ?? Like, Courf being Enjolras' high school friend and sure Courf is cute af but it's nothing more than friendship. And then one day he's at his and his older brother comes round and starts taking the piss of his baby bro and w t f you never mentionned he was hot (i'm so down for Enj's baby crush blooming into something bigger)

The first impression of Grantaire Enjolras gets is “That cycling douche who thinks he looks cool when he skids in the pebbles with his bike”

The second impression of Grantaire Enjolras gets is “Shit those sunglasses suit him pretty well”

The third impression of Grantaire Enjolras gets is “WAIT THAT IS YOUR BROTHER?????”

Courfeyrac and Grantaire look alike from a distance. A good distance. They have the same curly hair and their chin sorts of look alike but the rest is vastly different. They don’t have the same eye colour, Courfeyrac cant grow a stubbble for the life of him, he’s slightly shorter and less built…

Frustration ensues when Grantaire starts speaking Spanish to his little brother and Enjolras  is CERTAIN they’re talking about him but he’s always SUCKED at languages. And of course Courfeyrac won’t give him a good translation. And even if he didn’t, Enjolras wouldn’t believe him