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this isn’t how it ends (remus x reader)

Pairing: Remus x Reader headcanons 

Requested by the beautiful @pottergoldstein - I hope you like this sweet pea

so this is really long oops

  • You couldn’t pin point the exact moment when you realised you loved Remus Lupin 
  • But you knew that out of all the uncertainty that surrounded you
  • Your feelings for Remus were a solid truth
  • It all started in your third year
  • You were visiting a friend who had slid off their broomstick and plummeted through the air
  • They were still unconscious, lost in a dreamless sleep
  • But he was not
  • He was lying there, aching with pain, angry red gashes slicing his arms and chest, purple bruises blossoming beneath pale skin
  • You knew who he was, everyone knew the Marauders
  • And without his friends, Remus looked very lonely 
  • And something punctured your chest and forced you to walk over to his bedside
  • After introducing yourself, you and he began to talk
  • And you don’t know what made you do it, but you found yourself dipping your hand into your bag and pulling out your favorite book
  • “So you’re not alone,” you simply said, and with that, you gave him a smile and left
  • Your conversation with Remus followed you for the rest of the day like a shadow 
  • And at night, those eyes that sparkled with mischief and intellect haunted you until you thought you saw them peering into your dreams
  • The next day, you returned to the hospital wing with the hopes of seeing Remus
  • After his recovery, the two of you met up in the library and tucked yourselves away in the corner of the room, concealed by shelves of books and engulfed in deep and lengthy conversations
  • Your fellow Slytherins were unimpressed with your choice of friends
  • Because they knew that something wasn’t right with Remus 
  • But that didn’t bother you
  • Besides, you didn’t know who to trust anymore
  • But you knew you could trust Remus
  • Because he made you feel warm inside, like butterbear on a winters day
  • You began to adore his little quirks
  • How he spoke with his hands whenever he became passionate about topics he loved
  • And the way he perfumed the air around the two of you with the sweet, subtle scent of chocolate and cinnamon
  • It was around the end of third year that you began to get suspicious and you started asking him questions
  • You found ways to slide questions into the conversations discreetly, you disguised your words just so
  • Because you were very clever with words, a gift that was unique to you
  • But Remus, who had built up a barrier over the years, didn’t let you in
  • It was toward the end of your fourth year when you finally gave up and confronted him
  • You couldn’t miss the way he suddenly went rigid at your question
  • And the way his words seemed to freeze in his lungs
  • With a shaky breath, he rose from his spot on the floor and scanned the shelves for a book 
  • “What are you doing?” you asked him curtly, confusion and agitation rising in your chest
  • He didn’t answer
  • Instead, he pulled a dusty, old book from the shelf and placed it in your open hands
  • The Essential Defence Against the Dark Arts by Arsenius Jigger was suddenly in your lap
  • “Page 394” he whispered, blinking back what looked like tears 
  • You turned to the page, still confused and irritated 
  • And then you read the title
  • Werewolves 
  • Suddenly, all confusion and irritation that had dwelled in your chest evaporated and guilt began to pour through the cracks in your ribcage
  • It all made sense 
  • “You’re a -”
  • When you looked up, he was gone
  • Remus avoided you for a week
  • And you didn’t hear from him for most of the summer
  • Until the last week of the holidays
  • When you received an owl carrying a square package
  • It was the book you had given Remus when you first met, your favourite book
  • This isn’t how it ends you said to yourself
  • So after the holidays ended
  • You marched straight up to Remus and pulled him away from his friends
  • You dragged him through the tall hallways until you reached the library
  • You shoved him into the corner
  • And you kissed him 
  • You kissed him so hard, you thought the air from you lungs had been sucked into a vacuum
  • And when he began to kiss you back, you knew
  • You were head over heels in love with Remus Lupin 
  • When you broke away, his expression looked dazed and hungry 
  • The taste of chocolate on your lips and your thundering heart in his hands
  • I don’t care that you’re a werewolf,” you breathed, “just don’t ever ignore me again,” 
  • “I’m sorry” he whispered, staring down at his feet
  • “I know,” you replied, at that, you kissed him again
  • That day, you gave your heart to a werewolf who you loved for all his cuts and scars
  • And that day, he finally felt like more than just a monster
  • He felt love  
  • And he knew he was finally home


  • “Cough it up,” said Sirius from behind the bookshelf, beckoning James with an open palm “The deal was; five sickles if Remus and (Y/N) like each other,” 
  • “Well, we don’t know if they like each other,” said James, defensively, “They’re just…”
  • He peered around the corner and sighed. 
  • James gave Peter a desperate look for last-minute support, but all Wormtail could do was shrug. 
  • With another overdramatic sigh (which earned himself a face-splitting smirk from Sirius), James dipped his hands into his pockets and slapped the sickles into Sirius’s hands. 
Tenerife Sea - Peter Parker

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Being in love is never easy. Especially when there are two different hearts belonging to different endings.

In creation with the song ‘Tenerife Sea’ by Ed Sheeran.

Requested: no

Warnings: slight language, SAD FLUFF IM SORRY

Words: 2432

a/n: this is sad but it’s really sweet so i hope u like:) love u all <333 and you can listen to the song here :) (gif creds to owner, not mine)



You look so wonderful in your dress. I love your hair like that. The way it falls on the side of your neck, down your shoulders and back.

The delicate, lively way her hair glided softly down her smooth skin, all the way to her shoulders dazed him over. A dramatic heartbeat thumped in his heavy chest as the eyes that adorned her tall figure drifted all the way down to the hem of her vibrant red dress, his modesty masking over. He felt the usual tingling sensation he sensed once his eyes came in contact with her seemingly exquisite figure. The figure he yearned to gaze at from afar all day was so gleaming and beautiful as she danced her way smoothly across the shiny, polished gym floor. Her bright brown eyes underneath the limelight of the party decorations, and the numerous flashes emitting from people’s phones.

Nothing, nothing ever compared to the feeling he felt rush throughout his veins as he gazed at her sweet features. His heart skipped numerous times as he felt as if she would quickly glance over in his direction, her plump pink lips would separate into a pearly-white smile as a magnificent dark brown hit a nervous yet sparkling brown. Two hearts beating a vast amount of emotion as the smiles spread across both of the teens faces. One heart thumped with kind and gentleness towards the other, a smile evident in the entire demeanor. But, the other heart beat with such a grave amount of adoration and emotion, it was too much to bear as the other didn’t yearn enough for it.

Liz’s heart didn’t beat enough for Peter’s.

Peter just didn’t know it.

We are surrounded by all of these lies and people who talk too much. You got the kind of look in your eyes as if no one knows anything but us.

“I’ll see you later, Y/N/N. Love you,” was the last thing that slipped past Peter’s lips before leaving your room. You nodded knowingly at him as he quickly leaned over and pecked you on the cheek. His familiar lips against your soft skin was something that always came as such a quick flood of emotion your face heated with color.

As you wistfully eyed his figure shut your door, every affection that had been grasping on for dear life inside you was allowed to exit, along with a deep sigh. You attempted to keep your immense feelings for your friend in tact every time you were with Peter.

It was just, nothing felt as if it made sense without Peter. Your eyes were never casted another’s way as long as adoring thoughts of him were swarming around your mind. Your friendship acted as an anchor in your life, holding your feelings up above yourself whenever doubtful situations would occur.

Peter made everything feel better. That charming, chapped smile that would spread across his whole face as you two chuckled together at a stupid, cheesy joke you had made. His lightly curled, brown hair was so soft and made you drool at some points as he ran his muscular hands through it feverishly. 

Those utterly beautiful, captivating and glorious brown eyes would peek from underneath his light eyelashes as he watched you intently work on something. Your body would light with such an admiration and fiery sensation as those orbs hit contact with your Y/E/C ones. Whenever those eyes would slightly peer in your direction, pairing with that generous smile would cause your stomach to churn with cages of butterflies, and your mind to cloud with loving thoughts of him, feeling as if no one knew anything but the two of you.

But none of that would never compare to that pure, blissful soul that was enveloped inside of him. No gorgeous, outer appearance could ever lavishly beat his stunning personality, his loving demeanor, and bright, graceful voice that caused every bone in your body to shiver with love.

But that was the problem.

The exceedingly emotion you yearned for Peter to reciprocate was something of just a facade that would swim around your endless thoughts day and night. Those immense feelings were almost a part of your dreams, something you never knew to be true.

No matter how long you ached for Peter to someway, somehow, love you as much as the way you loved him, the chances of your hopeful thinking becoming a reality were slight. Nothing would ever compare to that grave feeling you would feel ignite throughout your veins as he muttered those three little words to you in adoration.

The fact was, he desired to say those words to another.

Should this be the last thing I see, I want you to know it’s enough for me. ‘Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need.

“Thank you so much, Peter! I really owe you one!” Liz shouted to Peter happily, a bright smile adorned her plump lips as she leaped over and grasped him in a tight hug.

Peter’s heart once again, acted upon that familiar leap as her touch against his felt like absolute fire on his skin. Something as small as his gesture of offering to put the banner up resulted in something so enticing he thought his emotions would leap out right here.

Liz squeezed his sweater-adorned body once more before releasing herself from around his slightly smaller frame. Her eyes smiled as she waved bye to him before gliding slyly back down the long hallway. As her tall and lean body carried itself away from his, he soon felt his entire heart yank itself from his body and make it’s way along with her.

God, she’s so perfect.

He felt taken, yet lightheaded, in a good way. His mind was completely dusted with thoughts of nothing but Liz as he stood vacant in the middle of the hallway. His body recalled the emotion it sense with her sweet touch against his.

Peter knew he was completely and utterly ahead of himself. In the back of his mind, his thoughts played rapidly with ideas that appeared themselves in random increments. The ideas consisted if question and answers between himself.

“Would she ever see me in the way I see her?”

“God no, Peter. You’re a lonely sophomore with basically two friends. She’s a popular, beautiful senior. You’re vapor compared to her.”

“Will anyone, ever see me in the same way I see her?”

“That’s a great question, but no. The only other person who knows you for you besides Ned is Y/N. She truly knows yourself and sees you in the true being you are. But, she’s your friend, and she supports your love for Liz. And that will never change.”

Peter’s clueless mind plays changeable games with him over and over again. His heart was separated in two. One side was filled with the gratefulness and adoration he saw in you for him. The other was filled with the love and admiring emotion he perceived for the senior that escalated his heart every day and whispered in his beating chest, unknowing chest , “I’m so in love, so in love. So in love, so in love”.

You were his anchor. You were his truthful, caring, and exceedingly generous, friend.

She was just a facade of his seemingly hopeful dreams.

You look so beautiful in this light, your silhouette over me. The way it brings out the blue in your eyes is the Tenerife Sea. And all of the voices surrounding us here they just fade out when you take a breath. Just say the word and I will disappear, into the wilderness .

Your eyes cascaded over Peter’s suit-adorned body as it danced slowly and smoothly to the wave of the music. His hands set on Liz’s waist as her neatly manicured fingers laid themselves on top of Peter’s broad shoulders.

Your hips moved slightly with the whispering music beating against your eardrums in a clouded atmosphere. It sounded as if all the echoes and voices surrounding you just faded into the back distance as your eyebrows paired with your dusty Y/E/C eyes in a seemingly weary look as you gazed at the two. Your vision focused on the two of them swaying slowly to the soft drone of the bass. The music’s beat paced with your heavy heart as it thumped against your chest. Those sparkling brown eyes never once tore away from Liz’s smiling gaze, the realization flooding your sudden thoughts. Those engaging, thin lips spread across his face in reaction to Liz moving the tips of her fingers to play with the tiny hairs on the back of his neck.

All your mind could play on loop was the fact that you were standing there, alone, watching the boy you loved with every fiber of your being, getting swept off his feet by someone else. That personal feeling was something that caused your heart to slowly and achingly break piece by piece as it continued to flood your veins.

The feeling that erupted in the pit of your stomach and all around your body was complete and utter heartache.

Should this be the last thing I see. I want you to know it’s enough for me. ‘Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need.

Soon, that heartache was transferred through a fiery, intense meaning of words and you knew you were completely screwed.

“Peter, ditching me again for the third time this week does not mean-”

“God Y/N are you still stuck on that?” he shouted at you, hands throwing themselves out in front of you feverishly. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he sighed heavily in annoyance.

Your eyes watched him carefully as he stared at you as if you were being the ridiculous one. Your brain wasn’t connected to your common sense at the moment as your eyes never etched themselves away from his annoyed figure once as he belted out excuse after excuse to you.

As mentioned, your mind didn’t seem to bond with the idea of common sense at this moment in time. Your feelings of betrayal and discontent for the boy in front of you was seeming to mask over every other emotion piercing through your veins right now. Your thoughts and held emotions for the past two years suddenly no loner yearned to stay hidden in the back of your mind and the bottom of your heart anymore.

They wanted to be shown. They wanted to mutter against Peter’s chapped yet desirable lips over and over again, “I’m so in love, so in love. So in love, so in love…”

Peter ran his fingers through his curled hair quickly, breaking your off guarded demeanor to pay attention to his endless amounts of excuses with Liz, “Liz asked me to do one thing, one thing! And you of course, find some way to cause me to second guess myself-”

“Peter-” you attempted to cut him off, your eyes shutting tightly and then opening quickly as the anger pulsed within you. Your body moved slightly closer to his growing figure as he continued to run on.

Say it, say it, say it. It’s now or never, tell him. Tell him those meaningful three words you’ve desired to tell him since the first day you laid your eyes on that boy. Tell him or you’ll regret it forever.

“..and you know I truly, truly like her and for you to just hit me with the whole ‘You always ditch me’ really doesn’t-”

Your mouth slowly yet subtly opens as you prepare to reveal your deep and meaningful feelings that have been bottled up for years. Your heart climbed its way to your throat and you almost felt the room turn dizzy, your state of mind clouding with the net pursuit of idea that would be in your near future. Regret? Guilt? More heartache? Only your mind could tell.

That’s when your mind was threw juggling with your longing emotions and the seemingly simple yet trusted words rolled off your lips, cutting Peter off completely.

“Peter it’s because I’m in fucking love with you!” the foreign words you had rehearsed for so long felt enticing as they escaped your trembling lips.

Silence was the only being set in that moment in time. The room stopped, the motion stopped, it even felt as if the breathing between the two of you stopped. Your heavy breathing became even more erratic as your eyes adverted from your stagnant gaze on the floor and up to meet Peter’s in a nerve-wracking gaze. Your orbs dared to search his as they stared vacantly back into yours. You found no sign of light, love, or excitement in the sweet brown color. You found nothing.

Which tore your heart to shreds. Along with your feelings, and insight of what you thought love meant for Peter Parker.

Lumière, darling. Lumière over me. Should this be the last thing I see. I want you to know it’s enough for me. 'Cause all that you are is all that I’ll ever need.

Liz and Peter were dating within a week. Void, silence, stagnant energy was all you felt since the night you told him you loved him.

Your trembling lips closed as he sighed a deep breath of guilt into the air. Once his eyes turned from the nothingness you witnessed once your figure released the truth, to the brown wash over with complete guilt, you knew.

Your heart had never felt so hollow and your throat had never felt so thick. Nothing could compare to the pain you felt when Peter’s hand reached over and placed itself on top of yours. You cursed yourself at the usual fiery sensation ignite your veins at his soft touch. But this time, the sensation wasn’t an enticing one, it was rejection.

When the words of rejection escaped his mouth, nothing was peaceful anymore. Your tears instantly clouded your vision and your hands trembled at the sight of his guilt stricken face.

“Y/N, I love you. But, not in the way you love me.”

Two days later, Peter nor you have spoken to one another, and you were sitting here, witnessing his hand that was once placed upon yours was now sweetly tied together in her’s, his smile of pure bliss seen only towards her and evident for you no longer.

Your daring and truthful confession of love towards him caused him to realize he needed to act upon his own feelings and get to her heart before anyone else did. That was something you regret not doing since day one.

Peter’s heart belonged to another, and yours was still vowing for it.

This was proof not all love stories receive the happy ending they were looking for.

I’m so in love, so in love. So in love, love, love, love. So in love. You look so wonderful in your dress. I love your hair like that. And in a moment I knew you, Beth.


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like real people do p.4 | jeon jungkook

summary: the feelings for your friends with benefits are changing. months pass, and you feel your gut telling you that you want more. you’re just not sure if he feels the same.

genre: angst/romance/eventual smut

college student!reader, friends with benefits!jungkook

piece 1, piece 2, piece 3, piece 4

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“Well hello beautiful, you know it’s dangerous to be out alone.”

You raise your eyebrow, “Dangerous?”

“Who knows what might get you.” Loki murmurs, his breath tickling the hair on the back of your neck.

“Someone like you?”

Loki smiles wickedly, revealing sharp teeth, “Oh definitely.”

[NCT127] Reaction when jealous

A/N: Thank you for this request! It was quite fun writing it 😆 This reaction is more detailed as I thought it would nicer to put short scenarios for each member heh~~ I have written about the members getting jealous over their s/o since anon didn’t specify! Enjoy!!! :D

Style/ Genre: Reaction– headcannon / idk fluff? 😂
Date posted: 14/07/17



Originally posted by xehunted

  • on valentine’s day you complained to taeil about how the rest of your friends got asked out
  • and yet your crush didn’t despite showing some mutual interest for you
  • you would get super upset and anxious
  • then taeil, being your good guy friend, suggested that he take you to a movie
  • but he actually had other intentions since he secretly liked you
  • you agreed and both of you went after school
  • at the movie theatre, you saw your crush there
  • so your crush was working at the movie theatre
  • you approached him and both of you talked
  • he apologised for not being able to take you out and promised to do so next time
  • he was not-so-low-key flirting with you in front of taeil
  • taeil would ball his fists unconsciously out of jealously
  • *mutters under breath* “Watashiwa ninja desu-”
  • and taeil discretely glaring at him from behind you
  • just some hardcore silent hating on your crush
  • taeil was suddenly really quiet so you turned to look at his grim expression
  • and you just look at him like ???????
  • you see his right hand at his side going into the motion of sliding a knife across one’s neck
  • you just repeatedly blinked your eyes
  • you, starting to get worried, took one of your hands in his
  • taeil suddenly snapped out of his ‘moment’
  • realising you were holding his hand he would probably forget about all that jealously
  • and he would be this smiley wooley pants the whole day
  • internally: oMG SHE TOUCHED MY HAND  \(⊙ꇴ⊙)/

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Originally posted by harryshumjr

pairings: kol mikaelson x female!reader, damon salvatore x female!reader.

warnings: cursing, fingering and oral sex (female receiving). generally NSFW +18, you know me. hahaha :)

a/n: well, here I am to feed my readers with some kol smut and I hope y’all enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed writing it. also, all feedback is welcome. :D

word count: 1720

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anonymous asked:

“yes, i know this is a bar but you’re a rlly hot bartender and i panicked and said “cHOCOLATE MILK” when you asked me what i wanted to drink, now i just want to crawl away and hide forever” au? :")

Phichit stands up for five seconds.

(Five seconds.)

(And everything goes wrong.)

It doesn’t start when the bartender speaks, no, it starts when he turns around. His hair is silver, which had been distracting enough when it hadn’t been paired with that jawline, those sparkling blue eyes, the smirk that is directed at Yuuri and makes his toes curl involuntarily. And then, in the dim lighting of the run-down bar that Phichit had dragged them to, Yuuri watches the bartender step forward and casually lean one elbow on the counter, resting his chin on his palm.

“Can I get you anything?” he asks, and Yuuri adds his sultry voice to the list he is currently composing of deadly traits that this man possesses.

Yuuri doesn’t know much about alcohol. He drinks it, sure, but he isn’t one to head out to bars or pubs or anything of that nature on a regular basis. On the rare occasion that he does, Phichit typically orders for him.

(But Phichit stood up for five seconds, remember?)

“Do you have, um…” He glances around, desperate. A martini, he thinks. Or is that too classy? Whiskey? Beer? A margarita? No, none of it feels right, but the bartender’s eyes are poring into him and his toes are still curling in the most uncomfortable way in his too-tight dress shoes that he’d borrowed from Phichit because his are back in Japan and his palms are starting to get clammy and he unconsciously looks for Phichit who is gone, gone, and can’t be here to tell him what drink would impress the bartender, who is still staring at him because he hasn’t said a single word and—

“Chocolate milk?” Yuuri asks in a short breath.

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Okay this is also for @drawingnumberoneandtwo who I just told I didn’t have time to do this…

She should just keep on walking, the puddles splashing beneath her feet as she drags herself back from another bust of an interview. When’s your boss comin’ darling’? and I wanted a reporter, not his secretary. Still, Cat had interviewed the Senator’s secretary instead and got herself scoops enough to be in print every day for a week. Her landlord would appreciate it, if nothing else. 

It’s a grand apartment all the same, even if three floors down there’s a slightly seedy bar. Usually by the time Cat drags herself home from the Planet’s offices, the last call brawls are spilling out into the alley. She has one foot on the fire escape up to her place when she hears something new, something softer and sweeter than the blaring brass that usually comes out of the bar’s doors. 

It’s curiosity that leads her in, no matter what it did to her namesake. She slips between swaying men in their less-than-sharp suits, and the working girls looking to make their own rent before morning that are keeping them company with whiskey and sodas. 

“Who’s the dame with the pipes?” She asks, flagging down Susan at the bar. Cat’s usual is poured without her having to ask, the bourbon welcome after a long day. She takes off the fedora she swiped from Clark at lunch, shaking out her pin curls. “She’s better than you usually have.”

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desc: cupcakes with kai! fluff and kisses. :)

Kai sat lazily atop the marble counter, head rolled back against the cold wall, eyes closed. His legs swung playfully back and forth, shoes clacking softly on the cupboard drawers as he tapped a rhythm with his feet, humming to himself quietly. His hands were clasped firmly in his lap, silver rings glinting under the bright kitchen lights of the Salvatore home. The faint noise of music from outside drifted into the kitchen, but within the walls it was silent.

“Hmm,” he whispered, eyes still closed. “You’re supposed to be outside”

“And you’re supposed to be icing the cupcakes, I guess that makes two of us at fault.”

He’d sensed her presence as soon as she’d set foot in the kitchen, but only now did he open up those sparkling blue eyes. She stood against the doorframe, arms folded against her chest, trying to seem imposing but only looking cute. She wore white heels and a sunshine yellow dress to match her personality, her hair rippling in perfect curls down her defined figure. There were tiny silver stars painted with glitter across her cheekbones, blending in beautifully with her constellation of freckles. She was stunning, well, she always was, but this time especially so. Kai momentarily forgot how to breathe, a lump catching in his throat as he drank her up.

“So? You’re really going to just ignore me?” she snapped with aggravation, her lower lip pouting out.

“No no,” he shook his head. “I was just going to say that…” he trailed off, mind rushing in a thousand places at once.

When she realized he wasn’t going to finish the sentence, she shrugged in false annoyance and turned to leave.

“Wait!” he called, hopping off the counter onto the polished wooden floors.

She froze in the doorway, listening.

“I don’t want to go out there,” he admitted.

“Why?” she fired back.

“I’m still not used to the big crowds and loud noises, I just feel so out of place at this stupid party,” he groaned. “So, the longer I stall in here, the less I have to figure out this whole ‘being a functional human’ thing.”

She turned back to face him, and he could tell she had one of her ideas because of that proud smirk she wore.

“Okay,” she grinned.


“Okay, I’ll stay with you and we can ice cupcakes together so that you don’t look like a total loser.”

“Oh,” he replied with genuine shock, his fingers fidgeting nervously with his black tee. “You’d do that?”

The girl sighed, trying to focus her gaze anywhere but his eyes, or mouth, or jaw, or cheekbones, or neck, or…

“Eh,” she shrugged. “The party’s pretty lame, and plus I’d rather be wit- with the cupcakes,” she blurted.

His lips twitched upwards before splitting into a full grin, his heart melting. She saw his expression and beamed a radiant smile back, skipping over to the counter and grabbing the frosting bowl without two seconds thought.

“I need the spready thingy,” she said, waving her hand at Kai.

Kai snickered and gave her the utensil, watching as she dipped it into the chocolate goodness and proceeded to spread it perfectly atop the vanilla cupcake, the rich frosting swirling into a tiny curl on top. He gave her some rainbow sprinkles, and chuckled as she stuck her tongue out in concentration as she focused on getting the perfect layer of color on top. She was so cute, and that flowery perfume she wore was intoxicating, he thought to himself.

“So?” she said, lifting up the little masterpiece. “What do you think?”

“Adorable,” he said, unsure of wether he was actually referring to the cupcake or the girl.

“Shame,” she shrugged. “Because I’m hungry so, bye-”

“I thought those were for the party,” he snickered as she held the cupcake inches from her open mouth.

She raised an eyebrow, a smile playing across her lips, “well, you can’t stop me.”

“Yeah?” he challenged, raising his hands and using his magic to whoosh the cupcake into his open palm with no effort.

Her mouth hung open in disbelief, “you did not just do that.”

“I think I did,” he whispered, eyes glinting with mischief. 

“I want my cupcake,” she growled, a strand of hair falling across her eyes.

“Come get it,” he winked.

She lunged forward as Kai stepped back, and then he promptly vanished before reappearing on the other side of the kitchen.

“Over here,” he sang, lips spread wide.

She sprinted to where he stood, reaching out just as he vanished again, now reappearing atop the counter. He stuck out his tongue teasingly and ran it across the edge of the icing, moaning dramatically as the icing hit his lips.

“Malachai Parker, stop right now,” she warned.”

“Or what?” he ran his tongue cleanly over the top, half of the icing gone in a second.

“Or- crap,” she hissed as he disappeared again. “K-” she started, spinning around and smacking directly into his front. His invisibility charm melted at once, his cheeks flaring in embarrassment from the contact. She stood with her chest to his, hand against his him, a sliver of a gap between their faces. His full lips drooped apart, skin alighting red, blue eyes not knowing where to look. Her eyes flickered back and forth between his own, breath caught in her throat.

“Sorry,” they both stammered, taking a step back.

Neither of them knew what to say, so the girl quickly acted on impulse, grabbing the cupcake before Kai could register, and smushing it against his nose. This snapped him right our of his trance, his hands flying up, eyes wide.

“Payback’s a bitch,” she snickered.

His eyes darkened as he swiped his hand across his face, a smirk on his lips, “oh, you are going to regret that.”

Kai reached into the icing and scooped out a handful of chocolate icing with glee. The girl noticed his move turned to run, but he caught her easily by the wrist and swung her close before he smeared the goop over her right cheek. She gasped out and reached to stop his hand from coming again, her hand meeting with his in the air and now getting the icing all over her palms. She dove beneath his next swipe, rubbing her hands on his neck and diving for the bowl to get more. She dipped her whole hand in before flinging it forward, sending icing splattering all over Kai. Kai summoned the bowl to his hands, which was, as she yelled, cheating. He used his magic to effortlessly raise all the icing into one wad from the bowl, the substance rotating above her head in the air.

“You won’t,” she dared, looking up at the icing above them.

“You underestimate me.”

All at once, the entirety of the icing went showering across the room and over their bodies, any chance at their clothes being salvaged now gone for good. She tried to act angry but couldn’t help herself as she burst out laughing and stumbled forward, collapsing into Kai’s arms and shaking uncontrollably, tears of joy pouring down her cheeks. Kai wheezed, and they both went sinking to the ground, holding each other for minutes until they could breathe right again.

“That was awesome!” she smiled, releasing Kai from the waist and slinging her arms around his neck.

He smiled, so happy to see her happy, “yeah?”

“Yeah,” she beamed, somehow still looking like a work of art covered in chocolate.

Kai raised his finger to lightly boop her nose, swiping off some of the excess from her face and dipping his slender fingers into his mouth. She chuckled and wiped her eyes, letting her arms come back down to her sides. Kai noticed, his face falling, so he wrapped his fingers around her wrists and lifted them back around his neck where they belonged. Her heart skipped a beat, and all at once she ached to close the gap between them. Kai’s blue eyes were glowing with joy, and he couldn’t help but dart them from her mouth to her own eyes.

“Ohh, we’re gonna get in so much trouble,” she sighed softly.

“Close your eyes,” Kai responded.

So she did, and when she opened them again, all of the icing was back in the bowl, their clothes perfectly in tact, no sign of what had happened at all. He took her hand in his and wrapped his arms around her waist before placing her gently atop the counter.

“Impressive,” she smiled.

“Mm,” Kai said, tilting his head forward closer to hers, his eyes only on her.

“We’re gonna get in so much trouble,” she breathed again across his lips before they could meet with hers.

Kai opened his eyes, boring them into her own, ready to back off if needed.

She smirked and bent down, “oh well.” 

And with that her lips crashed against his own, hands coming sliding around his neck and into his brown locks. He groaned softly against her lips, hold hooking around her thighs as he lifted her body into his own. Her legs wrapped around his waist, his hands pinning her in place to his body as they drowned in each other’s lips. Her back hit the wall as they went stumbling across the kitchen, hunger inside them growling like wildfire as their tongue’s fought for dominance. His mouth refused to part from hers as each of them pushed with more force than the other, the sensation overwhelming. 

Suddenly Kai stopped, his breath coming heavy, “someone’s coming.”

She cursed as he released her, running back to the counter, “do something!”

He snapped his fingers and all of the cupcakes aligned themselves at once, all iced to perfection. They both darted behind the counter and pretended to be at work.

“Everything okay?” Bonnie asked, sticking her head in through the door frame.

“Yeah,” Kai smiled, giving the girl a knowing glance, “cupcake and I were just finishing up here.”

Surprise Me

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Request: Imagine giving Tig head in the bathroom.

Note: Okay I haven’t edited this at all, so Im sorry if there are mistakes. Also sorry that the ‘backstory’ is shitty, I wrote this in like an hour, plus i wrote the smut part first and then just wanted to post it for you guys 😂 Hope y'all enjoy! xx


(Y/n) (y/l/n) was quiet. She was that quiet, shy girl that always sat in the back of the classroom. You never raised your hand and you’d always worry the teacher would pick you to answer a question. Lyla was the popular one. She was beautiful, confident and everyone loved her. Blond hair, perfect body, and well- she was a pornstar. Of corse all the boys loved her.
Yet she was your best friend and somehow, despite all your differences you got on like a house on fire.
You were nervous when she invited you to a party at SAMCRO.
Of course you wanted to go, God those bikers were sexy as hell, but you were.. you.
You were the quiet one that no one ever talked to, and next to Lyla and her pornstar friends, you knew you didn’t stand a chance.
It’s not that you were ugly.
But you just weren’t.. them.
They wore barely any clothes and you wore jeans and a singlet.
They coated themselves in cheap perfume and spent hours on their make up and you had no idea what the fuck contouring meant.
But you had to suck it up. You wanted to go and you wanted to hang out with your friend and as long as there was eye candy invlolved, you couldn’t really complain.
The party was in full swing when you walked in and you gulped as you eyed the crow eaters dancing around in practically nothing.
“Come oooooon!” Lyla said and dragged you into the crowd.
You sighed and followed your friend.
Seeing all these half naked girls had never made you feel more insecure, in your ripped jeans and black singlet.
At least you had bothered to put on mascara, you thought to yourself.
“(Y/n), this is Opie!” Lyla said and shoved you towards a large biker.
He smiled down at you and you smiled back up at him.
She continued to introduce you to the surrounding guys; Juice, Jax, Tig and Bobby.
“Hey I didn’t know Lyla had friends that weren’t pornstars.” Juice said.
Lyla rolled her eyes.
“How do you know she’s not a pornstar?” Bobby answered.
“I’m full of surprises.” You winked and you all laughed.
Tig watched you closely and you blushed slightly under his gaze.
“Come on, let’s get you a drink.” Lyla said and dragged you to the bar.
An hour or two had passed and you headed for the bathroom.
The night was going well so far, and different from what you had expected.
You had spent the evening sitting with Tig, Bobby Opie and Lyla and you had gotten on well, laughing and talking together.
The clubhouse was packed and you moved through the crowd, brushing shoulders with strangers.
Eventually you made it to the bathroom and you closed the door behind you.
After doing what you came to do you stared at yourself in the mirror as you washed your hands.
Suddenly the door opened behind you and Tig walked in.
He stopped when he saw you and a playful look came over him.
He was sexy, all in leather and God those eyes just did something to you. His hands were masculine and covered in rings and you wanted to know how it felt when they touched you.
He leant against the wall and watched you as you dried your hands.
“You know if you wanted to get me alone you coulda just asked.” He said.
You laughed and turned towards him.
“If I’m not mistaken, you are the one who followed me in here.”
You smirked and wiped your hands in your jeans.
“Something tells me you wanted me to follow you in here.” Tig said and stepped closer to you.
“Is that so?” You asked with a raised eye brow.
Tig reached out and locked the door before stepping towards you once more.
“Mmhmm.” He nodded. He bit his lip and looked you up and down as he closed the gap between you.
You breathed in his scent and your heart began to beat faster.
Before you could more he leant forward and kissed your lips lightly.
“But then again, maybe you’d rather be left alone.”
You didn’t even hesitate. You dropped to your knees and tugged down his jeans, not even bothering with the zipper. Tig had tight black briefs on that were thin enough to make out the shape of his hardening length.
You looked up into those blue eyes, now filled with shock and winked before kissing him through the fabric.
“Oh Jesus.” You heard Tig whisper as he threw his head black and you smirked and ran your tongue along his length, still through the fabric.
The heat from your breath and the saliva from your tongue made the fabric damp and you looked up to meet his eye as your fingered traced inside the waistband.
He stared down at you, his bottom lip between his teeth and those blue eyes sparkling with arousal.
You tugged the briefs down his thighs and let them fall to his ankles, your eyes widening slightly as you took in the full length of him.
Tigs hand reached out and he placed it gently on your cheek. You smirked up at him and moved your head closer.
You slowly licked a trail from base to the head and twirled your tongue around the tip.
Tig gasped and you wrapped your lips around him before taking more of him in your mouth.
Your head moved back and forwards along his length and with each move you took more of him in your mouth.
Tig looked down at you, your cheeks hallowed and your eyes watering as he hit the back of your throat.
But you didn’t gag, you just continued to pull him further into your mouth and Tig moaned in pleasure.
His hands wrapped into your hair, his rings tangling into the strands and he pulled it into a ponytail, guiding you up and down his cock.
You pulled back, letting him leave your mouth with a pop and you licked your lips and gently grabbed his cock with your hand.
You licked along the underside of him and kissed the tip softly.
“Good girl,” Tig moaned and you smirked and licked along his length once more.
He loomed over you, dominant and he had a wild look in his eyes.
He placed his hand under your chin and lifted it til you were looking at him.
He continued to lift, gesturing for you to stand and you obeyed.
You came to your feet and Tig was quick to press his lips against yours.
His hands grasped at your hair, taking it in handfuls and he kissed you hungrily.
You moaned into his mouth which only seemed to make him want you more.
He pulled back from you and licked his lips slowly, his eyes running over your body hungrily.
You felt the slightest pressure on your hips as he placed his fingers there, brushing the cool metal of his rings against the skin between your jeans and your top.
“Are you a good girl?” Tig asked you.
You bit your lip, feeling his fingers move lightly back and forth over your skin.
“I try to be.” You whispered and ran your hands up his chest, and grasped the leather on his shoulders.
He arched his neck and leant towards you and you felt the heat of his breath on your neck.
“I think your a bad girl,” Tig said.
You shivered as you felt his lips trace ever so slightly across the skin of your neck.
He pulled his head back slightly and smirked at you before pressing his lips against yours.
You moaned, letting your mouth open and he slid his tongue inside. The kiss was different to the one before, like you were at his mercy now, like you were his and he slid his hands around you, grabbing your ass and squeezing tightly.
He’s not shy in the way he moves his lips with yours and you taste the cigarettes and whiskey on his tongue.
His pants are still around his ankles and and you can feel his length pressing against you as he pulls you closer to him.
Suddenly he pulls back from you and you bite your lip as he pulls his body away too.
His eyes are filled with lust and he stepped back to look at you.
You lifted your shirt above your shoulders and let it fall to the ground before reaching behind you and unclipping your bra.
Tig stroked himself as you let your bra fall to the floor and his eyes burnt into your bare chest.
He steps closer to you once more, looming over you all black leather and he reaches out and grabs the back of your neck. His movement was rough but gentle enough to not hurt you and you almost whimpered at his touch.
Your fingers tangled in his black curls and you felt his hands explode your breasts.
He squeezed your breasts and took a nipple between his fingers and squeezed gently before massaging them once more.
He’s kissing you with such force that you stumble backwards slightly til you feel yourself hit the sink.
Tig ripped his lips away from yours and kissed down your neck, sucking hungrily at the skin and you moaned as he nipped gently, leaving a trail of bruises along your collar bone.
He lowered his mouth and sucked at your breast, making you gasp.
His hips pressed into you, his erection pressing against your abdomen and you lifted yourself up slightly so you were sitting on the edge of the counter.
You moan at the touch of his tongue licking over your hardened nipples and you wrap a leg around his waist, pulling him closer.
You grasp at his hair, tugging gently at the black curls and he digs his fingers into your hips.
Your pussy was wet for him, dampening your panties and you ground your hips, letting the fabric of your jeans run against him.
Tig growled and pulled back from your breasts.
His fingers grabbed at your jeans and he tugged them down your body. He eyed the red panties covering your pussy and he licked his lips. He moved to stand between your legs once more and you wrapped them around him and grabbed at his leather, pulling his lips to yours.
Tig ran his hand between your bodies and you feel his thumb run against your clit through the fabric.
A load moan left your lips and suddenly the hand that was on your pussy is pressed to your mouth.
“Keep it down,” He ordered.
You nodded and he lifted his hand and stroked your cheek gently.
“Are you gonna be a good girl?” He asked you and he pressed his erection against your inner thigh.
You bit your lip, fighting the moan wanting to escape you and nodded.
His hand traced your cheek and his tongue stroked your lips gently.
You wrapped your mouth around his thumb and sucked gently.
Tig growled and moved his free hand down to his pussy, leaving his thumb in your mouth.
He traced along your slit and you whimpered slightly.
He met your gaze and you stared into them as he rubbed your clit through your panties slowly.
“That feel good?” He asked you.
His finger slid beneath the fabric and between your folds, feeling your wetness and you moaned against his thumb in your mouth and nodded.
He pulled his hand away from your face and pushed your legs open wider, his eyes looking hungrily at your pussy.
Gently he lifted your panties and pushed them to the side, exposing your wetness to him.
Tig licked his lips and ran his finger through your folds once more.
You whimpered slightly as his fingers ran over your clit and back to your core and he teased you with his fingertips.
He stares at your pussy in awe before sinking to his knees before you.
His lips kissed your folds softly and you moaned as you felt his tongue slide between them.
His tongue circled your clit and you bit your lip, fighting the moans that threatened to escape you.
He licked at you hungrily and slid a finger inside you.
You could feel him moan against your clit, causing vibrations on his tongue and you couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure as he pumped his finger inside of you.
You grabbed at his hair, holding him to you and you moved your hips slowly back and forth, grinding yourself against his lips.
Another finger slid inside you and he pumped ten expertly, rubbing against your g spot with each move.
His tongue ran laps around your clit and heat began to build within you.
“Tiggy!” You moaned as you felt yourself reaching the edge.
Tig growled and moved his tongue faster, pumped his fingers faster and you squirmed, tugging gently at his hair.
You moaned again and suddenly you were trembling, waves of ecstasy floating over you as you come. Tig lapped at your juices, his fingers still pumping inside you and your legs shook.
He let you ride out your high, his tongue lapping up all of you and slowly he pulled back from you and licked his lips.
You were panting and he stood and kissed you gently, letting you taste yourself on his lips.
You met his eye and you gulped at the hunger and lust that filled his gaze. He was no where near finished with you.
He pulled you off the sink and turned you around, making you look at yourself in the mirror.
You bit your lip and looked at your reddened cheeks, your ruffled hair and your almost naked body.
Tig pressed himself against your back and massaged your breasts as he kissed your neck roughly.
You closed your eyes and threw your head back, letting him take control of you.
His cock pressed against your ass and you knew he must be desperate to come now.
His hands left your breasts and trailed down your hips and he reached between the two of you and squeezed your ass cheeks, separating them slightly. He pulled down your panties and let them fall to your ankles.
You laid your hands on the edge of the sink and leant forward slightly, letting him see more of your ass.
Tig growled and slapped your cheek hard making you gasp.
He rubbed the reddening skin before slapping it once more but this time you moaned.
You felt his hand cup your pussy and you bit your lip.
“This pussy is mine now.” He growled and you nodded.
“It’s all yours Tiggy.”
He grabbed his hard cock and pressed it against your entrance, circling it slowly.
“So wet for me, baby girl.”
You moaned and arched your back, pushing your ass towards him.
Tig smirked and pushed himself into you slowly.
A low moan left your lips as his length slid inside you slowly, stretching you.
He pulls back slowly and enters you once more and you arched your back once more.
Tig grasped your hips and pushed himself further into you.
You whine as he leaves you and you hear him chuckle slightly behind you.
Suddenly he pushed into you once more, harder than before and he leaves you breathless.
Your knuckles are white as you clutch at the sink and he pounds into you relentlessly.
Moans leave your lips as he slaps against you and you can feel your juices running down your thighs.
“Your so tight for me baby,” Tig growls.
You whined and arched your back and his hand leaves your hips and he gently wraps it around your throat.
He meets your eye in the mirror and you nod, allowing him to squeeze your throat tighter as he fucks you hard.
His thrusts pound into you and he moves his free hand between your legs.
His fingers rubs circles at your clit and his cock slams into you even harder.
You moan at the double sensation and Tig squeezed your neck tighter.
“You gonna come for me babygirl?” Tig breathed in your ear.
His grip on your throats loosened and you moaned as he rubbed at your clit faster.
“Fuck! Tig!” You moaned.
He slammed into you harder.
“You gonna come all over my cock?” He growled.
He continues to slam inside of you and he rubs at you.
“I wanna feel you come on my cock baby girl.” Tig growled in your ear.
His hand moved back to your neck and squeezed gently.
You grip the hand between your legs, but he keeps rubbing and rubbing and a loud moan leaves your lips.
Your body trembles and your walls clench around him and you feel yourself become wetter.
Your still coming as he finishes fucking you and he slams into you once more before he releases himself, filling you with his heat and he bites into your shoulder with a groan.
He comes down slowly, your breaths mingling as he rests his head against your back.
Your legs are still trembling and you clutch at the sink to keep your balance.
He pulls out of you and you dress yourselves in silence.
Once you’ve pulled your shirt back on you lean against the wall and stare at the ceiling, somehow still breathless.
Tig stands in front of you and he placed a hand either side of you in the wall.
You lower your gaze from the ceiling to meet his eye and you blush slightly.
His blue eyes shine as they look at you with adoration and he runs his hand over his face.
“You really are full of surprises.”


Pairing: Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

Request: You’re part of the TMR cast. Thomas is constantly flirting with you and you flirt back, but, he sees you be more physical with Dylan (piggy back ride, hug) but Dylan is your cousin. - @eyeliveinabook

Thomas’ POV:

Gosh. There she is. Does she have any idea what she does to me? She’s so freaking adorable. With those sparkling (e/c) eyes. And that smile! Dang she’s perfect… AND SHE’S WALKING TOWARDS ME. Ok. Calm down. You’re cool. You got this Tom.

3rd Person:

“Hey Tom!” You greeted your friends with a smile and a wink. You were holding a small character role in The Maze Runner series. Thomas Sangster, you’re celebrity crush, just so happened to be there and you two seemed to hit it off quite well.

“H-hey (y/n)! You’re looking adorable today. Of course, when do you not?” “Thank you kind sir. You don’t look so rough, yourself. I saw you from across the room and thought, ‘Tom looks extra handsome today. He must be trying to impress someone.’

You gave your now blushing friend a flirty wink and started walking to your set.

“Don’t wear yourself out, babe. You’ll need enough energy for what we’re doing later.”

Now it was your turn to blush as you heard Thomas chuckling behind you. You didn’t care to look back just yet.


You were currently riding on Dylan O’Brien’s back pretending he was your horse.

“LET US FEAST ON DORITOS AND ARNOLD PALMER!” “Wait a minute, wait a minute.” You’re ‘horse; came to a stop.

“..what?” “We need popcorn, too!” “I thought that was implied..” “Oh.. THEN ONWARD!”

Thomas POV:

I heard incredibly loud screams and laughs coming from the other side of the set. I looked over to the noise and saw (y/n) and Dylan goofing off while she was on his back. Hold on. When did Dylan and (y/n) become so close? Another peal of laughter traveled over and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I marched over to my friends and made sure they knew I was there.


They barely caught themselves as they fumbled around, trying to regain balance. Failing to do so, they fell on a heap on top of each other, roaring with laughter.

“Oh, hey Tommy! Dylan and I were just goofing around. Hope we weren’t being a nuisance.” “Oh no you were. Its kind of hard to focus when two people are screaming when you’re trying to work.”

I heard the giggles stop as I began walking away from the Dyl and (n/n). Entering my trailer, not a moment after, I heard knocks sound from the door.


I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. I can’t stay mad at her. She must know that. I paced to the door and composed myself to try and seem mad at her.

I flung the door open, “What?” “Hey I just came to check on you. You kind of seemed upset before and I wanted to make sure you were ok?”

Her statement came out as more of a question. It was endearing that she cared enough about me to come check on me. Then I remembered her and Dylan running around laughing.

“I’m fine.” “Now you and I both know that’s not true.”

She pushed her way past me and into my trailer. Sitting herself down on a bench, it didn’t seem like she was going to move.

“Sit,” she commanded me. “What’s going on?”

Plopping myself down next to her, I let go of what’s been bugging me. “I don’t exactly like the idea of you and Dylan. I know you have the choice to go out with whoever you want to, but.. I was kind of hoping that guy would be me. I know it’s stupid, but, getting to know you has been one of the best parts about this role. You can leave. I.. I understand.”

“…wait, what? That’s what this is about? Sweetheart, Dyl is my cousin.”

It took a moment for her words to sink in. When they did I felt super embarrassed about my overreaction.

“(y/n). I’m so sorry I..” “Hey, it’s fine. We all make mistakes.. besides. I’m more into British guys anyway..”

When her words registered, I jumped up and faced her with wide eyes.

“So does that mean ‘yes’?” “Yes that I’ll go out with you? Yes. Yes that I’m in love with my cousin? That’d be a no.”

I picked her up and hugged her, squeezing her with all I had.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“It’s nothing, really. But can you please let me go? I can’t exactly breathe..”