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Why is he Like This

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How about Karasuno kiss headcanons? (Lol this was so embarrassing to request)

Boo boo, I got you!!! Low key, I love doing these. They’re fun and my good friends @nerdytooru​ and @quinnlocke​ usually help me out. So enjoy, and go give those girls a follow! They are my besties for a reason.
~Admin Emma

Daichi: One of those “kiss your soul” type of kissers. His kisses are always really deep and breathtaking and just this side of overwhelming. He likes to hold you close and just seal his lips over yours, just the right amount of tongue, and with those strong arms it’s just such a wonderful, protected feeling. He’s a big fan of kisses, but he won’t really do it in public. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your cheeks.

Suga: Playful kisser, he likes to pepper your face with kisses before he lands home on your lips. You can always feel him smiling, unless he’s getting hot and heavy. Then, he’s a fucking artisan at it. Low key, the man could probably kiss your socks off with very little effort. He’s a big fan of holding the back of your head, running his fingers through your hair, and he will literally kiss you anywhere. He really doesn’t mind PDA–he saves the heavy kisses for home, though. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the back of your neck.

Asahi: Sweetest kisses; instead of one super deep kiss, he’s a big fan of those lingering kisses that sort of separate and come together in quick succession. He’s always really conscious if his facial hair tickles, though. If he’s feeling frisky, though, watch out, because once he gets going, he can’t stand to stop. He’s an amazing kisser, and once he’s comfortable with you, he’ll be the one to take you into his arms and kiss you until your heart skips a beat. He’s HIGH KEY embarrassed by PDA, though, so don’t expect kisses in public unless it’s something chaste, like your knuckles. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your temple.

Noya: Super enthusiastic kisser; sometimes they can be hard and fast and a little bit biting, but they are always so good. Sometimes you have to remind him that you need to breathe, but for the most part, he likes to kiss you until you’re weak in the knees and begging him for more. He’s also a bit of a biter, but it’s always gentle, and if you don’t like it, he won’t do it anymore, but he has perfected the technique. He likes when your arms are over his shoulders or playing with his hair, and he lives for PDA. Literally always–he gets very excited. When he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the top of your head (it makes him feel tall.)

Tanaka: Stealth Best Kisser Ever, hands down. He’s a fucking master with his lips and tongue, sucking and nibbling and licking in just the right way. He’s always got a big, cheesy grin on his face when he is kissing you, though. He’s just so happy to be kissing someone, he treasures every moment. Every kiss with Tanaka is slow, languid, and meant to be savored, so don’t start kissing him unless you have no place in particular you want to be. He’s also a bit embarrassed about PDA–he doesn’t want to share you with anyone. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your forehead.

Ennoshita: Ennoshita’s kisses are… never chaste. He is the ‘throw you up against the bookshelf and recreate the scene from ‘Atonement’’ guy. It will take him one or two kisses to get to know you and what you like, but when he does, hot fucking damn is it amazing. His tongue is long and super dexterous; making out is a requirement for any sort of intimacy for him, as he has a bit of an oral fixation. He never uses teeth, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s just too good. 10/10 would recommend. He never kisses in public because he gets so turned on by kissing. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your ear or your neck.

Hinata: Super great, if enthusiastic kisser. He’s always grinning and smiling through the whole thing, and he usually yanks you down by your collar. He’s sometimes a little too rough, but he makes up for it by just kissing the corners of your mouth or the top curve of your lip so gently. High key, it’s like kissing a ball of pure happiness. He has no shame, and is 100% down to kiss anywhere, any time. Sometimes, he’ll surprise you, which isn’t always a good thing, but he’s just so happy, how could you stay mad at his cheesy smile? If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the inside of your wrist.

Kageyama: For the first couple seconds of your kiss, kissing Kageyama is like kissing a dead fish. He’s so stiff and shy and he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, but just give him a bit and don’t give up on him. Once he’s got it figured out, he is so good. He knows exactly what kind of pressure you need, what angle to approach, and exactly how much tongue to use. He’s really serious and intense, but his long fingers on your jaw are so gentle and warm. He usually hums in the back of his throat when it’s good for him, and he always keeps his eyes closed for a few seconds when you part. He is high key NOT into PDA and gets so blushy and flustered if you try and kiss him in public. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the tip of your nose.

Tsukishima: You are never more vulnerable than when you’re kissing someone, and Tsukishima doesn’t like to be vulnerable. His inferiority complex unfortunately translates into physical intimacy, so he is a very shy kisser. His hands usually tremble against your neck, he feels like he’s bent too far forward, and his lips are very soft and tentative even if he knows you really well. He’s also really conscious about his glasses poking you in the face, and until you draw him out of his shell, he doesn’t let the kisses last long. He’s not really into PDA, but he has been known to kiss your cheek when he’s messing with someone. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the back of your hand.

Yamaguchi: Cutest kisser, but also low key really good at it how did that happen? He’s really shy at first–just really tentative and gentle, but his hands on your cheeks are sure and firm; he rubs his thumbs in circles along the apples of your cheeks, and he’s low key grinning the whole time. He loves kisses, and will high key kiss you anytime, anywhere. Once he’s in a relationship, he’s fairly public about you two, and he’s totally fine with PDA if you are. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your shoulder.


Kiyoko: Doesn’t linger, but her kisses are deep and mean a lot to her. She’s low key addicited to chapstick, so her lips are insanely soft and supple, and she’s a big fan of really gentle licking against your lip. It’s fantastic, but when you run your tongue along the roof of her mouth, she high key melts. She’s also really sensitive right below her ears, so if you gently touch this spot while kissing her, she turns into a bit of a mess. She’s not huge on PDA, but if you coax her out of her shell a bit, she’ll be better around friends. If she’s not kissing your lips, she’s kissing the tips of your fingers.

Yachi: At first she is SO NERVOUS WHY???? She doesn’t know what to do with her hands, and what if she’s using too much tongue or oh god, what if you bite her tongue off!!? Her eyes are so wide, she looks like a deer caught in headlights, but give her a minute and she’ll realize oh this is actually really nice, and relax a bit. Once she gets to that point, she’s such a fantastic kisser–really sweet and soft, plus she’s giggling a little bit, because she’s not sure what she was so nervous about. Honestly, the best part is her face after the kiss, because it’s bright red with this huge cheesy grin on her face and she looks SO ADORABLE!! If she’s not kissing your lips, she kisses where she can reach, but she loves to kiss your belly or your collarbones when you’re cuddling.

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i'm curious why you think cas chose jack, since the moment kelly forced cas' hand on her belly he changed his mind about taking them to heaven and dean keeps saying that cas was brainwashed

Sigh. I have been saying since April that my opinion is that Cas is not brainwashed. 

Cas being brainwashed is, for me, so top level obvious that it’s a blatant misdirection. The subtextual, true reading is that he isn’t and there are a ton of very valid reasons why he chose to do what he did. Dean saying he’s brainwashed is just another example of why he isn’t for me. Dean is pretty much 100% wrong in his knee jerk reactions when he’s emotionally compromised about his family, in contrast to when he’s not emotionally compromised he’s 100% right so yeah. Emotionally compromised, cannot believe Cas would do this /against him/ needs to learn to let go and let others make their own choices… Cas was clearly right about the kid… God I mean, I’ve yammered on about all this for months so I’m a little tired out about it, especially now canon is reinforcing this whole thing I feel like it’s going to be a moot point soon anyway.

Basically what’s the point in brainwashing/controlling someone to do what they would already do anyway? I’ve written realms about why what Cas did is totally in keeping with his character and not OOC at all (below). Then @casitstoobig makes an excellent point of the spoiler that when Cas is dead why does he want to come back to the boys and Jack? Why does he protect Jack in the spoiler from 13x06? If he’s dead the brainwashing should be done, dusted, over, yet he’s still got the same priorities. Then there’s the fact that Cas was likely right anyway, that Jack could be a force for good with good guidance and being shown the “righteous path” and hey look, shocking turn of events in s13.

It just all supports my pov since the start.

My tag is #brainwashing, my main post on it regarding Cas’ own arc is:

more recently because I was sick of seeing people saying Cas was an asshole if he had his own agency:

This is my opinion, held by some and not by others. I was told I was disgusting for having this opinion when it first aired, I was told I was not a true Cas fan and all sorts of garbage. 

But those people who thought he was brainwashed and said we were idiotic for thinking not so are having to change their pov, coming slowly but surely closer to our opinion as canon reinforces the idea.

Meanwhile we who held this opinion are just sipping tea sitting in our comfy chair exactly where we have been since April on the matter.

We’ll see what happens in the long run, it could be that it is the middle of the two, that it was powers out of Jack’s control that did it, but so far everything that has happened reinforces this original idea for me that Cas was not brainwashed/controlled by Jack, that he made his own choices based on shitty terrible ideas, PTSD and depression and his death will release him from these bad influences in order to make good choices.

Sorry this is a bit salty. I’m just bitter about being called disgusting and not a Cas fan because of it. So I’m sitting here sipping my tea watching it all unfold and hoping for the best as it keeps bringing us closer to my pov, so let’s see.


Hello! Dean here to tell you that i finally found time to write my imagines and scenarios!!! woo!! ok, so, Here’s a list of things that i will and will not write:


  • Nsfw
  • Fluff
  • Angst
  • AU’s
  • Headcanons


  • DD/LG
  • Triggering content (such as self harm, self starvation, gore, etc.)
  • Fetishes (vore, inflation, furry, knotting, etc.)
  • Things with slurs (____’s S/O is called a n***er/sp*c/ R*t)
  • Ships (only because I’m bad at shipping ppl)


  • Fake snaps can be requested
  • Fake texts may NOT be requested because i don’t have a full enough understanding of some groups to write those sort of things
  • “How Would _____ React to _____” can be requested
  • Fan fics may be written too, they will most likely be inspired from certain imagines that i write.

And that’s about it! I really hope i’ll get some of your requests, and I will try my absolute best to make sure you all enjoy this blog as a community!


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I feel like I’m losing track of what it means to be a “fan” of someone’s work anymore. Has it become an identity in itself? And at what point does it have very little to do with the work itself at all anymore? I guess it doesn’t actually matter in grand scheme of things, especially in our current climate, but I can’t help but wonder. Sometimes it makes me sad to see a kids page that is completely dedicated to a creator/musician/any sort of artist. One of those Twitter fan accounts that also doubles as the personal account of the fan. And maybe it’s just something I don’t understand. I just feel like, and I’m not sure about this, publicly representing yourself as the face of someone who is not you, posting pictures of them, and crying and shaking when they interact with you in the smallest way, maybe it isn’t the healthiest way to grow up. I’m sure it’s fun, but is it healthy? It just feels odd to me, and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger. And the reason I’m saying this isn’t because I’m annoyed or judgemental of these people, in fact, I’m saying this all as someone who is a big big fan of many people and who has genuinely felt joy from the times I was noticed by them. I’m talking to myself here too. The reason I bring this up is because I think that every human is so, SO much more than the media they consume. The idea of representing yourself only as such, even just online, seems minimizing, and possibly dehumanizing to a certain extent. I just think maybe you owe yourself more. You are interesting, and cool, and fun, and unique, and weird, and loving, and beautiful, and most importantly, you have your own face.

I haven’t read Harry Potter and only watched like the first two or three movies…. but I still get offended when I’m sorted into anything besides hufflepuff

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I guess from your other asks I assume you know but Clovrfieldlives on twit posted a ref that's very clearly not their usual work and a rip of your full size reference sheets right down to the mini character. People should know that they're paying for ripped-off art.

Sighs, I’m very well aware and the fact that they’re still up speaks for itself. It’s really unfortunate and exceptionally shitty given our history. If it continues it’ll warrant a callout of sorts, despite me not being the biggest fan of those. I hate being That Bipch™

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Are you familiar with the comic trilogy by Nintendo_Nut1 on deviantart called 'Night of the Were Ed'? I remember being really obsessed with the art style and the concept back in 5th grade. Though looking back on it now, I kinda wish it were more comedic? Like the characters ended up sounding a little too serious for my taste.

Aww, yeah, I was a lot older than that when it was new (most likely high school) so the change in tone was definitely why I wasn’t into it, but it’s still great that it hooked you as a kid!  When I was 12 I would get really into those sort of style-bending fan projects though, I remember the ol’ hot-choc deviantart account used to have a comic series that was supposed to be like an Eds fantasy manga without losing the physical gags and funny expressions.

Yeah, I’ve been kind of getting back into the Gravity Falls fandom and had to draw a liiiiiiitle something for it…. :3 This was an awesome color practice! :D

(Also; I am now a hardcore Dippica shipper :33 I can’t help it, they kinda have a love/hate kind of relationship and those sorts of relationships are my weakness!!!)  

anywhooo, enjoy some Gravity Falls fan art :)

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Tell me what you think about toasts.

Brandon says: If you mean the kind with drinks, I think they’re okay. If you’re not prepared they can go really horribly. Everyone’s looking at you and expecting you to do and say something really amazing, and you’re kinda going “uh… I saw a cat once but… I don’t know if it saw me” or something.

That said, I once gave a toast at a pre-wedding party that made people CRY, so I am gonna hold that above my head like a gold medal and say I did a Real Toast one time.

If you mean like those tiny brick toasts (that’s the only excuse I can think of for pluralizing the bready kind of toast), I think they’re way too crunchy! I have misophonia so all that crunching and gnawing drives me nuts. Also the texture does not lend itself well to flavor or enjoyment. So I am not a fan of those sorts of toasts.

If you have any more questions that I can gleefully misinterpret feel free to send the through.

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He has such a gorgeous body *.* I'm not a fan of super defined muscles and those sort of "killed myself in the gym" bodies, so I love that he has this natural big structured body. He looks strong and soft at the same time which to me is the perfect combo *swoons*

He really does. And I’m with you, I’m also not a huge fan of that ‘killed myself in the gym’ muscle look in guys.

However, I would kill to see a more updated shirtless photo of him because I do think his muscles are probably a little more defined after his training for Fighting With My Family. Maybe one day this dream will come true.
This is why we can’t have nice things: “The Witch” and horror fandom’s gatekeepers — CineNation Podcast
THE WITCH, the debut feature film from writer/director Robert Eggers, opens wide in theaters across the United States to…
By Jason Coffman

When combined with the passion of horror fandom, this results in equal frustration on both extremes: enthusiastic viewers want to immediately enshrine films in some sort of imaginary horror canon, while those who aren’t fans feel a need to assert their dominance by denying these even are horror films at all.

In far too many cases, the latter also includes a blanket condemnation of any viewer who enjoys these films as someone who doesn’t know what “true” horror movies are. This puts them in the position of deciding who is and is not a “true” horror fan.

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Do you have any favorite Tolkien heroines??

Strap in, Anon, here’s the list:

Eowyn and Arwen from LotR, of course, and Lobeila Sacksville-Baggins. From the Silmarillion - Lúthien, Indis, Elwing, Andreth, Melian, Finduilas, Nerdanel, honorable mentions for Morwen and Rían, Nienor, Nellas, Idril, Galadriel, Haleth, Aredhel, then canonical ghosts I’ve made into beloved OCs like Ingwë’s wife Ravennë, Elros’s wife Bortë and all the women of the People of Bór, Ilsë, Faelindis and Indomunië and Aereth…

Keep reading

River’s not scared of monsters! River’s not scared of anything!

Myself, personally, I get very scared; I have an active, vivid imagination.

For example, I went once to the Universal Halloween Horror nights? I went to one of those ones with my neighbour. And, I had no idea what I was getting myself into: there are zombies and monsters and people with chainsaws and stuff, coming right up to you; they’re actors who are hired to play these things.

I screamed SO much, I hemorrhaged my eyeballs! My eyeballs were literally bloodshot, that’s how much I screamed. So I’m very bad in those sort of situations!
—  Alex Kingston, in response to fan question, “What is the scariest Doctor Who monster to River Song and if that’s the scariest one to you, too?” Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 (March 26, 2016)