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How about Karasuno kiss headcanons? (Lol this was so embarrassing to request)

Boo boo, I got you!!! Low key, I love doing these. They’re fun and my good friends @nerdytooru​ and @quinnlocke​ usually help me out. So enjoy, and go give those girls a follow! They are my besties for a reason.
~Admin Emma

Daichi: One of those “kiss your soul” type of kissers. His kisses are always really deep and breathtaking and just this side of overwhelming. He likes to hold you close and just seal his lips over yours, just the right amount of tongue, and with those strong arms it’s just such a wonderful, protected feeling. He’s a big fan of kisses, but he won’t really do it in public. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your cheeks.

Suga: Playful kisser, he likes to pepper your face with kisses before he lands home on your lips. You can always feel him smiling, unless he’s getting hot and heavy. Then, he’s a fucking artisan at it. Low key, the man could probably kiss your socks off with very little effort. He’s a big fan of holding the back of your head, running his fingers through your hair, and he will literally kiss you anywhere. He really doesn’t mind PDA–he saves the heavy kisses for home, though. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the back of your neck.

Asahi: Sweetest kisses; instead of one super deep kiss, he’s a big fan of those lingering kisses that sort of separate and come together in quick succession. He’s always really conscious if his facial hair tickles, though. If he’s feeling frisky, though, watch out, because once he gets going, he can’t stand to stop. He’s an amazing kisser, and once he’s comfortable with you, he’ll be the one to take you into his arms and kiss you until your heart skips a beat. He’s HIGH KEY embarrassed by PDA, though, so don’t expect kisses in public unless it’s something chaste, like your knuckles. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your temple.

Noya: Super enthusiastic kisser; sometimes they can be hard and fast and a little bit biting, but they are always so good. Sometimes you have to remind him that you need to breathe, but for the most part, he likes to kiss you until you’re weak in the knees and begging him for more. He’s also a bit of a biter, but it’s always gentle, and if you don’t like it, he won’t do it anymore, but he has perfected the technique. He likes when your arms are over his shoulders or playing with his hair, and he lives for PDA. Literally always–he gets very excited. When he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the top of your head (it makes him feel tall.)

Tanaka: Stealth Best Kisser Ever, hands down. He’s a fucking master with his lips and tongue, sucking and nibbling and licking in just the right way. He’s always got a big, cheesy grin on his face when he is kissing you, though. He’s just so happy to be kissing someone, he treasures every moment. Every kiss with Tanaka is slow, languid, and meant to be savored, so don’t start kissing him unless you have no place in particular you want to be. He’s also a bit embarrassed about PDA–he doesn’t want to share you with anyone. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your forehead.

Ennoshita: Ennoshita’s kisses are… never chaste. He is the ‘throw you up against the bookshelf and recreate the scene from ‘Atonement’’ guy. It will take him one or two kisses to get to know you and what you like, but when he does, hot fucking damn is it amazing. His tongue is long and super dexterous; making out is a requirement for any sort of intimacy for him, as he has a bit of an oral fixation. He never uses teeth, but it doesn’t matter, because he’s just too good. 10/10 would recommend. He never kisses in public because he gets so turned on by kissing. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your ear or your neck.

Hinata: Super great, if enthusiastic kisser. He’s always grinning and smiling through the whole thing, and he usually yanks you down by your collar. He’s sometimes a little too rough, but he makes up for it by just kissing the corners of your mouth or the top curve of your lip so gently. High key, it’s like kissing a ball of pure happiness. He has no shame, and is 100% down to kiss anywhere, any time. Sometimes, he’ll surprise you, which isn’t always a good thing, but he’s just so happy, how could you stay mad at his cheesy smile? If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the inside of your wrist.

Kageyama: For the first couple seconds of your kiss, kissing Kageyama is like kissing a dead fish. He’s so stiff and shy and he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, but just give him a bit and don’t give up on him. Once he’s got it figured out, he is so good. He knows exactly what kind of pressure you need, what angle to approach, and exactly how much tongue to use. He’s really serious and intense, but his long fingers on your jaw are so gentle and warm. He usually hums in the back of his throat when it’s good for him, and he always keeps his eyes closed for a few seconds when you part. He is high key NOT into PDA and gets so blushy and flustered if you try and kiss him in public. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the tip of your nose.

Tsukishima: You are never more vulnerable than when you’re kissing someone, and Tsukishima doesn’t like to be vulnerable. His inferiority complex unfortunately translates into physical intimacy, so he is a very shy kisser. His hands usually tremble against your neck, he feels like he’s bent too far forward, and his lips are very soft and tentative even if he knows you really well. He’s also really conscious about his glasses poking you in the face, and until you draw him out of his shell, he doesn’t let the kisses last long. He’s not really into PDA, but he has been known to kiss your cheek when he’s messing with someone. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the back of your hand.

Yamaguchi: Cutest kisser, but also low key really good at it how did that happen? He’s really shy at first–just really tentative and gentle, but his hands on your cheeks are sure and firm; he rubs his thumbs in circles along the apples of your cheeks, and he’s low key grinning the whole time. He loves kisses, and will high key kiss you anytime, anywhere. Once he’s in a relationship, he’s fairly public about you two, and he’s totally fine with PDA if you are. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your shoulder.


Kiyoko: Doesn’t linger, but her kisses are deep and mean a lot to her. She’s low key addicited to chapstick, so her lips are insanely soft and supple, and she’s a big fan of really gentle licking against your lip. It’s fantastic, but when you run your tongue along the roof of her mouth, she high key melts. She’s also really sensitive right below her ears, so if you gently touch this spot while kissing her, she turns into a bit of a mess. She’s not huge on PDA, but if you coax her out of her shell a bit, she’ll be better around friends. If she’s not kissing your lips, she’s kissing the tips of your fingers.

Yachi: At first she is SO NERVOUS WHY???? She doesn’t know what to do with her hands, and what if she’s using too much tongue or oh god, what if you bite her tongue off!!? Her eyes are so wide, she looks like a deer caught in headlights, but give her a minute and she’ll realize oh this is actually really nice, and relax a bit. Once she gets to that point, she’s such a fantastic kisser–really sweet and soft, plus she’s giggling a little bit, because she’s not sure what she was so nervous about. Honestly, the best part is her face after the kiss, because it’s bright red with this huge cheesy grin on her face and she looks SO ADORABLE!! If she’s not kissing your lips, she kisses where she can reach, but she loves to kiss your belly or your collarbones when you’re cuddling.

I feel like I’m losing track of what it means to be a “fan” of someone’s work anymore. Has it become an identity in itself? And at what point does it have very little to do with the work itself at all anymore? I guess it doesn’t actually matter in grand scheme of things, especially in our current climate, but I can’t help but wonder. Sometimes it makes me sad to see a kids page that is completely dedicated to a creator/musician/any sort of artist. One of those Twitter fan accounts that also doubles as the personal account of the fan. And maybe it’s just something I don’t understand. I just feel like, and I’m not sure about this, publicly representing yourself as the face of someone who is not you, posting pictures of them, and crying and shaking when they interact with you in the smallest way, maybe it isn’t the healthiest way to grow up. I’m sure it’s fun, but is it healthy? It just feels odd to me, and it seems to be getting bigger and bigger. And the reason I’m saying this isn’t because I’m annoyed or judgemental of these people, in fact, I’m saying this all as someone who is a big big fan of many people and who has genuinely felt joy from the times I was noticed by them. I’m talking to myself here too. The reason I bring this up is because I think that every human is so, SO much more than the media they consume. The idea of representing yourself only as such, even just online, seems minimizing, and possibly dehumanizing to a certain extent. I just think maybe you owe yourself more. You are interesting, and cool, and fun, and unique, and weird, and loving, and beautiful, and most importantly, you have your own face.

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Every time I see the "Ichigo deserved better" argument bc he didn't end up with the person they wanted and in soul society, I swear my mind explodes. Ya know what Ichigo deserved? A f*cking break! All soul society ever did to him was take and take and take. Now Ichigo's finally happy with a wife and son who he loves, surrounded by his friends who he loves... These fakeass ichigo "fans" were nowhere to be seen when he was having reduced screentime in his own manga. So, like you, im really salty.

it’s truly pathetic….. you can’t really talk about what he deserves when you don’t even know wtf is his character outside of your fanon bubble, the irony is that when you see these people [ who btw are right now hating on him directly they’re no longer pretending to like him which is great for them and me since i’m proven right ] making posts on how Ichigo deserved better, it has nothing to do with Ichigo it’s just what they wanted to see happen, but what they want Ichigo’s end to be like has no manga material to support it, it’s all in their head, in their fanon bubble where Ichigo is the guy who is supposed to be obsessed with their fav character, the guy who can’t wipe his ass alone, the guy who can’t function, the guy who can’t even breathe w/o their fav character because that would further prove how great their fav is? probably? to them he’s just a vessel to project their obsession onto and now when he undeniably isn’t he’s worth a dog shit because to them he had one purpose and one purpose only.

fuck his characterization, fuck how he actually is, fuck everything he is, he’s only good when he’s away from any character that threatens their ship, when he’s alone he’s meh, and when he’s with who they ship him with he’s great but not too great because that would somehow diminish the greatness of who they ship him with.

these are few things of the many things that Ichigo truly deserved, you’ll barely see any of them listing actual things he deserved and not somethings that goes against his entire character and personality and only should and was supposed happen because it pleases them.

in one week or less I saw a couple of people supporting posts that trash Ichigo like ones that says he’s ungrateful and useless and has no importance [ the posts were worse ] and ironically all of those that supported it are saying how Ichigo has been their favorite character for years + trashing posts that acknowledge him as an independent character and appreciate him as his own before appreciating him in a ship while also trashing those who make these sort of posts and calling them fake fans with no understanding of his character, isn’t it ironic? to support Ichigo-hate posts and reduce and refuse to acknowledge him as his own like they do with their other ~favs~ but still call him their favorite and shit on anything that support and appreciate him as his own well-written complex character that isn’t just half of a ship?

like how far are you willing to go just to humiliate yourself? why does anyone willingly make a fool of himself?

Ichigo deserved better, but it’s not about how chapter 686 was. he has powers and he’s in the human world just like he wants? you know in that manga? where he was saying “i’m finally home”? and the fact that in 686 chapters he never made any statement or hinted that he wants to be anywhere but the real world? basic Ichigo 101 knowledge? all he truly wanted that without it he’s miserable is the power to protect. and now he has it and he’s the most powerful and he is home where he wants to be and is also a doctor with a family, idc who the family consist of, he’s happy, they’re happy, he has a son and a wife that adores him, he adores them back. he’s happy. i’m not about to make things up and paint him as miserable and pretend he was a shit character from the start or that he was ruined just because he ended up with the girl i don’t ship him with, i’m not that shallow.

Yeah, I’ve been kind of getting back into the Gravity Falls fandom and had to draw a liiiiiiitle something for it…. :3 This was an awesome color practice! :D

(Also; I am now a hardcore Dippica shipper :33 I can’t help it, they kinda have a love/hate kind of relationship and those sorts of relationships are my weakness!!!)  

anywhooo, enjoy some Gravity Falls fan art :)

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Tell me what you think about toasts.

Brandon says: If you mean the kind with drinks, I think they’re okay. If you’re not prepared they can go really horribly. Everyone’s looking at you and expecting you to do and say something really amazing, and you’re kinda going “uh… I saw a cat once but… I don’t know if it saw me” or something.

That said, I once gave a toast at a pre-wedding party that made people CRY, so I am gonna hold that above my head like a gold medal and say I did a Real Toast one time.

If you mean like those tiny brick toasts (that’s the only excuse I can think of for pluralizing the bready kind of toast), I think they’re way too crunchy! I have misophonia so all that crunching and gnawing drives me nuts. Also the texture does not lend itself well to flavor or enjoyment. So I am not a fan of those sorts of toasts.

If you have any more questions that I can gleefully misinterpret feel free to send the through.
This is why we can’t have nice things: “The Witch” and horror fandom’s gatekeepers — CineNation Podcast
THE WITCH, the debut feature film from writer/director Robert Eggers, opens wide in theaters across the United States to…
By Jason Coffman

When combined with the passion of horror fandom, this results in equal frustration on both extremes: enthusiastic viewers want to immediately enshrine films in some sort of imaginary horror canon, while those who aren’t fans feel a need to assert their dominance by denying these even are horror films at all.

In far too many cases, the latter also includes a blanket condemnation of any viewer who enjoys these films as someone who doesn’t know what “true” horror movies are. This puts them in the position of deciding who is and is not a “true” horror fan.

River’s not scared of monsters! River’s not scared of anything!

Myself, personally, I get very scared; I have an active, vivid imagination.

For example, I went once to the Universal Halloween Horror nights? I went to one of those ones with my neighbour. And, I had no idea what I was getting myself into: there are zombies and monsters and people with chainsaws and stuff, coming right up to you; they’re actors who are hired to play these things.

I screamed SO much, I hemorrhaged my eyeballs! My eyeballs were literally bloodshot, that’s how much I screamed. So I’m very bad in those sort of situations!
—  Alex Kingston, in response to fan question, “What is the scariest Doctor Who monster to River Song and if that’s the scariest one to you, too?” Salt Lake Comic Con 2016 (March 26, 2016)
Stop judging k-fans

Recently with the Baekyeon scandal, I’ve seen that many people have been calling out k-fans on their disgusting behavior toward Baekhyun and Taeyeon. And while I wish that the hate they were receiving would stop, let’s sit back and review the differences of k- and i-fans:

1. K-fans obviously give way more to idols. They bulk buy, they buy gifts, they buy concert tickets, light sticks, merchandise, every photo book, etc. Energy and money is invested there, whereas most i-fans don’t buy anything, and only invest their time on tumblr posts, sns updates, etc.

2. K-fans don’t share info with i-fans. There have been many controversies that their idols have gotten involved in, and their fans have either shielded them, or we don’t find out because those sorts of issues are only kept within fan clubs, pann posts, etc. And even though a lot of blogs nowadays translate these, we still don’t know half of the things k-fans are aware of.

I’m not saying that we should applaud k-fans for their hate toward idols. But I think that we should at least try to understand their reaction. And instead of leaving comments criticizing k-fans, we should just leave support for idols.

P.S. K-fans aren’t the only ones responsible for the hate. 

From a Gay Woman Who's NOT Happy About OUaT’s new “LGBT Romance"

I have some strong feelings about OUaT and the fact that they can’t seem to stop spinning their wheels when it comes to the LGBT community and representation at large.

When Once Upon A Time’s producers made the announcement that they are planning to “explore an LGBT relationship” in the show’s fifth season, I felt excited, for about one tenth of one second. It was practically an automatic reaction - any new LGBT character is great for television, right?

No. It’s not that simple, and that’s why after that first tenth of a second, I immediately spiraled into dread.

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Swiftie Forever & Always

Recently an incredible video was released about taylorswift giving back to her fans. As a “Swiftie” nothing makes me happier than seeing Taylor happy and seeing fellow Swifties happy too.

I have been a Swiftie since ‘Love Story’ and have been by her side (online :P) till this day and I know I ALWAYS will be. I’m not very wealthy but I have been fortunate enough to go to Taylor’s “Speak Now” concert in New Zealand and her “Red” concert in New Zealand, I have got a t-shirt and a programme from each and well it costs a lot of money but I am lucky to have even had the chance to see her live in New Zealand. Lots of fans buy like ALL her merchandise and go to all her shows in that specific country and some even travel the world to see her, I and i’m sure HEAPS of other Swifties would do the same if we had the money and opportunity. But that doesn’t make us any less of a fan than the ones who can do those sort of things.

This past year Taylor has been online a lot more often so she can connect more and reach out to more people, but not as a selfish thing, but as a thank you to us fans who are there for her and well lets be honest how many celebrities stalk their fans online to the extent that they know their likes and dislikes and everything about them, shops for them and then sends them massive boxes of personal gifts for ‘Swiftmas’? Honestly ZERO. How many open up their private homes to their fans to listen to their upcoming album and hang out,take pictures and eat cookies? ZERO.

I am totally open to people not liking Taylor for her music, everyone is different and has different taste, but to slag her of as a person after she does ALL this, AND donates money to charities,is named most charitable celebrity of 2014 and does NUMEROUS visits to hospitals all year round. Remember that time Taylor did a 13 HOUR LONG MEET AND GREET! Now that does bug me. I will always stand up for her when people diss her personally, not only because I believe in standing up for your friends, and I know it wont make any difference to her, but I know that one day if I needed her to-She would do the same for me-that’s how friendship works. “Swifties” aren’t just fans we are friends with Taylor-some have the beautiful opportunity to personally have met and be friends with her and most -like myself- probably never will-Even though you would think that living in NZ would have a better chance :P NOPE- but Taylor would and DOES stand up for us.

I have my own reasons why I adore Taylor than the average fan, but you don’t need to know and one day I hope I can tell Taylor in person why she means the world to me and open up to her like she has to THE WHOLE WORLD. She is brave,beautiful,smart,funny,philanthropic,friendly and a true STAR.

I only want happiness for Taylor and knowing that she is on cloud nine at the moment makes me so incredibly happy. I will constantly support Tswiz and her music, through everything that she chooses to do, because I know she would support me.

This is just a taste of my love and appreciation for Taylor and I can’t wait to see what is in stall for her (and us :P) this year and the very bright beautiful future ahead. Fingers crossed she bring the ‘1989 world tour’ to NZ and the opportunity to meet her one day :)

Lots and lots of love forever and always, Casey 

P.S My cat Coco says hi and my parents Caroline and Garry do too! They love you and love going to your concerts and still hold out hope you will bring 1989 tour to New Zealand :) 

Scandal Season 4 Premiere Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia - Random Thoughts

What I Hated

Jake and Olivia. Together.

They have no chemistry. None. Olivia and Fitz just walking past each other was filled with more feeling than anything that happened between Jake and Liv on this episode. I literally screwed up my face in disgust every time Jake went anywhere near Olivia. 

Jake. On his own or with anybody else.

Scott Foley’s time spent treading the boards this summer evidently made no difference to his acting ability. The man is still cardboard.

Jake’s rules about Olivia not talking about work when they’re in bed together. Dude, that’s who she is. He doesn’t even see that fixing things and people is an essential part of her. He is literally Edison 2.0.

Jake showing how terribly insecure he is by comparing his sexual prowess to Fitz’s.

Dude, if you were that confident that you laid her better than Fitz, you wouldn’t even mention it, because you would know that you’d done a good job already. In fact, their intimate scenes brought to mind another badly acted sex scene…

Seeing Papa Pope. I’m going to hate his character forever after he murdered that child.

All mention of B613, kill that mess with fire.

David Rosen.

Josh Malina’s character feels more pointless every damned season.

What I Liked

Everything with the exception of every single Olivia and Jake interaction.

I was gearing to be mad that Olivia was going to let Abby talk to her like crap, and then a miracle happened. Shonda gave Olivia a voice again, and yes, even if Abby had a point, I don’t care, I just want Olivia to snap back at anybody and everybody who comes for her, whether she’s in the right or not. She’s earned that right. I need her to get way more angry, like this white woman right here:

I liked Abby working at the White House, although most of us had already predicted this anyway.

Looking forward to Portia’s story, if she’s as heinous as she was in Ally McBeal, I’m going to love her. I hate that they gave her a southern accent though, her normal speaking voice would have sufficed.

I actually like Crazy Mellie, I still want to see less of her overall, but her grief was palpable and heartbreaking. The scene where she laid down on top of Jerry Junior’s grave made me tear up.

Quinn. Finally, we seem to have normal, likable Quinn back again. Thank God, I hope the show stops making her irritating as hell.

Abby. She has been the most consistent character since season one, but she improved vastly from season 2B and she’s still the Abby who wont take any crap from anybody.

Olivia. Loved her this episode. She was a fixer again.

Yes she’s still with the guy who choked her, but Huck also choked her too, so there’s that. I’m choosing to forget that season 3 happened, and along with that I’m throwing out the memory of Huck choking her, her mother calling her The Help, Mellie constantly calling her a whore, Fitz outing her, and basically wrecking her reputation and her livelihood, Fitz decking his wife’s lover in a fit of jealousy/betrayal (take your pick), Fitz making her feel like the help when he screamed “I’m talking to my wife!” at her, everybody and their dog crapping on her all season. Jake, as odious as he is, wasn’t the only person in her life hurting her, either physically or mentally. You’ll probably disagree if the only person you give a fuck about is Fitz. This is Tumblr, I know how you guys do.

Olivia’s beach hair. Yesssss! 

Harrison’s funeral. Guys, he grew up in a group home. He had no family! *Sob*

No wonder he was so close to Olivia. Her and OPA were literally, the only people he had in the world. That made me unbearably sad. The scene where the associates left Olivia alone to grieve hurt me so much. And the fact that for the first time in the entire series, she acknowledged that she loved him? And we actually saw her out and out cry, without trying to reign herself in. She cried so hard she had to hold her stomach. The tears streamed down my face unashamedly. Damn you Columbus, why did you have to go and mess up a good thing?

Fitz and Olivia walking past each other.

There was more chemistry in that scene where they didn’t even speak, than all of the Liv/Jake scenes put together. That brief moment when both of their fingers almost reached for each other, but not quite, reminded me of why I fell in love with them in the first place. Jake and all the Getty’s Burgers in the world can’t touch their dynamic. Scott and his cardboard self has the charisma of an amoeba. Sorry. Erm, not sorry actually.

I’m still hoping that the writers don’t put them together though.  Unless Fitz actually gets a divorce. Frantic closet sex to appease the Olitzers will no longer suffice. Not for me anyhow, I want more for my girl. Then and only then will I be able to enjoy Olitz like this: 

(What a shame Scandal is on network TV though)

What I really loved about this episode was that despite it feeling a lot slower paced than we’re used to, it all mostly made sense. What a welcome relief. And yay for actual politics! The writing was actually decent. Take away all the Jake and Olivia scenes, it felt like a professionally written series again. The case of the week was reflective of the big issue in politics at the moment - equality. There was a strong message in the case, the likes of which we haven’t seen since season 2A. 

It felt like a show that could go up against the more critically lauded shows out there, and damn I missed that. Nothing was done purely for shock value, even Mellie’s comment about her lack of grooming with regards to her vajajay felt organic, and it was amusing in a bittersweet way, because we know that this woman was acting out because she was grieving for her son. Love Mellie or hate her, it should have been hard to not  feel sympathy for her, I know I did, and I generally loathe her.

I was majorly surprised by the reveal that Fitz had tried to commit suicide, but once again, I thought it was a topical subject that I hope the writers do justice when it comes round to tackling that story line. Now both Mellie and Fitz have tried to take their own lives.

Overall, except the gag-worthy scenes between Olivia and Jake, I was pretty pleased with how things went. I’ve no doubt that the writers will unleash episodes on us that will attempt to shock us to the core, but I’m good with that, as long as they deal with the reverberations and the after effects of those moments properly. This episode felt like a sort of apology to the fans for driving the show over a cliff last season, and long may it continue.


As far as I’m concerned, the Jake and Olivia relationship is already over. It will last maybe another four episodes, and Olivia will be a single gal again. She doesn’t love him, and he just covets her as a prize to bend to his will. He doesn’t see her, he doesn’t appreciate how smart she is, he doesn’t realize that fixing is who she is, not just what she does, and telling her not to talk about work during their not-so-sexy time really hammered that home.

I think some people seemed surprised that the death of Fitz and Mellie’s son haven’t brought them closer, but I’ve witnessed what happens to couples who have lost a child in real life, and more often than not, that kind of tragedy eventually tears them apart. Fitz and Mellie need counselling. Desperately. They both suffered a tragic loss, coming on the heels of Fitz discovering that his wife was raped by his dad. I think that he counselling will help them see that they need to go their separate ways, and be ok with it. I’m praying that Shonda doesn’t prolong that toxic mess.

Because the episode started with Jake and Olivia in a good place, and her and Fitz not even speaking to one another, I’m pretty confident that the season finale will feature the opposite. The presidential divorce is coming this season, I’m certain of it. I think that Shonda knows that she effed up last season, and she knows that she either has to have a resolution to the Fitz and Mellie relationship, or she has to split Fitz and Olivia up for good. The Olitz scene at the end of the episode was enough to convince me that the game changing moment will truly happen this season. No doubt it was a bone to the Olitzers, but I think she genuinely wants to move them forward this season. I actually believe that, and I’ll keep believing until I’m shown otherwise, remember, season three never happened as far as I’m concerned.

By the way, even if Shonda breaks up Olivia and Fitz for good, as long as Liv isn’t with Jake, and she actually reads people for filth who come at her, and she goes back to being great at her job again, I’ll be happy. I can always get my shipping fixes by re-watching episodes of Outlander.

Man, Jamie is hot as hell, and I will post his and Cait’s pics every opportunity I get, because they are so damned pretty together. 


taylor has become so massively popular and because of that, just about everyone and their grandma comes to a show for this tour so it’s special when she plays songs from earlier albums that weren’t as big as 1989, songs that most people wouldn’t know. it’s sort of like a nod to those who’ve been fans for a long time and when she plays those types of songs you just smile to yourself while everyone watches on because you know it’s her way of saying ‘thanks for sticking around, this is for you guys’

Why I Am Glad The Grumps Read Fan Fic

I’m going to pre-face this by saying I am writing it at 2:30 in the morning while I’m still all hoped up and excited by the stream so bear with me! (it’s going to be queued for tomorrow) 

So, on the Grump stream last night the Grumps read some fic. I saw some posts when it was mentioned of people being nervous or freaked out by the idea of them finding and real our fiction. 

I wasn’t nervous (or at least not in a negative way) and let me tell you why. It was because the Grumps have always been good to fans who create content for them, whether it be fan-art, videos, memes, and to a very lesser degree fan fic. They like their work inspiring us, their viewers to create. 

There is also the fact that they all (except those who specifically asked not to be included) have been supportive of shipping, encouraged it, made their own jokes or content in regards to it. I think by now we can count several times over just how much Arin has stated he loves ships and polygrumps and all that jazz. 

Really, it’s more the other non-shipping fans that seem to have a big issue with shipping. Let me get back to my original point. Why I am glad the Grumps found some fan fic. 

Basically, it’s because I think fic can be boiled down to a stereotype, some jokey idea that it’s all badly written garbage, or that it’s all just ill-informed sex. People don’t often think about the fics that are long and sprawling and so beautiful it tears your chest apart, we’ve all experienced a fic like that I am sure, or one written so well you think you’e in the room with the characters. 

I think, tonight, the Grumps got a little glimpse into that world. When they read the fics they were supportive and never said anything mean, didn’t make fun of the writing. They laughed because it was their friends, themselves, picturing it, but not making fun of it. Even Vernon said as he read one that it was very well written. Obviously they were expecting the worst, but got to see that we’re not just making fics because we want to see them bone (which, lbr we do and those kind of fics are A-OK in my book) but that we want to tell real, meaningful stories with these guys as characters. 

Brian had given props to writers of fic and I think that was very kind. Writing and sharing fic can and is absolutely scary because writing is putting a lot of yourself out there for the world to see. Plus, ficcers tend to get a lot of hate or are looked down upon. It was nice to see them appreciate our content. 

Now, I saw people discussing author permission and that being what was upsetting for them. The two fics that got read tonight, as far as I could tell, the authors weren’t upset. I, as an author of fics, would not be upset if mine had been read. We put our work out there with the slight understanding that maybe the people who inspire us will someday also see what we make. 

I can see why people whose fics were discussed/almost read/read could and would get upset if their work had been read aloud, but again, the Grumps did it with care. I also understand that in the context of a stream they can’t exactly hunt down authors and ask their permission and wait for a reply back. Now, if they were reading fic for a video or something, then I could see them picking out fic ahead of time and messaging people asking for permission. 

I’m not saying my opinion is right o the only valid thing around. You are allowed to feel how you want about this topic. My motivation for writing this is because I just want to let you guys know that this happening wasn’t exactly a bad thing.