those shorts doe

summer fun trash crew.

that tank top was jack’s, he made wilhelm wear it. they also make wilhelm carry all their stuff. the two scoop cone is jack’s too, if you were not tipped off by the mess of sprinkles.

Why is it so important to heterosexual people that the guy be taller than the girl??? Like I really really do not get this weird aspect of masculinity? Why can’t a tall girl wear heels if it makes her taller than her date? Like let her flaunt them long ass legs, be her armrest for a night, it’s no big deal. Why do short guys get so defensive over being short? You’re at perfect boob height! Face in boob every hug! EVERY HUG! Why must we romanticize tall dudes because they can reach tall things for girls? You know what else can help with that? Step stool.


Victoria + favourite outfits [1/?]

im gonna be real here, but fma 03 and CoS will always be close and dear to my heart