those shorts are cute


my friend had a picture of Patrick and I that I like even more than the one I had. I’m putting this on my Christmas card. I will send one to all my followers. <3
Patrick looks stunning in shorts.

Me: “Hey, Patrick could I get a photo?”

Patrick: “Hey! Sure! But only above the waist, I don’t want anyone to know I wear shorts.”

“Apparently, she and I are gonna be quite the team one day.”

I wanted to draw future Flynn and Lucy from the journal. They’re an interesting pair to think about, aren’t they? A little older. A little crazier. His hair is longer, hers is shorter. That feels right.

Flynn’s hair is based off Goran’s look in this old Madonna video. So I know for a fact he can pull it off.

wlw date ideas

so Lelah inspired me to make this post! (more ‘promo’ for her- she’s amazing af and you should follow her!!)

  • art museum date! Although you’re partially there to view art, you’ll be looking at her gorgeous self the whole time!
  • go to a farmers market and get some fresh produce.
  • go to a lgbtq+ skate event night.
  • have a cook or bake off.
  • make jewelry for each other.
  • go to your local botanic garden and have a picnic.
  • watch horror movies and cuddle.
  • go on a hike and sit by the lake for a few hours.
  • bake a rainbow cake.
  • take a cooking class together.
  • go to a thrift store and pick out cute outfits for each other.
  • watch the sun rise on a rooftop. 
  • set up a blanket on the lawn and stargaze.
  • dance around the house, after you eat dinner.
  • binge a season (or a few) on netflix.
  • go to a street food and try need food.
  • take a dance class together.
  • get a couples massage with her.
  • go to a street fair and try some new food.
  • make personalized scavenger for each other. (whether it’s around the house or the city.)
  • be photographers for a day and take pictures of each other.
  • take a weekend trip to somewhere new.
  • have a water balloon fight in those cute shorts y’all just bought.
  • do couples yoga or take a couples yoga class.
  • wander a bookstore and buy books to read together.
  • go to a cheese and wine tasting event.
  • head to your local driver in and watch the classics.
  • go for a long drive and talk about life.
  • go to a new museum and learn something new.
  • cross of an item or two from both of your bucket lists.
  • go to a club and let loose.
  • stay in a watch lgbtq+ youtubers. 
  • go overnight camping and sing around a campfire.
  • have takeout and play her favorite childhood board games.
  • go to build a bear and build each other stuffed animals with a recorded message in them. 
  • have a spa night, eat pizza, and watch typical lesbian movies.

have any to add? feel free to add them!! i’d love to hear them!

{Reaction} BTS Helping their s/o to Lose Weight

Could you please write BTS reacting to their s/o asking them to help them lose weight because their insecure of their body? I love your blog so much! Have a good day/night 💚💙💜💛❤

Min Yoongi

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Yoongi: “There’s nothing wrong with your body Jagi, but I guess if you want to work out and become more fit, that is always a good thing. We should do some training together, it might motivate me if you’re there too.” 

Jeon Jungkook

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Jungkook: “You can come to the gym with me in the condition that you wear those cute jogging shorts” *giggles* “I’m joking, I’m glad you want to come with me, it will be really fun!” 

Kim Taehyung/ V

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Taehyung: “You should lose weight if you want to and you feel i would make you happier, but never be insecure about your body. You’re beautiful” 

Kim Namjoon/ Rap Monster

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Namjoon: “Why would you want to change such an already perfect body?” 

Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope

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J-Hope: “I mean, you have no reason to change Jagi, you’re beautiful. But if you’re offering to come in tight gym clothes with me to training I’m not going to complain exactly” 

Park Jimin

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Jimin: “You’re killing me right now. There is nothing wrong with the way you look. You’re amazing, trust me okay?” 

Kim Seokjin

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Jimin: “Insecure about the way you look? Jagi, I am going to leave this room and those bizarre thoughts better have left your head by the time I come back.” 

anxietypoof  asked:

Hey there! I'm running short on promptis fanfictions, smut or fluff doesn't matter. Do you have any good ones to reccomend? Thank you💕

Hello! Sorry it took me awhile to answer this! I’m going to go through my bookmarks for you, but you’ve probably seen/read these yourself already and if you have then I’m very sorry :( These are just what I’ve enjoyed so far, but my “to read” list is so much longer than this…

Maybe some promptis people want to add their own fic recs to this at some point too? :D But here’s mine, in no particular order!

Life Imitates - T -  Riona - Everyone keeps trying to lecture Prompto on dating Noctis. Which would be fine if he and Noctis were actually dating. (This is so funny and so cute my goodness poor Prompto!)

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - M - JosephineSilver -   During a wintery festival meant to celebrate the Six and the Oracle, Prompto and Noctis find themselves snowed in and trapped in a small roadside motel. (Multi-chapter fic, this one is long! But so indepth, and so good!)

Keeping A Straight Face - M - Yuneyn - Prompto is bored during a long drive and wants to have some fun. Noctis may or may not regret agreeing to participate.orI saw a tumblr prompt about those two sexting in the car and then this happened. (Short, funny, cute, I love texting things in this fandom!)

Running Down A Dream - T -  tenshinokorin - Once upon a time there was a prince who went on a journey with three friends. In that fleeting, magical time together they all learned unforgettable truths about each other, about themselves, and about OMG IT’S A STUCKEYS STOP THE CAR STOP THE CAR LET’S GET PECAN LOGS (Ongoing, multi-chaptered, basically this is the best thing ever? A series of scenes/drabbles from different points of the road trip and it is hilarious! Don’t forget the bonus B-Sides fic now!)

Patisserie - T -  becca2793 - He’s like business royalty, the exact opposite of Prompto. He’s not exactly jealous, though, even if that means that this dark-haired boy is beyond rich. Prompto is free to do pretty much whatever he wants, barring it costs any money, and it seems like Noctis is stuck in a life he doesn’t want to be in. Everything comes at a cost, though. He thinks maybe he wouldn’t mind being a little trapped if it meant being surrounded by people like this, people who love him. (Ongoing multi-chapter fic, this is really nice, one of my favourites, this one has a different approach, with promptis not becoming friends until they’re both adults, so this features a still shy/awkward prompto when they first meet!)

Lessons in Etiquette - M -  KnockKnockBadminton - Begins in high school. From Prompto’s desire to befriend the sullen, bullied prince blooms a relationship even the Astrals themselves could not have foreseen. (Ongoing, multichapter, another favourite, the writing is just so good this fic is great ugh!)

to wish under the stars - T -  greyskiesblack -  Noctis takes Prompto out to see the stars, which is super sweet and great until an Iron Giant almost murders them.
But hey, at least they get the tent to themselves afterwards. (A kind of PWP cute first time oneshot!)

About Time to Set Up Camp - T -  tactical_nuclear_penguin -  A series of one-shots in no particular order of basically expanding convos, little moments in camp, and drabbles that popped into my head while playing. (Another ongoing multichapter fic that’s a series of drabbles from different points in the road trip, it has sweet moments, sad moments, funny moments, it’s a really enjoyable read!)

Cactus in the Valley - M -  heyjealousy - Modernish college soap opera??? AU.Noctis is the heir to a corporate empire, in college to hone his skills and take over when his father retires. Regis is a little bit (a lot) oppressive, and wants to shape Noctis into exactly what he needs to be to keep business booming and survive in the shark-infested corporate world. Noctis secretly has other desires, but hasn’t been bold enough to chase them… until he meets a clumsy blond freshman boy who turns his world on its head. (Completed multichapter fic, this one is long, and it’s intense, there are a lot of ups and downs, and it’s a really good read!)

Smile - M -  KuraNova -  Set shortly before the road trip that would change their lives forever, Noctis and Prompto realize just how much they mean to one another. (Multichapter, ongoing fic, it’s friends falling in love, very fluffy and sweet and lovely! An enjoyable read!)

Okay I think that’s enough to be going on with for now! If anyone else has any they’d like to add, both I’m sure it would be appreciated! (By me too, I need to consume more fic for these two). Thanks for the ask, peanutpirate! :D

Myth: Fast-tailed black girls. Fact: Issa Lie

It’s time for another conversation about how black girls are set up to fail from the start. Black girls aren’t allowed to just be, to dance, sing, laugh, play, wear clothes, play dress up, play with makeup, without some raggedy ass adult projecting adultness onto them or falsely assigning promiscuity to them. Black girls can’t seem to be carefree and do anything without it being sexualized. Smiling. Being happy. If a black girl does anything to express joy for being a damn girl, there’s an assignation of a sexual context. Sick ass individuals even do this gross shit to BABIES! I’ve seen the screenshots.

Myth: Fast-tailed black girls: Ask questions. Blow kisses. Wiggle their hips to music. Want to wear their hair down. They’re being grown if they speak up. They’re being fast for laughing and interacting with the world.

Fact: Black girls are sexualized and labeled fresh-tailed, fast, grown, and hot in the ass, in order to groom them for, and condition them to, internalize their sexual abuse. A girl child shouldn’t be running around wearing…cute, frilly, short or tight clothes. Those budding breasts could cause a man to stumble and slip his ashy hand down a girl’s shirt, even though it is he who is supposed to pluck HIS eye out of it should cause him to sin. The onus is placed on black girls to absolve uncle Otis and his leaky dick, so he can keep attending the family cookouts and tell the girls, including the teenagers how “thick” they are and what he would do to them if they weren’t related and so mama can pretend to not to know that her crusty ass bf, Donquavius Marshawn Hall, III, “Don Don” or “Lil D” as he’s known on the streets, is sneaking his predatory ass into her daughter’s room at night after he’s finished with mama. When she does “find out”, because her daughter gets pregnant or tests positive for an STD/STI, mama can accuse her daughter of trying to steal her man and have a perfectly clear conscience while doing so, while refusing to hold accountable the male she chose to take up with, and Quavi’s mom can declare with absolute certainty, “#notmyson”. Stop worshipping black dick, ANY dick really, and protect your daughters. Protect black girls! Fast-tailed black girls don’t exist. What the fuck is wrong with y'all?

Blackpink headcanons on their under 5ft S/O

Requested by; anon

Omg those short head canons are so cute. Could you please do one for BLACKPINK having a gf under 5’ (rip me I’m only 4'10 and already 21 ha) thanks lovelies! 💖


  • would compliment you every single minute of the day
  • cuddliest big spoon ever to exist
  • clothes sharing!!
  • “let me kiss your cute face, this height differences makes it even better!”
  • happiest when she’s with you


  • can be very stubborn but tries to get less stubborn around you
  • matching oversized hoodies
  • loves cuddly movie nights
  • brings you to practice
  • “work that pose! that’s my baby! show off those legs!”


  • small pair
  • “let’s fight anyone who mocks us, I’m ready!”
  • giggly as hell!!
  • kisses, hugs, kisses, hugs, kisses and more hugs
  • proud as hell of you


  • “let’s get matching outfits and gross everyone out with our cuteness!”
  • playfullest girlfriend ever
  • teaches you Thai
  • appreciates everything you do
  • takes photos of you when you’re killing an outfit
some little things that remind me of the signs

aries: playing loud music with the windows open in the car, bruised knuckles, beat up converse

taurus: the sun on your skin, wearing new shoes for the first time, slow kissing

gemini: blowing a really big bubble with your gum, reflective sunglasses, play fighting that leads to sex

cancer: messy hair after you let it air dry at the beach, looking at the moon out your window, long hugs

leo: running through a crowd with your friends, “u mad?”, the feeling after a good workout

virgo: the sound of heels clicking, a really nice smooth pen, messy half down half bun hair

libra: applying lipgloss, holding hands in public, those cute velvet pink booty shorts

scorpio: sneaking out late at night to meet up with someone your not supposed to be with, being the only person in a train car, hickeys

sagittarius: jumping into a pool fully clothed, car sex, doing something just so you can say you did

capricorn: sitting alone in a coffee shop, plants on a windowsill, long nails

aquarius: laying on top of a car to look at stars, paint stained shirts, glitter lipstick

pisces: getting high for the first time, batting your eyelashes, first kisses

“I’m gonna bust”

anonymous asked: Could you please do a vernon smut where you give him a blow job ? But can you write it from his perspective and theyre dating. Thanks

Summary: Vernon invites you over to hang out and watch movies, which ends up with you both in a very explicit scene with a quick ending. 

Warnings: terrible smut ahead! 

I hope this is okay for you guys! I know it’s not the best! 

As soon as he opened the door, Vernon knew tonight would be a long one. 

Your cute short hair was down and hanging just above your shoulders, your thick thighs and lovely ass shoved into a pair of tiny yoga shorts. Don’t even get him started on the way your- well his, oversized baggy t-shirt almost engulfed you whole. 

Vernon prayed to whatever God that was out there that you wouldn’t want to roll up into your usual ball and cuddle with him tonight. However, the God’s weren’t listening to his silent prayers today.

You immediately threw your arms around your boyfriends frame, almost clinging to him like a koala, and that’s when he knew that the long night had just begun.

You were unusually cuddly this movie night, you guys weren’t even watching anything scary, in fact, Vernon intentionally rented a children’s movie just so there would be no sex scenes. 

His hormones were running wild lately, especially during the hot weather and seeing you in short shorts and cute frilly tank tops, and god damn those skirts- “No,” Vernon whispered to himself, knowing his wild imagination run wild. 

“What was that?,” You asked curiously, innocent eyes staring up at him as you had turned your head from Zootopia to look at your whispering boyfriend. 

“Um, nothing, I was just saying that this movie is really cute,” Vernon improvised, sweating on the inside. 

You shrugged, turning back to look at the movie, but not before planting an innocent kiss on the side of his cheek. Which obnoxiously, wasn’t that innocent of a gesture to Vernon’s raging testosterone. 

He could already feel a slight tightness in his jeans just by staring at you when you walked in the door, and it was already increasing by the second. 

He silently looked up at the ceiling, his face scrunching in almost a painful like expression. 

He didn’t notice the way you had completely turned away from the children’s movie to look up at him and smirk. He didn’t notice that you’ve purposely been dressing more for him lately. He didn’t notice when you noticed his growing bulge in his pants. 

Vernon didn’t notice any of those things, he was too busy trying not to notice you, and the way you were curled into him, your thighs caressing his. 

“Vernon?” You said, causing him to jump, almost out of his skin. “Do you want me to help you?” Your voice was low and sensual. 

Vernon couldn’t help but send one more prayer to any God that was listening that you meant what he thought he meant, and this time, it seemed they had their ears wide open. 

“W-with what?” Vernon trembles, his bulge growing by the second as you look up at him with that innocent look. 

“You know what I mean,” You say, motioning with your hand to Vernon’s growing cock. 

He gulps, taking a deep breath before nodding. This was the moment his teenage hormones have been waiting for. He never wanted to pressure you, so he never asked, little did he know that you were just waiting for him to.

“Please,” Vernon pleads, feeling quite pathetic, yet ecstatic with every passing moment you stared at him.

You tied your hair up, getting in front of him on your knees. “You’re gonna have to help me, I’ve never done this before.” You admitted.

Vernon groaned, finding it almost too hot that the first dick in your mouth was going to be his. “I’ll guide you through it, if you need to stop, let me know” He calmed you, wanting to make sure you were 100% okay with what was about to go down. Literally. But, truth is, this has only happened one other time with his previous girlfriend, and it wasn’t terrible, but he knew the one from you would be much better. 

Vernon watched silently as you pulled down his zipper, your hands shaking slightly as you smiled up at him. His heart warmed, but so did his ballsack. 

“Remember, you don’t h-, Oh fuck!,” What started out as a comforting lecture turned into a loud exclaim from the boy.

You had taken his swollen cock in your hand, and squeezed, hard, and boy, did Vernon not expect that, especially mid-sentence. 

“Baby, you gotta slow down,” Vernon panted, almost ready to blow his load all over your pretty face. “Don’t squeeze so hard,” He choked out a smile. 

Vernon sat back and let you absorb his words, not wanting to pressure you, but also not wanting to cum so fast. After watching you sit and look perplexed for a good 10 seconds, he finally gave some advice, “Lick your hand, baby,” He said, his voice a lot calmer than before, but still choked, “It will help with lubrication,” He explained. 

Vernon sat with bated breath as you licked your hand, his mind going completely into the teenage boy gutter after seeing your fingers coated in saliva. He almost choked on his own spit when you slowly grabbed his cock in your tiny hand, the wetness allowing you to slide it through. 

“That’s i-it, baby girl, just like that,” Vernon encouraged, sitting back with his eyes closed, “U-um, if you want to, y-you can put it in your mouth?,” He suggested, almost as a question. His lips quirked up at the sides when he heard your small chuckle. The smile quickly faded as you licked the side of his head, causing his hand to jolt to the back of your head. “I-I’m so sorry!” He sputtered, his eyes shooting open as he saw that he had accidentally jerked your head to where your mouth was now engulfing his swollen head. 

He let out a small sigh of relief (and pleasure) when you shook your head, waving your hand as a signal that it was okay. “Just, t-tell me if you need to s-stop.” He grunted. 

You shut him up by licking his head again, this time fully, and Vernon was sure this wouldn’t last long. 

He couldn’t hold in his moans as you slowly took more of him in, silently choking on the girth of his cock. Vernon thought it was hot, but couldn’t help but let out a teeny smile at the way your cheeks were puffed out around him.

His hand lay still on the back of your head, gently stroking your hair to comfort you. But, his stroking stopped as his cock reached the hilt of your throat, causing Vernon to thrust harshly on instinct. You gagged around him and he moaned loudly, trying so hard to not put your hair into a makeshift ponytail and fuck your mouth. 

“Fuck, sweetheart,’ Vernon cried out, his head thrown back, and just like 20 minutes before, staring at the ceiling and trying to hold himself back. 

And just as before, you look up at him with the same wide eyed innocent look, and before he can stop himself, he lets out a loud moan, almost animal like, and the only words he can think of to warn you are, “I’m gonna bust!”