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At last, the first in a series of interconnecting one shots about my Victuri Merman AU!

I had so much fun drawing these, I hope you guys like them! These two drawings are based on the last scene in this one shot :D

This first one shot is bit short and possibly a bit slow but you need to know how they met first :) Then it’s just going to be fluff for days~

I haven’t written fanfiction in about 6 years. Please have mercy X’D

This is the only place this fic is posted at the moment since I don’t have an AO3 account. Anyone wanna help a fan out and send me an invite so I don’t have to go on a waiting list? X’D

Relatively short introductory one shot under the cut.

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this book is cute and I’ve had it since I was a kid but upon further looking, her feet have like….uncanny palms drawn like human metacarpals. i dont think i’ve seen another case like this exactly, but misunderstanding bird feet is not uncommon

judging on surface value, using comparative anatomy it’s easy to come to the conclusion that birds could have a rather similar structure as mammals (pardon my flaked off nail polish)

but of course birds are birds therefore they need to be needlessly complicated. what you are really seeing in those specimens and the scaled part of a bird’s legs are essentially just the bones we have as our wrist and hand (well, more specifically ankle and foot because hind limb)

and of course birds can’t stop there, we need an assortment of weird toe arrangements too

“When I first learned the piano and played those wretched scales, the teacher beside me had a pencil in her hand and she hit my fingers every time I played a wrong note. [Consequently] I never learned to read music because I hesitated too long to play the note on time. Because I was always [thinking] ‘Is this pencil gonna land?’ See? And that gets built into your psyche. So, people are always—although they’re adults and nobody is screaming at them any longer—they hear the echoes of that screaming momma or that bombinating poppa in the back of their heads all their life long. And so they adopt the same attitude to their own children and the farce continues.”

Alan Watts

Vetra and Ryder bonding over the shared experience of suddenly and unexpectedly losing a father who left them with huge responsibilities they weren’t ready for but tried to handle as best they could. They know that emptiness, that fear, that sadness, whether they talk about it or not.

Vetra and Ryder sharing the understanding of having no choice but to stop and pick up the pieces because people are counting on them and failure isn’t an option.

Vetra and Ryder supporting each other in the choices they’ve had to make and the reminding the other to not be so hard on themselves. Life isn’t perfect, never will be, but they have each other to help them with these challenges, they have someone to share this burden with, and that alone is a relief.

💕 Vetra and Ryder 💕

anonymous asked:

I remember you drawing the swapfell bros a couple of streams ago. would the pic be uploaded? I just want to know it's ok if it doesn't. but I want tell you that it was the most unique take on the sf bros I've ever seen and those metal scale things on sf sans' shoulder pads & belt are edgy af it fits him.

You mean these guys!

the spaulders and belts are studded

I always feel like the “lol dashcon” posts are missing something when they neglect to mention that the ball pit and bounce house weren’t provided by the con. Some anonymous attendees arrived, realized there was nothing there, and decided they would personally shell out for at least a little tiny bit of party-scale entertainment.

Like, those two things weren’t pathetic attempts by the organizers to save face, those were guests trying to improve the shitshow that was Dashcon, and it really puts the utter failure of that con hall being empty except for those two into a whole new perspective to consider that.


Written by DAN ABNETT
Art and cover by STJEPAN SEJIC
Variant cover by JOSHUA MIDDLETON
“UNDERWORLD” finale! Caught in the claws of the monstrous crustacean crime baron known as Crush, Aquaman and Dolphin are bargaining chips in a most dangerous game with the cruel King Rath, who’ll do anything to keep the secret of Arthur’s survival from the people of Atlantis. Meanwhile, Mera’s mission to break into the sealed kingdom hits a rough patch when Atlantis’ magical technology short circuits on a massive scale—especially those devices made of a certain metal…
On sale SEPTEMBER 20 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T


Here we see some examples of the pit of sin that is the Star Wars films. Where so called “Jedi Mind Tricks” are used to assault complete strangers. Species of all kinds, even a young man at a bar simply trying to make a living selling death sticks. It is sickening that these films are not even rated R, and families with young children even watch them together! For shame Disney, putting your name on such a disgrace of a franchise, for shame.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Find the flattened reptilian thing in the back of your mind and kill it.

Taurus: You will find the peace you desire, but you will most likely have to part with your rubber duck collection.

Gemini: The fog that fills your mind is the result of the broken fog machine in the garage. 

Cancer: Type your thoughts into the screen, let them rest for a week, then delete them. The spirits in the wires will thank you.

Leo: Your wisdom stat is too low to wear those pants, try something scaled to your understanding of the world.

Virgo: Ruthless efficiency produces results but blind rage is more fun.

Libra: There are atoms of dinosaur nads in your mouth right now.

Scorpio: The path to hell is paved with good intentions, which feel squishy underfoot.

Sagittarius: When someone, somewhere, thinks of the perfect butt, it is your butt of which they think.

Capricorn: Nobody knows whats going on. Accept this. You keep stress in your back.

Aquarius: No you don’t need someone to kiss your neck and tell you its going to be okay, but its damn nice to have that isn’t it?

Pisces: The financial world is a tough one, keep your credit cards in a block of ice. Don’t stop untill all credit cards are in a single, colossal, block of ice.
The Myth of Apple's Great Design
The company’s new “spaceship” headquarters shows how its beauty has always been skin deep.
By Ian Bogost

I’m not particularly for-or-against Apple; I was raised using PCs at home and Apples at school, so I’m reasonably familiar with both, though using PCs for work has tipped those scales a little. 

But what I do love is a really well executed hit piece, and The Myth Of Apple’s Great Design is an amazing screed against Apple and its tech philosophy. Well worth a read for the sheer satisfaction of watching someone dismantle an icon so thoroughly.