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My First RP Experience

Well, my first RP experience was actually at the bonding ceremony for Bee and Zephirin ( @zephirin-the-valorous ). I first decided to move to Balmung because I had nobody left on Hyperion to do anything with and Zeph was already there in a pretty active FC. At the time I didn’t really want anything to do with RP, but I transferred over with the promise that I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to. We had gotten it in our heads that we both wanted the items from the ceremony, but didn’t really want to do the whole IC thing. At least I didn’t.

So, we got it all set up and were awaiting the day that we could finish the quest. Meanwhile, Zeph gently prodded about writing some semi-serious vows for the event. I agreed, somewhat reluctantly, because most of the FC already had invitations. As the day approached, I grew more and more anxious. I had never done anything like this before. It didn’t really help that it would be in front of people I hardly knew.

The day of the wedding, we handed out some final invitations and we went into our dressing rooms. My heart was pounding at the thought of what I had gotten myself into. The cutscene ended and we had our chance to give our vows. Little did we know how true these were. The vows we had given became the entire foundation of their relationship. We hadn’t intended for the wedding to even be IC for Zephirin. Mostly because I had never intended to do the RP thing. And, well, the thing happened anyway.

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