those rosy cheeks

Reasons to watch Days

Reason #1

The main character, Tsukushi Tsukamoto, is the definition of a pure cinnamon roll 

look at those rosy cheeks. an angel. innocent and pure

At his first training camp as a soccer player, he’s just so excited to be there with his teammates and the other players. Also this sweet boy is thinking about his mom while he’s eating. I’m not gonna share screenshots of the episode were Tsukushi’s mom is featured because it’s a delight and you should watch it yourself, but just know they’re both so adorable and his mom loves him so much and he is such a good son

here’s some caps of Tsukushi being adorable while looking confused

he’s a little awkward

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he must be protected at all times

Even though this is a sports anime, he actually sucks at soccer. He’s a newbie, he just started playing and he’s not exactly great yet

he gets hurt. badly sometimes, this cap above is one of his lesser injuries 

and he cries. a lot. T.T (don’t cry Tsukushi sweetie let me hug you)

but he is such a hard-worker and he’s determined to get better. the boy trains his butt off

and his hard work and determination really shows. Like his entire team is in love with him

pouty Tsukushi because his teammates are forcing him to take it easy cause it works too damn hard

These are just a few of the reasons why I adore Tsukushi Tsukamoto and why he’s one reason to watch Days. I could go on and on but I don’t want this post to get ridiculously longer

I’ll end this with one of his precious smiles

please watch Days


Modern Harry Potter Aesthetics

Rita Skeeter 

“Hello, I’m Rita Skeeter. I write for the daily prophet. But, of course, you know that, don’t you? It’s you we don’t know. You’re the juicy news. What quirks lurk beneath those rosy cheeks? What mysteries do the muscles mask? Does courage lie beneath those curls? In short, what makes a champion tick? Me, myself and I want to know. Not to mention my ravid readers. So, who’s feeling up to sharing? Shall we start with the youngest? Lovely. “

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Does runaway ben get a little more season one chubby cheeked? I imagine he gets self concious about it

He puts on weight since living with George, and I feel like George is the one trying to plump him up. When he first found Ben he was wasting away, so it feels right when he sees those rosy cheeks all chubby. He likes how they dimple when he smiles.

Ben feels a little boyish, and it makes his crush just a little worse. He really likes George, but can’t help feeling like he’s gotten his baby fat back, and that if he confesses his feelings George will pinch his cheek, tousle his hair and send him off on some errand. Dismissed like some silly child.

But really, George is fattening him up. More squish, more to hug. Chubby cheeked Ben makes his heart sing.

Prompt: “ My kid hit you in the back of your head with their toy and blamed it on me“

Aomine’s car was at repair so he had to take the bus. He didn’t mind public transport or something, and it would be totally fine if he was here by himself, but having a four years old kid, who wouldn’t shut up for a damn second and wriggling non-stop on his lap, made this bus ride hellish. Don’t get him wrong, he loved Hikari more than anything in the whole world. She was his princess and his queen. Her smile was like sunshine itself and her name suited this little angel with those chubby rosy cheeks.

He sighed and smiled at his daughter, fixing her back in his lap so she won’t fall. Hikari was busy playing and talking to her doll as her father gently stroked her head. He didn’t quite get what the hell made her shriek and jump in his lap so high, but the next thing he saw was that her doll was sent flying into someone’s head across the bus.

‘Damn, princess, you’re gonna rock at three pointers.’ Aomine thought while Hikari started giggling. ‘Oh, right. Fuck.’

The person turned around and a pair of ruby, annoyed eyes looked at them. The guy was kind of scary, but Hikari didn’t even flinch. The redhead lifted up the doll and his features visibly softened as he walked up to their seat. He smiled wide at Hikari, handing the doll to the little girl who stared at him with curiosity. It felt kind of awkward, as usually, kids would start crying or run away when they saw him.

“Here, little princess.” the guy said still smiling.

Aomine’s mind went blank. This guy was hot as hell, his voice was thousand percent illegal and did he call Hikari “princess”?

“Umm,” the girl fidgeted while taking the doll “thank you, mister!” she smiled at him, blushing.

What the hell? Why was his tomboyish Hikari blushing like a maiden here???

“Papa, you should be more careful with your belongings.” Hikari said and placed the doll, her fucking doll, on Aomine’s lap, pretending it wasn’t hers.

What the heck. Little-!

Aomine turned different shades of red per every passing second and looked hesitantly at the hot stranger. The redhead seemed to be so freaking amused, he barely could contain his laughter. He was giggling. Bastard.

Aomine huffed, clearly annoyed, a pout forming on his lips as he looked away. This was the last drop apparently. The redhead barked a laugh and it sounded so beautiful for Aomine and Hikari’s ears, that his lips quirked up involuntarily and the girl started giggling too.

The redhead leaned at Hikari and whispered, but Aomine was able to hear him anyway “I like the way you think, miss.” he winked and Aomine almost had a heart attack “So, your dad plays with dolls?”

“Yeah!” Hikari beamed “Papa plays with handcuffs too, at his work!”

Aomine visibly paled ‘What the fuck, princess? Now he’s gonna think I work at a sex shop or hell knows where!’

The redhead whistled and looked in his navy eyes “Handcuffs, you say? Hmm.” His eyes narrowed and did he just smirk? ‘Oh fuck, why are you so sexy and the hell is wrong with your eyebrows, hottie?’

Aomine swallowed his tongue probably as he couldn’t get a single word out of his throat. But who needs to talk when you have this little chubby broken TV set which didn’t shut up as many times as you try to make it to?

“And batons! And…and… and guns!” Hikari said, her eyes shining.

“Ohohoho. That’s great, princess. Your dad must be cool.” the redhead said and smiled up at Aomine, making him blush more.

“Yeah, he is! I love papa!” Hikari beamed and hugged her father’s waist. Aomine felt his insides being crushed.

“Now, now, princess. Let your papa breathe.” Aomine finally found his voice and why the redhead looked at him like he was some delicious dish? Did he just lick his lips? Did he?

“Sorry, man,” Aomine said while ruffling Hikari’s blue hair “for the doll thrown at your head, I mean.”

“Nah, it’s okay.” the hot stranger smiled sheepishly at him “Besides, I got here some interesting information about you , – “

Aomine groaned internally. He wasn’t a worker at a sex shop, alright? He wasn’t into BDSM either – okay, maybe a tiny tiny bit.

“ – officer Aomine.” the redhead finished his sentence and Aomine narrowed his eyes dangerously at him while holding Hikari closer to his chest. The girl looked up at him with curiosity.

“Who are you?” Aomine growled. They were in a bus, so maybe the guy wasn’t that crazy to pull something out right here, but who really knows.

The redhead laughed again and it was kind of creepy for Aomine “Don’t worry, mother-hen. I’m an agent.” Then the man went rummaging through his pockets and slowly took out a badge. “Look there, FBI.”

Aomine squinted at it and let out a sigh “Kagami, you sounded like a creep, seriously.”

Kagami blinked and smirked smugly “Oh, did I?”

“Creepy tiger! Creepy tiger!” Hikari laughed, pointing at the redhead.

Kagami blinked again, surprised “Oh, you can read English, princess?”

“Yup! Papa taught me!”

“Such an awesome dad you have there.” Kagami looked directly in his eyes when he said it and Aomine gulped.

Hikari giggled and hugged her dad again, totally oblivious to the rising tension between the two men.

Aomine cleared his throat and asked “Anyway, agent Kagami, how can I help you? It must be something important if you followed me here.”

“I wasn’t exactly following you, ” Kagami corrected “but, yeah, it’s important.”

Aomine prepared himself for whatever blow Kagami could send his way. Was it something about their new case?

Kagami scratched the back of his neck awkwardly, looking away. Aomine grew suspicious.

“I’ve been dying to ask this hot police officer from our last crime scene out for a dinner or something…”

Aomine frowned. What the hell, dude? Who cares about what you’ve wanted to do?

Oh. Oh shit. Is he talking about Aomine by any chance?

Probably yes.

Fucking hell.

“So, what the police officer thinks about it?” Kagami looked at him, serious like a statue. The hell happened to his eyebrows anyway? And why was Aomine thinking about those at the moment? Oh gods. It’s happening! Get your head out of your ass, Aomine!

“Uh, y-yeah, su-” Aomine stuttered.

“Sure thing he goes!” Hikari answered for him and slapped her dad’s thigh “But tiger pays! And Hikari wants a big portion of fries!” the little angel grinned leaving both men stunned.

It’s funny, isn’t it? You’re there in front of me, flushed and laughing without shame or a care in the world. But here I am, watching you and worrying about how I can prevent that laughter from stopping; hoping that a tear will never roll down those rosy cheeks of yours.
—  J.H.