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Letters From: Supernatural
Receive letters from Sam, Dean, Cas, or Crowley and more (by request). Letters come in the voice of the characters and are sent in the mail, NO SHIPPING FEES. Charges are based on length of the letter. Standard (5-7 lines): $5 Long (10 lines-1 page): $8 Time to receive will vary based upon destination.

Up for sale now! Receive letters from Sam Dean Cas or Crowley! Will be doing a giveaway for FIVE lucky followers! All you gotta do is send a message of which character you want a letter from! Giveaway will end on October 16th and letters will be sent on Monday! I will make a post and tag you lucky winners.

A side note: Those of you that sent me those lovely messages, thank you so much. It actually really cheered me up.

Negativity below, y'all don’t have to read but I’d rlly appreciate it if u could send me any kind of positivity? ♡

Ahh, look what I decided to do! And boy was it ever fun!, I can’t wait to do Frisk and Asriel with this as well! (I couldn’t possibly leave them out guys)

Here’s Frisk for those interested:

and Asriel: I haven’t started him yet, but he’ll be here when I’m done!




So yeah, long post ahead (I swear I’ll try and figure out how to do the read more feature someday!……Aaaannd, it’s actually incredibly easy……wow…..great job me…..great job -_-

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I just really wanted to say that I love your account and your headcanons~ I read those when I'm having a bad day and it really cheers me up!! You're such a dear, ya know that? (I don't know why i want to tell you this but there's a thought running through my head: Jumin's diamond pen goes missing because Saeyoung steals it to dance the "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" dance just because he can.) Sorry, I blabber too much. Carry on with your day~

im so glad my writing can cheer you up ^^ and ummmMM this is NOT blabber this is freaking funny i can see it happening so vividly in my head

  • “assistant kang, have you seen my pen?”
  • “did you leave it at home again, Mr. Han?”
  • “no i…i could have sworn”
  • Jumin gets a notification on his phone
  • its a new video message from Saeyoung
  • he opens the video
  • Saeyoung is wearing copious amounts of leopard print and a pair of ridiculous sunglasses
  • Jumin was used to getting stupid videos from Saeyoung but-
  • Jumin hold the phone close to his face
  • Saeyoung, you-
  • “i have a pen….i have an apple”
  • NO!
  • NO!
  • Jumin watches in horror as Saeyoung shoves his diamond encrusted pen in to a fucking apple
  • (in the background of the video Yoosung can be heard snorting from behind the camera)
  • Jaehee heard the shouting and runs into Jumins office
  • “whats going on in here?”
  • Jumin’s face is dark and sinister
  • “assisstant kang, please call a car for me. i must pay Saeyoung a visit”
  • when Saeyoung sees Jumin at his door he legit tries to climb out of the window
  • but its too late
  • Jumin is inside now
  • “Saeyoung is swear to god i’m going to kill you”
  • and that’s how Saeyoung Choi dies, kids

also i would like to add that you’re such a dear and i love u!

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So I'm a little drunk rn as well as a little sad and the fact that you look so pretty in all of those dresses is really cheering me up. You're an amazing, beautiful woman and honestly I feel like you forget that sometimes. But you shouldn't because you got a whole bunch of people that love and support you on here and I'm proud to be one of them! ❤❤❤-🍋

I’m so sorry you’re sad lemon :( Please dont be sad 

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Legit been dealing with negativity from my dad about not wanting to have children and how I will when I meet the right guy the last few days (in what world does any man make me decide that I wanna squeeze a human outta my body?) So those hcs really cheered me up! (Also Im ace and he doesn't like that) ((+like I'm awful with babies sooo?)

Aw, I’m sorry to hear that, love!

You dad should just respect your wishes and accept you how you are idk why parents are so controlling and judgey lately :/

But I’m glad you enjoyed them!! Hopefully everything gets better for you!! You deserve happiness and positivity instead of what you’re getting~ ~Admin 404

5SOS - He cheats and regrets it (his POV)

I’m really sorry this took me forever to write but I hope you all like it and also sorry if they’re not all the same length but anyways tell me what you think or request stuff that’d be hella awesome! x

[his P.O.V.]

Calum: I was walking. Just walking and listening to the sound my feet made every time they met the ground. I had absolutely fucked it up. A car drove by as I stuffed my hands even further down my pockets. But it had only been an accident. Right? Even if it was, would she forgive me? I put one foot in front of the other, not caring about what people thought when they passed by and saw my face. I must’ve looked terrible. I was so sorry.

I didn’t mean to do it. But I and the boys had been on tour and I had missed (Y/N) so much, so the boys had decided to take me out to a club to take my mind off things. That hasn’t exactly been the best idea. Of course we drank something at the club. Maybe it was too much, yeah it definitely was. Then this girl came over to me, she looked exactly like (Y/N). Her hair was the same beautiful colour and when she smiled her eyes crinkled exactly like (Y/N)’s always do. She had the same eye colour and the same dimples that always make (Y/N) look absolutely adorable. When I took that girl home that night, I didn’t think a lot, the alcohol had taken over my brain and I guess she hadn’t been less drunk than I had been.

But the next morning had been the worst of my life. All the memories came back, flooding my brain. I had never felt so much regret in my entire life.

I felt a rain drop hit my nose and another one on my cheek. I just kept walking, what else was I supposed to do? I still remember (Y/N)’s face when she had found out. I remember her mascara running down her cheeks and I remember that it didn’t make her a single bit less beautiful. Her facial expression was a mix of hurt, sadness, anger and pain and the sight of it made my heart feel like it was breaking into a million little pieces. I hadn’t seen her since that day, it must’ve been at least a week ago now.

By now my clothes were sticking to my body and my hair wasn’t as fluffy as it normally is anymore, but I just kept walking. Some rain drops hit my eye and my vision got blurry. I regret everything about that night so much. I need her in my life and I need her to know that. The wind blew my soaking wet hair in all directions as I took the three steps to the familiar front door I had walked through so many times, it felt weird having to wait for someone to open it for me.

I looked up as it opened slowly, revealing (Y/N) standing in front of me. Her hair was a complete mess, she had no make-up on, her face looked extremely exhausted and her eyes were red and puffy. At the sight of her I wanted to do nothing more than have her back in my arms and hug her, tell her everything’s gonna be alright.

I looked directly into her eyes, as I saw a tear roll down her cheek. “(Y/N), I’m so so sorry”

Ashton: I stumbled over the doorstep of the house I shared with the boys, threw my jacket in the corner, took my shoes off and threw them away as well and took a deep breath. I made my way towards the living room as I tried to hold back my tears, but after what had happened it was impossible not to cry. “Ash? You’re back?” “How did it go” I heard Michael and Luke’s voices as I shuffled towards the couch, where calum was sitting, eating out of a bowl full of cereal and milk.

As he looked up and saw my face, his expression changed in a matter of a second. “Hey mate. Didn’t go well, huh? Come here have some cereal” he said, holding the bowl in front of my face. I just turned away and sat down next to him. My mind was completely blank. “Ashton, it’ll get better, you just have to wait a little” Mikey said, letting himself fall down on the couch next to me. “Yeah, I know you guys, you can’t live without each other. I know she’ll forgive you” Luke tried to cheer me up, but all those words didn’t really reach my brain. All I could think of was the fact that (Y/N) and I weren’t together anymore and it was alone my fault.

I couldn’t manage to say a single word but instead I just put my face in my hands and pulled my knees to my body. Calum rubbed my back comfortingly while my three best friends looked at each other, trying to figure out what to do. “I think you should sleep over it, Ash. I’m sure tomorrow everything will be much better already” Luke reassured. I felt another tear escape my eye. No, it won’t be. Without her it will never get better. Never in my life I’ve felt this empty.

“Should we call (Y/N)? Maybe if we explain things she’ll forgive you.” Mikey asked, already reaching for his phone.

“Thank you so much, really guys.” I finally managed to get out with a weak voice. I was so glad they were here, who knows what I would be doing right now if they weren’t. “Of course, mate” Michael said while dialing (Y/N)’s number. “Hold on, I’ll get you some cereal and it’ll get better” Calum jumped off the couch eagerly and walked towards the kitchen.

“You know Calum, cereal doesn’t solve all problems!” I shouted after him, and I even felt a weak smile appear on my face.

Luke: “Luke? C’mon mate, you need to eat something at some point” Calum sat down on your bed next to you, holding a plate with some food on it. “Go away calum” I grumbled, burying my face in my pillow. “Only if you promise to eat something” Calum insisted. “I’m not hungry” I murmured.

Maybe I was hungry, but the emptiness inside of me has made me practically emotionless. It was indescribable, I didn’t know what to do. I just wanted to disappear from all the pain or turn back time to the point where everything was okay and (Y/N) was still happy to see me and be around me. It was my own fault, but I regretted what I had done so incredibly much. I had cried all night and I didn’t get any sleep at all. My lack of sleep didn’t make the situation any better and Calum didn’t either. I know he just wanted to make it better but he wouldn’t be able to do that anyways.

I pulled the covers over my head and a second later I heard Calum groan and the shuffling of his feet as he left the room.

I cuddled even tighter into the pillows as I felt another tear escape my eye and I caught myself wondering how much a person could cry before there’s no tears left anymore.

Suddenly someone pulled away the covers from my body, making me shiver. “The ‘Bathing - yourself - in self – pity-time’ is over now!” Mikey shouted as he took my arm and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. “C’mon Luke, we’ll get your mind off things now and don’t you even dare saying no now!”

I pulled myself up with the little power I still had left and carried my body downstairs behind Michael. As we reached the living room I saw Cal and Ash sitting on the couch, a big bowl of popcorn in front of them and some drinks standing on the couch table. I felt a little smirk appear on my face. They could be such idiots, but when I need them they’re always here and that’s what I’m thankful for.

I sat down next to Cal as Michael put in a movie to watch. “You’re gonna eat something now, aren’t you?” Calum asked, shoving the bowl of popcorn into my hands as I chuckled quietly.

Michael: “Goodnight! And don’t think too much about it mate” Ashton shouted before driving off with his car and I made my way up to the front door of (Y/N) and my shared flat. I had fucked up so bad and this time there was no explanation and I had no idea how to make it all good again.

As I unlocked the door I heard the shuffling of feet from upstairs. She had left this morning when she found out about it, but I supposed she was back now. I took one step after the other and went upstairs to where the noise came from. The door to our shared bedroom was slightly opened and I could see (Y/N)’s figure inside of it.

“Hey…” I started as I pushed the door open, but when I saw (Y/N) shoving her stuff into a giant bag I immediately went quiet.

“Michael… I can’t…” she managed to say, but then she stopped talking too and I noticed how red her eyes were and how exhausted she looked. I felt nothing but regret at the sight of her.

I thought back to when we moved in this flat and we didn’t have a bed for three days because none of us could figure out how to set up the bed and we had to sleep on the mattress on the floor, but we both didn’t care because we had each other. I still remember us standing in the kitchen in the middle of the night, I was only in my boxer shorts and she wore my flannel over her underwear, and we tried to make pancakes, but we failed and they burned, but all we did was laugh. I still remember how every night we would be laying in our bed, whispering sweet little things into each others’ ear before falling asleep.

And that was the point where I realised how much I needed her in my life. I can’t manage my life on my own I need someone as weird as me to be with me all the time.

“(Y/N)…I’m so sorry. I don’t know how to make it better” I said quietly, looking down on the ground.

“You can’t make it better, it has already happened. I just… I just need some time on my own, okay?” she said as she wiped away a tear from her cheek. She closed her bag and picked it up, walking towards the stairs. I followed her slowly. In that moment I just wanted to turn back time and start all over, but I couldn’t.

She was right, it has already happened. Before she could walk out the door I called her name and she turned around. “do you think you’ll ever be able to forgive me?”

Her face looked so hurt I just wanted to hug her and make it better but after all it was my fault right? “I don’t know Mikey… I just need some time okay?” she replied unsurely.

“I love you, you know that?” That was the last thing I said before she left the flat and my world.

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hey! i just read kic and i wanted to say that i really love it and thank you for writing it! i was kinda having a ~not the best day~ and it really cheered me up! (especially the group chats those might be my fave part) (ooh also the part where everyone is waiting for victor to get to the office like) anyways i'm super excited for the next chapter! <3 hope u have a lovely day!

Omgomg thank you for sharing which parts you liked!! This is so sweet n nice 🌸❤️ im glad you enjoyed it

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hi cap! do you have any domestic!stevebucky headcannons because those would really cheer me up right about now.

hey there, i always have domestic!stucky hc bab

  • steve can only cook if he’s got the recipe right in front of him and even that’s got far too much potential for disaster so bucky lets him do stuff like chopping and mixing but doesn’t let him anywhere near the oven
  • steve stress-burritos like nobody’s business
  • bucky takes up burritoing next to steve when he does that to keep him company
  • bucky waking steve up when he gets into bed late by putting his cold metal fingers on steve’s back and shoving his cold toes against steve’s calves
  • steve always, without fail, yelps when this happens
  • he denies it
  • there are two ways they watch tv together: sprawled on top of each other, or bucky on the floor leaning against steve’s legs (which sometimes go numb if they’re there long enough but steve doesn’t mind because he gets to play with bucky’s hair)
  • bucky loving having his hair played with, he finds it super calming
  • steve finds it just as calming to play with bucky’s hair
  • bucky making a habit of greeting guests with some form of weaponry
  • steve has tried (and failed) to stop him doing that
  • bucky says he’s making sure the people don’t try to mess with him
  • steve’s like that’s a dog buck
  • steve and bucky having matching aprons for cooking, steve’s is pink and it says ‘hot stuff’ on it, and bucky’s is yellow and says shut up and eat it’
  • steve has gotten very good at giving shoulder rubs
  • bucky has gotten equally good at giving foot rubs (steve often flops on the couch and pokes bucky’s legs with his feet until bucky gives in and rubs them)
  • bucky’s made a point of hanging everything steve draws somewhere in the house (unless it’s something neither of them want to share)
  • steve has a habit of drawing bucky while he’s asleep, so those drawings do not make it to the apartment walls
  • mainly because bucky sleeps naked
  • but also because bucky refuses to let people see that he drools when he sleeps
  • bucky can’t draw all that well but he doesn’t let that stop him from doodling all over steve’s arms and hands when he’s bored
  • steve’s a morning person. bucky is most definitely NOT a morning person

i hope you feel better honey ♥

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ereri, meeting online au??? (it's so predictable but i had to, I HAD TO)

Send me a ship and a number and I’ll write a short fic

9. meeting online au



The fucking blood elf kept sending him party join requests.

Fuck off, Levi thought, trying to get the obnoxiously colored elf out of his field of vision. He needed to kill more of these spiders, not team up with some red-haired underwear model who didn’t know when to take no for an answer. He looked ridiculous next to Levi’s slumped over, undead rogue—and not just because he kept dancing right behind Levi’s avatar.

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I just wanted to thank you, guys, you are amazing! All of those messages in my ask box make me smile and really cheer me up, it means a lot to me! 

I’m really trying to reply to all of them, but it’s so hard! QuQ