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Wish You Were Here (Tom Holland Smut)

request: i think it was kinda? someone wanted phone sex w tom so here we are i’m too lazy to find it but anon one’s for u babe <3

short summary: tom was a little shit this whole week about the fresh cut and it got u all hot and bothered when he finally posted a pic so u know seeing as u can’t see him phone sex will have to do

length: 1.6k words

warnings: smut

A/N: i’m sorry i know i said i was working on 2 angsty peter fics but i knew i needed to write this as soon as he finally stopped being a snake and showed us that dope cut bc goddamn it looks fucking NICE i’m so s o r r y 
pls forgive me

You toyed with yourself as you paced around your bedroom. Not knowing what exactly to do, you were at a loss. You didn’t want to cave, but at the same time you were beyond caring. The reward would be too great if you would just succumb to your wants.

Tom hadn’t only been messing with his fans all week, but you too. What started as a simple joke tweet had amassed into hysteria in his fandom. He’d initially planned on only waiting a day before showing the world a simple selfie of his new hair cut, but after seeing everyone freak out he decided to take it a step further and mess with everyone for a few days.

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BTS reaction to you sending nudes

eheheh I love this request, thank you sweetie ;)
if you have sent in any requests recently and I haven’t done them, i’m really sorry :( i’m a student so I need to find time to write and study, so expect your requests done in a few days after sending them in <3
(dear person who requested: I love your username. love ya.)

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

requested by @sunflowerlecki: huehuehue can i request a bts reaction to you sending a nude picture ;)))) 

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Hurry Home (Smut)

 A/N: This is kinda procrastination because I’m having a hard time finishing Redemption, but it’s coming along. I found this is my drafts so this is my “please don’t kill me Redemption is coming” phone sex. Also, I’d like to dedicate this to my lovely friend @sippingchai . Thank you for being as thirsty as I am lol. Enjoy ;)

You stretch your legs out as you sprawl across the bed making the most obnoxious noise. Opening your eyes, you look over and see an empty place in the bed where Shawn should be. The studio maybe? Who knows. You stand up and make your way downstairs to the living room to sit on the couch. You turn on Netflix to watch the next season of Dexter. You and Shawn usually watch it together, but you just can’t help yourself.

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Touch Me, Touch You | 03 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

BTS; Yoongi/Suga (Ft. Hoseok/J-Hope)

Genre: Smut | a touch of angst

Word count: 3.6k

Description: Yoongi gets a surprise when he thought he had the apartment all to himself.

Anonymous requested: Voyeurism with Yoongi was supposed to be a drabble but turned into this mess…

Warnings: Masturbation, dirty talk, sexting/phone sex

A/N: What am I doing actually… Look, I had to make this into an angsty story.. I can’t just not make it angsty. This is still like pwp basically, but we are getting to plot I swear…


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anonymous asked:

Caitriona owns his ass lock, stock and barrel. Whether gay, straight of somewhere in between. If he's straight and with the blonde, all C has to do is snap those pretty fingers. If he's gay, then she's his Queen. Whatever their relationship is, Cait owns it. I know it, you know it, they know it and the blonde knows it. He will never be hers. I couldn't live like that.




Wink Wink Heart Heart (Part 1)

Originally posted by wonhontology

Character(s): Reader X Minhyuk, Best Friend!Changkyun, Kihyun

Genre: fluff, smut in upcoming chapters, romance, slow-build

Warning(s): tooth-rotting, fluffy pick-up lines, fuckboi!minhyuk

Length: 3.2K

Summary: In which Lee Minhyuk is a fuckboi and he is so not your type. 

Prologue | Part One |

The faint whirring of air conditioning is the first thing that reaches your ears as you step into your lecture hall, knees almost buckling under the weight of your backpack. Taking an early morning class for organic chemistry may not have been the best decision possible, and you discovered that truth a bit too late - the first day of college. So now, halfway through the semester, you find yourself regretting every morning, every step that brings you closer to this hell.

Toppling over into your seat, you pant as Minhyuk slides into the seat next to you. His smile is entirely too bright for this early in the morning and a very, very small part of you swoons a little when he directs the smile at you. It’s a very small part of you, though. Almost non-existent.

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Sex with EXO analysis

For the smut lovin’ nation out there. Me being apart of it lol. Here’s my interpretation of how OT12 would be in bed…’cause I’m bored haha.  Enjoy.


  • Kris: Oh my. Sex with EXO’s sex god would be…mind-blowing to say the least. He would be rough and merciless. Lots of hard, deep, powerful thrusting. He would be quite audible during sex…lots of groaning and growling. He would also be quite the dirty talker. He’d whisper to you every once in a while demanding you to call for him and moan for him. “Scream for me baby girl,” he’d say. He might even go to the extent of slut shaming if he was feeling really kinky that day. He probably has a spanking and hair pulling kink so expect that. Yifan would be dominant—beyond belief. He’d always be on top. The only time you would be able to top him is if he feels like you’ve earned it. Needless to say, you’d be up all night with this sex demon. 

  • Kai: Sex with Jongin would be incredibly romantic. There would be an innumerable amount of kissing with him. He is also a very touchy lover, therefore I see a lot caressing, groping, and just touching in general. Not a single area of your body would go unexplored with Kai. His thrusts would be long and deep, so you two can savor each fleeting interval before he delivers another exotic thrust to your body. He won’t say much. He is more of the moaning type. The sound of Jongin’s breathy gasps and moans immersed in enjoyment would delicately envelop your ears, much to your pleasure. He is dominant but occasionally will let you be on top, just to enjoy the image of your body rising and descending upon his member, while your head is thrown back in unalloyed pleasure. Truly an event. 

  • Suho: Sex with Joonmyun would also be romantic but in a vanilla sort of way. Joonmyun is a gentleman and will be as such in the bedroom. He would shower you with all sorts of compliments like: “I love you so much Jagi, you’re beautiful,” or “you’re perfect Jagi…” The sex itself would be slow but in a pleasing manner. His thrusts would be slow and moderate, every once in a while he will lean in to plant kisses on your face. Suho does have a bit of a kinky side to him…nothing too extreme though. But he does not have a median to express that on his own accord so you would have to initiate it if you’re willing to. *wink* 

  • Chen: Oh dear, another kinky one. Jongdae in bed would be an adventure each time. He would be such a tease. He’d want you in control; you to pleasure him with whatever means. When he’s impressed, then he’ll give you a little sugar in return. Jongdae would be incredibly talkative. He’d basically narrate the entire sex session. He would utter things like: “Yeah baby just like that, keep going,” and “Don’t stop baby…oh god you’re so good” and “Ah yeah, that’s my girl…just like that.” I see him being really into doggy style. Thrusting into you while you grip the sheets, screaming into your pillow while he delivers a few well rounded spanks to your ass would turn him on greatly. Although he is mostly on top, I can see Chen really enjoying you riding him. I especially see him enjoying reverse cowgirl. It would all be highly convivial. 

  • Sehun: This little brat will be taking his brattiness to the bed without a doubt. Sex with Sehun would be kinda like sex with Kris. In the sense that he would be so freakin’ dominant for the entire duration. He might let you ride him, but only briefly. He would also be very talkative during sex. But he will only say things that meet with his satisfaction; things he wants to hear. “Yeah baby you like that?” “How badly do you want me Jagi? Show me how much you want me.” The little shit haha. The sex itself would be fast paced and rough. He’d grip your sides roughly as he thrusts into you with power and vigor, hitting all the right spots with impeccable timing. Seeing your face contort with clear registration of the pleasure would only drive him to get more reactions out of you. 

  • Chanyeol: Sex with our happy virus would be really fun and playful. He might crack a few lighthearted jokes here and there during the duration of the sex. During the foreplay is when he would be most lighthearted and playful, kissing your body in it’s entirety while murmuring a few jokes. But then, once the sex initiates, that’s when I see his rough side manifesting.  Like Chen, I see Chanyeol being really into doggy style. And like Kris, he might have a hair pulling kink, just a slight one. His thrusts would be lightning fast, but powerful, each one delivering bursts of pleasure each time. He wouldn’t say much, just lots of growling and grunting would be heard from him. Very energetic, fast sex. 

  • Lay: Lay would be such a sweetheart in bed. He would be incredibly romantic and sweet, putting your needs and pleasure as a priority while his is secondary. I can see him doing the cliche rose petals on the bed, romantic music in the background routine to really set the mood. There would be lots of kissing and caressing. He would murmur his ‘I love you’s’ while moaning softly throughout the sex. There would be an immense amount of foreplay beforehand. Intercourse itself would be slow but savory. He would always ask if you’re alright and make sure you’re enjoying yourself. Yixing is a very vanilla guy so I don’t see much kinkiness transpiring during sex. However, if you ask for something kinky, depending on what it is, he might comply. As long as you’re receiving all the satisfaction you need, that’s all the reassurance he needs. 

  • Luhan: Luhan is also a very romantic lover, therefore sex with our deer would be very sweet and saccharine. I see sex with Luhan being sweet in an erotic way rather than a vanilla way. There would be a lot of prolonged kissing and foreplay, mostly with you on the receiving end. Luhan is probably masterful at oral sex, so expect a lot of that. Like Kai, he won’t say much. Just lots of satisfied moans would escape his lips with each thrust he delivers. However, Luhan does have a rough side to him. If he gets turned on enough, that’s when you’ll be in for it. 

  • Baekhyun: Baek is definitely on the kinky side. Sex with Baekhyun would be lively…you’ll never know what you’re gonna get from this boy. His speciality lies in the foreplay department, especially with fingering. Him thrusting those long, pretty fingers of his into you, while you claw at the bedsheets, gasping his name breathlessly would certainly drive him over the edge. His thrusts would be brisk, but potent. They would be enough to send you into an enraptured state. He would use a lot of pet names with you in bed, calling you his “naughty girl,” or his “sex kitten.” Like I said, he is kinky, so prepare yourself for all sorts of new things. He’ll definitely whip out a few toys on you every now and then, so keep alert!

  • Xiumin: Minseok is…an interesting one to say the least. I see him being more on the submissive side. He relishes seeing you on top, straddling him. Anything you want him to do to you, he’ll comply; he’s yours to command. He is a bit of a freak so if you’re into some crazy positions or kinks, he’ll happily go with it because more than likely he is into the same things. The only time Xiumin would talk is when he wants to make sure he’s doing alright. “Is this how you like it Jagi?” “Am I doing alright Jagi?” He can be dominant, but only if that’s what you want~

  • D.O: Ah, our squishy Kyungsoo. He’s another romantic type. He would be an absolute gentleman in bed. Constantly asking if you’re alright and if anything hurts. He performs at the pace you feel best with. Expect lots of kissing and foreplay from him, because that’s what he would relish in most. Sex would carry on at a moderate pace, not too slow but not too fast; just right. It would be impeccable as he thrusts softly into you while kissing you squarely on the lips. Kyungsoo would want to make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world during sex. He will murmur a few amorous compliments about how beautiful you are and how he wants to kiss your entire body. He would worship your body as if it is a sacred temple of immense divinity. 

  • Tao: Tao’s a bit of a tricky one. Sometimes he can be absolutely adorable in bed and other times he can be a dominant, all controlling partner. It all depends on his mood and how badly he wants you. In his adorable mode, you can expect a lot of compliments and addressing you as “princess,” because that’s how he wants to treat you! You can expect lots of kissing and fondling and other foreplay related activities with this kid. But, when he is in dominant mode, expect rough sex. Rough, powerful thrusting is sure to ensue at some point. He would be hellbent on you pleasing him rather than the other way around where he reciprocates. He can be kinky. He’s probably into spanking and obscure positions…he’s a freaky one alright. 

*heavy breathing* 

Did I quench the thirst dear readers? Hope you enjoyed! Please do send me some asks and I’ll happily fulfill your fantasies! ;) 


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Prompt:  How about some Bones smut? 🙌🏻❤️
Word Count: 1052
Warnings: smuuuut & cursing
Author’s Note: Boning Bones! This is legit just straight smut, I’m gonna say that I can’t stop you from reading it but if you’re under 18 maybe consider skipping this one. I don’t want to be responsible for any moral undoing of Tumblr’s youth. Also, I apprently need to watch The Loft if he’s gonna be getting undressed in it like that…damn

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Did something happen to Sawamura over the summer break?
He looks like a different person!
He looks so gloomy now!
He’s reading a book too!

That’s The Book of Five Rings
It’s the book Miyamoto Musashi wrote before his death
about his upbringing and his way of the sword.

Is he trying to learn something from a man who never lost?

EXO react to you catching you touching yourself

It’s been a while since I did a smutty request. Thanks for your request!

*As always gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due.

Just to be safe…


Xiumin: Completely caught off guard, it would take him a second to completely register what is ensuing before him. You probably wouldn’t even catch notice of him just standing in the door way to your bedroom as you continue trace your most erogenous areas with your digits. He would toy with you a little, continuing to just stand there and relish in the sight of you pleasuring yourself. Eventually, he’ll speak up if you don’t notice him. “Don’t mind me jagi…I’m just here to enjoy the show.” As you’re exclaiming your surprise to him, highly abashed, he would chuckle, cutting you off in the process. “I don’t mind watching you…but if you want, I can help you out there. What do you say?” And just to make an emphasis on his offer, he would stroke the side of your face, just to entice you. 

Originally posted by senpai-sisters

Luhan: He would be most surprised when walking in to this sight. Announcing his presence, Luhan would trail off upon catching glimpse of you masturbating. “Baobei I’m hom–” and he would just stop and stare, as if someone pressed “pause” and this is the faze he’s stuck in. Luhan would be slightly abashed upon seeing you in such a state, clearly a very confidential state. Eventually settling into this scene, he would smirk wryly, now enticed upon seeing this. “Baobaei…so impatient, aren’t you?” he would coo lowly, as he approaches you, leaning in for a brief kiss. He’s still retains a ‘traditional’ mindset if you will, so with this in mind, I think he would interject himself into this scene, rather than just sit and watch you. “The wait’s over babe. You want me? You got me.” 

Originally posted by jonnasexoticworld

Kris: Ahh, the return of our sex god. He is really not going to take kindly to this. I see Kris as a very dominant partner, who wants control of pretty much any intimate sessions. And when he sees you already initiating your own libido, without him involved, he’s not going to allow this to transpire. Kris will know exactly what’s going on once he sees you, still reeling from your euphoria. Even while you try to explain your case, it still wouldn’t suffice for Yifan. Already, he’ll have you laying on your stomach, completely undressed as he lands a couple well rounded spanks to your ass. “What do I always tell you baobei? Never start without me.” He’d keep doing this until his words a wholly engrained into your mind, he proceeds to disrobe himself, hovering atop of you. “You’re in for it now babe.” Kris would be absolutely merciless and rough with you, afterwards. But it would all be worth it in the end. 

Originally posted by jayspage12

Suho: He would get so embarrassed! He wouldn’t know what to think or do upon catching you in an enraptured trance with each thrust you permit yourself. He always knocks, but when a response fails to come from the room, Suho will enter himself, only to be completely thrown off guard at this side. “Jagi! Ah! I see…y-you’re…um…enjoying yourself there haha,” As much as Suho is trying to not make this completely awkward, his attempts are proving to be futile. This scenario can play out either one of two way: Joonmyun will end up excusing himself, allowing you your time, or he’ll intervene himself. But, as I’ve said before, that can only transpire if you were to seduce him in the process. Such as beckoning and imploring for him to continue what you started or how much you want him. Suho will then approach you with a subtle smirk, as his hands proceed to run all over your body, gradually disrobing you of your clothes.  

Originally posted by irpsychotic

Lay: Yixing would react similarly to Suho. He would be incredibly flustered upon catching you in the act, not really knowing how to proceed in this instance. I’m not completely sure if Yixing would interject himself so brashly. I think he would just sit back and behold this scene unraveling before him. Once the initial shock recedes, he would just watch you set to work, with a lustful glimmer dancing in his gaze. “So lovely baobei,” he would murmur, in a reverent trance. If he gets to a certain state of aphrodisia, Yixing will subtly intervene into this, by taking a spot next to you, hands exploring all erogenous areas of your body. While your hands work on your lower half, his would work on your upper half, cupping your breasts softly while trace the sensitive perimeter, eliciting soft mewls from you. Or vice versa, where he’ll stimulate your lower half and you work on your upper half, where his digits would deftly trace the outlines of your dampened folds, all while he murmurs soft praises and compliments to you amorously. 

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Baekhyun: Oh he would love this, without a doubt. Baekhyun would be most playful in this scenario, teasing and jesting you the moment he catches you in the act. I think he would act the least shocked of all the members, almost as if he was expecting this to unfold. It would all be a pleasant surprise for Baek. “Oh what’s this~? Are you starting without me? That’s no fun babe~” he would whine teasingly, “I know, I’ll help you out there. It’ll be fun~” With that, Baek would stride casually towards you, aligning himself between your legs. “You can’t just start playing without me jagi. I’ll show you why,” in no time, he’ll set those pretty fingers of his to work on your core, leaving you in a writhing and moaning state, as he enters his digits within you gradually. Thrusting at a moderate speed, he would love watching your face contort with palpable registration of the pleasure. He may go down on you briefly, granting you brief sucks and kisses to your clit. He won’t let you climax so easily, as he wants something in return. “My turn baby~” As I always say, expect some 69. 

Originally posted by katherine80595

Chen: For a brief moment, he would be caught off guard and slightly flustered the moment he sets his gaze upon you in such a state. But, Jongdae would be quick to conceal his surprise in place of his lust for you. “Oh I see how it is babe,” he would pout playfully, becoming amused at your shocked expression, knowing that you failed to notice his presence in the room. He’ll chuckle smugly at this. “Oh no, don’t mind me. I don’t mind watching at all,” and he is true to his word. This scenario can play out one of two ways with Jongdae, depending on how you want to go about this. You may be satisfied with handling “things” by yourself, to which he’ll just watch, maybe even film it just to save it for his own needs or to possibly blackmail you if need be. “Keep going babe, those sounds you make are amazing~” Or, he’ll put himself into the mix, wanting to give you some assistance. “Okay okay, I get it. You want me to help huh? That’s why you can’t keep your hands to yourself. No worries babe, I got this~” And with that, his hands would be all over you, from gently opening you up to lightly stroking your core, from your clit to your entrance. 

Originally posted by whereisexo

Chanyeol: “Hey jagi, I just got–” and in an instant, he would stop mid sentence, mouth agape, eyes widened past their expanse as he just stares at you, hands underneath your covers, eyes still glazed with desire. Chanyeol would easily be one of the most abashed members of them all. He would just stand there as if time has been halted and just wouldn’t know what to say or how to react. He would be conflicted as to whether he should leave or if he should make a move. Honestly, it would be you who would have to get him out of his suspension of activity. For Chanyeol, everything would be happening in slow motion, which is why his decision making would be delayed. Depending on how flustered he is, he may opt to walk away and perhaps bring it up again just to make you both laugh, or he may become slightly enticed with what he was presented with before. “You know…what you were doing there, I didn’t mind it. Maybe you could do it again?” 

Originally posted by jungkooktouchbutts

D.O: Hmm, this one is actually a bit hard for me to imagine. Kyungsoo wouldn’t be flustered, so much as he feels he is being an intrusion(?) Once he catches glimpse of you, he would just bow respectfully, murmuring his apologies for being discourtesy and not knocking. It’s almost intuitive for Kyungsoo to act in such a way during this sort of scenario. However, once you clarify to him that you were simply needy for him and that the thought of him prompted you to take action, he would softly smirk at this, now tempted. “Is that…so?” he would query, now taking your chin into his grasp gently. “Naughty girl, you couldn’t have waited for me could you?” Now, full on sex may not transpire after this, but definitely a rapturous make-out session would occur after this, now increasing both your libidos. In fact, perhaps just to get back at you for starting without him, he wouldn’t permit you sex. “You’re going to have to be patient for that love,” he would murmur teasingly as he places a light pat to your butt. 

Originally posted by overdyosed

Tao: At first, Tao would get startled upon catching glimpse of you. This is something he definitely wouldn’t have expected to walk in to, and he would make that lucid with the widened eyes and agape mouth combo. “Baobei! What are you…” he would trail off as you explain yourself as if you committed a dire indiscretion. As you’re talking, he would just stare at you, becoming lost in your words and entranced at how you look with just a plain tank top and reveling undergarments. He would eventually smirk once realization washes over him as he comments lustfully, “you don’t have to wait anymore baobei…let me do all the work.” You would watch intently as he begins to disrobe himself with dark lust. The only time he’d be rather giving towards you, you would find yourself breathing heavily with desire as he looms above, eyeing you rapturously, hands already making way to your core, lightly tapping your most erogenous areas. Tao would absolutely relish in the way you whimper his name amorously. 

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Kai: I am aware that a lot of people in the fandom interpret Kai to be this sex beast with a cupidity for sex, but honestly, I see Jongin being quite possibly the most abashed member of them all in this scenario. It’s not that he’s averse to seeing you touching yourself or just being naked in general, it’s just that he wouldn’t expect to return home to this sight! He wouldn’t be able to keep his composure in this situation. “J-jagi! I…I-I…” all the inconvenient symptoms of being timid would be fully displayed on his features: the redness, the incoherent sentences, and the heat being increased around you. More than likely, he will end up excusing himself to give you some time to yourself, but upon further contemplation, he would think about just how attractive you were while you were in a state of rapture with your own touches. Briefly, he would mention this to you as you’re walking out of the room. “I…really liked what you were doing back there. Maybe…I mean…maybe, if you want to, you could do it all again for me?” he would request lowly, with a mixture of lust and modesty. 

Originally posted by blondejongin

Sehun: Sehun is going to react similarly to Kris in this scenario. He wouldn’t be upset with you per say, but more so amused with you. So, he’ll take his amusement to the next level when doling out “punishments” to you. “My baby is playing already? Without me? Tsk tsk, babe. Should’ve waited.” He’ll smirk wryly as you’re attempting to explain yourself, his idea already in full motion. He’ll lie you down prostrated somehow keeping you down with makeshift binds, as he eyes your body fervidly. Sehun wants to make sure that he is still the one you desire most and that you still yearn for each of his touches. Slyly, he’ll snake his hand to your core, picking up where you left off. “I’m sure you love that, don’t you?” He won’t continue unless you answer each of his inquiries. With each answer, he’ll increase the stimulation, sliding his digits within your core’s slick entrance or thumbing at your clit. “I know you still want me. I better not catch you again like that. You don’t start without me. I know you like it better when I’m the one in control. Not you.” 

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*Lotta black and white gifs. >>

Be sure to send me more requests lovely readers!


Phaedra is the only outlaw in the galaxy who’s hands are one-hundred percent clean. There’s no need to get those pretty fingers dirty when there’s always someone else willing to do it for her. All she does is speak the words and people are willing to go to war for her. 

Thanks to the chemical mix-up of her DNA, she emits a pheromone that allows her to compel people to do exactly as she wants. Of course there’s limits to her abilities, and the moral quandary of whether it’s right or wrong, which is why Phaedra only uses it on the Bad Guys. Or when she wants an extra dumpling for free.

Since inadvertently rescuing Phaedra from an unwanted marriage to her older brother, Gamora has spent the last six years trying to keep her off Thanos and Nebula’s radar. Terrified of what her family would do to Phaedra in order to harness her abilities. Needless to say, telling a sheltered space-princess who can get what she wants with a couple of words to keep a “low-profile” wasn’t as easy as she thought.

So when Gamora comes up with A Plan to finally free herself of Thanos’ clutches and atone for the things he had made her do, Phaedra jumps right on board. Who better to have on your side than the one person who can get anything they want?

Until she meets Peter Quill.

Peter thrice-damned Quill who doesn’t do what she wants. The one person in the galaxy that her abilities decide not to work on, and it’s the guy holding the key to Gamora’s freedom. As the plan begins to fall apart and improvisations are made, Phaedra comes to the realization that she may finally have to get her hands dirty.

If only to stop the uncooperative outlaw from grinning smugly and calling her “Kid” one more time.

EXO going down on you (analysis)

Hello lovely readers, here’s another smutty analysis for you all. The thirst is real here…

Happy ‘sexual’ Thursday! Enjoy!


Kris: Kris would definitely relish in going down on you. The idea of him being able to send you into an enraptured state with just his mouth would be incredibly gratifying for him. The thought would drive him into a desirous state for you, therefore he would go down on you in a heartbeat, tearing your panties off with immense rapidity. Spreading your legs, he would delve for your core hungrily. Flattening his tongue against your clit, he would grant you long, lavish licks from your clit to your entrance, not leaving an inch of your core unnoticed. Your eyes would roll back as your back arches at the prolonged pleasure his gradual lapping would confer to you. He would smirk against your core as he murmurs how much he “loves the way you taste.” Kris is the type to finger you while eating you out…inserting two or three digits within you, just to increase your enjoyment, as you pant his name breathlessly. He won’t let you climax just yet though, he would rather have you orgasm while he is embedded within you, holding you in his arms as you cry out for him. 

Kai: This boy would absolutely glorify your body, as if it is on a sacramental eminence. He would take his sweet time in building you up to a rapturous climax. He would lavish your breasts by gently fondling them before trailing  passionate kisses from your breasts to your abdomen, causing you to squirm in anticipation. Your breathing would deepen as he centralizes his attention on your wanting core. He would spread your legs apart, beginning to place soft kisses on both your inner thighs. Jongin would be a bit cautious when going down on you, so he would experimentally peck (kiss) your womanhood a few times, just enough to ensure he is not causing you discomfort. The way you gasp aloud and toss your head back in profuse pleasure would be his signal to continue. He would run his tongue over your entrance to your clit, finally taking the sensitive nub into his mouth, sucking onto it lustfully as you moan stridently, eventually allowing your peak to ravage your body erotically. 

Suho: Suho would be a bit modest when going down on you. I see sex in general with Joonmyun being very vanilla and straight-forward…therefore, he would only go down on you willingly when he’s feeling rather adventurous/kinky. He’d still be blushing slightly as he aligns himself between your legs. Carefully removing your undergarments, he’d start by fervidly sucking on your clit with slight caution. Your amorous whimpers caused by the blazing pleasure that sears throughout your body would incite him to keep going. Occasionally he might ask if you’re doing alright as well as throwing in a few affectionate compliments: “You’re perfect jagi. I love you so much,” he would murmur against your entrance, stimulating you further. As he gets more into it, he would switch off between kissing and lavishly licking your dampened folds. Similar to Yifan, but in a less frenzied manner, he’d build your climax up enough, until finally he would enter himself into you and commence a zealous love-making session. 

Chen: Oh dear, Jongdae would be a huge tease when going down on you. What would turn him on the most is your frustrated groans as he leaves you in need of a euphoric orgasm. He’d start with your panties still intact…kissing the outlines of your entrance, gently nipping at the fabric of your undergarments, chuckling to himself at how soaked you’ve already become. He wouldn’t remove your panties until you beg for him to. Once you’ve expressed your need for him, he would finally remove your panties, only to experimentally run a finger up and down your slick folds. You’d mewl in satisfaction as he inserts his fingers within you, coating his digits in your arousal. Placing his fingers in your mouth, he’d allow you to taste yourself, wanting you to know how “good you taste.” He’d softly nip and kiss your clit, setting you up for an intense climax. “God you taste amazing,” Jongdae would say smoothly as he proceeds to suck on your clit, humming a tune against the nub, allowing the vibrations to traverse your body, channeling bundles of ecstasy to your body. Of course, in true Chen fashion, once he’s gotten you close to climaxing, he’ll cease licking and sucking, just to get you to implore to him shamelessly. Chuckling smugly, he’d murmur: “isn’t it amazing how you can get like this with just a little foreplay?” Depending on how kinky he’s feeling, he may just end up denying you your climax multiple times, but eventually once he’s squeezed enough fun out of you, he’ll allow you to ride your orgasm out against his tongue, as he laps at your clit with great rapidity. 

Sehun: He’d be cocky as always, even when going down on you. He’d also be a bit sloppy and hasty when eating you out, but it would feel amazing in it’s own unique way. Sehun isn’t exactly the ‘romantic’ type in bed, but more so the rough, ‘down ‘n dirty’ type. So, he wouldn’t waste anytime tearing your panties off and briefly fingering you roughly to start. You’d writhe as spontaneous bouts of pleasure channel throughout your body, causing you to moan lucidly with lust. He’d smirk to himself at how aroused he can get you with just his fingers. He’d then extract his digits from your core, replacing them with his mouth. You would cry out in ecstasy as you feel his tongue traverse from your clit to your entrance, ensuing a delicious friction. Of course, he’d dirty talk in between licks: “that’s right, moan for me baby,” “you like it when I fuck you with my mouth? Hmm?” “Say my name baby. Say it loud. Let the world know how well I fuck you.” You would finally reach your climax once he begins to suck on your clit harshly, as if attempting to draw out all the savory flavors it has to offer. His teeth would lightly, ever so lightly graze the nub absorbed in nerves, causing abrupt euphoria to surge throughout your body. Once your orgasm recedes, you’d better be prepared to suck him off, ‘cause he’ll be expecting it. 

Chanyeol: Yeol would definitely be into leaving marks and hickeys upon your thighs as he’s eating you out. He’d be skillful, but rough, very much like Sehun. With your undergarments still intact, he’d lightly bite and suck on the skin of your inner thighs, causing your senses to heighten as you whimper in pleasure at each little mark he imprints upon you. Finally, once he’s marked your thighs, he’d merely peel your panties to the side, already driven over the edge. He would roughly suck on your clit, resulting in you throwing your head back and gasping out strings of obscenities at the profound pleasure. Lapping at your entrance, he would probably prod at you with his tongue in an attempt to enter you. He would moan against your core, allowing the vibrations to course your body, sending your nerves into a euphoric state. He would love if you gripped onto his hair, while your orgasm transmits you to a state of sheer ecstasy…climaxing upon his wandering tongue, blissfully. 

Lay: Though I have stated that I make out Yixing to be a very vanilla partner, similar to Joonmyun, I see him using oral sex regularly. (especially with you on the receiving end) He’d be incredibly gentle and loving with you. While gently kneading your breasts, he leave a path of delicate kisses down from your abdomen to your wanting womanhood. Gently spreading your legs and removing your panties, he’d softly kiss your folds, as you softly gasp in satisfaction at the way his mouth molds impeccably against your core. As his tongue works up to your clit, lightly flicking the nub, Yixing would want to make sure you’re doing alright. Once you’ve signaled that you’re enjoying yourself, he would continue to delicately graze his tongue against your clit, sending you into an exhalted state at the immense stimulation delivered with just minuscule licks. While he’s kissing your folds, he would use one hand to softly fondle one of your breasts, doubling the stimulation, eventually causing your peak to engulf your body wholly in one exquisite bout. He’d greatly enjoy watching you as you toss your head back immersed in pleasure, gasping his name, riding out your orgasm enchantingly. 

Luhan: Luhan would be incredibly romantic when going down on you. He’d want to make you feel like a deity of immense divinity and grace. He would kiss your inner thighs lightly, while murmuring little compliments into your skin, causing you to tremor with anticipation. Finally, his mouth would reach your core. He would commence by kissing your clit with lustful passion. You’d cry out in pleasure at how good his soft, pliable lips feel against your sensitive folds. You would gasp rapturously as his tongue traces the structure of your libidinous nub. His mouth would eventually reach your entrance, making soft sucking motions to intake all your effeminate secretions. He would probably begin to draw circles upon your clit with his thumb as his mouth remains fastened to your entrance. Luhan would love it if you were to thread your fingers within his hair, pulling him closer to your core, as you call his name out with each motion he permits your womanhood. Through eyes darkened with lust, he would observe intently as your orgasm consumes you sublimely, becoming aroused at the sight of your back arched and your face contorted with palpable registration of the euphoria. He might ask you to tend to him by sucking him off afterwards. 

Baekhyun: This would be a regular form of foreplay with Baek. He’d definitely have the most fun going down on you. Just fathom the things he could do with those pretty fingers of his…he’d be hasty in starting off, disrobing you with rapidity due to his need for you. He would teasingly run one or two fingers up and down your slit arousing immensely. You’d pant amorously at the way he temptingly moves his fingers at your entrance. He would chuckle to himself, amused by your reactions: “Naughty girl, I haven’t even gotten started and already you’re wet? You must really want me~” Finally, his digits would enter you, as he pumps within you with remarkable timing, hitting all your erogenous spots perfectly. Gasping his name aloud, this would signal for him to increase the intimacy. While fingering you, he would press his mouth against your clit, running his tongue all over your pearl, causing your senses to disarray as well as your nerves to set ablaze at the ecstasy his mouth grants you. The way you chant his name and moan clearly enraptured would convince him to continue lapping on you. Baek would love it once your body writhes in unalloyed pleasure; riding out your orgasm against his tongue. Once your high subsides, he would extract his fingers from within you, lapping off your arousal, with a smug smirk. “Baby tastes good~ it would be selfish of me not to share,” he would then kiss you fervidly, allowing a sampling of your savory nectar. (For future reference, expect some 69.)

Xiumin: Oh this boy would absolutely love pleasuring you with his mouth and tongue. Particularly in a face-sitting position. As I’ve said before, Minseok strikes me as the submissive/kinky type, so you towering above him, as he laps at your dewy folds, drawing out as much of your saccharine honey as possible would be incredibly arousing to him. As you lie upon his face, he would grip your sides firmly, releasing his tongue to flick rapidly against your clit. Moaning audibly at the swift movements his tongue showcases, he would switch to more slow and sensual licks, a great contrast from his previously quick and unpredictable flicks. This would be a reoccurring theme with Minseok: switching from fast paced stimulation to slower, delicate licks. He would love when your climax is nearing, causing you to grind against his mouth zealously. He would switch from sucking on your clit to your entrance, taking in all the nectar you have to offer. This would elicit moans of satisfaction from you as his lips mold against your folds, making sucking motions, drawing out your piquant arousal. Of course, in true Xiumin fashion, he would ask you consistently if he’s doing okay: “Jagi, you like this right?” “Is this how you like it Jagi?” Once you’ve assured him that you’re enjoying his techniques, he’d continue, bent on making you climax. Eventually, as he’s lapping at your folds, preparing to engulf your clit, you would tremble above him, tossing your head back, groaning aloud as you allow your climax to course throughout your body. Even while you’re climaxing, Xiumin would still lap at your core, completely enamored with the way you taste. 

D.O: Kyungsoo goes all out for your sake when going down on you. He’ll do everything in his power to satisfy you because he wouldn’t want you to feel unfulfilled. He’d be gentle, but have enough power to have you squirming at each motion he makes with his tongue. He would suck your clit delicately, watching you gasp stridently, while gripping the bed sheets tightly, through hooded eyes, relishing in the sight. As you chant his name consistently, Kyungsoo would than release your clit, beginning to draw teasing circles upon your sensitive pearl. He would prod a finger or two through your dewy entrance, embedding his digits within you. As euphoria channels throughout your body, moans of exhalation would escape your lips as you intake the combo of his tongue brushing your clit and his fingers thrusting into you at a moderate speed, further arousing you. He won’t say much, with the exception of a few affectionate compliments like how ‘perfect you are’ or ‘how much he loves you.’ You would tremble pleasurably against his words as they tickle your impressionable folds. Eventually, as your walls tighten around his digits, indicating an impending climax, he would go back to sucking on your nub to drive you over the edge. He would greatly enjoy you clenching onto his hair as you ride out your high. Once your senses return to their previous scope prior to your climax, you would feel him looming above you, planting an affectionate kiss upon your lips, as he murmurs: “God you’re perfect.” 

Tao: During sex in general, Tao has two sides to him: his adorable and affectionate side, and his rough and dominant side. When he’s being romantic, he would love going down on you. What he would love most is your reactions to him going down on you…it would embolden him to continue. He would kiss and nip at your folds, eliciting soft whimpers from you with each kiss he permits you. He’d chuckle light heartedly at your reactions: “you’re so cute like this you know that baobei?” He’d permit your clit small kitten licks just to evoke more moans from you. Eventually, after he gives your clit a few strong sucks, your body would be conquered by a rippling orgasm, much to his amusement. He would giggle amused, as you ride out your climx. He would then climb atop of you, kissing your face as he comments on how cute you can be. If Tao is in his dominant mode, he would have to be extremely needy for you in order to go down on you. Tearing your panties off of you with lust coated eyes, he would proceed to nip and bite at your clit, just enough to make you squirm and gasp breathlessly, absorbed in sheer libido. He would embed two or three fingers within your core, stretching you out, much to your pleasure. Thrusting into you harshly, he’d continue to nip and suck roughly on your clit, blinded by his desire for you. At this point his need for you is profound, so he would break away from your core, wanting you to suck him off. You’ll get your much deserved high eventually, once you’ve tended to his needs first. 

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