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Loud Whisperer (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

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REQUEST: (from anon) If you are still doing requests, can you do one where Y/N and Louis are best friends but Louis secretly has feelings for Y/N and tells Liam that he has feelings for her but she over hears? Sorry I’m really bad at making requests!

My first imagine got a lot of great feedbacks! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry that this one took too long… I kinda fell and hit my bum so I had to rest and do nothing for a few days…

Anyways… Enjoy! Requests are still open. 

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One may ask how I started feeling differently towards Y/N, my best friend. You can try asking, but even I don’t know the answer. All I know is that after that one night, I finally knew…

I fell in love with my best friend.


We were at Y/N’s place for our movie date night.

Before, it was just something that Y/N and I did ever since we were 12. Every Friday, our parents would allow us to sleep over to each other’s house and finish homework together. We’d then eat dinner and watch a few movies until we fall asleep on our sleeping bags laid on the living room floor.

With One Direction, we seldom have the chance to do so. And when we do it, the lads usually tag along with their girlfriends. Luckily today, we had the night to ourselves. It’s been awhile since Y/N and I had our movie date to ourselves. It was a refreshing feeling, to be left alone with her like old times.

“Hope Chinese is ok? I ordered our usual.” Y/N said to me as soon as I get pass the door.

“You actually read my mind. I was just about to ask if you wanted Chinese.” I said, directly making my way to the living room to set up my sleeping bag. As I was about to unzip my sleeping bag, I felt a pang of nausea, making me sit down on the couch. Y/N entered the room, seeing me collapse on the couch.

“Lou? You ok?’ she asked, checking to see if I was ok.

“Gosh Lou! You’re burning up!” she exclaimed.

“I woke up with a headache but thought nothing of it. Didn’t know it’d end up this bad.” I said in all honesty. Y/N sighed.

“Alright. Put your arm around my shoulder. Let’s get you to the bedroom.” She said,

“But what about the movie night?” I asked, the feeling of guilt and a mix of nausea overtaking my body.

“Who cares! Your health is more important.” She explained.

The whole night Y/N took care of me. She wiped sweat off my forehead and rubbed my back when I felt the need to puke. The feeling of her that close from me… it felt comforting, familiar. It was that kind of feeling that made me want it more and more. It was the feeling that I didn’t want to let go.

The next day I woke up with a sleeping Y/N beside me. The first thing that caught my eyes were her lips. My mind immediately thought about how it would’ve felt with mine.

After years of pushing the feeling away, I admitted to myself. I’m in love with my best friend.


Tonight was the first time in months since we’ve had our movie night. Unfortunately, the lads along with their girlfriends tagged along. It was my turn to host, so everyone was now gathered inside the mini theater I had in the house.

“Lou! Could you get more beer and popcorn? We’re all out from here.” Niall shouted from the mini bar inside the theater room. I groaned and stood up.

“And maybe bring in those prawn crisps from the Philippines in your pantry?” Y/N asked with a pouty face.

“No one’s touching my prawn crisps. Eat what’s being served.” I said. Those prawn crisps are my guilty pleasure. I don’t know why, but they’re addicting.

“Please!!!!!” Y/N begged, giving me those pouty eyes and lips once more.

“Ugh! Fine! But just one pack.”

What else can I do… that pouty face got me.

“I’ll go with you, lad.” Liam said.

We went down and got everything we needed. As we were waiting for the popcorn to finish, Liam asked out of the blue, “So, no plans on making a move?”

“A move on who?” I asked.

“You know who.” He said, winking.

“She’s my best friend. What can I do? I can’t lose her.” I said, with a ‘duh’ tone.

“But you do love her right? You’re so whipped.” He said, picking up the beer from the fridge.

“I am, mate. I really am… and I really do. I care for her like no other. She makes me feel special and I hope I can make her feel half as much as she does me.” I said, smiling like an kid who was just given candy.

When we turned around to get back inside the theater, we were surprised to see Y/N by the door, eyes wide open. Nervousness started filling my entire body.

Did she hear us?

“I heard.” Y/N said, reading my mind once again. I was stuttering, trying to come up with an excuse.

But I wasn’t given the chance. I was about to open my mouth to say something when I felt a pair of lips connect to mine.

Y/N’s lips.

And just like how I knew that I love her, I knew that she loved me back.