those pore strips

For anyone who doesn’t want to sell an organ to buy those really expensive biore pore strips, try this home remedy. It’s super fast, easy & works beautifully! You basically use an egg and tissue paper to make your own pore strips. 

i found one of those pore strips in the bathroom and now it’s on my forehead. im gonna fuck up all my forehead pores just this one time and i don’t even care its 3 am im an adult i can do what i want

anonymous asked:

Wait! What's wrong with biore products??

WHAT ISNT WRONG!!!! but I don’t like em 1. for marketing those pore strips and making ppl feel bad about sebum on their nose which is totally natural and you can’t get rid of those black spots 📢 and 2. a lot of their products have terrible ingredients that strip and irritate the skin 😵 and 3. they released this new product recently that literally on the bottle says “now with baking soda!!!” like that will ruin your skin cuz the pH of baking soda is too basic (and your skin is naturally p alkaline) so it’ll ruin your skins ability to retain moisture 💦